Small moves Scout. A's 1 Cubs 0.

Sometimes the difference between a win and a loss can be the smallest of things. One pitch, a swing, a foot on the bag. This game was decided by a pass ball. A pass ball by Wellington Castillo allowed the ever annoying Derek Norris to score the only run of the game.  It's a Holiday, so let's not waste time.


Travis Wood was outstanding again today. Six innings of scoreless ball while allowing three hits and one walk while striking out 3. Wood did go through 100 pitches to get that 6 innings but he probably could have gone 1 more. But with Two new toys in the bullpen, Sveum went conservative. Gurrier looked wild, walking two and throwing the pitch that got buy Castillo.. And Strop looked good in his one inning.


Key play for the Cubs happened in the 4th inning. Starlin Castro was on second when Alfonso Soriano singled to left. Perhaps Castro thought they wouldn't make a play on him, or maybe he thought Cespedes was playing too deep. Whatever, the reason Castro's effort around 3rd was shall we say...less and Castro was easily thrown out. The A's announcers spotted it right off the hop. To me this might be a nice time for Dale to lay down the law. Whether that happens, no one knows.


So Brian Bogusevic was taken out of the game with what's being called hamstring tightness. It's not believed to be serious but one wonders if another call to Iowa maybe on tap.

So that's the road trip. And it was a winning one at that as the Cubs finish 5-4. But no time to celebrate as the Cubs head home where the red-hot first place Pirates await. The Cubs most Pirate looking player Jeff Samardzija takes the bump against Francisco Liriano. YARRR!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your 4th..... and onwards.





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  • Cubs radio broadcast made no mention of Starlin not hustling. I knew people would start ripping on him for being thrown out. Maybe it was just a great throw from shallow left by Cespedes?

    And no mention of a walk on consecutive days for Castro.

    Oh well.

  • At the plate Castro was great. I thought he got robbed out of a second walk by the home plate umpire.

    It was a hell of a throw and Castro says he was running hard the whole way. Remember yesterday Cespedes was all kinds of goofy in left field, letting multiple balls get by him. David Bell was signaling him home the whole time but he was very easily thrown out. If he was busting it, then Castro has somehow gotten slower. I'm as big a Castro fan as there is, but I thought he could have gone faster around third....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Sure looked that way.

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    In reply to felzz:

    Seemed like he hesitated and looked for the sign more than it was a lack of hustle. Anything but that perfect throw and he probably would have been safe.

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    In reply to felzz:

    I thought it looked like he was doggin it till he got around third. That was a very good throw though. If Castro was pushing it to 3rd it would have not even been close.

  • In reply to Rich Hood:

    I don't know, that hit had throw out at the plate written all over it. I was thinking that from the get go.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I always have been a huge Castro fan, and still am in a big way. I'll preface that in this post. I somewhat understand the criticism on him right now, and the mental errors are pretty inexcusable, but when you've had 2.5 yrs of domination at the plate hitting over .300, and are all of a sudden asked to totally change your approach in the bigs, you HAVE to expect some serious struggles to adjust. But besides any and all of that, it was absolutely stupid to send Castro on that play. Soriano hit tht ball to left pretty hard right at Cespedis, who has an absolute cannon of an arm out there. I don't think Castro was dogging it from 2nd to 3rd... He just looked like he took an awkward few steps, and I honestly feel that was bc he wasn't expecting to be sent.

    The errors are rough to see for sure, but I do feel like overall he's improved defensively, and he's just had some hard luck, and specifically this year he's been pressing in the field since his bat has failed. The encouraging thing though is that it looks like he's starting to square up the ball a bit more, walking more, and seeing more pitches since he was benched.

    All this trade talk is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Like I said, the kid is still 23, and will improve his approach. We take what this kid does for us for granted. Him at his worst in this transitional phase is still better then like 1/3 of starting SS in the MLB. I think he's going to start showing serious progress in the 2nd half this year.

  • looks like Guierrer will fit in perfectly in the Cubs bullpen.

  • In reply to kansascub:

    Sadly accurate assessment,.... Strop looked good though.

  • Maybe we can trade Guierrer for Guererri of the Rays......wishful thinking .

  • After watching these games, I wish the NL would adopt the DH. Adds an element to the game. Some of this may be because I really want to see Vogelbach in the Cubs lineup one day.

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    The only question I have after watching this game is this. IS TRAVIS WOOD AN ALLSTAR?

  • Wood is the Cubs All Star but this year that is kind of akin to being the tallest midget.

  • I'm sorry but how can anyone say he was not running hard ? I just did not see him jogging around the bases. Maybe it was just a good play by the left fielder.

  • In reply to seankl:

    The real problem is how the whole team only got two hits in the game.

  • So, Jedstein et al are buying IFA players with money they don't have along with shuffling and trading players so fast that the Shark has become shell shocked. They have copied Wall Street and introduced rehypothecation and flash trading to MLB. With all the players coming and going, I think Theo should buy a plane and have it on standby to haul all of these players to destinations unknown, much cheaper than individual commercial flights.

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