One hit to the body. Reds 2 Cubs 0.

One hit to the body. Reds 2 Cubs 0.

There were 216 pitches thrown tonight between tonight's contest between the Reds and the Cubs. 108 thrown by the Cubs. 108 thrown by the Reds. And in the end it was 1 pitch that decided the game. A cutter that didn't cut inside enough to Brandon Phillips wound up in the left field bleachers and gave the Reds a 2-0 lead that they would never give up. Travis wood was great tonight, but mat Latos was greater. Baseball everybody. Got to love it. Let's get in our jockeys and be brief.


Can't ask much more from Travis Wood than what you got tonight. 8 innings pitched, 2 runs, 4 hits one walk while striking out 5. If we want to be overly critical we could say that Travis Wood got away with a few cutters that didn't quite cut inside. But that's picking at the nittiest of nits. Wood went 8 against a great Reds lineup and was one pitch away from matching Mat Latos, who was outstanding. James Russell threw the 9th.


Perhaps it was Kim Dejesus' husband's abstract center fielding the past couple of days, but Dale Sveum flip flopped outfielders tonight- putting Junior Lake in centerfield and Dejesus in left. The move paid off as Dejesus threw out Devin Mesoraco after he tried to extend a single in the gap into a triple. Lake's routes to the ball might be a skosh better than Dejesus, but he's younger and quicker and his speed more than made up for it. Chances are we will see more of this the rest of the season.


Rarely do we use a bullet point on the opposition. But Mat latos was the flat out truth tonight. The obnoxious Reds announcers said that might have been one of the best pitching performances by a Reds pitcher all year with Homer Bailey's no-hitter being the lone exception. Power power power. And utter relentlessness. It's not fair to go from Latos to Alroidis Chapman. Probably shouldn't have gone to Chapman at all. Latos only threw 94 pitches. But Dusty baker airing on the side of caution.....maybe that's something we should just sit back and appreciate. Don't happen much.

So that happened. Nobody was hitting Mat latos tonight. The Cubs were the unfortunate ones to be in his way. Waters remain deep as Homer Bailey takes the mound tomorrow night vs a looking to rebound Jeff Samardzija. That's a pitching matchup. One that could come down, to one pitch. Hopefully, It's a Reds pitch. Onwards.


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  • Lake looks a whole lot like a center fielder to me.

  • Definitely has the athleticism for it. We shall see.

  • Great 'Replacements' reference Felzz\y...keep on being you. You three are the best in the biz.

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    Great write up as per the usual felzzy!!!

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    p.s. Thinking about doing a Cubs Den Fantasy Hockey League, but I've never done hockey before. If anyone has any suggestions, they're welcome.

  • Thank you boyz.....

    Here's the thing Caldwell. I'm in way too many fantasy football leagues. I made a vow to lose one of my leagues and I wound up adding one. I can't fathom the idea of another team and if I did it would receive none of my attention. It is free. But I don't know how committed I can be to the team when there are 3 to 4 other teams vying for my attention and trash talk.....

  • Poor decision by Bell not to hold up Lake from going to third. Choo nailed him dead as it was, but that was even with a double pump on the throw. No double pump and Lake would have been out by even more. Bell isn't the greatest of 3B coaches.

  • In reply to Tinker Evers Chance:

    IDK, it looked to me like Jr was thinking of 3rd all along. It's a fine line with "toolsy" guys like Jr., you don't want to take that aggression out of him. In the end it took a perfect throw to get him. Even without that extra crow hop (Which Choo needed to generate the velocity to get the throw there on a line) it would have taken a very good throw to get him. That's baseball and we should expect some mistakes & over exuberance from Lake.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    This isn't the first or last poor decision by Bell. He could have held Lake up. Choo was coming in on the ball and has a very good arm, double pump or not. It appeared to me that Choo probably couldn't believe that Lake was going. Lake was dead to rights, like shooting fish in a barrel. You can encourage aggressivenness on the bases without being stupid in a close game.

