Anarchist's Brunch- Falling in love with Kim Dejesus all over again.

Anarchist's Brunch- Falling in love with Kim Dejesus all over again.

When I was just a wee lad, I went to school in Lincoln Park. My friends lived around Depaul University and our walk to their house involved walking pas Bill Buckner's house. We knew this because we would occasionally see Buckner who was always gracious and pleasant and would talk to us and occasionally engage us in the random snowball fight. ( Buckner had an arm back then. Believe you me.) I remember knocking down one of his buddies. Pretty sure it was Dickie Knowles and I'm pretty sure I know now why he went down so easily. Point of this is, it was cool knowing a Cub on a slightly more intimate level than just looking at him on TV or on his baseball card.

Now that was a much different time. Today, we have more exposure to athlete's and their wives and unlike back then, liking the player as a person doesn't seem to matter as much. Oh sure, we don't want them to be D-bags or break the laws. But we'll take .300/350/ .440 over just a nice guy anytime. it's hard to relate with baseball players, with all the money they make playing what for most us is our ultimate dream.

But the truth is these are human beings, with lives and emotions. And that was on full display at this week's trade deadline. Now everyone knows what a fan I am of Kim Dejesus. heck the center fielder is called Kim Dejesus' husband for a reason. And one google search or one trip to Instagram and it's not hard to see why I became a fan of Kim. But as I followed her Tweets and read the local tidbits a more detailed character started to be formed. Of course she was hot, but she also is a very loving wife, a wonderful and doting mother, a person who works with many charities. And a person who absolutely loves living in Chicago and has no desire to leave. Suddenly, some way, some how, respect had crept in and she went from a very hot MILF to a very cool person.

And all this was being threatened this week as rumors of David- his name is David, right?- being a possibility for a title contender like Tampa Bay or Texas. So Kim did what any normal red blooded American would do.... She started drinking. in the afternoon. ALL HAIL KIM! Vine's started appearing showing her drinking during a cooking class. She'd constantly tweet how many hours there were until the deadline. This woman simply wanted the day to be over and for her (albeit fabulous) life to continue as normal.

After the Soriano trade, my interest in the trade deadline dropped to zero. The Cubs farm system is stacked enough right now that getting a C+/B- prospect isn't really adding anything. Unless you think getting a ninth outfielder to challenge John Andorelli is really Important to this team going forward ( Heck, Shawon Jr. may be that....). But suddenly, I had a rooting interest in this deadline. And judging by the amount of twitterers that came out to show support for Kim, I wasn't alone. DON'T TRADE ( David? It's David right?...) DAVID. DEJESUS. DON'T TRADE DAVID DEJESUS!!!!! And when the deadline came and passed I was happy that #9 was still on the Cubs and that somewhere a very drunk Kim was happy that she didn't have to pretend to be happy about living in Tampa.

I don't claim to know Kim or David Dejesus. Never spoke to them. But they seem like good people. And Chicago can use all the good people it can get. I think David Dejesus has one maybe 2 more years left playing with the Cubs, but I hope he plays every one of them, and it was nice to see a baseball player, and his adorably hot and drum wife, as something more than someone we see on TV or on their baseball card.


How much fun has Yasiel Puig been this weekend?

And how high are we setting the bar for Mr. Soler thanks to the success of Puig Mr. Cespedes?

So, let me get this straight.... There's actually some Cub fans out there that are mad that Julio Borbon got DFA'd because he made a real boneheaded play in the 9th and Anthony Rizzo made a bone headed play and got nothing? People do know that this is PEDRO BORBON!!!??!!??!??! a waiver pickup who they were just looking at and had to play lights out just to stick on the team right?!??!!! Anthony Rizzo has a much longer future and thus mistakes are taken into account differently. Like....people get this right?

I'm not say A-Rod is a sympathetic figure. Because he isn't. He's about as much of a sympathetic figure as he is a Centaur. But you can't suspend Alex Rodriguez for life simply because you want to. You have a system in place that says he can be suspended for 50-100 games. Plus more for the obstruction. But you suspend him for life and this thing goes to an actual court......? Well, I've seen Selig in court. He a not so good.

