Yo ho, and blow the man down. Cubs 4 Bucs 3 in 11 inn.

The Cubs took the field on a hot, steamy summer day with the rare opportunity to win a series against one of their central division foes. Carlos Villanueva was making his first start since being inserted back into the rotation. Which meant the bullpen was going to be needed. Luckily for the Cubs, the Pirates chose a very humid day to wear their black third jerseys. Freeze freeze.



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  • Another error another win. With this luck we should have a good
    2nd half.

  • I just read that they gave Boras a take it or leave offer for Bryant.
    Since they are over slot they have no choice but to do this.

  • I'm not worried about Bryant signing. I can't possibly see what his leverage is... But at the same time, you have to wonder what the hold up is. The #1 pick has signed, the #3 pick has signed. And The Cubs no how much money they have left in their pool. So what's the hold up....?

    But it is Boras. And with Jay Z clowning him in lyrical form, I suppose he has to hold his ground....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Not very nice of Boras to play his stupid little "games" with the Cubs when supposedly he has a good relationship with the Cubs' FO.

    If he declines the Cubs offer, this will/should tick off the FO on dealing with Boras going forward. I know it will tick me off big time!

  • When it comes from Navarro, is it considered a "waddle-off" sac fly??? Liking the bullpen much better these days...

  • Way before the draft, I said drafting a Boras client is nothing but trouble....but many of you said that Theo and Boras had a good relationship.....

    Boras always wants to win.....he has a reputation of stealing players away from other agents.......I know what Boras does......what he offers to 18 year old kids......

    if the Cubs do not sign Bryant, it will be the second year in a row that a Boras high draftee has to wait another year to get drafted....and by some accounts, will not be drafted high as he did this year.......which means less $$$$ for Bryant and Boras in 2014.

    Cubs Win......Theo Wins.

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