    If the Cubs chose to clean house with their current field manager and coaching staff, it wouldn't bother me a bit. The only one that I would keep is McKay, he's worth his weight in gold, and their bullpen coach. I don't think the rest of them are going to lead us to the promised land. They aren't on the same level as the talent that is going to start to rise to the top in the next couple of years.

  • In reply to Tinker Evers Chance:

    I'm not trying to defend Bell. But that play was all Junior. He had the play in front of him and made the decision. You can criticize him for his decision, but Choo didn't get a good read on the ball and kind of caught it too far into his body, hence the need for the crow hop. Obviously, he didn't expect Junior to run on him. Guess what, sometimes you surprise them and get that extra base, It took a perfect throw... I still want Junior pressuring the defense like that. More times then not, they don't make a perfect throw.

  • I didn't have a problem with Lake trying to get the extra base either. Runs were going to be at a premium and Lake had the play in front of him. Choo needed to throw a perfect throw and he did.

    I don't think you have to worry about the Cubs cleaning house. They seem to be fine with Dale and his staff.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Lake is running to third and should be relying on the 3B coach for having eyes on the outfielder. It's the 3B coach's call. Choo is coming in on the play and has a very good arm. Yes, he made a perfect throw, no argument there because Choo is capable of making that throw with even less time than he had. The ball arrived well ahead of Lake and was waiting for him. Lake can jerk his head at the umpire as much as he wants to on the play, but it was not close. Bell should have had far more respect for Choo than what he did. Up until this year, he was patrolling RF for the Indians and was one of the best in the AL. That's why the Reds wanted him. The ball was waiting there and Lake slid into the tag. I'd rather have that important run on 2B for the next hitter than sitting on the bench in the dugout.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I think if this team is at the same point next year at this time Cubs have to be thinking change. I really believe next year is key. We have seen this team doing things the Cub Way (seeing more pitches better defense etc) without much change in results. Hopefully next year is the tipping point where they take advantage of doing things the right way.

  • It was not waiting for him and that was not a play you look to your third base coach for. The play is in front of lake so the decision is all his.

  • In reply to brunsmk:


    Look at the replay and, for that matter, just look at the photo at the top of this article. Glove is down, ball in glove, foot hits glove, all about a foot away from the bag. Coffin is nailed shut.

    Just what do you think a 3B coach is for?

    Cub fans keep giving this crew of manager and coaches a free ride. They don't deserve it. The field managing, coaching, and handling of pitchers is very poor, day after day. Epstein and Hoyer are doing a fine job with judging player talent and developing it, but I believe that they really missed the boat with Sveum and crew.

    Give me Francona or Sandberg.

  • In reply to Tinker Evers Chance:

    I am not giving anyone a free pass. Third base coaches jobs are to help with balls out of a players direct line of site. Players have to be able to make their own decisions on balls up middle and to left on whether they go to third or not. I am assuming you have played ball before? If so, you are telling me that every base hit up the middle you run to second and only decide to go to third or not if your base coach is waving you around? I find that very hard to believe.

  • In reply to brunsmk:

    Yes, I have played ball.

    The 3B coach is to give the runner a red light if the centerfielder has him dead with a decent throw as Choo did. The only thing that made this play less embarrassing than it might have been was Choo's double pump. It was an easy assist.

    And the manager reminds the player of the red light if the player blows the coach off when the player thrown out reaches the bench. You do want players to learn to consider game situations before they start thinking they can run willy-nilly. This is the show, not the sandlot. When you're two down, it might be wiser to have that sure runner on second rather than dead in the dugout.

    I didn't see any red light given, so the 3B coach is as much at fault as the player. And then the manager needs to talk to the 3B coach about the capabilities of the centerfielder and the rightfielder.

  • In reply to Tinker Evers Chance:

    That is a better explanation then when I first read your posts. I don't think Lake should have went based on where the ball was when he got to second (basically in Choo's glove). I can see your point that Bell should have stopped him at that point, don't know if he did but guessing you have seen the replays and are saying he didn't. Did Bell do nothing or was he waving him over?

  • In reply to brunsmk:

    Bell didn't do anything that I could see.

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