Joe Sheehan has been all over this. Have I mentioned how fabulous his newsletter is? It's fabulous. If you like baseball at all, it'll be the easiest $24 you spend.

I think if Josh Vitters can get healthy and stay healthy. BIG IF, he'll be a better hitter than Mike Olt. There I said it.

And who does John Arguello have to do some statistical analasys for to get Christian Villanueva a call up for Luis V!???!!!??!? I'm gladly offering his services.

Find myself watching and rooting the hardest on the days that Chris Rusin pitches. Not sure why that is.

Seeing the Killers this week. Kind of interested for that one.

Oh and disc one of the White Album is my morning with the Beatles music. Say Ob-la-di-la-da to that.

Has Sveum used a pinch hitter yet? No? But he has Russell warming up right.....?


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  • great writeup felz. About Sveum I don't think he's the long term answer for this team. His one skill seems to be to get this team to play hard but after watching this last week doesn't seem to be happening. Definitely not playing smart.

  • I don't think Sweum should pinch hit for young players who are hoping too be part of the Cubs future.(Navarro/Castillo for example). Those at bats are important regardless of results from a learning experience standpoint as well as evaluating.

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  • Fine. But yesterday he needed to pinch hit for Cody Ransom and Jeff Samardzija. Ransom has no future here and Samardzija's future is totally pitching based. Those two can be pinch hit for....

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    In reply to felzz:

    Pinch hit with who? It's already a short bench, Valbuena was injured, and if you use Navarro you lose your backup catcher with a short bench.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    if i'm sveum and i haven't got a true pinch hitter, i'd use travis wood. he's a much better option that shark

  • I actually lost a little of the emotional attraction to Kim over the deadline tweeting. It just seemed like she was such a drama queen over that. As hot as she is, I got no love for the drama. Kate Schierholtz however is also HOT and never tweeted anything about the deadline. She was in Kim's Champagne Limo video though.

    So anyways, I'm not upset that we still have Nate & DDJ both. Some can & will argue that neither is more than a platoon or 4th OF'r. But they are clearly the best two OF's we have between AAA/MLB unless you expect Junior to continue his Puig impression. I hope he does, but I don't want to place that kind of expectations on the kid.

    Seems like Sveum has slowly been growing on you. I hope to experience that myself at some point. Right now though, he still raises more questions and head scratchers than anything else. He has moments I must compliment too though.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    I still give thanks that Theo chose Dale over Bobby Valentine.

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    I don't think Bobby was ever all that high on Theo's list. I do think that Sveum was plan B after mike Maddux pulled out of contention though...

  • So instead you decide to sit still with a 3-0 deficit? I absolutely use Navarro there.

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    In reply to felzz:

    Yes, because if something happens to Castillo, you're forced to put a position player at catcher. And that's just begging for a serious injury.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    thats like saying you don't use your best reliever cause if he gets hurt, you have to go to another option. thats just dumb at that stage of the game

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    In reply to menny:

    That's a terrible comparison. Catcher is an extremely specialized and dangerous position that not many can do safely. You have a lot of guys who can be relievers. You have two that can be catchers. If Castillo hurts himself, Darwin Batney probably catches. If he is seriously injured there -- very possible because he rarely plays it -- that's a much bigger problem than losing one game.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    ok now, supposing what you said actually happened? think of the possibilities! so we loose the game. and what have we really lost if barney would catch and get hurt? maybe force us to make a decision to maybe try a logan watkins or maybe even an alcantara? injuries are opportunities for other options

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    In reply to menny:

    This is insane. If we really want to help ourselves, by your logic, we should take a sledgehammer to Starlin Castro's knees to open up an opportunity for Alcantara and Baez.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    you want to talk insane? i said to use your options period. there have been many managers that were great managers that did exactly what i just said. theres a reason their in the hall

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    In reply to menny:

    Find me another manager that led off the sixth inning with his backup catcher when down 3 or more runs.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    if you go back and reread the post you'll see that i never said anything about leading off the 6th with navarro. i said in that instance i'd have used wood to pinch hit for shark. wood is a much better hitter.
    now with the bases loaded in the sixth and 2 out would i hvae used navarro to hit for ransom?
    only so fast it'd make your head spin!

