It's a league game Smokey. Nats 5 Cubs 4 in 13 innings.

It's a league game Smokey. Nats 5 Cubs 4 in 13 innings.

Baseball has a way of setting you up like a bowling pin and then knocking you out. Now the Cubs find themselves "trucking" to the west coast on the heels of an awful 2-8 home stand. What made this game a gut punch was that it ruined some 9th inning heroics by Donnie Murphy, who is quickly writing his name into Cubs folk hero lore with a two out, two run homer off Stephen Strasburg. Before the 9th Strasburg basically had his foot on the Cubs neck, allowing only an 8th inning home run by Brian Bogusevic. The Nats meanwhile, had gotten fat off of an average Travis Wood. A first inning home run by Ryan Zimmerman, and two more in the second had the Nats thinking this would be an easy game. But Travis would regroup and shut the Nats down for the next 4 innings before surrendering a solo homer to Steve Lombardozzi. But the Cubs would rally in the 9th, ending with Murphy hitting his 8th home run. The Cubs would battle to the 13th where a bloop double, a sac and a 15 foot ground out RBI would doom the Cubs. What a way to go. Let's take the drive home....


Travis was incredibly hittable early in the game and it was a credit to him and the Cubs defense that it was only 3-0 after 2. But all props to Wood for gathering himself and shutting the Nats down. So in the end his 6.2 IP 7H, 4ER, 2BB, 4K performance wasn't too bad. But it's a reminder that he has to be more "on" than other pitchers.Blake Parker, The incredible Pedro Strop, Save Bot 6300, and Carlos Villanueva pitched 5 and a third scoreless innings followed by Bowden who really did nothing wrong but gave up the winning run all the same.


Starlin Castro's year has been documented a lot. Probably too much.  But what's noticeable is that Castro is trying to make up for it all at once. Which leads to fielding errors. And in today's game, leads to trying to steal too many bases. Castro got thrown out twice today. Now it's great that he got on base twice. But Castro is not a burner. He really can't even be considered fast. He's quick, but he's not the type that should be trying to steal two bases. Certainly applaud his want, but Castro needs to breathe and not try and correct a poor season in one game.


So watching Stephen Strasburg was a total delight. 96 on the black all day and a hammer curve.God young killer pitching is cool. I just had to look it up. Jonathan Gray is 3-0 in Modesto with an ERA of 0.95 and 28 K in 19 IP. Probably going to be watching him and Bryant for the next 5-7 years.

So maybe its for the best that the Cubs hit the road. They've played .500 their last two times while totally peeing in the soup at home. But the road aint easy, three with the Padres and then three with the Dodgers with Grienke and Kershaw scheduled to pitch. D'oh..... Anyway, probably good that the Cubs are on late at night too. We'll find out friday night. Until then.




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  • Cubs lost? good, its good for their future. They can sneak into the third overall pick. Great title, one of the best lines in the ultimate line movie.

  • They could end up with the 4-13 pick. Too many bad teams

  • Meeehhhh,... kind of what we have (unfortunately) come to expect from our Cubs this year,..... close,... but in the end not quite enough in the tank to pull out a win.

    Need to see that trend start to shift staring in about April next year.

    So,... what have they been feeding Murphy? He's been kind of fun to watch.

  • High draft picks are for suckers.

    Give me an organization that drafts well no matter where it drafts and is a winning team. That's what I'm rooting for.

    Agree with you on Lebowski Josh. and thank you.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Kinda sad that we have people rooting for a draft pick. I could understand in the NFL/NBA where you see instant success of the guy you draft, the MLB draft is such a crap shoot, seems like there's a 50/50 chance of the 4th guy being as good as the 10th guy, and even then you won't see the benefits, if at all, in most cases for several years. Seems like the 5th pick has been really good of recent drafts. I get the point of having a higher pick gives you more options, but still, doesn't sit right with me.

    Give me a Cubs win any day.

  • In reply to GoCubsGo:

    The odds are actually not the same at all especially near the top of the draft where this year 3 wins can mean 6 spots. The odds of finding a future stud are significantly better, check out every draft from 05-11, and you will see for yourself. It makes a huge difference and Theo knows it and said so before the year.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    I looked at those drafts. The 5th pick is a damn good one.

    So they don't really increase after the 5th pick, it seems to decrease, hard to argue against Braun, Weiters and Posey.

    I haven't caught that quote, do you happen to have a link?

