Motel money murder madness. Let's change the mood from glad to sadness. Dodgers 4 Cubs 0.

Motel money murder madness. Let's change the mood from glad to sadness. Dodgers 4 Cubs 0.

After the the most unexpected game of the 2013 season, the Cubs turned around and gave us a very, very predictable game today at Chavez Ravine. Pancake like flat were the Cubs as they meekly flailed their lumber at Uber average starter Ricky Nolasco. Where as they battled against Clayton Kershaw, they surrendered as they struck out 11 times against Nolasco. In fact every hitter in the lineup struck out at least once. I guess it was good that it was a team effort. But jeez. Anyway, the Dodgers got enough off Edwin jackson to put this game way pretty quickly.  Hanley Ramirez homered in the first. Andre Ethier homered over that three foot fence in right in the fourth. And the Dodgers salted it away with two runs in the fifth spurred on by Edwin Jackson's Matt Garza impersonation when he took Ricky Nolasco's grounder and threw it eight feet wide of the third baseman, allowing a run to score. Thankfully, every day comes with an evening. Or so Canadian Club tells me. And We're going to need it after this one.


Edwin Jackson does just enough to piss you off. He actually was pretty good today. He almost went 7 ( 6.2 innings). He only allowed 2 earned runs. He struck out 5. But he allowed the Dodgers to get the lead in the first. The two runs he allowed that weren't earned were the result of his piss poor fielding. And he needed 124 pitches to get through 6 and two third innings. Jackson's flaws look bigger when the offense does nothing. But Jackson insists on blemishing anything good. You wonder if the Cubs are letting pitchers like Samardzija and Jackson get up tto the 120 pitch count because A) they don't trust the bullpen B) They're getting close to shutdown time and letting them air it out before they do. Or C) a combination of both. Everyday Jimmy bailed out Jackson and Damn-near everyday Blake threw a perfect 8th, striking out all 3 Dodgers he faced.


So Sveum had a late tee time, or an early Tattoo session. But he wasn't round for this game, getting thrown out in the first inning. It wasn't a carryover from last night as there were no controversies. It seemed a tad goating by Barksdale but Sveum could have avoided an ejection there. Did it affect the team? Not really. I doubt it's "the frustration of the season" because they were coming off their best win... Seems needless to me.


So the Dodgers are going to be trading an outfielder over the winter. There simply isn't enough room for Puig, Kemp, Crawfors, and Ethier. Three of them are incredibly overpaid. But, seeing as how the Cubs might have an opening in their outfield ( and certainly in their Lineup) taking on a Crawford or an Ethier, especially if you could lower the trade by taking on more of the salary, might be a decent option for the Cubs. Just spitballing.

This game felt like I thought yesterday's would feel. Striking out 11 times against Nolasco is just ridiculous. Off day tomorrow and then Ryno returns to Wrigley with his underachieving Phillies. Halladay vs. Samardzija. That might even get ol' Felzz into the stands for that one. Of course, the last two times I saw the Cubs play against Halladay they bashed his brains in. Here's hoping good things come in threes..... Until then, onwards.





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  • Going old school with The Doors today.

    This was a sad game indeed. Got schooled by Ricky Nolasco, a guy we traded for Juan Pierre. Sigh. Juan Pierre.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    That was part of the stretch where the Marlins existed just to be on the other side of terrible Cub trades.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Ha! Seemed that way. Though the Cubs got even a little bit with the Derrek Lee for Choi deal.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    A fantastic song by a fantastic band (my favorite).

  • In reply to Monkey Shines:

    Agreed. Good band.

  • If you get your dad to go, please convey my regards. Stuff do come in threes.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    You got it Bloomie....

  • So Puig gets pulled in the middle of the game, a week or so after being benched for attitude issues.

    I am looking forward to Bobby Valentine and Paul Sullivan to convey their outrage at this young man and that he has much to learn before he takes the next step.

    If anyone needs to be shut down, I think it is James Russell. Could be a nice piece next year, but he needs some rest.

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    In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    They wont do it unless the name Yasiel Puig is a mistranslation for Starlin Castro.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    As long as he continues to hit, everything is fine. Much like Manny being Manny in Boston.

    It's not tolerated with Castro this season because he's hitting .239.