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    In reply to menny:

    Okay. Then find me a manager that's used his backup catcher in a situation similar to that. If the Hall of Fame managers do it all the time, should be easy.

  • In reply to menny:

    try Alston, Anderson, Durocher, Lasorda,Lopez. Mack or Stengel to name a few

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    In reply to menny:

    Link to a game, please? See, I claim you're pulling this out of your ass. So back it up.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Short bench---who catches if Narvarro pulls a hamstring running the bases?

  • In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    BTW, anyone else noticed the gradual receiving improvement of Castillo?...big change over the last two yrs. Hats off to him & Sveum's coaching staff.

  • In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    if navarro pulls a hamstring, you just put in a pinch runner, you still have castillo catching

  • The jury is still out for me on Sweum. It's hard to judge with a team that's not expected to win yet, but I'm skeptical.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    my biggest issue with him is he has favorites and when your job is to win games you can't play favorites no matter how much you want to

  • I agree with you felz you have to pinch hit. Love what this FO is doing but I think they dropped the ball on the Sveum hire. There is a reason why Brewers didn't give him the full time job. Hard for a young team to learn how to win when the managers still learning his job.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    Maybe Serum manages differently if the Cubs are in a pennant race.

  • Any thoughts about bringing up Matt Szczur to fill in? In the few games I've watched him, he's been an on-base machine. And remember how Shawon Dunston used to run full-speed, head down to first on EVERYTHING? Well, Szczur multiplies that effort by at least 4 - maybe some Cubs could follow his example. Plus, Szczur is already on the 40 man roster. Plus, I'd like to hear Szczur pronounced backwards!

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    Szczur gives it the old 410% eh?

    Szczur will get a chance at some point next year to prove whether or not he can hit the ball out of the infield against MLB pitching. No point in running him or Villanueva up here this season while we still have a bunch of guys ahead of them (Olt, Vitters, Watkins, Jackson) that we still don't know what they can do.

  • I like the idea of Szczur. But, like my Villanueva dream, it appears to be a long shot.

  • I would propose that the jury is still out on the entire new "regime". Granted that the totality of transactions (drafting and trades) so far demonstrate to me that there is a plan that they are executing to, but I want results.

    Until the plan is realized in the form of sustained winning, its all conjecture, analysis and waiting.

    Don't really get into the people side of baseball players and their private lives. To me, it seems a bit like trying to watch a soap opera.

    I am looking for 2014 to be the first year where the plan starts bearing fruit at the ML level.

    BTW, I will state for the record again that Starlin Castro is not the LT answer at SS. He just lacks the natural BB instincts to stick there.

    No music today - just enjoying the quiet from scenic Lake Tahoe.

  • In reply to JK1969:

    What is the fruit that will be borne next year? I ask this because I am always confused by people thinking the Cubs will be competitive in 2015, so 2014 value is even more interesting. Do you expect Olt to contribute? Maybe Cabrera (who isn't a product of this regime, so I expect that you didn't mean him)?

    I am confused at 2015 because I don't see what hitting could reasonably be counted on to lead us to contention at that time. Baez will be 22 and, perhaps, getting his first full season in the majors. Do we expect him to be a star right away? Maybe Soler gets there as well. He will be 23. Indeed, all the top prospects on the Cubs will be well under 25. Really it will be Rizzo, Castro and (depending on how well he adjusts) Lake.

    The only way I see the Cubs competing in 2015 is (i) on hitting -- somehow all our young players reach heightened success right away or we sign multiple free agents, and (ii) on pitching -- Wood doesn't fall back to earth, Jeff S becomes the TOR that some see in him (though his stats and performance have never consistently shown) and at least two of Arrieta, Cabrera, Rusin, Raley, Joksich, Vizcaino, Zych become steadily consistent starters/relievers, or we sign multiple free agents.

