One of these days, when you figure it all out, you'll be sure to let us know. Phillies 9 Cubs 8.

One of these days, when you figure it all out, you'll be sure to let us know. Phillies 9 Cubs 8.

The Cubs hit the road Tuesday night, mostly to let Wrigley air out after stinking it up with a 1-7 home stand. But tonight was no different. Actually it was in every way different. This time the Cubs brought the bats, but the pitching let them down. And in the end, the result was the same, with the Cubs on the donkey end of a 9-8 decision. The Cubs busted out for four runs in the second inning, highlighted by a 3 run homer from 3B Donnie Murphy. Edwin jackson, after a wonderful July, is off to a very flatulent August. Edwin gave up a run in the 1st, one in the third, doubled his fun with two in the fourth, before giving up the triple in the fifth. Anthony Rizzo HR kept it close. But Michael Young and Carlos Ruiz gave the Phillies a 4 run lead. The Cubs would battle back in the 9th against Muscle-clown Jonathan Papplebon, mostly aided by a horrible Dominic Brown error. But 50th Cub to play in a game Thomas Neal flew out weekly to end it. Pat's or Geno's? Who cares.....


Multiple Ed came up craps tonight.  10 hits and 7 erned runs in 5 innings. Now let's note that his defense was not at it's sharpest. But Jackson had absolutely no faith in his slider ( in part because Beef would let a couple of them go to the backstop....) and this allowed the Phillies to just sit on his fastball. Body language is such a huge tell with this guy. You can see when he doesn't feel it. He has no rhythm, he picks at his uniform, he kicks the dirt too much. You could feel the Phillies hitters gain confidence, it practically oozed through the TV. It's just one start after a really good month. But Yick!  Rondon and Bowden came in and were both bad in relief. ICK ICK.


David Dejesus has been better than expected playing full time in centerfield this year. Last year he was very tentative and took veryabstract routes to the ball. All that was on display tonight as Dejesus seemed to have misjudged every ball that was hit this way from Chase Utley's double in the first to Utley's triple in the fifth. Junior Lake tried to top that when he tracked Carlos Ruiz to the wall then appeared to try and run through the wall.....hoping that the homerun would crash through the cement bleachers and land in his glove for an out if he could..... Or something. I know Dave McKay works with the outfielders every day. Might be some more work tomorrow.


So Nate Schierholtz had a good game against his former employer. # for 5 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. What was really impressive was his last run scored. On 1st base after singling home a run, Schierholtz took off when Castro lofted a lazy fly to left, the game for all intents and porpoises was over. But when Brown let the ball dribble off his chest Schierholtz was already around 3rd, because he never stopped running. Cool to see.

Not the best way to start off a road trip. However 8 runs after what we saw last week was a sweet sight to see. Here's hoping Travis Wood gets back on the beam tomorrow. He'll need to as Cole Hammels takes the mound for the Phillies and he has that kryptonite combination of being left handed and having a pulse that the Cubs haven't had an answer for all year. Anyway, cool to see Eric Jokisch....Joskich....Jokis......good to see Eric J get his no hitter for Tennessee. Anyway, onwards.





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  • Time to check in the first big signing of the new regime.

    By my quick count, mr Jackson has a whopping total of ten quality starts in his first 22 starts of his cub career.

    I realize its still too early to call it an ill advised signing, but the evidence is starting to point in that direction.

    For the record, I detest free agent signings. I know that the new regime was looking for mid rotation innings eater, and the early return is not promising.

  • In reply to JK1969:

    Way too early to rule on the E-Jax signing. That being said, with what we had in the rotation last year, E-Jax is still an upgrade. I don't think this FO is going to sign any meaningful FA's until they feel it will truly make a difference. Some "value" signings here or there certainly. But nothing big makes any sense right now. A big name or two may make things more tolerable to watch, but it doesn't make sense to pay a couple of guys $15M+ apiece to enjoy the ride to .500. Once the core group has arrived & matured, they will open the checkbook for guys that will push the team over the top.

  •'s hard to defend him after a performance like tonight's. But I actually think he's been fine. I mean a tad disappointing. But he's been BABIP'D. I mean he was almost pitcher of the month in July. it's not like he's been awful. And, 4 years 52 million....well it's not that huge a deal. It just isn't. It's about going rate for an FA innings eating mid rotation starter.

    And you're right. You won't be able to judge if he was a good signing or not for at least another year.....

    But he stunk it up tonight. That's on him....

  • Yup. Felzz nailed it. While he can give you an occasional gem, EJax has been flatulent more times than not seemingly throughout his career. Most were stunned that this FO gave that contract to that guy. Schizophrenic flatulence.

  • Nice h/t to Nate. I noticed the hustle too. When Brown got all silly and dropped that lazy fly, the camera switches to Nate who was already rounding third. I was surprised Len & JD didn't mention it. Most others would have been lazily jogging just knowing the game was over.

    It's those little things like that to go along with his obvious offensive & defensive contributions (both have been plus) that make me think we should keep him around a few more years and let Soler/Almora, etc.. push him to the bench if/when they can...

  • One of the finest titles for a blog post. Plus we are getting the Edwin Jackson we expected to get. If we had a better overall offense, he'd be the .500 innings eater Theo and Jed expected him to be.

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