Uptown again, nobody home. Cubs 2 Reds 0.

Uptown again, nobody home. Cubs 2 Reds 0.

So the Cubs, losers in series against fellow cellar dwellers Milwaukee and Florida, come in to Cincinnati to face a Red team that has not only knock-hockeyed the Cubs around the baseball field all season (13-3) but were red hot sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers. So what happens. Travis Wood throws his best game of the year and the Cubs shut out the Reds 2-0. Ladies and The Cubs got their two runs the only way they've been getting runs- with solo homers. Ryan Sweeney got the Cubs on the board with a solo shot to right in the 2nd. And Luis Valbuena did yard work in the third with a home run of his own. And after that it was all Travis and the pen, who made quick work of the Reds. And when insufferable Yakkers Thom Brenneman and Chris Welsh have special guest Joe Morgan in the booth, the quicker the work the better. Thank you boys. Let's head for the border.


Travis Wood was unbelievable tonight. Shutting out a red hot Reds line up for 7 innings. Travis through 70 percent strikes of an even 100 pitches in 7 innings. Considering it was a Dog's breath 90 degrees at game time that's sayin something. Travis would wind up striking out 7 while allowing no walks. That's a stud-like performance. Hopefully others follow suit. Vote for Pedro and Save-Bot 6300 both worked around hits to throw scoreless innings in the 8th and 9th for a hold and save respectively.


So Luis Valbuena had himself a fairly good game, going two for four and scoring the ever important insurance run. But his baseball running gaffe ( I will never say the "T" word....) was teeth grinding infuriating. On second base with 2 outs, Dioner Navarro hits a single to right. Dave Bell is wendell kim-ing the hell out of his arm sending Valbuena home. But Valbuena is too busy staring at Dioner navarro who was late getting to first. Valbuena holds up. Navarro, assuming Valbuena was going home because...hehe.....99.3 % of baseball players would have been running,  makes an aggressive turn around first, and he's picked off by an opportunistic Brandon Phillips. If that's Castro, Sveum probably sends him to the showers. Inexcusable.


Ryan Sweeney just seems to line things up. Love the sound the ball makes coming off his bat. And I really like the way he plays centerfield. He's really the only outfielder, along with Junior Lake, that I have any interest in coming back next year. Here's hoping he has a strong finish.

Huzzah!!!!! A victory. Against a very good and formerly hot Red squad. Boy one more out of these next two would really be sweet. Granted, the Reds are a much lesser evil than the Cardinals. But the Cubs should play their role, and if they want to take the Cubs lightly, well then they should lose a valuable game in the standings. Multiple Ed Jackson takes his act out to the mound tomorrow night against Tony Cigriani-which means a righty lineup. Well, things looked dark for the dudes tonight and look what happened? Should at least keep me interested till Sons of Anarchy.... Onwards.




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  • So, I'm jumping on the Wood wagon I liked Lily, and I'd say we got more than we gave to him, but this kid's career is ahead of him. I just hope he's not fragile.

  • T Wood looking like a real keeper. Not to mention a good PH/PR off the bench. Hoping we don't deal him but OTH he might bring a nice haul.

    I know it's been discussed elsewhere in the Den, but R Sweeney looks like a keeper. He always had decent gap-to-gap power but now he's really squaring it up. Looks like he really could be a 3-hole hitter to me.

    Shine until tomorrow, Luis V.

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    Oh Well played KBH.....very well played.

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    I can't see any reason to trade Wood. He'd have to bring a big overpay as consistent lefty starting pitchers are pretty rare. Barring injury, of course, he will likely use this year as a steppingstone for even better years.

  • A great game for Wood,.... Am of the opinon that one of the things the Cubs need to do in the offseason is see if they can sign him to a team-friendly contract extension,.... dependable #3/#4 Lefty starting pitchers with his level of consistency at eating innings are hard to find.

    And then the bullpen guys did their job again. Much better at doing that now than the dismal days back in April & May.

    It really would be nice to see our Cubs figure out how to score a run in absence of the HR ball though,.....

    Best thing in my book though,... only have to win two more games to ensure no 100-loss season,.... Will win a bet with my Big Brother (the White Sox fan) if they manage that.

  • Can somebody please tell me how in God's name does Joe Morgan still keep getting on TV??!?!?!?

    What did we do to deserve this?

  • Re: Sweeney , I remember wanting to snag him as a potential CF choice before we signed Byrd. He has always been a good OBP guy with a great glove. The power has been slow to develop. What do we think his baseline SLG looks like? It definitely can't be .450+, can it?

  • Completely agree about Sweeney. I was actually in favor of replacing DDJ with him earlier in the season. In my opinion he is the only legitimate CF option on the current roster. The power was the only thing lacking from his game and he seems to have found a way to load up on his swing while maintaining a good approach. In addition, of the three left-handed OF options, he's the only one I see as capable of facing LHP. For the discount we'll get he should be a priority for the FO this offseason.

  • Cubs 3B continue to hit the long ball.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    True enough,.... not hitting for average from the 3B spot - but how many HRs do we have between Valbuena (11), Ransom (9), and Murphy (9) = 29.

    Combined - they got like 70+ RBI as well.

    Not bad for a position largely covered all season by cast-off Utility infielders,....

    If we could get that kind of production (with better batting averages) next season from the 3B spot - we could live with that.

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    and not much else

  • You're right as usual, FELZZ!, : As long as our lead off man is putting up 0-fers, the only runs we're going to score are solo HRs.
    At least Barney was finally out of the two spot tonight.

    Who do you see in the 1,2 spots when we're ready to compete in 2015 - 2016? Sczcur and the 2 Daytona dudes look good to me!

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    If Szczur is starting in 2015 and 2016 we won't be competing for anything other than more top 5 draft picks.

  • I would love to see Szczur improve enough to get a shot. Especially after seeing the E:60 feature on him. I like rooting for good people.

    But the truth is I don't know. Castro probably stays in the 1 or 2 hole until he starts showing more power. I think they might address it during the winter. I'd love to see Elsbury, but I think Boras prices him out of it. It would be nice to see the front office be embarrassed by this lineup like they were by last year's pitching staff and put some talent into the lineup. But that's for the colder months...

  • Not that I'm a big Pirate's fan but I'm hoping they take the central instead of Cincy or the birds.

  • Am I crazy to think the Dodgers would make this guy available and the Cubs would make a play - how about Matt Kemp? What would it take the Cubs to get him? Would T. Wood and Schierholtz be suffice with no money exchange?

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