Cubs Managerial Update: Just not sold on Martinez; Renteria gets some praise; plus Lovullo, Ausmus and others

Cubs Managerial Update: Just not sold on Martinez; Renteria gets some praise; plus Lovullo, Ausmus and others
Is Martinez's status as Maddon's right hand man overstated?

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I have some questions about Dave Martinez as a candidate.  We had a great piece on him by guest poster Jake Larsen.  Yesterday I wrote about how Martinez felt really good about his interview and expects to hear something soon.

But personally I can't find anyone in the industry that's all that crazy about him.  I don't mean to say he's disliked.  Just didn't get a great vibe.  One source dismissed him completely, another simply told me he won't get the job, a third told he he just didn't have that high an opinion of him, a fourth liked him but didn't think he'd be the right fit for the Cubs situation.  While some have been concerned about Acta and Hinch, I have been more concerned about Martinez.

I wrote earlier about how yet another source said the Cubs may have interviewed him in part because an interview was so strongly recommended by the Tampa Bay front office.  It's not like the Rays let go of their valuable assets so easily.  One reader asked my why they would go out of their way to have the Cubs talk to him when they are supposedly grooming him for their own managing job in the future.

Good question.  Why would they?

What's more, it was suggested to me by an industry source that Martinez may not necessarily be their top choice within their organization to replace Maddon.  And if that's so, why not?

It's entirely plausible Tampa Bay just wants the best opportunity for Martinez to get a managerial job somewhere and they are also confident with the up and coming managerial prospects they have in their system.  After all, Tampa does a great job of developing ballplayers, maybe they develop managerial candidates too.  It could be just a question of depth and that Martinez is the most ready to manage, but may not get that opportunity soon in Tampa.

There's also speculation that the Cubs weren't overwhelmed by any of the candidates and/or didn't feel they were the right fit.

I really want to buy into Martinez, but I'm just not feeling the love out there.  Right now I'd be shocked if he were the guy.  In fact, as I was writing this, I've just been told that the feeling right now is that things are not going to be moving forward with Martinez.

Rick Renteria

I've also mentioned the reaction hasn't been all that strong for Rick Renteria but I also get the sense that it's he's not as widely known throughout the industry and he's certainly not as well known as he is within the Cubs front office.

Everyone I've asked seems to agree he's a good coach and that he can work and communicate easily with young players and players of Latin American descent.  His bilingual skills are a plus.

I think his status as a favorite has been exaggerated.  If he's so far ahead, it'd make no sense to wait on this unless a deal has been reached and the Cubs are waiting until after the World Series to make things official.

If there is a downside to Renteria, it's his laid back personality and questions whether he could handle the Chicago media.  His lack of MLB managing experience is also a negative, but only Manny Acta and A.J. Hinch have that edge in the current pool of candidates and has been well-documented, they did not succeed from a won-lost standpoint.

Torey Lovullo

Of course, the other explanation goes back to the Cubs not being blown away and want to do their due diligence.  There is Torey Lovullo, who I've heard good things about in the industry as well as from media reports.

David Kaplan has been vocal about the managerial candidates and talked to a scout who said this about Lovullo

Another solid baseball man who is ready to manage at the big league level. He has a very good resume and he is a good guy. Not sure that he is the exact profile of what Theo and Jed are looking for but he is solid and would do a good job.”

I heard something similar from a source I talked to who thought he'd be a strong candidate but wouldn't get the job.

Brad Ausmus

Kaplan has been supporting Brad Ausmus after initially denying Cubs interest in the inexperienced manager.  Parks mentioned Ausmus to me as well.  He actually likened him to Hinch, but without the experience in the dugout or in player development.

Craig Calcaterra of NBC Hardball Talk also likes Ausmus and thinks he'd be a good fit.