    We have a very good farm system and when they arrive, there will be growing pains. I struggle to believe that the offensive core players exciting everyone (Baez, Soler, Bryant, Alcantara, Vogelbach, Candelario, Almora or some combination thereof) will be extremely productive at the major league level in 2015 based on their current status; in late 2013, only two of them are at AA and only one of those has consistently hit well to show he should start 2014 in AAA.

    But many here have stated they think the Cubs will be "competitive" in 2015, so I must be missing something (or perhaps am overly pessimistic...too many years of Cub fandom!). I am quite interested to hear other's thoughts.

  • In reply to springs:

    2014 may be similar to 2013, but that in 2015, that at least fans will know more about the future contributors and team success.

  • In reply to springs:

    first lets talk pitching next year.
    Jcckson,Wood and Samardzja. the other 2 will come from any of Arietta, Viscaino, Russin,Villenueva and Cabrera or possibly a fa signing.

    the bullpen should be vastly improved. i expect to see us have 2 lefties next year possibly Russell and Russin .
    if Viscaino don't start i'd expect him as our closer. if Cabrera don't start he would be a power arm down there to go along with Strop,maybe Rondon and possibly Sanchez.

    I expect next year lake will be in left pretty much full time. Schierholtz will be in right and we may end up seeing someone like szczur in center
    i'd like to see either Vitters, Olt or Villanuea at 3rd Castro at short and Rizzo at 1st. we can start the year with barney at 2nd but we'll
    Castillo will be catching
    see an upgrade sometime next year.
    I'm thinking with continue improvement by Castro, Rizzo, Castillo and Lake along with the infusion of young talent at 3rd and the outfield we should be a better team.

  • In reply to menny:

    First lets stop talking about Vizcaino being with chicago at the beginning of the season. Hes likely on an inning limit next year and will be in minors having not pitched in 2 years. With Arrieta and Cabrera not having options they will be at the mlb level or traded.

  • In reply to springs:

    Totally agree with your post.

    When the kids get called up you're going to see growing pains. There's going to be days when the offense looks like a juggernaut and the best offense in baseball, other days they'll strike out 15 times and look confused. I think it's going to be slightly frustrating.

    That being said I wouldn't be shocked to see a trade for more ML ready talent.

    As for Shark, couldn't agree more, I hope he gets traded.

  • Long tme reader, first time commenter. Interesting analysis of Kim DeJesus. I found her entertaining, but certainly that did nothing to my emotion that we should trade DeJesus for some value. Let's assume Nate and DeJesus are the Cubs two best OFs. Does this change whether we should trade them? Unquestionably no...we are a terrible team, so being the best OF for a terrible team isnt that great. We control them next year but DeJesus is getting older (and was never great) while Nate is having a career year but may be coming back to earth (highest OPS easily in career right now despite hitting .214/.304/.429 in July). I doubt Schierholz or DeJesus will be on this team the next time they are over .500 for a year much less when they are in contention. As such, whether a wife publicly laments a trade or stays behind the scenes really didn't affect my desire for both Nate and DeJesus to be traded if someone where to give any viable prospect for either.

  • my biggest problem with sveum is he has no imagination. there's no thinking outside the box. everything is scripted, you know what he's going to do all the time.
    when he was hire i thought he would be a refreshing manager, would hold players accountable. thought he'd be an aggressive manager but he's turned out to be vanilla all the way

  • First off Springs, welcome and thanks for contributing.

    But whether Dejesus is here in 2015 or not is kind of beside the point. He wasn't bringing back anything useful. And he's contributing now. If they found a prospect they liked it might be a different story. But they weren't getting one. So the cold analytics, to me anyway, were a wash, and instead I rooted for the person not having her life upheaved....

  • In reply to felzz:

    I agree...I didn't mean to state we should trade him for nothing (so I am glad they didn't trade him, as they felt we didn't get a viable offer).

    I probably felt more the way you did on DeJesus for Ryan Dempster (it was his daugher that was getting care in a Chicago hospital, if I am not mistaken). But even then my selfish desire for Cubs success trumped any personal thoughts I had for Dempster's family (which may say more about me than about whether a trade is the correct decision!)

