If you can Dodger wrench, you can Dodger ball. Dodgers 6 Cubs 2

In a game that felt more like a cricket match, a bad cricket match, the Cubs managed to squander 14 hits while getting a very rare clunker from starter Travis wood in losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The game supposedly only went three and a half hours but it felt twice as long. Some of that was due to home plate Umpire Alan Porter's interpretive strike zone and getting in the face of anyone who dared cross his path. Porter not only had words with Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio, but wound up ejecting Dodger second baseman Mark Ellis and manager Don Mattingly as well. HOW DARE YUH TROW OUT DONNIE BAWLGAME!!!!!! The Dodgers scored in the first when the ever-impressive Yasiel Puig singled home Adrian Gonzalez. The Cubs would answer in the second with a Darwin Barney double scoring Cole Gillespie. But the Dodgers tagged Wood for two in the third and two in the fourth. And while Cole Gillespie would double home Starlin Castro, the Cubs would get no closer. Let's turn our head and cough....


Travis Wood was Winnie Cooper level flat today. He's obviously allowed an off day. But Wood clearly got aggravated by Porter's undulating strike zone. And instead of throwing balls to contact, he started walking people. 5 walks in three and a third innings- that's not your typical Travis. Nor was the 7 hits and 5 ER in those 3.1. Michael Bowden bailed out Wood. Eduardo Sanchez had a tumultuous two innings. I know I had to see James Russel again so I was glad to see him pitch another inning. Blake Parker struck out the side and Pedro Strop got an inning too. Anyone else wanna pitch?


So Junior Lake continues to be entertaining. Lake became the first Cub to have multiple 4 hit games in his first 16 games since 1916 and the first baseball player to do it since Bo Hart.......Bo Hart.  Bo........ Nevermind. Lake seems to have risen to the challenge to try and match wonderkid Yasiel Puig. Although Puig himself has been pretty darn fun to watch as he might have the best arm in major league baseball. Still, Lake getting 4 hits off a lefty refreshing to see, as the Cubs as a team usually don't get 4 hits off a lefty.


For some reason, the Cubs have gotten sloppy this week. Dejesus makes a bad read on a ball that eventually goes over him for a run. Julio Borbon tries to advance on a pass ball in the 9th despite his team being down 4 runs. Darwin Barney let a ball go under his glove. These are more the trademarks of a Quade team. Not a Dale Sveum team. I think all the buzz surrounding the trade deadline and all the quotes from Hoyer and Epstien has the team just a tad off kilter. It should settle down now that the deadline has passed. But Sveum might want to take a minute and settle his team down. It was playing well just a week ago. Best to nip this crap in the bud now....

So that happened. Tomorrow's game can't come fast enough. Good time for Samardzija to throw the team on his back. Easier said than done against this Dodger team as they are in a serious groove. Still, if Shark wants to be the man, and be paid like the man....well....tomorrow's game calls for a man-like performance. Here's hoping he's up to the task. Onwards.






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    Yankees just DFA'd rh hitting OF Thomas Neal. Think he's someone the Cubs might claim? He's put up eye popping minor league numbers, with a .377 career obp, and has dominated AAA. He's only 25. Was once considered a very good prospect. I wonder what the book is on him, why hasn't he ever gotten a real chance in the majors? I think he has less than 50 ab's with 2 teams in 2 years. Never made it to the majors with the Giants, his original team. Unless he has some make-up issues, he's certainly worth claiming and getting a look the rest of this season. It might help us move DeJesus or Scheirholz in the off-season and replace them with a high obp, young, inexpensive player. Or at least look at platooning him.

  • Even though the 40-man roster will be problem, I think they should
    still claim young player if they are better than our current players.
    2015, or mid-2014, should still be our long term goal

  • In reply to emartinezjr:


    Player not eligible for selection if added to MLB 40-man roster by 11/20.
    Last updated 7-30-2013

    AZ Phil's Roster Info:

    Arismendy Alcantara, INF
    Gioskar Amaya, INF
    Frank Batista, RHP
    Dallas Beeler, RHP
    Justin Bour, 1B
    Marcelo Carreno, RHP
    Lendy Castillo, RHP
    Javier Castro, RHP
    Zach Cates, RHP
    Hunter Cervenka, LHP
    Pin-Chieh Chen, OF
    Casey Coleman, RHP
    Gerardo Concepcion, LHP
    Willson Contreras, C
    Wes Darvill, INF
    Antonio Encarnacion, RHP
    Luis Flores, C
    Anthony Giansanti, OF
    Enyel Gonzalez, RHP
    Carlos Gutierrez, RHP
    Jae-Hoon Ha, OF
    Marco Hernandez, INF
    Eric Jokisch, LHP
    Austin Kirk, LHP
    Matt Loosen, RHP
    Jeff Lorick, LHP
    Eric Martinez, RHP
    A. J. Morris, RHP
    Chad Noble, C
    Loiger Padron, RHP
    Juan Carlos Paniagua, RHP (see NOTE)
    Amaury Paulino, RHP
    Felix Pena, RHP
    Starling Peralta, RHP
    Dae-Eun Rhee, RHP
    Kevin Rhoderick, RHP
    Greg Rohan, IF-OF
    Jose Rosario, RHP
    Zac Rosscup, LHP
    Victor Salazar, RHP
    Brian Schlitter, RHP
    Ryan Searle, RHP
    Elliot Soto, INF
    Nick Struck, RHP
    Luis Villalba, LHP
    Yao-Lin Wang, RHP
    Oliver Zapata, OF

  • In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    Paniagua is up in the air because of the birth certificate issue. But if he is eligible he will definitely need to be protected.