  • In reply to GoCubsGo:

    Link is here and the talent seems to be bunched near the top, then kind of falls off, and then picks up again for the good scouting teams, Cards, Red Sox, etc. But I agree with what Theo said, few more losses can mean getting the guy that they think can be a 6 war player than someone a bit more than replacement level.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    Cheers for the link!

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    He says he's aiming for a protected pick, that doesn't mean he values 6th as opposed to 7th. I believe the reason he would mention a projected pick is for future free agent endeavors or else he would have worded it differently.

  • In reply to GoCubsGo:

    Yes but he also says he wants to avoid the middle ground and that there's no glory in an extra five wins. Now why would he care to be in the middle ground? because there's no value in that, if you suck you might as well maximize your suckiness for better talent at minimal cost (little more fan grumbling.) Otherwise, he would say he would rather be in the middle ground like the Mets (who are thoroughly mediocre, and didn't dump talent) and be happy winning a few extra games, but he clearly believes that isnt the right way, and I agree.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    There's no value in middle ground because you give up that draft pick if you sign someone who declined a qualifying offer.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    Out of the 05-11 drafts (your sample size), some middle of the first round picks include McCutchen, Bruce, Lincecum, Scherzer, Fernandez, Sale, Castro, Heyward, Bumgarner, Crow. That's some serious star power and it compares favorable to the top of the draft.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    Doesnt let me respond to you, but your right. But ill add that if hes willing to tank it for the bottom nine, and basically say so in the Tribune BEFORE a season starts, that "who cares if you win 73 or 78" then I see no way he cares to win now when even though he is assured a top nine, he can still get lower for a better pick. Meaning, that I see it that you are either in the school of win, win, win, win calculations be damned, or in the school of wait, if were not making the playoffs anyway, lets kind of talent dump so we DONT win as much as we otherwise could. I dont see him saying, well lets get in the bottom nine, but lets win in the bottom nine. You know?

  • In reply to felzz:

    I top 5 draft is never a bad thing,....

    But your point is absolutely correct.

    As much as I personally detest the Cards, and have had some serious envy about where the Braves regularly end up - they always seem to draft well DESPITE the general string of winning records.

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    In reply to felzz:

    Yeah, we don't need CHUMPS like Baez, Almora, and Bryant.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    Yeah, lets keep stocking up on Top 10 picks for the next decade!!

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    In reply to GoCubsGo:

    This is said genuinely: have you considered joining Bleed Cubbie Blue? The snarky one-liners are pretty much an art form on those boards.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Aren't you the Sandberg guy?

    You might want to take your own advice. I also genuinely mean it. So he can take felzz's post out of context and I do it to him and you single me out?

    Let me go explain it. Felzz's can hopefully back me up with the meaning...

    He decided to twist his words so I did the same. He's not saying the players in the minors are chumps (I don't know how he came to that conclusion) he's saying he wants a winning team instead of a team that is seemingly content with losing because "hey...another high draft pick!". That's a losers mentality. A winner should want his favorite team to go out there day in and day out and bust their ass to win. I could see if it was late September, not in August for Christ's sake.

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    In reply to GoCubsGo:

    I'm trying to help.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Thanks, we're all big boys here though. Appreciate the concern.

  • In reply to GoCubsGo:

    Now Now. No need to start bringing out the BCB word.....Ha ha.

    I like to think that most people on this board, the regulars for sure, no where I stand on things. I'm all for getting good players. I just don't exclusively want them from the top 5 draft picks. If this management team is as good as everyone, myself included, thinks they are, they should be able to draft players from anywhere. And they should be able find great players from free agency and trade too. People put so much emphasis on the top draft pick. It strikes me as misguided.

  • In reply to GoCubsGo:

    Great post! Couldn't agree more.

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    In reply to GoCubsGo:

    The season is over. We CANNOT make the playoffs. September, August, July... what's it matter? It was clear we were out of this a long time ago.

    So YES, I will root for the best chance to add the best talent to the team.

    For the next ten years? certainly not. I expect this will be the last year we can expect a draft pick consolation prize. There's a chance we're still pretty bad next year, but the offseason will determine a lot and this FO is really picking up steam.

    And by 2015, I would expect Baez, Bryant, and Soler to be opening day starters... not saying they'll be superstars, but the future is coming over the horizon pretty fast.

    None of the teams that are currently playing really well have ALWAYS been good. Everybody has sucked sometime, and the better teams acquire some of their best talent during those years.

