Farewell to you Indian Summer. Cubs 3 Braves 1.

The Cubs shook off the embarrassment of all things Kevin Gregg, fought through tough starter Kris Medlin and found a way to win a ball game today at Wrigley Field. Anthony Rizzo's double, Dioner Navarro's single, and Nate Schierholtz's sac fly led to 3 8th inning runs and overcame a 1-0 deficit for a 3-1 lead. Then it was just a matter of watching Pedro Strop strike out the side in the 9th to send the faithful home happy. C'mon get happy.


Travis Wood was sensational today. Sure seems like I've written that a lot.  Today marked Travis Wood's 24th quality start. He now has an ERA under 3 at 2.98. That's pretty remarkable. Today Wood went 7 + innings, allowing one run on 5 hits. He did walk 4, but he struck out 7. Dale gave him a lot of rope, only pulling him after two got on in the 8th. Carlos Villanueva did a heck of a job getting out of the 8th.


Well, you don't want to get to crazy over one save chance. But you don't do it much better than Pedro Strop did it today. 3 up, 3 down, 3 K's. That slider to Dan Ugga was just filthy. And if he can throw that off a 95 MPH heater, well, you got yourself a closer...


Two players that I'm sure Epstoyer are going to want to bring back are Ryan Sweeney and Dioner Navarro. Sweeney had a wonderful catch in the third where he ran into the ivy and crashed against the brick wall. Navarro got the winning hit and has exceeded all expectations this year as back up catcher. The question is, have these guys played well enough to get a contract somewhere else? Sweeney probably has performed to where someone gives him a 2-3 year deal.  You dont offer him 3 years do you? And Navaro might have played himself into a shot at starting somewhere. And Beef as the starting catcher locked up here for the forseeable future. Would be nice to have them both back, but it might be out of the Cubs hands...

Huzzah. A win. Nothing erases the bad taste of off the field mindlessness like good, competent baseball. Will that continue as Multiple Ed takes the mound against young phenom Julio Teheran? Let's hope so. Onwards.





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  • Nice "Napoleon Dynamite" reference, Felzz. LOL. How long did you keep that one in your bag? And when, if ever, has anyone else combined a Partridge Family reference with one for the Clash. Awesome! I'm gonna really miss these write ups. Thanks for all the fun, combined with great insight all season long. The best!

    Wood has really established himself as an elite LHP. With Beef about to meet the knife, I sure hope we keep Dioner. May need him more than ever next season. And Pedro may turn out to be one of the biggest steals Epstoyer ever make.

  • I got to see this one. Very satisfying win. Wasn't that 4 straight hits in the 8th? It was almost a Lee Buck 9th.There were a couple of fouls.

  • Sorry, but as a jazz geek, I am illiterate anent pop music references.

  • Well, let the record show Bloomie, that I have used Chet Baker and John Coltrane references before. And if anyone was to get the Sinatra headline, it's you....


  • Might as well start the count for the modern day but opposite of the "red hot and rising" Shawon-o-meter.....the Darwin-o-meter is ice cold and lowering at .207, will he finish below .200 is the question....???

  • In reply to Buzz:

    The mighty "Mendoza Line." All this done on even more empty hitting than Theriot could even imagine. Who'd ah thunk it ?

  • Damn that Nate Schierholtz! Completely wasted a precious at bat with that sac fly RBI.

  • Picture with me the Cubs club house before the game. The lineup is posted, and somewhere you hear someone moan: "Oh no, I have to bat in front of Barney! Why bother?"

  • In reply to JayPea:

    What at bat ?

  • I don't get it. Why's everyone rooting for Barney to fail....?

  • In reply to felzz:

    No one wants Barney to fail. It has just been excruciating watching him hit into DP's this year. I love the guy. He's smart and upbeat, 'would love to see him turn it around.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I'm extremely disappointed by the anemic bat Barney has waved this year. It's a shame. He still might get the chance to open 2014 as the starting 2nd. base man,nobody else can field the position as well as he does.A long look see from a guy like Watkins is in order. Alcantera and Baez are at least another year away, but it sure is nice to dream of the possibilities.

  • fb_avatar

    Haha! Sounds like the tone of Cubs fans in September!

  • Wood,.... if they don't offer the guy a couple year contract on decent terms for the next couple of seasons,.... they are idiots,.... and I don't think they are idiots in the Cubs front office. He may have 'overacheived' this year,.... but even with some regression next year - a good mid-rotation Lefty is never a bad thing to have on staff.

    As regards Navarro & Sweeney - same goes for them. Navarro I can see as a harder sell to keep in Chicago - somebody somewhere is going to offer that man a shot at a starting Catcher, and the Cubs just can't do that as long as they have a still developing but already good Castillo slated in to potentially be the Catcher for the next several years. He's a quality guy and deserves a quality shot elsewhere if he wants it.

    Sweeney - isn't blocking anybody in the minors that is currently ready to start in the bigs. Offer that man a 2 year contract on good terms. It'll give Almora or whomever a couple more years to develop, and he's a dandy CF. If his power continues to develop - he could be a dandy find for the next couple of seasons.

    A good game,... nice to see one pulled out at the end and NOT just all HRs.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    I was a good win but let's not get carried away with winning at the very end of the season. We are holding on to the 4th pick by our fingernails. This is time to evaluate players. Let's put in players that aren't the best to evaluate. Go Twins!

  • In reply to John57:

    What I typed has nothing to do with overhyping a pointless win at the end of the season John. When did I mention anything about this season's status in my post?

    Navarro, Sweeney & Wood have been consisten this year. That likely merits them getting some consideration to start out next year. Don't overpay for any of them - but do consider keeping quality that covers known holes to start out next year's season.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Wood merits at least a 3 yr. contract off his consistency this year and as of now he won't break the bank. As mentioned by you, Sweeney needs to be brought back as well,as a 4th. outfielder.
    We're going to need a back up catcher, as Navarro will be heading elsewhere. Plenty of back ups can be had for Catcher in 2014.One name that jumps out is Brayan Peña who would be available as a free agent..

  • In reply to TheRiot2:

    Peña would be one guy to go after. John Buck would be a decent backup defensively as well,.... if he is healthy enough.

  • Great job by wood. Wow 24th quality start is impressive.
    I haven't been 100% convinced on Wellington, but I do need to give props here. Our catchers have put up very good number combined. In a platoon system to have both hitting over .270 and about 10 hrs each is a good system.

    I do wish lake would get more chances vs a righty.

  • Love Stropp. If hopefully he can pitch like he has ice in his veins like today and has that bulldog approach like today and go after the hitters he is the steal of the Arrieta trade. Really liked that he didn't nibble. I thought this was a big game because no-one wanted to see a celebration by the Braves today.

  • Yeah, I don't want to see anybody celebrate on our field. Well, unless it is the Cubs, of course, but you know what I mean. Hoping that EJax can come out strong tomorrow, and for God's sake, keep runners off the bases early. He might be worth the money he's paid simply because he keeps the concession stands going longer on days that he pitches.

  • In reply to TheSinisterUrge:

    If the Braves win, I'm happy for them to celebrate... watching it will hopefully galvanise the thoughts and efforts of our young core and push them through a harder winter training schedule and a few more runs up Camelback Mountain in the 2-3 weeks before Spring Training starts...

    Players with true competitive spirits will hate to see it and be driven further and harder to emulate the success...

    I was never a huge Ryan Dempster fan, but he did seem to have a positive part in getting a number of players fighting fit before the due arrival date at Mesa.

  • Is there a stat for wins/ losses when the different catchers start? Because it sure seems like the team has a better rhythm when Navarro catches.

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