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    In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    Alcantara and Amaya will need to be protected. Paniagua if he is eligible, although he's getting shelled so far this year. Not sure which other names on that list jump off the page as must-protect players. A few names you wouldn't want to lose but don't have the room to protect everyone.

    What do the rest of you guys think?

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Rosscup has to be a keeper and probably Loosen too.

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    I don't think Loosen is ready for the majors. Can't see a team using a roster spot for him, not like he's a top 10 type prospect that you make that kind of sacrifice for. I think the same things goes for Amaya at A ball. Alcantara the only lock. Rosscup, Paniagua probably under consideration.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Rosscup's numbers look like he may be ready, he appears to be getting better and I would think that a 25 year old lefty like him would get snatched up if left unprotected. Is he not that highly thought of? He was brought over along with Garza so is he another Hendry guy they aren't that high on?

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    I think he has some use even as a Loogy, so he's going to get strong consideration. He may be the most likely outside of Alcantara. Rosscup is more of a sleeper type. Wasn't a big prospect. He pitches around 90 mph with a big curveball. Gets late swings, great deception in his delivery. A similar pitcher, Jeff Beliveau, got protected so there's probably a good chance Rosscup does as well.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I wonder if there's any debate internally about bringing up Alcantara to fill Borbon's roster spot. He's going to get added to the 40 man in two months anyway. It would start his option and arb clocks a little faster than the Cubs might prefer.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Thanks for the info John. I'm pulling for him. Have to love 62 K's in 42 IP and only 28 hits. Question, I posted this some time ago. Have you done a depth chart recently? I know we keep hearing about the elite prospects and their time tables but wonder how the front office looks at their system now on a position by position basis.

    For instance, 3B looks to have gone from a weakness to a position of strength. I'm wondering where they rank the prospects. Is Vitters playing 3B with Olt at 1B? That's a curious situation since Olt seems to be more highly thought of at least defensively. They tried to get him last year too so they must like him.

    Where do they rank Villaneuva and do they see Lake as an OF now and no longer an everyday option at the hot corner? Bryant and Candelario at the lower levels also rate highly as valid 3B options in the next two or three years. Do they only want to move Baez to 3B if none of those other prospects pan out?

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    I've been debating whether to do multiple lists or a depth chart and one overall list.

    I've been leaning a bit toward the depth chart and then a top 20 list.

  • Nice Wonder Years reference, Felzz, that was funny.

    I'm confident that Shark will be up to the challenge tomorrow, I just hope the defense is behind him...Cubs looked like the Bad News Bears out there today. Chalk it up to the dog days of summer.

  • Thanks Dawg....(always wanted to say that)

    I'd be leery of someone let go by a hitting starved organization like the Yankees. I just don't see what he brings.

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    Julio Borbon designated for assignment!

  • YESS! Now that's the type of reaction we should have from the FO when an underperforming player makes a bone-headed move that a high school kid wouldn't think of doing. The first thought I had was the Borbon should be cut, & the look of Sveum afterwards said it all.

  • In reply to Paulson:

    Agreed.....and it's not like he was trying to get to 2B to take the DP out of order, he was already in scoring position. It always amazes me when major leaguers pull crap like that...good riddance.

  • Kyle Hendricks called up to AAA Iowa too.....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Has this been officially announced? It's not listed on transactions pages for either league.

  • In reply to Eldrad:

    Not official, but he's in Mesa right now while he waits for the next roster move. Probably becomes official tomorrow when Cubs call up somebody from AAA to majors and Hendricks takes his spot. I'm guessing Lim -- but that would require another move because Cubs won't carry 14 pitchers.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Damn, y'all are good. You and felzz should consider starting a blog.

    Just found this with quotes from Hendricks abt the move (possibly your source?):


    Posted 8:47pm.

  • In reply to Eldrad:

    Haha! I probably read the part about Mesa there. I don't actually remember. There had been rumors all day that he was getting promoted. Tweets from family, congrats from teammates. Imagine Cubs just waiting for corresponding moves before making official announcement.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I haven't really bothered looking at his splits in a couple of months, but the Smokies Radio link noted his ERA in the home park at some incredible number like 0.82 or 0.86. That's just really mind-numbing.

  • In reply to Eldrad:

    5-1 with an 0.68 ERA. That is incredible. Walks/strikeouts similar on road, but more hits and HRs on the road than at home.

  • Hendricks to AAA, hope he can keep the momentum going on an excellent season.

  • Any prospect with some promise must be protected. I know that
    juggling the 40-man roster is hard, but prospects must be protected.

  • Any thoughts on why the Cubs are playing so poorly at home after their promising just-completed road trip? I'm thinking it's largely due to the huge team leadership void created by moving Garza and Soriano.

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    In reply to DropThePuck:

    Probably because there aren't many guys on the team that are good at professional baseball.

  • A depth chart and a top 20 list, that would be awesome John. I did some checking on the Iowa 3B situation and went back and looked at the box scores going back about a week and Olt has been playing 3B and Vitters hasn't been playing. Is he hurt? I recall reading something maybe a couple weeks ago about him but am not sure. I noted that they had Vitters at 3B and Olt at 1B on the Iowa roster.

  • In reply to WSorBust:

    A depth chart it is. I think the system is deep enough now where that could be more interesting than it was in the past.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Sounds great. Maybe you could list them in order of proximity to the majors to give an idea of which guys figure to get the call the soonest, even if the best prospects are more likely to stick and make an impact once they make it.

  • Vitters pulled his hamstring. Supposedly another week. Too bad too as he was hitting the ball well and even walking a lot (for him) before he got hurt. He's had injuries all season.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Thanks Felzz......getting so many prospects it's getting tougher to keep track of them.

  • The Winnie Cooper reference kind of hurt. I really liked her. :(

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