  • I like your "cheeky" write-ups, but MILF? I thought for a minute I was on a porn site! But then again, I am from Montana, and what is hip in Chicago and New York always seems to elude our sensibilities!

  • I occasionally walk past the DeJesus' home when I take the dog for a walk. I've only seen the missus a handful of times and have yet to see David. She's friendly and says hello most of the time.

  • My bearing fruit comment was intended to convey my expectation that the team should be in a position to begin exhibiting the new regimes brand of winning baseball since the excesses of the drunken sailor jimmy are no longer a part of the roster. I fully expect there to be more growing pains, but I also expect a tighter brand of baseball with a focus on fundamentals on both sides of the ball.

    Will that translate into winning?

    If we start turning some of the frustrating losses in to wins, then I say yes.

    If we see the same kind of mistakes, then we have not moved the progress bar in the right direction.

    BTW, this include players being held accountable when they are not executing to the game plan.

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    thats hilarious
    I grew up at Belden and Cleveland and used to go bother Buckner
    for autographs as an 8 yr old when he came out to get his
    paper in the morning at 555 W Belden.

  • fb_avatar

    The other problem with pinch hitting Navarro for Ransom: the only two bench players when the game started yesterday were DeJesus and Navarro. If you pinch hit for Ransom, someone has to play third. That's almost certainly Junior Lake coming in from center, but then David DeJesus has to go into the game. So, essentially, you use up both of your bench players in one pinch hit.

    Last night sucked for Sveum -- but he really had a uniquely awful situation to deal with.

  • Adding a C+/B- prospect isn't really adding anything at this point? This is crazy talk! Guys like Tyler Glasnow were rated C+ coming into the year. With the washout rate of prospects, I hope the Cubs are never satisfied sitting on the laurels of their farm system or come to the conclusion that it is too stacked to merit adding more talent.

  • They're always going to be adding talent. But adding a prospect they don't see as a prospect is ludicrous. They don't "HAVE" to trade Dejesus or Schierholtz. So unless they get a prospect that they think can help. Why bother...

  • In reply to felzz:

    I agree they don't have to trade them and shouldn't unless the return is to their liking. I just strongly disagree that "The Cubs farm system is stacked enough right now that getting a C+/B- prospect isn't really adding anything."

  • In reply to felzz:

    Because it is in the best interest of the club to have a worse team till the end of the year for a better pick. Things are so bunched right now, 3 games could swing 8 picks, and if those players can make that difference. Theo said as much before the season, there's no glory in 'only' going 10 games under. Stockpile for bigger future impact and we will absolutely be better off.

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    I dated Bill Buckner's wife's girlfriend,a stock broker. She said Billy was a cool guy ...The chick was hot but I cannot recall her name.She lived on the North side of course.

  • KimD is such a narcissist drama attention queen it makes me nauseous. She is basically begging, pleeeease look at my twitter, my husband is a pro baseball player, and I need approval and attention by tweeting idiotic crap that the whole world will see and giggle at. No thanx, no respect for that, at all. Has she ever not tweeted something that did not mention her husband is a ballplayer, or a selfie - a total fishing rod for compliments? No, she has not.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    I can never ever understand why so many athletes marry such drama attention w****** I mean seriously, has anyone ever sat next to the wife/gf section at Wrigley? I did, and it is really a pathetic sight, and from what I see KimD fits right in. Do athletes not watch Basketball wives? Baseball wives on vh1 that unfortunately lasted about a week? I mean who wants to be with these girls?? I mean, I get that they are all hot, but they ruin it with globs of makeup, almost as much as a clown would wear, shop all day, and tweet about their husbands and how awful a trade would be, total humble-brag. I just don't get soe of these athletes. rant complete.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    From what my sister has told me, who is a baseball wife (not on any shows), some of them start out as really nice people but the success/fame/money goes to their heads and it ruins them. Just like any other walk of life where people quickly become rich/famous/powerful, some people are ruined by it and some aren't.

    I have no comment on KimD. I don't know her or follow her on twitter.

  • Even the guys on the radio don't get the Rizzo vs Borbon thing. They were talking about it ten seconds ago. Really, this page has ruined almost all other baseball talk for me.

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