Put his guts in a box and put him in a drawer, Hubba hubba hubba. Padres 8 Cubs 6.

Put his guts in a box and put him in a drawer, Hubba hubba hubba. Padres 8 Cubs 6.

Sometimes "fun bad" just happens. I suppose you can get really upset at last night's loss. There's a lot to be upset about. Yet for some reason, I was able to really savor the magnitude and stupidity of this loss and channel it's incredible amount of awfulness into a smile. I have to think that a few others out there did too. I mean this was classic right? The Cubs get out to a 6 run lead in the first inning. Castro led of and got on thanks to a throwing error, Rizzo singles, Navarro singles home Castro and Nate Scheirholtz homers to that home run nook in right field. It's 4-0. Junior lake gets a hit, Donnie Ballgame II gets hit by a pitch and Brian Bogusevic hits one into the Jurassic Park gap in right center field for a 2 run triple. 6-0 Cubs. Edwin Jackson takes the ball and you immediately think " Jeebus if he were to blow this game..." and you immediately stop that thought because you know, you flat out KNOW, that it's possible that he could. In fact, just by thinking it, you already set some kind of Karma Butterfly in motion and it's simply a matter of when. Well, not only might have Edwin Jackson given back that 6-0 lead, he dun did. A three run homer from Jedd Gyorko in the 4th halved the lead. A two run triple from Will Venable in the next inning made it 6-5. And another triple in the 6th from someone using the name Logan Forsythe tied the game. Out came Jackson, in came James Russell, who was pitching in his 150th straight game. Venable celebrated with a home run. Gyorko would add an insurance run and the Padres had their biggest comeback win of the season. Hey, anything we could do to help. It was our pleasure. Let's play with our food.


The general theme all year regarding Edwin Jackson is that if you look at some of the peripheral stats that Jackson has actually pitched better than his 7-13 and 5.00 ERA might suggest. But the truth is, I'm perfectly happy being disappointed with Edwin Jackson and see no reason to go looking for silver linings. And tonight's game sort of illustrated that. There were some positives in Jackson's performance. He didn't hurt himself with walks, 64 of his 95 pitches were strikes and with a tired beaten up pen he managed to go 6 and probably could have gone 7 had Sveum wanted him to. But it all plays second fiddle to the fact that he's the veteran, free agent signee on the team, he was given a 6-0 lead on a team that could really use a win and he spit it up. To not know what Edwin Jackson we're getting is absolutely infuriating. He's here for awhile, I don't think there are many more doors to open and explore with him. But man what a downer. Russell and Parker finished the prat fall for the Cubs pitching staff.


Jeff Russell and Blake Parker are ALWAYS on the mound. It feels like they pitch every day. I'm surprised they're not shackled in chains pitching together on the bullpen mounds singing "Poor Lazerus" between pitches. It's a tribute to the little success they've had, sveum's belief in them, and his distrust of half the bullpen. But Pedro Strop has been spotted correctly in his workload, and he's been unhittable. I can't say that Russell's month long slump is due to his constant use. And I can't say that if Sveum balanced out the workload in the bullpen the results would be any different. But Russell looks like a pitcher on fumes. And the results do too.


It wasn't all terrible for the Cubs. Junior Lake continues to impress. After his hot start, there was an expected splat back to Earth. That hasn't happened. Yes, Lake's numbers look more human, but he continues to get hits and make himself known in games. Lake had 3 more hits, one that featured the correct time to slide into first base. (to avoid a tag.). He also made a couple of wonderful running catches in the spacious center field of Petco Park. You have to appreciate how he's embraced the challenge of center field. Most get intimidated and play an extra 20 feet too deep. The Brant Brown defense. But Lake trusts his speed and plays accordingly. Lake might earn himself a spot on next year's team if he keeps this up.

I don't know why I'm singling out this game as a laugher when it has all the Cub markings- Bullpen blowing a lead and giving up the game, a lack of clutch hitting, leaving a medium size colony of base runners on the base paths, etc. But you can never really know when "Fun bad" is going to strike. Perhaps FB just strikes each of us differently. Well, Fun Bad devoured me whole last night. Hopefully, the Cubs don't like being a laughing stock and turn it around tonight. Jeff Samardzija is on the mound. against Eric Stults. That's a great place to start. Onwards.






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  • Dale says Russell hasn't been overworked so it can't be that. Of course if Sveum admits he overworked Russell then he might have to accept some blame and we know that won't happen. What is it with Brewers not able to be stand up guys.

  • The Dads? This is humiliating. How about a move to Omaha or Dayton?

  • I said it before and I will say it again. The Jackson is looking more and more
    Iike a bust.

    I hope he can wipe the slate clean and come a better pitcher in year 2.

    I am not convinced that will happen.

    Did I already ,mention how much I detest FA signings.

    A lazy way to try and create a winner.

  • In reply to JK1969:

    Well here's the thing. He hasn't been a bust. He's been disappointing. But he's made every start, he's giving you 200 innings ( or he will give you 200 innings...) He's just been very inconsistent. He was almost pitcher of the month for July. Not just the Cubs, but baseball.

