Don't let her see your Cardinal eyes. Cubs 6 Cards 5.

Sometimes life gives you a cookie and pats you on the head for being a good boy. How else can you explain tonight's game. With the Cubs down 4-2, and 40,000 liquored up Cardinal fans drinkin, hollerin, and a pitch away from inbreeding 20,000 more unwanted Cardinal fans, the Cubs strike for four unanswered runs and defeat the Cardinals 6-5, taking the series win and assuring the Cubs of their second consecutive winning road trip. Trust me, you DO NOT want to be a Cardinals fans' cousin tonight. Hell not any night. The Cardinals would get most of their runs from Mega-thug Matt Holliday who's 3 run homer erased a 1-0 lead and gave the Cardinals a 3-1 lead. The Cubs had gotten the lead earlier on a Beef blast in the 2nd. Wellington Castillo would get a run back with an RBI sac fly. But Carlos Beltran would get the two run lead back with a double scoring Matt Carpenter, who might be the most Cardinaly Cardinal to ever cardinal. But the Cubs got their spoiler on in the 8th. With two on and two out Darwin Barney laced a ball into the right field gap for a game tying double. And pinch hitter Dioner Navarro, who a couple of days ago was seen being taken off the field on a cart. Would give the Cubs the lead when he doubled home Barney. A textbook insurance run and some great relief work and boom, two wins for the Cubs with a possible series sweep on the Horizon. TAXI!!!!!!!!!!


Carlos Villanueva got the start and gave a very workman like performance. 6 innings of 4 run 7 hit ball isn't wonderful, but he kept the Cubs in the game. Which is really all you ask of your bottom end starters. What shined tonight was the Cubs Bullpen. Properly slotted, Blake Parker, Pedro Strop, and Kevin Gregg kept the Cards at bay, although Gregg did allow another home run to Holliday, who continues to bring football elements into baseball.  But when you hit two home runs I suppose you can do that. Anyway, good to see.


Junior Lake continues to be a show. Today, lake was impressive with his bat, his speed, and his defense. Lake had two hits, scored a run, took extra bases and nailed Cardinals catcher Rob Johnson trying to stretch a single into a double. He's a little wild, and you can see the wholes. But you see the plusses and he certainly finds a way to be into the game. And he's a ton of fun.


Maybe the best moment if you're a Cubs fan was the insurance run in the 9th, and not only because they wound up needing the run. But because it involved everyone doing the job asked of them. Lake had to get on base. He did with a double just inside the third base line. Rizzo had to have a productive out. He did with a ground out to the right side. Schierholtz had to deliver and he did with a single to right. Love to see it when a plan is executed.

So the Cubs turn back into a team that's fun to watch. And what better timing. The Cubs go for the sweep tomorrow. Multiple Ed Jackson takes the bump against former Arlington Park bugler Joe Kelly. If any town deserved to have a broom put to it, it would be St. Louis. Let's hope that's the case. Onwards.





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    The Cards scored 5, not 4... still a great win nonetheless.

  • I have no idea what to expect from Junior Lake next season.

    I could see him hitting .275 15 HR 70 RBI 20 SB kind of guy which would be very good for us. I could also see him struggling in spring training/early in the season and he goes back down to the minors for awhile. He's a complete wildcard, but as of now he's fun to watch. Gotta enjoy the ride.

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    Well said

  • Yeah. Oops.

    Fixing now.

  • The third sentence of this story seems like it came straight out of a Hemingway novel. I think he would approve.

  • Just think Felzz, the Cubs finish the season with three at St.Louis. Here's to the Cubs knocking those nasty birds out of the post season in front of all those annoying funny valentines.

  • Not only was it awesome watching the Cubs spoil the honeymoons of 20,000 1st cousins (I'm sure the choice at the reception was squirrel or 'possum), but it was really fun to see some of these guys perform. I think this team is slowly taking shape in front of our eyes. I love watching Lake's energy and enthusiasm. When's the last time we had a guy who would (and more importantly, could) drop down surprise bunts for base hits? Yeah, he's raw, but he's almost worth the price of admission (at least for now) by himself. If Rizzo could come close to hitting like he did last year avg wise with his improved patience/OB ability, he'd be something and if Castro... well... everyone knows what we want from him.

    But I like Schierholtz too. He's the type of player the Cubs have had far, far too few of and that's guys that understand AND can execute situational hitting. Beef is in a nice groove... Obviously we aren't built to win now, but this team has become pretty fun to watch.

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    I effin love the st Louis jokes, keep em comin boys. As for the game. Last year a game like this was an auto loss and its good to see the fight in this team.

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    The Cubs were 18-30 after a loss on May 25th. Now they're 52-64. A .500 record since May 26th (even after trading Feldman, Garza, etc.) makes it seem like fielding a competitive team may come sooner than we thought.

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    Yes it is good to see and before all of the September callups that are misleading like the beginning of the Quade era. I thought they were a lot closer earlier in the year, but it was the bullpen troubles that did most of the damage. A lot of those problems are being fixed or closer to being fixed. Offense is still the issue that is keeping them from truly turning the corner, but yes things are looking up. Starting and bullpen can change at any moment for the negative as not much room for error as can't just plug someone else in there for smooth sailing. Cubs are definitely getting closer and closer.

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    Hey Keith ... you were a helluva good basketball player!

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    Thanks MoneyBoy. My 1978 summer camp coach will be proud to hear that.

  • On the upside for St. Louis, Matheny did not get tossed. He did however pull out all the stops, but it wasn't enough.

  • It's been said that, in baseball, one player doesn't make that much difference, but the Cardinals are not the same team without Molina.

  • Just when I think the best thing about this site is amazing analysis of our minor league system, how plugged in John & Tom are on breaking Cubs news, or the message boards, our pal Felzz reminds me of the #1 reason I love this site: unbridled punking of StL and all of their hillbilly fans! I love it! :)

  • Cards have lost 13 of there last 17. Collapsing at the absolute worse time. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

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    Kind of wonder if they'd be willing to cough up more for Navarro now if they could?

  • Nobody has more fun with the Cardinal fans than me. I live amongst them and they love their team. They can be poor sports on occasion, but they are good people who will be there for you Cub fan or not. Cub fans should make sure that they don't get above their raising. Yes it is a kick to mess with the Card fans.

  • A chance to sweep a series to ensure a winning road trip followed by a long homestand what could be better. oh yeah hopefully a better homestand.

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    The big surprise for me was Darwin Barney get that clutch hit in the 8th!

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