Break Break Break. Brewers 4 Cubs 3.

The first time I saw Eddie Izzard do stand up comedy he had a great bit about how archeologists would find a dinosaur leg over here, then another leg 100 feet over there, and then the tail would be found over there, JUST HOW IN THE WORLD DID THESE DINOSAURS DIE? Izzard would then imitate a dinosaur losing limb after limb until he finally disassembles all over the plains of Wyoming or something. It was utterly hilarious. Well the Cubs are kind of dying in the same fashion, and it's not nearly as funny. The Cubs lost again to the completely awful Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs went ahead on a 2 run home run by Wellington Castillo. But Jeff Samardzija would give the lead right back, allowing a home run to Carlos Gomez. It would stay tied until the ninth when the Brewers loaded the bases against Justin Grimm. Grimm, who is playing catch up in an attempt to be as awful as the average Cubs reliever, then gave up the winning run on a suicide squeeze. A suicide squeeze where the pitcher threw to first. Remember what I said about it not being funny? I take it back. Let's put this one on the slab and get this over with.


So Samardzija didn't have that bad an outing. It will be covered like one. There are two reasons for that. One, it's the third straight outing that's been marred by a tiring Samardzija allowing a late inning home run. And the second reason is that, like multiple Ed the night before, Samardzija got into a shouting match with third base coach David Bell, supposedly about defensive alignment. Pardon me while I smack my forehead with this 2x4.........35.......36......37.....38......39....40.  I don't care for the arguments. I think they're irrelevant. Veterans venting about being on an awful team. What does concern me is that Samrdzija gave up a homer in the 6th inning of his last start and another 3 run homer in the 6th the start before that. So Samardzija leads off the 7th with a walk to Aramis Ramirez and.......Anyone. We're not seeing a pattern here? Anyway, Sveum sat on his hands but his hands weren't nearly as flat as the splitter Shark threw to Carlos Gomez, which got laced over the left field wall.


The highlight tonight was the continued strong finish of Wellington Castillo. Wellington Castillo had both the offensive highlight- a two run home run, as well as the defensive highlight- throwing out Jean Segura trying to steal. Nice to see someone growing on this team.


Usually when Theo Epstein talks, as he did before today's game, I am recharged. I am reminded that the rebuild is going great. But Theo's comments did nothing for me. He didn't say anything wrong or anything I strongly opposed. He really didn't say anything. Sveum didn't get a vote of confidence but said he did a remarkable job keeping this team together. This is a team that's had two straight player coach confrontations. He talked about evaluating and then he said not to expect any big free agency splashes this winter. Well not really. He said no multiple splashes so I suppose there could be one. He said there will have to be a multi-dimensional approach to things.... Take as many as you need. Please. He then talked about OBP being the keys to success. The Cubs stranded runners in the 8th and 9th tonight. Getting on wasn't the problem. As Def Leppard would say, Gimme action not words. That's why every summer has a winter I suppose.

So another loss to this team. Cubs are now 5-12 against the Brewers. When they eventually lose one to the Cardinals they will be double digit losses against every Central opponent. The one saving grace I thought was gonna happen was that Epstoyer would be so pissed and embarrassed about this post trade deadline prat fall that there would be some urgency to improve the roster. To have a team that will not only compliment the incoming Bryant's and Baez's, but not force them to be savior's their first and second years in the big leagues. Afterall, they talked long and proud about stocking the Cubs with enough pitching to survive the post trade deadline and they wouldn't lose as much because they'd be running a decent pitcher out there. But the Cubs are 14-29 since the trade deadline. Darker than a steer's tookus on moonless prairie night.  Ahhh....maybe a win will clear up the dark clouds partying in my mind right now. Chris Rusin takes the bump against something called Tyler Thornberg. Sounds like a Country club kid. TYLER GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE BOAT! Here's hoping for the best. Onwards.





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  • Eddie Izzard!!!

    Great bit. The game...well, at least there's Welly and Samardzija pitched very well for most of it.

  • Extra credit! Take heart, Laddie, it's only a game. I'm laying plenty that physics will still be reality tomorrow. I'm laying as much that our slump will outlast me.

  • In fairness, Arrieta, Rusin and Baker aren't the culprits responsible for our 14-29 record since the trade deadline.

  • In reply to cubsin:

    I agree.

  • Izzard and James Brown references..nice job once again, I don't know how you do it fellz!

    Castillo. That is all. F7 actually was not that bad as well.

    Bring on the AFL asap!

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    Why would the FO be pissed about a post-deadline decline?

    That doesn't make sense.
    We're a terrible team that moved as many productive players as possible for whatever prospects they could get.

    You don't generally sell at the deadline and improve. It's baseball, not magic.

    We've got some tough games coming up. Let's lose 'em ALL!

    We can pass the white Sox, and I can hold onto the delusion that the Marlins will go on some perverse winning streak to finish up.

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    In reply to Giffmo:

    Giffmo, if anything I think that The FO is more pissed about the regression of Castro and Rizzo and the abuse inflicted on James Russell by Sveums mismanagement

  • In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    Agreed... Sveum destroyed Camp through over-use last year and he's done the same to Russell... the issue is exacerbated by Sveum's inability to just use Russell as a loogy late in the year, and keeping him in to face the next batter who recently has mashed him.

    Sveum lost me as soon as he had to resort to calling out young players in public - always the sign of a coach/manager lacking in the required man-management skills.

