Blue songs are like tattoos. Dodgers 6 Cubs 4

Blue songs are like tattoos. Dodgers 6 Cubs 4

Usually, when the Cubs hit four home runs they win the game. But there hasn't been much "usual" about this team or this season. Tonight, the Cubs hit for power, but not much average, and Chris Rusin and the bullpen couldn't keep the hot Dodger bats at bay. The result was a 6-4 loss. It looked good for the Cubs as early. Junior Lake and Anthony Rizzo went back to back off of mediocre pitcher Ricky Nolasco in the second. The Dodgers quickly answered back with two in the third off a Hanley Ramirez double. Junior Lake's second home run gave the Cubs the lead again. But things went sideways for the Cubs in the 6th.After a single and a walk, that was it for Rusin. But reliever Michael Bowden quickly allowed those runners to score on a Jerry Hariston single. Hariston would go to third on a Yasiel Puig double and score on an Adrian Gonzalez single. Puig would try and score but was thrown out. An Anthony Rizzo Hr got the Cubs within a run but Yasiel Puig would make it a two run lead and that's where the sidewalk would end, right Shell Silverstien? Let's go fishing.


Chris Rusin is easy to root for. He takes the ball, he battles, he has an easy delivery and he doesn't rattle or appear overwhelmed. But you see the ceiling with Rusin. Chris has the type of stuff that could get him through the lineup twice. But he's going to have problems more time than not the third time through. And Bosio and Sveum seem to no that. Bowden was ehh, newcomer Eduardo Sanchez was better, and Rondon got Puiged in the 8th.


So Junior Lake decided to be an entertaining force again. Two home runs and a very athletic play in left field that nearly broke his arm when he went crashing into the left field foul wall at full speed. He still held on to the ball but jeez kid, those are Bricks under that thin padding. Lake has shown that he can destroy mistakes. But the mistakes will become fewer and fewer. Until then, enjoy the show.


Anthony Rizzo is having himself a week. Two more home runs today to go with the two home runs he hit yesterday.  And his defense has been stellar. Wish that that he'd perform like that with runners on the pond. But still, this could be the beginning of a great finish to the 2013 season for the Cubs 1st baseman.

So the Dodgers........pretty good team. Still, that game felt like it was there for the taking.  Of course, the waters get a little deeper tommorow as Master Hyun-Jin Ryu and his high miticlorian count take the bump against Travis Wood. Lefties are not the Cubs forte and Ryu is a particularly nasty one. But it should be interesting all the same. Onwards





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  • I'm glad to see that Rizzo and lake got a couple of dingers each tonight. Keep it going!

  • Midichlorians: A baseball player's real "Sixth Tool".

  • In reply to Denizen Kane:

    Shame on you for even mentioning such a blasphemous word.

  • Or "Sith Tool".... Of course, there's only two of those.....

  • The HRs are great ("Chicks dig the long ball"), but man, we could use some guys, who have an .OPS above the Mendoza line, to get on base more often.

    Hopefully the organization's love for power hitters will not blind them to the need for true table-setters and high-avg. guys, who can get on base.

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