    But last night was maddening.

    As for free agency, every team that has ever won a world series has used a free agent to do it. It's a necessary tool in building a roster. Over relying on it might be lazy. But using it is essential. There's simply no other way around it.

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    In reply to felzz:

    I think you can make a case that last year's Giants really did it without free agency. Their biggest free agents (Zito, Cabrera) underperformed pretty significantly.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Well Cabrerra was a trade technically.

    But Zito won 15 games and out dueled Verlander in the WS. And Voglesong and Blanco contributed too. FA's play a part. They shouldn't be the backbone of a team. But signing the right FA's is significant.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Well said. I think we may just have to accept that what we have in E-Jax is his floor. An inconsistent #4/5 guy who will eat up 200 innings vs what we were hoping to get with his upside a solid #2/3 that will eat up 200 innings.

    I guess if he was going to have a crap year, this was the one to do it....

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    This year as been a definite disappointment given expectations but I'd wait until next year before firming conclusions. I don't know why next year would be different, but it wouldn't be the first time.

  • In reply to Good Captain:

    Because everyone has a "bad" year...

  • In reply to felzz:

    200 innings with a ERA of 5 is not what I call value.

  • In reply to felzz:

    To me Jackson seems like a guy who gets bored when on a losing team. Some people are like that. When the team starts to play better I anticipate so will he. This could be a reason he seemes to lack "conviction" in starts especially early on, he knew this was a rebuilding year when he signed. This is no excuse and he has been disappointing this year, I'm just not gonna jump on the "bust" bandwagon from a disappointing year for him and the team. He could play an important role when were in the playoffs in 2015 (hopefully of course)

  • In reply to felzz:

    That's the story of Jackson's career so far,.... great stuff, can be extremely dominant at times,.... but maddeningly inconsistent.

    That's the primary reason that he has bounced around so much in his relatively short career. He's not a head case. He's got geat physical ability. He's just great one moment, and then average or worse the next.

    I think that the Cubs still made a good call signing him for the 4 years though. He's mostly what they needed. A guy who you can consistently trot out there every 5 games who will generally give you 5-7 innings and most days not too many earned runs. And although his price tag is a bit high - it isn't excessive or excessive enough that it will keep the Cubs from getting another FA down the line, and in another year or two is not so excessive that if they try to trade him for prospects it will make other teams balk.

    I liked him when he pitched for the Nats last year as well - but he was almost exactly the same pitcher then and he has been this year for our Cubs.

  • I don't know if this was fun bad felzz but I did have to laugh to keep from crying.

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    Well guys I was at the game last night and despite being up 6-0, I had the feeling Jackass was gonna cough it up.. Couple of positives last night though, like you said Felzz, Junior Lake is awesome...3 hits, a stolen base and some outstanding defense in CF.. and Anthony Rizzo, despite striking out twice, worked The count well and walked and crushed two balls to The opposite field, one for a single and one that Donifria robbed him of an extra base hit on The warning track... Does anyone know when Ryan Sweeney comes back??? Bougesevic ran one particulary ugly Assed route on a ball and player it into a triple,, hoping Samardz has a good one tonight 14 of us are going

  • He just started a rehab assignment. I believe they're targeting September for Sweeney.

    Hope you have a good time out there tonight Luigi. It's a very fun park. And if you can get out to Del mar, well, all the better....

  • After the first inning I turned to my girlfriend, who has been a Cub fan for just a short time, and said "watch the Padres climb back into this game." Sometimes you just know when it's going to crumble.

    Can you imagine the dread when Jackson gets the ball in a big, meaningful game?

  • In reply to CoolerbytheLake:

    I will hazard a guess and predict that he chokes.

    I still have trouble accepting that he was signed......and for 4 years

  • In reply to CoolerbytheLake:

    When I saw the score in the 2nd inning - I thought a very similar thing - although not specifically thinking that Jackson would be the primary cause.

    I just figured that - par for the course this season - the Cubs would find a way to make it a close game.

    They did. Not shocking.

  • Gosh darn it. I can't stand Jackson! Felzz, he is a bust give his price tag. He's awful far more times than he's not. What a bad FA signing! And that's what I thought at the time it was announced.

    Causes me to really question FO's acumen. We miss out on Detroit's Anibal Sanchez and it seems that, in knee-jerk fashion, they give all that money to Jackson as the consolation prize. He is the very definition of inconsistent. I wish we kept that $48 million (or whatever he got) for Garza.

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    In reply to Nondorf:

    Anibal Sanchez was never going to sign with the Cubs. His agent just used our bid to get more money for his client to return to Detroit.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Jackson was signed way before the action started with Anibal Sanchez.

    Thirdly, Jackson was signed, imo, to do one thing. Eat innings. After last year's ending with the Cubs really not having any depth in the starting rotation, Jackson filled the void and was pretty much the only guy on the market we could sign without giving up a draft choice due to the new CBA rules.