  • In reply to Hustlelikereed:

    Destroying Camp was a good thing. The Cubs needed someone to take abuse last year because there were so few options that could record an out. Having a journeyman at the end of his career to abuse is very useful because it means you don't have to overwork your young guys that might help you in the future. This year they didn't have a veteran like that to rely on after Marmol and Fujikawa went down. I didn't expect Camp to be able to repeat that performance and honestly I wasn't happy they even brought him back last offseason. Gregg could have been that guy but once he became the closer, he couldn't be used outside of the 9th inning because it is against the rules of the universe. Guerrier could have been that guy as well but he got hurt.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    Sorry, that's just plain silly.

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    In reply to Luigi Ziccarelli:

    I agree.

  • The great thing about this year is we haven't given up despite what the bottom line tells us... How many times have we been on the wrong site of of 12-1 or similar...? Not that many.

    Our issues are aside from when Navarro plays we are getting little or nothing from 3-5.

    My biggest concerns remains the fact that Rizzo either goes long or goes home... When I can't watch the game, I log in every morning wanting to see Rizzo go 3-4 / 3/5 - recently he either homers or nothing.

    Regardless of what peripheral stats tell you, nobody can be so continuously unlucky with placement.

    Time to send him home early and put him in winterball to work out his bad-habits or even send him for some instructional ball.

    Rizzo might have heart the size of an elephant - but its size is matched by the holes in his swing. No use in having a gold glove if you have a leaden bat.

  • I'm predicting a Cubs win today, only because I occasionally can hit a dart board too. And if that prediction holds, the Cubs will be 7-13 against the Brewers this year, which some day we may look back on as key to drafting whomever we draft in the 4 slot.

    Regarding Shark and Coach Bell... A couple starts ago, Shark is distracted by a possible injury in the stands and then gives up a homer. Now he's trying to tell veteran coaches how to do their job... and then gives up a homer. Anyone seeing a pattern? Everyone jumps on Castro for his lack of focus at times. Shark shouldn't be excused because he is the golden boy with a supposed golden arm from the Golden Dome. Except for topping 200 innings pitched, he's been as yucky as a golden shower.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:


  • Its pretty obvious to everyone but Dale that Samardjza is at this point in the season a 5 or 6 inning pitcher. This team brings to mind a quote from a football coach(possibly D Shula) when asked about his teams execution said he was all for it.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    If stretching him out this year and having him see what it takes to be a consistent 6-7 inning pitcher for an entire year means he can be more effective next year then I have no problem with running him out there. People learn from mistakes and failures.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    It was John McKay and the Bucs.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    Thanks. I do remember now and the Bucs were pretty bad back then. At least Cubs don't have horrible looking creamsicle uniforms.

  • I'm loving all these 1 run loses. Take a look at the Cubs run differentials and the teams around them in the standings. This is correctable. Just keep doing what it takes to get as high a draft pick as possible.

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    Not sure where theojed are going this offseason - on the one hand we hear (including yesterday, from Bruce Levine's contacts) that Tanaka will be the cubs' top priority this offseason. But now theo says we need to get some OBP guys (choo, ellsbury). But no, there won't be "multiple splashes" in free agency. Well you can't have all three of those thoughts. They've tried small free agent ripples - DDJ, schierholtz - and they've been nice, but clearly not difference makers, the offense still reeked. FO needs to decide how many empty seats they want to tolerate next year.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    That's the one thing they needn't worry about as long a Wrigley is home.

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    In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    Disagree. I've been a cub fan since 1966, I'll only go if I have free tickets, maybe not even then. My 13 year who lives and breathes baseball, plays travel, turned down a game last month, and last night went up to bed saying, "every single guy they got is crap." teenage hyperbole, yes, but the core sentiment can't be ignored by any business.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    I started uin'45. Back in the 50s they derew abouyt 300,000for the year but when the yuppies discovbered the magic of Wrigley they consistently draw 3 million. my last trip to Wrigley was almost 30 years ago. My nieces boss had box seats in the second row just north of the dugout. I was always a bleacher bum. It was $0.75. Veeck was there every day.

  • ERA for the cuurent Cub starters since 7/9

    Shark 5.75 13 S
    Arrieta 4.42 7S
    Mr Jackson 3.80 12S
    Wood 3.60 12S
    Mr Rusin 2.54 10S

  • In reply to JK1969:


    Baker 0.82 2S

  • In reply to John57:

    Decide to ignore due to sample sze

  • Just to further expand on th OBP comet that I posted elsewhere yeserday, some data points are offerd below fo the eamand players with the lowest to highest OBP (Min 200 PAs):

    Team .301
    Barney .270
    Castro .283
    Soriano .287
    Nate S .305
    Rizzo .322
    DeJesus .330
    Valbuena .333
    Lake .344
    Castillo .349
    Navarro .366

    Boy, its a sad state of affairs when your catching tandem is #1 and #2 in OBP.

  • Shark has had a rough second half but he has had some great games and has shown flashes. Also, he has pitched over 200 innings, which is an achievement for a Cub. They're going to need pitchers who can throw some innings. Since 2008, no Cub pitcher other than Dempster has pitched 200 innings in a season. TWood should join Shark in the 200 inning club before the season is over.

  • In reply to baseballet:

    Agreed. Need guys you can rely on for that kind of workload -- even if they aren't aces.

  • In reply to baseballet:

    Agree that he has shown flashes, but when he is off, he cannot find a way to keep the team in a game.

    He has had several very ugly starts and the coaching staff needs to work with him to control the damage when he is not pitching with his best stuff.

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    I'm glad you mentioned the progress of Welington Castillo. His continual growth as a player, both offensively and defensively, is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dreadful summer. Wood, Strop and Lake deserve recognition as well.

  • In reply to Mike Partipilo:

    Wood and Castillo are the lone bright spots in my book.

    Strop and Lake need to perform over a full season before we can start counting our eggs.

  • We thought that Soto was a lifer. Pffft! I'm looking for stardom from Junior. Middling Pitchers have short careers in general.

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