    And yes, SURE, I totally agree that the best FO's can acquire good talent even during good years. Hell, OUR own FO is the reason Boston, #1 in their division, is looking at a wave of young talent that will likely keep them incredibly competitive for a long time.

    And I totally look forward to when we are very good and still getting better. But until we ARE good, I'm going to keep rooting for us to acquire players to get us there. Like it or not, the players with the best chance to do so are at the top of the draft.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Fair, but the odds of finding a real stud rise dramatically with each pick. Meaning, there is usually a significant talent and ability drop after the top three or four picks (this year it was three) that I would much rather lose an extra few games this year to choose from that than win a few more and have a significant talent, even though I agree that the biggest key to getting talent is evaluation and scouting. Man in the black pajamas. . . eyeball to eyeball

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    In reply to Josh Sims:


    The other thing I would add is that the old rules are being re-written with this CBA. With the strict spending caps, it's much less likely that top talent will fall to the late first and second rounds where big spenders can get first round talent in the 3rd or 4th round. The top guys are going to go at the very top of the draft.

    As an example, someone (anonymous source) on the Cubs said after the 2012 draft that under the old rules they would have taken Appel and found a way to get a deal done.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    You really can't even judge this years draft at all.

    You have no idea who pans out and who doesn't pan out. Less than 3 month sample size doesn't even begin to merit judgement.

  • Thanks for sticking with the recaps Felzz! It's gotta be tough documenting these losses that are piling up, but for those of us who can't watch the games, good to follow your observations.

  • Thank you CW4H....

  • Sweet lead-off hitter for the Smokies tonite....0-3, 3 K's with a BB, who can guess who that line belongs to?

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    In reply to Buzz:

    It was a very odd call. (I was watching the game, so I won't ruin your question.)

    Also a rough night for Javy, though. Hope the wrist is okay.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Just got home, what happened?

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    In reply to Buzz:

    Hit on the wrist/forearm by a fastball in his second AB. Stayed in the game and looked okay afterwards, so even worst case doesn't appear catastrophic.


  • So Tampa Bay claimed DDJ? What was Washington thinking? They are completely out of it and trying to block players from other teams? It saved the Cubs some cash, may be they thought they were putting a claim on Kim! Too funny!

  • The advantage is in the pool money. But losing like this is bad for a franchise. Winning comes in increment. Fools gold waiting around for minor league studs to turn a franchise around. You have to mix em with proven veterans, often in platoons. See the athletics.
    Why do people think the Cardinals have built there team through the draft? There first round picks have almost all been failures. Very few of their best players are young guys they drafted.

  • That is just not true. 2012 they took Wacha, already in a stacked rotation. 2011 it was Wong, already in the bigs. 2009 it was Shelby Miller. Zach Cox was the 2010 pick, and while he may not look like a first roumd talent, they were able to flip him for there current closer.

    The cards definitely know what they are doing in the draft, but comparing them to the cubs is like apples and oranges. The cards already have a great pro team and can just hand pick from a loaded farm.

    Just look at the difference in top prospects. Oscar Tavaras was gonna come up this year and set the world on fire, but hasn't seen st. Louis and they still haven't missed a beat. Meanwhile cubs fans wanna call up Baez when everyone has already given up on the last top cubsprospect

  • By the way, I was at the cubs game tonight. My first time seeing a game at the friendly confines. A few notes from the game:

    -strasburg looked like he had no-hit stuff for about 8 innings
    -was impressed with how wood battled back, the other starters could learn something
    -harper hit the ball hard but he did not look like a generational talent, could be caused by his struggles against lefties
    -donnie frickin murphy. Me and my brother have taken to calling his donnie baseball.
    -lake is starting to get cf down, while castro and rizzo look lost (at the plate)

    -Out of all the ex-cubs he nats seem to be stockpiling, dejesus was the only one thay got a big ovasion (bigger than some cubs did), really says a lot about what kind of guy he is. Although he good guys ended up losing, donnie baseball made my first wrigley experience a great one, so thank you mr. Murphy

    -on a side note,

  • On a side note, I got my first foul ball ever at a major league game. Most people left in the ninth so we moved up and sure enough bogusevic laced one foul and it took a lucky bounce and ended up in my paws. And just like that I felt like I was 8. I dont care how old you are, its an awesome thing to get a foul ball

  • does anyone else cringe when Slammin Darwin Barney comes up with winning run in scoring position. But what about Donny Freakin Ballgame or to fit your lebowski theme Shut the F**k up Donny.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    Donny Kerbatsos, a good man.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    Your out of your element Donnie!

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