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    if I remember correctly they were negotiating with Sanchez at the same time they were talking to an unamed pitcher. When Sanchez signed with the Tigers the Cubs turned around and signed Jackson.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    That's correct. Afterwards, it was announced that Theo & Ricketts went to Miami to meet with Anabel and his Agent and Jed & Mcleod went to Cali to meet wit hE-Jax and his representatives.

    Obviously Sanchez was their first choice, but when they didn't get him, they opted for the best SP on the market with no pick compensation.

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    I think we can get a lot of guys who can eat innings with over 5.00 ERAs for far, far less than $48M. Even if he was the only other guy on the market, we should have just taken a pass and saved that money for Garza or Shark or any number of other talented ballplayers.

  • Jackson at 5 million a year is poor value. At 13 million a year, for three more stinking years, is an effing disaster. The only hope is that he really has been pitching hurt, and we will hear about it before to long. My fear is that he feels great and this is Edwin.
    Know how you tell a pitcher who is really not that good. Look how many non competitive pitches they throw. Trying to locate on the edges, and they miss so bad,hitter has no problem. That is Jackson. What a mess.

  • I'm hip, Ron! An effing disaster, indeed.

    I suspect everyone here has far greater confidence going into a game with Rusin on the bump than Jackson. There will surely come a time when we'll have long threads here talking about how much of Jackson's salary Cubs will have to eat in order to dump him for a prospect, any prospect. Hopefully, they can do that sooner rather than later. I'm done with him!

  • Does anyone noticing Rizzo having problems with fastballs in the 92 & up range? Doesn't seem to handle them well. Just a thought.....

  • Thanks for the post. You made me a happy boy!

  • well played Toby....

  • "But the truth is, I'm perfectly happy being disappointed with Edwin Jackson and see no reason to go looking for silver linings. And tonight's game sort of illustrated that."

    Thanks for telling it like it is, Felzz. I appreciate it. In the future, I hope all the Cubs fans at the games let this freeloader know what they really think of him. I call it stealing.

  • John

    This is like a broken record but I have been reading without responding for two years. I love the insight and the fact that it does not turn into a dis yo mama fest but rather a true Cubs blog.

    I was so happy when Theo came on board my wife thought the Bears had won the Super Bowl. Dare I say I'm starting to wonder, from a pretty advanced perspective, statistician and I grew up going to wrigs like most of you. . . dare I say that the mistakes are piling up and is it possible that FO does not walk on water and most GM's have equalized their thinking with Theo, Beane et al? I so dont want to believe this but the EJax signing, and other disturbing signs make me worried. Its like the Bears getting Cutler. Best QB we've ever had not named Luckman but is he really good enough?

    I never ever wanted to think this but is it possible that Cherington is better than Theo (see Gomes, Jonny) ? I'm not a hater. Ive bled Cubbie blue since 77. I'd love some feedback.

    Great job also Felzz.

  • In reply to Mitterwald:

    The FO has transformed the farm system into a top 3 in a very short time. That isn't average at all to me. We've got to practice a bit more patience before the big club is transformed into a top 3 mlb team.

  • In reply to SFToby:

    well said

  • It's pretty difficult to get up in arms about the rationale for the EJax signing. They clearly needed someone who they could count on to provide innings. His stuff hasn't deteriorated , as far as I can tell, which may simply indicate an "off yr". That may be a simplistic explanation but I think it's pretty accurate. I'm much more disturbed by the ongoing Darwin Barney experience. He needs to become our utility IFer. Why not play Watkins?

  • I'm basically saying: "Is it possible that FO is average?"

  • Fair enough, but this move is really of little consequence in the big picture-one way or the other.Trust me, I I'm happy with the FO but not convinced of their infallibility.

  • Heads up for MiLB TV viewers: the Kane County series this weekend is being broadcast.

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    Mike Olt 3-for-3 with a double and a home run. Irrational exuberance time.

  • So the Nats are getting two pitching prospects from Tampa for DDJ.....but what are the Cubs getting from the Nats?

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    Looks like Washington took a chance at using the waiver position to their advantage. The Cubs were pretty limited once the Nats claimed him.

  • In reply to KSCubsFan:

    So Tampa wanted DDJ but Washington prevented the Cubs from trading him to the Rays by claiming him first. And the Cubs just let the Nats have DDJ and his remaining contract and don't get any players back?

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    In reply to WSorBust:

    Pretty much. It was a very clever move by Rizzo, assuming that first and foremost the Cubs wanted to clear salary.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I find it both odd and somewhat concerning that the Cubs were mainly just interested in shedding the payroll. It didn't amount to that much in savings, about $4M including the $1.5M buyout.

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    The Cubs also get a PTBNL from Washington.

  • fb_avatar

    This entire transaction seemed to be missing something from the very beginning. Both sides were real quiet. Many were thinking the Cubs made the best move and now when the final tally is made it seems the Nationals clearly benefitted more. Score one for Rizzo.

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