Not much is being said at this point about Manny Acta or A.J. Hinch.  They were the first two interviews and while we heard things went well with Acta, we haven't heard much since.  There has been vehement opposition locally because of their losing record and the requisite ex-post facto attempts to explain why, but personally I've heard good things on both from industry people I trust.  There is also some support in the media from a couple of progressive minds.  Keith Law also mentioned Acta as his favorite candidate and Jason "Professor" Parks of Baseball Prospectus told me he really thinks Hinch would be the creative choice because of his development skills and thinks he has the personality to handle the Chicago media.

Former candidates Mike Maddux and Sandy Alomar, Jr. are still on the radar but they have to be viewed as extreme long shots at this point in the process.  There's been no official reports of either receiving an interview.


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  • Media relations are way, way down on my list of concerns for a manager. Renteria's got strong support from those who know him. Martinez' comments about how the interview went sounded as overeager as Sveum's early remarks about winning a World Series. Immature. The best baseball mentality is close to the vest about such things.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    I think there are a lot of assumptions made about Martinez that may or may not be true. All we get are snippets and sound bytes and we assume he's this Maddon clone who the Rays see as their next manager. I just don't get that feeling from my conversations.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    Agree with you on media relations. That's got little to do with winning ball games. I think it carries more weight with members of the media than with anybody else, in baseball or out.

  • I lean towards Epstoyer's true favorite is only known by their immediate circle of team members involved in the decision process. Those individuals aren't likely to tip their real hand to media members. So all of this "so and so is the leading candidate" is just speculation.

    Having said that, John & Kevin have shared some excellent insight from their sources about the candidates. But we still do not know what Epstoyer is thinking and feeling. For all we know, they already have a back door deal done with one of them and have to interview Lovullo as a "favor" to someone.... then again that back door deal could be with Lovullo.... Who knows? I've probably been higher on all 4 candidates thus far than the general populous here has been. But that's because I never expected Girardi and lean towards comparing them to Sveum vs Joe.....

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Agreed. And I think there was a bit of a Girardi hangover. It caused a big backlash toward Acta and Hinch, but I'm not ruling them out. If it were me, I'd still hire Acta if he wants it. But he's not going to be an easy sell at this point.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    I agree. No one knows except Epstein, Hoyer and McCloud.

    Have you considered Hoystein? I think it rolls off the tongue a little easier.

  • I just do not know what to think about this search. The optimism of being a cub fan wants to believe that we are just taking extra time to make sure we do a very thorough job of finding the next guy. Part of me has a little voice that says the pool for replacement is shallow. It seems as though cubs are having a hard time finding that perfect fit guy? Who is an example of a guy they are looking for?

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    I think Acta is pretty close -- experienced, bilingual, similar view on development, good with Latin playeres, but his losing record has turned some people off. Tough sell and I think he'd jump at the chance to take over a better team, but with Cincy out and Detroit being something of an old school org, I don't think he'll get that chance.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    thanks.. I also meant a manager under contract. Who is a guy the cubs would love to have? I am just trying to see an example of who they would want.

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Joe Maddon would be one. Maybe Bob Melvin. Definitely John Farrell.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    And Bud Black?

  • In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    I really dont either. Theres a lot I like in all the candidates but there's also a little bit that makes me hesitant. On the fan/media front there certainly a lot of Girardi hangover & a lot of speculation. Everyone has different favorites & not one really stands out to me as a perfect fit. Id like to see Ausmus interviewed though his name is being tied to Detroit a bit.

    Solution: Im just gonna put my faith in Theo & Jed as I usually do. I just hope the process is more doing their due diligence rather than not being able to find the perfect fit in this list of candidates. I would guess the former.

  • Ain't no perfect. That's why they play the game.

  • I would like the Cubs to at least talk to Ausmus, while he might not be the ideal fit, I am intrigued by him. He seems to have some good buzz around him.

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    In reply to Steve Flores:

    And I'd like them to talk to Dave McKay.