  • John, why don't castro just dump the leg kick ? he hits the ball hard when he does not use it and I have even seen him hit a couple of homeruns without the leg kick. len casper said last night that he see castro practice it before games and hits bullets but for some reason he only does it sometimes.

  • In reply to seankl:

    He's used it his whole life and he's had success with it, so dropping it isn't going to be easy. It's also not a guarantee to work even if it works in batting practice.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Thanks,and len did say that it probably just a case of trying to break old habits. Maybe its just hard to do major things with your swing in the middle of the year without it feeling uncomfortable.Something he may have to work on in the offseason.

  • Olt showing another decent night. Did he walk this much before his 2013 slump?

  • In reply to KSCubsFan:

    He's always had a good approach.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Thanks John,
    Fangraphs showed a 14.5 % walk rate last year at AA. That's pretty impressive. Approach, Power, Defense. Starting to see what made this guy such an attractive prospect. Sure hope he puts it together.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Being a big hockey fan, I have to believe that Olt's problems this year are a definite post-concussion situation. Guys with the scrambled brain have real issues for a long time. We see it in hockey, but in baseball, the consequences are so much more severe. How the hell can you try to pick up the spin on a baseball going 90 mph, react in split-seconds to initiate your bat swing, AND use your personal geometry to get the bat on the ball in the strike zone at juuust the right contact point? That must be a brutal exercise when your eyeballs are swimming all day long and the sunlight makes you want to go crawl into a dark hole and hide.

    I hope the Cubs consult a concussion expert for Olt's sake. Hook him up with Tazer's doc.

  • In reply to notcarlosdanger:

    Like Olt. Hope he can overcome. Would be nice to see him in Wrigley next year. Only Ike will tell.

  • In reply to Bilbo161:

    Time will tell

  • In reply to Bilbo161:

    I was wonder what Ike knew that the rest of us didn't :) (I kid, I kid!) I've been getting typos/auto corrects all day, so I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  • In reply to notcarlosdanger:

    That could well be. I hope he can recover as well as Toews did if that is the case.

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    In reply to notcarlosdanger:

    Agreed on the concussion syndrome.

    The only thing that makes it better is time and rest.
    I hope Olt takes it nice & easy this off-season. Aside from staying in shape, he needs to rest up & get his mind right

    Last 10 games of .321/.500/.464 is great to see.

    I realize it's a super SSS but I'm just glad he's finishing the season on a high note.

    I'm really glad we got Olt and still think he was the best piece acquired this year, down year or no.

    Everyone seems ready to annoint Baez the future 3B that'll move Bryant to the outfield but I don't think either will get the chance.

    I hope he starts next year in AAA just to get 100-200 PA's which I hope will be strong ones, get his confidence up and take over the Chicago job.

    I like Baez better at 2B anyways. Glad to see John forecasting Baez might be playing there in Arizona.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    Agreed on Olt. Glad to see him finishing well and I'm willing to give him a mulligan for this year. As for Baez, that's only my guess -- no insider info on that, but I would like to see him try a different position in anticipation of him reaching the majors.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Seems wise for the Cubs to have acquired Olt. There's a chance he doesn't fully recover, but also a chance he does and blossoms. The Cubs can afford to wait and see.
    How is Olt's defense? And does he have experience at 2nd or in the outfield? Just wondering if it's possible he could become a super utility player, or if it's 3rd base or bust.

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    In reply to baseballet:

    Olt is an excellent defensive 3rd baseman with star potential from a defensive standpoint.

    There's no one in the Cubs system that's better from a defensive standpoint, and I've even read opinions that he's the best defensive 3B in all of the minors.

    Combine that with the 28 HRs he hit in 95 games in 2012, and a great approach, and you'll see why I really hope he gets healthy again.

  • Felzz, it would be greatly appreciated if you would not take God's name in vain when writing your articles. Please be respectful to those who are offended by that. I enjoy your writing but there is really no need to offend people when you write. Thank you.

  • I hear ya Craig. I've gotten that complaint before. And I have tried to curtail that. In today's case, I was simply taking the quote from Pulp Fiction. And felt it wasn't really mine to alter....

    But I hear you, I try my best. And will try and keep it out in the future.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Thank you :-)

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