Cubs make some 40 man roster moves, but no big surprises

Cubs make some 40 man roster moves, but no big surprises

Usually I predict who will be removed from the 40 man roster and for the most part I've been pretty accurate about it.  The whole manager drama has me a little side-tracked but I can honestly say there are no surprises here.  The players removed from the 40 man roster are as follows:

  • Catcher J.C. Boscan
  • OF Darnell McDonald
  • OF Thomas Neal
  • RP Rafael Dolis
  • RP Trey McNutt
  • RP Zach Putnam

Dolis and McNutt are former top prospects but recent injuries made it far less risky to put them through waivers.  Considering their lack of MLB success to this date and uncertain futures, it isn't all that surprising that no teams wanted to use a 40 man roster spot on them.  Every team has a roster crunch right now.

We'll talk about which candidates need to be added to the 40 man roster later this week. Arismendy Alcantara is a slam dunk right now but there aren't any other minor leaguers you can say that about.


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    I believe they are going to add me. I just hope the old soup bone can handle the rigors of a full season. I've only thrown 5 pitches in the last five years, all of them to open the Little League season each May. Plus I will be 50 in March. Ouch.

  • Can they afford to save a spot and select someone in the
    Rule V draft with the 4th pick.

  • I would be surprised if they went into the draft with a full roster. They seem to be quite happy with Rondon, and if there is someone they feel is as good, they will likely take him and live with the normal strugles involved with carrying a kid on the 25 man roster that probably isn't going to contribute very much.

    But I think (and hope) that this year is the last year that they can easily do this.

  • In reply to DaveP:

    I think they have to at least leave that option open. There's still time before they need to finalize it.

  • John,

    Do you think that the Cubs will need to drop 4-5 more players to get the 40-man roster down to a workable size?

    I'm guessing they get it down to the 34-35 size, and then build it back up from there.

  • In reply to DetroitCubFan:

    I don't think they'll make any more moves than the have to -- and until they have to.

  • In reply to John Arguello:


  • In reply to DetroitCubFan:

    They will lose Baker, Guerrier, Gregg and Navarro when they declare FA after the WS. They may have interest in bringing some or all of those guys back, particularly Baker and Navarro, but it puts them at 33.

  • John

    Do you see the Cubs being interested in bringing any of the players back on minor league deals ? If so who ?

  • I figured Guerrier would be on this cut list as well. Right hand heavy with Cabrera, Bard, Grimm, and Lim all looking for a spot in an already RH dominant bunch.

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    Guerrier along with Navarro, Gregg and Scott Baker are potential free agents. My personal opinion is that Baker will be pack and that a deal was previously agreed on and just not announced. Navarro I wouldn't mind seeing back as the backup C, if the deal is reasonable. Guerrier I don't have much of an opinion on and would just as soon Gregg moves on.

  • guerrier is still on DL so no move needed yet. But I expect him to not make the final 40 man .

  • Jim Hendry has a little pup-tent going now over Dolis and McNutt. I'll bet anyone a thousand dollars that at least one of these guys is in the Yankee system before you can blink.

    How the heck did Brett Jackson survive the cut. He's by far the worst player on the 40.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    They're probably not done yet...

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    Do you think letting Brett Jackson off the 40 man is smart? So youre pretty sure he wont get picked up in the Rule 5 Draft? Sure, a bad year, a coach that told him to change his swing and injuries at age 24 says let him loose. I bet you're wrong.

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    Very interesting article. A guy going to scouting school in Arizona. Talking about the first real prospect he's seen. And it's a Cubs prospect. I assumed he would be talking about Soler or Baez. Actually it was Gloskar Amaya.

  • In reply to Sean Holland:

    Thanks for posting that; I enjoyed reading it.

  • In reply to Sean Holland:

    Thanks for sharing that!

  • I shouldn't be, but I'm still stunned to see McNutt clear waivers. He fell hard.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    Same here, but then I remind myself that he can't stay healthy and is inconsistent when he is healthy....

  • John, I assume we'll see an article on potential 40 man adds at some point. Cates is an intriguing one to me. I know it was only A ball, but he was great after they moved him to the pen.

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    In reply to TheMightyGin:

    Mighty, there's no need to add Cates. He was drafted in 2010 by San Diego and isn't eligible for the Rule V draft yet. No point in having him tie up a spot on the 40 man before it's necessary.

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    I'm sure more cuts are coming, but I think what's more interesting is who we DIDN'T cut. Donnie Murphy, Brian Bogusevic, Logan Watkins.....I guess it means they are in the plans for next year. And the most surprising is Brett Jackson....

  • In reply to Zonk:

    So let Brett Jackson be healthy and in another system for free. So let him go in a Rule V draft. At 24 he spent .5 percent of the season on DL and was told by Sveum to change his swing. I suggest that would not be wise or in Cubs fashion we'll be watching him in post season like a Sam Fuld

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    I agree with John that no one else will be cut until they are being forced off by a better option. Theo really worked the roster shenanigans last off season with respect to picking the most opportune time to make signings official.

  • I found this on the 6 players mentioned .....

    With the roster moves on Wednesday, the Cubs opened three spots on the 40-man roster. Trey McNutt and Rafael Dolis will likely remain with the organization and assigned to Triple-A Iowa. RHP Zach Putnam and OF Thomas Neal have been outrighted previously during their career and can elect free agency.
    Darnell McDonald and J.C. Boscan signed minor league deals with the Cubs last off-season that included non-roster invites to big league camp. Both players will elect for free agency and will be free to sign with another organization this winter.

  • Yankees win. Damn.

  • no Joe...

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    In reply to Ben20:

    Say it ain't so, no Joe

  • In reply to Ben20:

    Maybe for the best.

  • Did Ripken just throw his hat in the ring by publicly announcing "He wants to Coach"?

  • ouch, 4 yrs ...

  • Let's call Dale and tell him he can stay 1 more year while we shop.

  • Plan B. Damn it.

  • Okay, for anyone who is sad or scared by this news, please do not forget the good news:

    Sveum is no longer the manager.

    He was the wrong guy. Better than Quade. But the wrong guy.

    I don't know who's best. I wish Maddon and Bochy were available, so we could choose between them. Maybe Maddon gets canned this week. Fat chance. Maybe Sabean wants to trade his manager while his team is sort of in a limbo mode.

  • Its for the best. Lets now hired a manager that can grow and
    mentor all the top prospects coming after mid-2014

  • Now to see who the Cubs will sign as their next manager. I think John needs to put up a "Who will be the next Cubs manager" poll.

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    My list now has Acta and Alomar as my top choices (not like I get a say-so or anything). Renteria on the second tier and a flat out "over my bloated, dead body" to AJ Hinch and Dave "Wandering Willy" Martinez.

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    John when does a player need to be added to the 40 man roster? I see that Matt Szczur and Soler are on it, but Baez, Almora, and Bryant aren't? A little clarification for how it all works would be helpful.

  • In reply to Stomper90:

    Hendry foolishly gave Szczur a major league contract to give up football, because he thinks all football players can play baseball.

    Soler was one of the big 3 Cuban guys along with Cespedes and Puig - so he too got an MLB contract, but it's a good, lengthy one at 9 years. Uh... good, if he pans out, that is. He's supposed to be a sure thing, but he sure is checking in at #4 lately.

  • In reply to Stomper90:

    I'm not John, but as I remember, if a player has played 6 years in the minors, he is granted free agency if not on the 40 man roster. I believe Kuyler Burke is in that situation.

    Beyond that if a player is subject to the draft, he can only be protected by adding him to the 40 man roster.

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