  • I know the Martinez rumors have been broached a bit on this site, but regardless of his actual qualifications for the job, there is no way I hire him if I'm running the Cubs because of the Sandberg rumors. You are inviting years of increased scrutiny on that story if you make him the manager - he'll be asked about it at his introductory interviews and he'll have to deny it (regardless if true or not), expect all the Chicago papers to run their own mini-investigations of the past stories, and it will be huge news every time the Cubs play the Phillies of course. For the real hard core, long-time fans that love their former Cubbie heros like Ryno, they will automatically be against this guy. The only thing that will bring those fans along is if they start winning immediately, which we all know is not the likely result in 2014.

    That's a lot of weight to put on a manager for a big market team expecting to keep losing in the next few years. Again - Martinez may be a good or bad fit for lots of different reasons, but if he ever becomes a manager, it's going to be with another team.

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    Thank GOD Theo & Jed are running this FO & not you. The last thing I want them to do is bend to the will of ignorant speculation from the blind masses being led by fragmented media soundbites and rumors......

    For the record, I am a long time Cubs fan 40+ years, I am a Ryno fan, have a Ryno jersey I still wear to some games, was in Cooperstown when Ryno was inducted (my son was playing at Dreams Park) and I actually like Martinez as a candidate. Not sure he's the best fit, but....

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Thanks Hoosier D for the nod to my future Front Office candidacy. I will be looking to add you to my LinkedIn network shortly.

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    You may have missed this, but there was no nod to a future candidacy. He said thank God you're not running it, you see. Nice stretch, though. But People magazine and the Enquirer LOVE folks like you. You should apply.

  • In reply to kissitgoodbye:

    Thanks Mr. Kiss - thank god I am so dumb that I did not understand how rude he was being to me. You have a great day now.

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    You too! Glad your obtuseness saved you there!

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    I for one think you made a very valid point.

  • john, in that same article you reference above, kaplan's source had probably the most-glowing assessment of martinez i've read anywhere.

    how do you jive those sentiments with what you're hearing from your contacts?

    while it's certainly odd to have one organization 'strongly urge' another to interview a current employee, that could be their developmental philosophy. let's face it, if the cubs DON'T select him, he's likely to have even MORE attachment to the rays as the result of how strong they supported him.

    but, that said, if he's NOT their top manager-in-waiting, wouldn't that be fodder in backchannel gossip? wouldn't some negative commentary be making its way into the conversation?

    really, it's just as odd that there's nothing really BAD being said about him as much as it's odd that not much GOOD is being said about him, too... hard to put our finger on it, for sure.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to ratay1:

    I wouldn't jive them at all. But I might try to jibe them.or even reconcile them if I really had to.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Let's stick to baseball. We don't need to get snarky about word choice here.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    Not snark, just a little levity

  • In reply to SKMD: now on my toes.

  • In reply to ratay1:

    Different guys withing baseball have different opinions and it seems the people I talk to are philosophically different than the baseball people Kap talks to. I haven't really heard anything bad on Martinez, just well, a sort of "eh". Didn't get the enthusiasm I expected at all.

    The thing I can tell you is I have no bias here. I'm presenting things as I've heard from people I trust -- and those who know more than I do. I'm keeping an open mind about the names out there. Industry sources have their favorites too and it seems opinion is a lot spread out than we all think.

  • fb_avatar

    With the WS starting and Luvullo being a possible option, I'm not even going to think about the Manager search until November.

    Selig would have kittens if anything came out during the series.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    True. He doesn't usually like anything interfering with his showcases.

  • I'm not denying anything that was said about Martinez here, but there is a counter-point to the idea of the Rays wanting the Cubs to interview him.

    I'd wager that it's generally good for your organization to help its employees get promotions, even if they're on other teams. In the long term, that shows an organization that gets people places and would thus attract top talent (which we know the Rays' front office has).

    On top of that, I'd imagine that if the Rays wanted to get rid of Martinez they'd just fire him.

