Sure as the rain turns the dirt into mud. Nats 11 Cubs 6.

The Cubs tried to take the third game of their 4 game series against the Washington Nationals. But they dug themselves a huge hole early, and spent so much energy trying to dig out of it, by the time they had drawn themselves even midway through the game, they didn't have the stamina to keep up and the Nats drew away with an 11-6 win. Anthony Rizzo, batting 2nd for the first time all season, got the Cubs on the board first with a home run to right center field.  But the Nationals treated starter Jake Arrieta the way the Sisters treated Andy Dufresne. # runs in the 2nd followed by three runs in the third. Ouch babe. The Cubs would rally in the 5th with 5 runs. The fifth started with Anthony Rizzo's 2nd homer of the game.This was followed by a 5 hit parade by Junior lake, Nate Schierholtz, Donnie Murphy, Brian Bogusevic, and pinch Hitter Cole Gillespie. Wellington Castillo's Sac fly would tie the game at 6. But Scot Hairston would bite the hand that briefly overfed him when he launched a three run homer off of reliever James Russell... And the downhill slide continued till the end. Let's go to the movies.


The first two games made you wonder why the Orioles would ever give up on Jake Arrieta and include him in the Scot FELDMAN!!!!! deal. Tonight's game answered that question Arrieta was awful today. While he still pumped it in around the mid 90's he had absolutely no control. The Pitch FX box  looked like Howdy Doody's face. He was everywhere. And the only way to get it into the strike zone was to ease up on the gas.....welcome to MeatBall City.  4 IP 5H 6ER 4BB 5K. Not a too good. How he bounces back will be very interesting. Carlos Villanueva and Michael Bowden pitched two very good innings before Everyday Jimmy and Hector Rondon pitched three lousy ones.


So Dale Sveum tossed a refreshing curve when he pencilled Starlin Castro in the 1 hole, Anthony Rizzo in the 2 hole, and Junior lake batting third.  And it makes total sense. These 6 weeks should be spent trying to get Rizzo and Castro right above all else. And the only way to do that is to get AB's. Castro only got one hit, but Anthony Rizzo rewarded Sveum with a 3 for 5 and 2 HR performance. Hopefully this continues, perhaps through September. But chances are it ends in a couple of days. For now, I just want to see it work.


James Russell has been in a funk for about a month now. Some of it might be from the constant use. And some of it might be for how he's being used as well. Most relievers like to know their role and prepare for it as such. Lately, Sveum has been using Russell as a LOOGY, a role which he is NOT suited for. But still, guy thinks he's going to be used against lefties, he works on those pitches. So Scott Hairston comes up, he hasn't worked on getting his slider to tail away from righties because he hasn't had to and.....Welcome back to Meatball City. So nice to see you back so soon. The 7th inning seems likethe right inning for Russel, although not tonight. But leave him in that role and let him prepare for that role....

So the Cubs have to try and halve the series by defeating Stephen Strasburg. Good luck with that. The Cubs will have Travis Wood, their most consistent pitcher going for them. So there's that. Then the Cubs hit the road for late night games on the coast. Fun fun fun. Anyway, beating Strasburg would be a nice way to end the home stand, so lets root for that. Onwards.





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    "Sure as the rain turns the dirt into mud."

    I thought this was going to be a story about the DCubs.

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    The Daytona situation, year after year, is a farce. I assume these games get rained out because the fields don't have good drainage and they are worried about injuries, in addition to the weather in Florida (though Rays and Marlins games are rarely rained out).

    However, it makes no sense to talk about advancing guys like Vogelbach and Bryant to Daytona to get more at bats in the playoffs when every year at this time almost all the games are rained out and few made up (at least from what I can see).

  • ‏@MiLB 16m
    MUST-SEE MiLB.TV: #Cubs prospect @javy23baez caps his latest two-homer game for @smokiesbaseball.

    I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight...

  • I missed it if it was noted noted here 10!days ago, but I just happened to look up Ian Stewart and leaned that he was released by Dodgers on Aug 13:

    Stewart hit just .174/.324/.314 in 27 games with the Isotopes. He struck out 36 times in 86 at-bats and was mired in a terrible slump at the end of his short stay, going 1-for-26 with 16 strikeouts.

    Somehow I'm both happy and sad about that.

  • Loved the Andy Dufrense line.

    Regarding Russell, like with Sean Marshall, not many pitchers can appear in two or three consecutive seasons of 70-plus games and not have to pay the piper soon enough. (See Carlos Marmol 2009 to 2011.) The days of Mike Marshall are nearly 4 decades over. I thought the timing of the Sean Marshall deal was superb. The Reds got one good season from Marshall, extended his contract, and this year it has been the DL and shoulder surgery. Odds are (and they are only odds), our best hope is to rest Russell a little, let him finish the year on a high note, and see what we can get for him in an off-season trade. It won't be as much as we were able to get for Marshall, who nearly made an AS team, but it wouldn't be negligible.

  • Arietta was horrid!

  • 2-7 on the home grounds. The fans will probably never stop filling up the park. I can only shrug my shoulders and look for that "WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR" opening day banner next spring.

  • Didn't get to see the game can someone tell me what happened with Rizzo getting thrown out at home down 5 in the 9th.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    Rizzo opens the ninth with a single.

    Lake pops out, Schierholtz strikes out.

    Murphy singles, Rizzo to second.

    Bogusevic singles to left. Rizzo goes too far past third and gets caught in a rundown for the final out.

    Yes, it is even worse than "out at home." He never got close to home.

    Live and (hopefully) learn.

  • In reply to Richard Beckman:

    thanks for the update. reading play by play on sounded like a rundown but i couldn't understand why. Hopefully these kind of plays become fewer and fewer

  • Scouting report on Starlin Castro.

    Throw first pitch down the middle (he will take) for a strike.
    Throw next pitch low and away to induce foul ball swing for strike.
    Throw next pitch farther outside and low (which he will always take for ball one).
    Throw next pitch 2-3 feet low and outside and watch batter lunge haplessly for pitch while swinging and missing (for strike three).

    Mentally prepare for next batter.

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