Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow. Pads 3 Cubs 2 in 15 innings.

So the Cubs were looking to win the series from the San Diego Padres on Sunday. It had been an up and down series, with the Cubs blowing a 6 run lead in the first game, and coming from behind to win the next one. Let's see what would happen in the finale. to the pics



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    Time to DFA Gregg, if no offers then release him. Not adding much to the team right now, rather make Strop the closer now and see what else we have in AAA.

  • What a tough game to watch.

    The front office really has to address some of the gaping holes in free agency/trades.

    I know Baez and co should be up soon but we can't just count on that. Seems like a lot of hope is being pinned the big 4, and even if they all do make the majors by 2015, I don't feel comfortable putting so much weight on the shoulders of rookies and second year players.

  • Nahh......

    No point. gregg pitched lights out yesterday. And he really didn't pitch that bad today. You don't make a closer switch in September when you're out of it. And there's nothing to see at AAA that isn't already up here. Maybe Rosscup but he's a Loogy. Nah. Keep it as is. Strop has been great where he is and Save-bot has been ok as well. Making a change just to make a change isn't really in this FO's playbook......

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    With Gregg hitting free agency after this season I'd like to see what Strop can do in the closing role.

    A little trial run would be nice.

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    I'd like to see him close a few games as well.

  • Well, fellas, it is simply way out of character for this franchise to be so bereft of closers. Dutch Leonard, Don Elston, Bill Henry, Bruce Sutter, Lee Buck Smith. It's been too long. Eckersly made the transition, Samardjhia might give it some thought. I think a closer is as vital as an ace starter.

  • Fun bad

  • I agree with GoCubsGo. Gregg was nice early, but his luck has worn off. He's the Old Gregg now, which is a coin flip. Lets see some guys that we expect to be here next year. Strop would be good as closer. And how about giving Casey Coleman another shot. I think he can do better than Bowden or Rondon. Those guys bring a gas can to the mound with them.

  • In reply to Saints/Cub:

    Coleman is the same guy he's been his whole career but his numbers show a bit of a luck factor this season. Stuff hasn't changed, his essential numbers haven't changed. Nothing new to see there.

    If they're going to get a look at guys, I'd rather they take a look at Chang-Yon Lim, Alberto Cabrera, Zach Rosscup, and even Marcos Mateo. All of them can miss bats and have more impact than Coleman.

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    John, you have to count Neil Ramirez and Justin Grimm in that group as well

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    Yes, I think they're in the picture.

  • Seems like the kids catch a lot of grief but if a couple of veterans would have stepped up Cubs could have left SD with a sweep.

  • When two Jed Hoyer built, (AKA really awful) teams get together, sometimes you can get long, close, poorly played games such as this

  • felzz,
    Do you have any comment regarding Girardi's FA status

  • Me again. Does this mean Hoyer is not an above average talent?
    I was so excited because I thought the FO was going to be superb. Yes they were left with a mess but I'm starting to worry. Since my idiot friends don't understand the new thinking can some of you impressive baseball minds please respond. Thanks

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