  • In reply to Matt Mosconi:

    very true...occam's razor

  • In reply to Matt Mosconi:

    That's certainly plausible, but considering he just wasn't getting a lot of love from those I have spoken with and that he may not be Tampa's top guy after Maddon made me think otherwise. There may be a little of both involved. They don't see him as their guy so they want him to get a chance somewhere. It also may not be a matter of disliking him so much as perhaps they feel they like one of their guys a bit more. If Martinez isn't going to get the Tampa job after Maddon, then I think it would make sense they'd be okay with him finding an opportunity elsewhere.

  • fb_avatar

    I still like Varitek. But the more I read on Ausmus the more I am hoping he is the pick.

  • fb_avatar

    Maybe the Rays want someone to hire him because he is nailing Evan Longoria's wife.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    That would be a good reason

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Charlieboy:

    Yeah. Hard to believe the guy can hold a job in baseball what with his morally cancerous character, and I mean, jeez, Ryne Sandberg???? How dare Martinez sleep with the wife of a God? I am sure that Ryne Sandberg is only second to the guy who played Father Knows Best as least likely to cheat on a spouse.

    I am also positive that the following things are 100% true: The Easter Bunny exists, the Apollo moon landings were faked, the check is in the mail, you cannot get a woman pregnant if you have sex in an upright position, God favors the home team, Sammy Sosa never took PEDs and Dave Martinez slept with Cindy Sandberg.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    What are you writing about? The Easter Bunny, Sammy Soso, God playing favorites? My comment was that he's a bad fit for this team and they won't hire him for this team. Nothing to do with character, simple marketing reasons.

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    I think if the FO doesn't hire Martinez, it will be for baseball reasons only.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Thanks John. I have my opinions here and I appreciate yours. You are certainly smarter and more connected to the baseball guys in the know than me.

    But again - hard to see how that particular story with this particular team is not something that Theo/ Tom spend a LOT of time talking about IF Martinez at the top of their list. Can I just ask you to address just this issue - I won't write back and will be done with the Davey Martinez issue for good on the Cubbie Den site:

    - In my earlier post I suggested that the media will do some running with this Sandberg story if Martinez hired. Was I off-base there?

    That was the basis for my argument why he would not be hired. Not moral issues, purely marketing driven, and some concern about whether Martinez could handle the additional scrutiny the past would bring to THIS job.

  • In reply to Charlieboy:

    I want to first remind that I'm not talking to anybody in the Cubs organization on this, so when I say I am not high on Martinez, that's my opinion. It's based on conclusion I've drawn from info I've gathered, but I am by no means qualified nor do I have enough info to make such decisions for the Cubs.

    Secondly, we could ask the same question of those in the media who have trashed Acta and Hinch. How is it possible that the Cubs would put these two guys among their first 4 finalists if they were so horrible? Why would the Cubs put the worst candidate in the past 10 years on their original list of 4?

    And lastly, I talked to a very limited amount of sources and I imagine opinion differs a lot if you were to poll the entire industry. Martinez came highly recommended from the Rays. He's also been interviewed before and is a candidate for other current openings. There is love for him out there. I just didn't find it.

    The simple answer is you can find guys who like each one of these candidates. The Cubs found enough good stuff on each of these 4-5 candidates to make it worth investigating. and it's the Cubs front office who has to put them through their process and find out for themselves who the best fit is for the Cubs.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Charlieboy:

    Maybe there are 2 Charlieboys here then.

    "I know the Martinez rumors have been broached a bit on this site, but regardless of his actual qualifications for the job, there is no way I hire him if I'm running the Cubs because of the Sandberg rumors." - signed, Charlieboy.

    1. That 100% contradicts your response to my comment.
    2. Who cares about Dave Martinez or Ryne Sandberg when neither is in the Cubs organization.
    3. Dave Martinez should or shouldn't be hired because of anything that has to do with Ryne Sandberg, it should be based on whether he is qualified to run the team in the direction that the front office would like.

    It's like some kind of disgusting Pavlovian reaction to the name "Dave Martinez" that makes me wonder if we have baseball fans posting here or people who are tuned in to drama instead. They have a website for shady rumors. It's called TMZ.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    I'm sorry I offended you Michael. I like reading your posts. I have no personal issue with the Cubs hiring Martinez, I just don't accept that the Front Office is entirely pure here, that non-baseball issues won't have an impact on anyone they may end up hiring.

    I believe what I wrote. I would find it very difficult to hire Davey Martinez if I were the Cubs owner/ GM because I think there will a ton of extra scrutiny based on those past rumors (and of course they are just rumors).

    Enjoy the rest of your day Michael!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Charlieboy:

    It's not you. I just have a bug up my ass about it. I personally loathe Martinez and I hope they do not pick him. My reasons are baseball related though. The Cubs have a greater number of good offensive prospects than pitching prospects and Tampa has not developed one hitting prospect in the last decade. I do not consider Longoria as having been developed by the organization because he played little more than 500 games in their minor league system. With him, it was just adjusting up to levels of competition. That is part of the development process, but Longoria was a pretty polished hitter from day one. Sorry. I maybe need to take a Xanax.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Charlieboy:

    I think the scrutiny with Martinez would come after he realized he got in over his head with this organization. Then, you would be correct. The writers would be slinging that crap all over Chicago. But, I really just think he would be a bad fit for the Cubs. I don't like anybody. It's not Girardi hangover either. I didn't want Girardi.

    The thing is, I believe the Cubs are not ready to win right now and maybe nit until the second half of 2015 or the start of 2016, though that is purely self-speculative opinion. So I cannot get excited for anybody they may pick to manage this team now. More, guys like Acta and Hinch just feel more like "warm bodies" who are filling in until the talent gets here and produces and I don't think either will last that long.

    If you want a guy to continue player development at the major league level, then grab somebody already in the organization. But if you are looking for a two-year stop gap, any of those guys would be great, keep them, lose for two more years, launch them, hopefully having instilled something that the younger players can take going forward.

    The guy that really intrigues me is Ausmus. But I am going to say that I firmly believe he gets the job in Detroit. Secondly, I'd take Lovullo, but he is still a "meh" candidate.

    It's not who comes in to me. These guys all have palpable pulses and come with extreme positives and some scary negatives. But the Cubs job, right now, seems to me to be a "well, if that is all that's available I'll take it" job to these guys. That worries me in as much that it will continue to stifle growth and development. That angers me because it looks like the Cubs are semi-directionless( and grammar police I know that is not a word).

    We are not going to get an inspiring manager. That's because there aren't any available. So stay in the system. These guys know what we have, what is coming up, they know the players' strengths and they know their limitations and most of all they know the day-to-day values of these players plus what it takes to surge them toward predicted projectability. Let the front office get the players they want then, not what the manager feels he needs to succeed. It seems so utterly simple to me. And if the guy succeeds, he can be extended rather than a simple stopgap.

    This does not mean I would have liked to see the Cubs retain Sandberg. There is something about Ryne Sandberg that doesn't spell winning manager to me and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's because if the [Martinez, Palmeiro, Grace] rumors are true and he walked away from baseball because of that he simply cannot man up and take the heat. Maybe he is a quitter, despite his amazing talents and Hall Of Fame credentials. Coaching kids is one thing. I am not convinced he will succeed with a veteran club. Maybe because I think he is Jim Frey/Don Zimmer old school and I am the polar opposite. Like I said, I cannot put my finger on it.

    Digressing. I think we should stay in house. That is what I would do if I ran that organization. Familiarity breeds winning and I believe that is the reason for the success of Mike Matheny. He may not have succeeded as a manager in any other organization. But maybe he would. But his familiarity with the players and the organization certainly helps a great deal.

    Sorry this post is so long.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    Long, but interesting.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Canter:

    To Dan Bradley. Great post. I deserved that lol.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Canter:

    I think there are two complications about Dave Martinez the Cubs front office would seriously have to take into any decision making. First, if the rumors of his past are true, that's a serious trust issue that a player would do that to another player. Although I'm sure he wouldn't be the first player in that situation. But second, the Cubs fans and media that cover the team have become so rabid that putting someone with that past, whether confirmed or no (I have no idea if it's 100% true) would likely make it an issue. Can you imagine the papers taking pot shots at the manager? Some of the guys who get paid to write opinion columns love to stir up trouble, do you think they would ignore that? That's an actual problem they would need to think about if they liked Martinez. We can talk all we want about if he's the right baseball guy then hire him, but the media/fans here are not the same as most other markets. Theo even alluded to learning that when they fired Sveum and that the next manager needs to be better prepared for the circus the job brings.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Just Win:

    Steve Rosenbloom would orgasm with every single word he types. Yes, you are correct in that sense.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    As long as Theo and Jed have been around Wrigley and perhaps several of Ryne and Dave's teammates, they probably have a better idea about the accuracy of those rumors than any of us.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 44slug:

    That's true and that's why I say I don't know if those rumors are true. However, that's the word on the street and the clowns on The Score were ripping Martinez and the Cubs on the air a week ago. True or not, the rumor is out there and it's something that Martinez and the Cubs would have to deal with if he were hired. Just a situation that makes little sense to me to put oneself in unless Martinez is so head and shoulders above any other candidate. From what John has said, he wasn't even on their list to begin with, so I doubt he's in the running.

  • Back when I worked for living, my department had an opening for a new honcho(50 employees). Generally experience and a couple of degrees with a good interview put you in the mix. All the candidates were underwhelming and the organization chose a college drop out from security based on a blown away interview. I still look back in amazement at the incredibly good supervisor that he turned out to be. Ausmus?

  • I'm wondering why the FO hasn't looked into the AAA managerial ranks around baseball for a potential candidate? Some of these guys have been managing (young players) for years and probably have good insight in how to work/communicate with Hispanic players.

    Seems like there would bound to be some good (partially-hidden) talent there amongst the 30 teams.

    To me, this could be a whole other avenue to pursue, which could pay potential dividends in unearthing some names that haven't been thought of.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to DetroitCubFan:

    Joel Skinner comes to mind.

  • fb_avatar

    Man would it be funny if Ausmus got the job after all the song and dance. A lot of the guys on the radar appear to be a decent fit at this point.

  • fb_avatar

    I wonder why Sandy Alomar Jr isn't in the mix. Maybe he didn't have a great interview 2 years ago? Why wouldn't they interview someone like Tony Pena?

  • In reply to Just Win:

    I like Tony Pena a lot also. Not sure why he isn't in the mix.

    I wonder if he is more old-school strategy than "progressive" in style? I have no idea.

    He would be in the top two on my list.

  • Interesting perspective from living in Metro Detroit and listening to the news of Leyland stepping down, and the upcoming managerial search for the Tigers.

    The pundits here (in Detroit) are basically saying to not expect the next manager to be high-profile name. Instead, they think it will be a lesser-known name who will take a couple of years to be as respected and loved by the fans like Leyland was here.

    They've mentioned McClendon and LaMont as internal possibilities, but also mentioned younger guys like Lovullo and Ausmus as possible candidates.

    Cubs could be competing with the Tigers for some of the candidates, but I really expect them to take a guy who works better with veterans ready to win now.

  • Joe Torre, Joe Maddon, Joe Girardi...just hire someone named Joe! That's the key!

  • I like McClendon and Pena. I don't have a favorite, but I get feeling that the FO doesn't have their manager yet.

  • fb_avatar

    Off topic-

    I'm going out to Mesa on November 8th to catch the Soler Sox.

    If any of you will be out there, would love to meet you.

    I'm bringing the wife and another couple. We plan to hang out in Scottsdale in the evenings.

  • In reply to Dale Miller:

    Right on topic. Watch out for ol' Davey Martinez.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to wastrel:

    Damn. Wish this site had a "like" button.

  • fb_avatar

    Very funny Wastrel! I always try to go to spring training. I've had long conversations with Kevin Kennedy, Casey Stern, etc at the bars out there. I've never met Arizona Phil however.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Dale Miller:

    And wastrel your pun in the last thread did not go unappreciated (stop tartar). And would you say Dave Martinez is just a gorny high?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to SKMD:

    after all, he did weep with another slayer's pife...

  • fb_avatar

    It would be nice if the Cubs had an internal candidate. That to me would be a good indicator of progress.

  • In reply to Dale Miller:

    I guess we'll know soon. Positive, smart and humble, got to be a fit. Enjoy Arizona. The Hualapai area's one of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

  • fb_avatar

    Off topic, but man, going through the minor league system for a second as compared to when it was one year before the front office change from Hendry to Epstein --- you have to give mad props to Theo and Jed. If you rail on them regarding their choice of Sveum to begin with or whom they choose to manage this current team you are missing the whole picture.

    Spend a day and dig deep into their minor league affiliates. Look at the peripherals of the players, not just the traditional stats. Things start jumping out at you, especially with the guys they've drafted and traded for in the last two years. There is continuity. There is redundancy. I can define it with one player, the guy (other than Bryant) that I was most excited about on draft day: Jacob Hannemann.

    We're jaded to thing negatively. I think Hannemann is the sleeper of the entire draft. Go watch some of the video. I think the Cubs system is underrated just because we are trained to expect the worse.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    I agree with you on the minor leagues. Several years back we went on vacation to Tennessee. During that time went ti a Smokies game. Was hard to get excited about Colvin, Fuld, and Fox. We went again this past year and had a blast, but the talent was soooo much better. I do think picking the next manager will be important for Theo and for the cubs too. We need the right teacher, motivator and leader because of what the minors look like.
    Not all of us think the worse for the cubs, I believe we are headed right direction and nothing can stop that.

  • fb_avatar

    Still would like them to talk to McKay.

  • John, I've liked Ausmus from the get go. If you were in a position to pitch him to the Cubs what would be his strongest attributes and what would separate him from the previous manager Sveum.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    Just an intelligent baseball guy with natural leaderships skills. Likeable guy, understands the game and players. No record to go off of but has smarts and personality for the job.

  • I know I'm late to this thread, but I don't buy the anti Martinez stuff your sources seem to be telling you John. Its not at all a slight on you. I have mad respect for your baseball acumen and endorse your page to anyone who would listen as well as post almost all your articles on my Cubs Facebook group. Makes for great discussions, and debates at times. Almost everything I read and hear anywhere else speaks highly of Dave which is why he's My favorite. I don't see the fact Maddon and the rays are campaigning for him as a slight. I just think he really wants the Cubs job bad as any smart manger candidate would. I also don't see Maddon lying about how good Dave is and sullying his rep to get rid of a guy he's had as his right hand man for 5 years now. As far as no experience goes Maddon has gotten ejected so much Martinez may have accumulated a full season of experience taking over for Joe after ejections and ensuing suspensions that come with them lol. My next choices are Ausmus, Maddox and maybe Lovullo.

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    I agree completely. Dave Martinez is going to get his chance in this league one day, and hes going to make some owner/gm look very very smart.

    I know its a different sport, but look at all the Coaches off the Bill Parcells tree and look how well they have done in the NFL. Go to the NBA, and look at the Popovich tree and to a lessor extent, the Doc Rivers tree. We have one of those guys doing a great job coaching our Bulls. I just think, you can substitute what you can learn being around a great manager/leader.

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