Roll away the dew. Cubs 3 Giants 2.

Roll away the dew. Cubs 3 Giants 2.

The Cubs came back in the 9th inning to win a ball game for the 2nd time all season as the post-Soriano Cubs followed the lead of the Post-Garza Cubs and won a game on the road. Anthony Rizzo's two out single through a stoned, stunned and all around non responsive Brandon Belt scored two runs to give the Cubs the lead. The Cubs had a lead earlier in the game when Starlin Castro's single plated returning son Nate Schierholtz. And Edwin Jackson did a pretty good job making that hold up. But in the 7th things got goofy. A walk to the Kung Fu Panda and a double by Underpants forced Sveum's boys to intentionally walk Belt to get to the very toothy Jeff Francoeur. But Francoeur's awful, hawkish, swing resulted in the tip of the bat spinning the ball into right field for a silly looking two run single. Things looked dark for the dudes in Cubbie Blue until Julio Borbon and Junior Lake got on in the 9th before Rizzo's heroics. Save-Bot 6300 came on and got three terrifyingly loud outs to get the save.  Let's go California dreaming...


It would be really, really cool to think that Edwin Jackson sensed that he needed to pick things up with Garza gone and act and pitch like the #2-#3 pitcher his stuff claims he can be. That's probably not the case. But what is the case is that Edwin Jackson is pitching well and tonight was his best start as a Cub. Jackson put his thing down, giving up only 2 hits through the first 6 innings. He also only threw 80 pitches to get through those 6 so it looked like a long start for Jackson and a long night for the defending champs. The 7th got away from him, but only Underpant's double was hit well. This is very encouraging if Jackson pitches like this for an extended period of time. Of course, consistency hasn't been high in his arsenal. Still, great to see.


So the Junior Lake- Yasiel Puig comparisons have died down and what's taken it's place is a bunch of rainbow bearded baseball prognosticators wearing "Bill James 3:16" shirts shouting about the end. And while some of Lake's at-bats against Mat Cain showed how rough it's going to be for Lake, he looked absolutely over matched against him in a couple of at-bats, Lake found a way to get involved in the game. This time it was his speed. Lake beat out a double play, and then on Rizzo's hit, before you could say "Thank you Brandon Bel-" Lake had gone first to home. Lake can really fly, has bunted for hits before, and knows how to use his speed. ( Although the base stealing needs improvement.) He finds ways to contribute.. So while the numbers will head south, he'll still do "things" that should have you encouraged.


So with Garza and Soriano gone, the next player who's trade value is going to be over-analyzed with every pitch is Kevin Gregg. Ol' Save Bot didn't fool anyone last night and had that game been in 26 of the other 29 MLB stadia, the game probably would have been tied or lost. This of course led to the "Trade him now. Before his value goes down!!!!" And some really cold water needs to be applied here. His value is what it is. People know what Kevin Gregg is. They're not running back to the computer and writing a whole new scouting report. Gregg's value will fluctuate only, ONLY on how desperate other teams are with their bullpen. If the Pirates lose a few games late now that Grilli is gone, maybe his value goes up. But the Cubs farm system is pretty stocked. And getting a prospect that's gonna battle ....Eric Joskich for 4th starter in exactly does that help? So try and not get too emotional one way or the other after each Gregg outing. Because baseball people certainly aren't.

So another win in another western city. That's something that didn't happen at all last year. And who doesn't like a come from behind victory, right? A battle of lefties tonight as Chris Rusin takes on Madison Bumgaurner.  Wrap will be folded into Brunch Sunday morning. Nice to see the Cubs up the effort in the second half. This is a much more focused team. And kudos has to be given to Sveum for keeping the players on point. Perhaps a winning road trip out west isn't that unreasonable. They're one over right now. Keep it going. Onwards.






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  • Great point with regards to Gregg. Nice to see speed won this one. Hard to recall the last time the Cubs had two burners on the paths. Let alone both scoring and pulling it out.

  • Even with zero hits, Lake won the game for the Cubs with his blazing speed on the basepaths---first beating out a fielder's choice[if not, game over] then scoring from first on an error by the Giant's 1st baseman. Not too shabby, huh, Mr. Law:)

  • In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    The Cubs don't win that game without Lake's wheels in that game.

  • "Speed Kills"

    You can't teach or coach it. You can take the best trainers and coaches, and Dioneer Navarro will never, ever out run Jr Lake. You can make someone a step quicker, with a lot of work, But, you either have it or you don't. I pleaded with the baseball gods for Campana to learn to get on base.... to no avail.

    This is where some of my criticism for Dale comes in. Nothing to do with the game last night, but generally speaking; with an offense that's "limited" in it's ability to score runs or struggling; we need to manufacture runs. How do we manufacture runs?... "SMALL BALL." You need base runners to be able to score.

    I hope Dales makes use of the speed weapons he has now and we see Bourbon take some cues from Junior and incorporates a little more "small ball" into his game too. With a .206 BA and 1HR in 96 AB's, Bourbon should be fined every time he hits the ball in the air.....

    BTW, you are spot on with Gregg. He is what he is. He's regressing a little. But that's to be expected. We'll probably move him, but unless he just blows every save between now and then, his value isn't going to change dramatically.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Oh no...not small ball. At least no bunting. I do not like giving away outs. Hard enough to hit Cain last night without giving him some freebees.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I'm not talking about sac bunts. I'm talking about our speedy table setters getting on base.

  • I didn't see the game. You say that Rizzo singled. I checked the box score and it showed him going 0 for 4.

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Was charged as an error to the 1B after the fact,

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    1B was given an error on the play. Rizzo hit it hard, but Belt didnt' react quickly -- or at all really.

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    Sweet Grateful Dead reference, I capped my evening last night with Cornell University, May 8, 1977 live Dead. I must have been seeing into the future.

  • I thought they gave Rizzo credit for a single. But if they gave an error to Belt that's understandable too. The ball went right through him.....

    Yeah, I think there will be several greatful Dead quotes. I actually just relived an Alpine show on Youtube the other day. Don't listen to many 70's shows as Donna drives me bats.....60's or late 80's for me.

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    I honestly don't think Gregg will get anything significant, however, and I am dead set against "throw ins" as a rule of thumb - in this case, an exception to the rule His addition to someone like Nate Schierholtz in a potential deal with Pittsburgh could expedite a decision on Pittsburgh's behalf and keep them from looking elsewhere - if indeed you want to trade the OF (As John has said repeatedly -- I don't think the Cubs *want* to). So maybe the deal becomes Scheirholtz for a middle-tier minor league player and you get some cash or a PTBNL for adding Gregg.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    Agreed. Moreover, if we're just going to get "a guy" for him, I wouldn't bother trading him. I'd rather not mess with the psyche of the team with even more blown saves than we have already unless we're getting some sort of meaningful talent back in return.

    Also, with Theo's comments about especially moving guys with expiring contracts, do we think that means Navarro is likely to go?

  • Was telling my gf last night how it was good Soriano was gone because we needed to get more athletic.

    With 1 out in the 9th, Lake hit into (what would have been a double play for Soriano for certain, game over, but Lake beat it out).

    That little bit of speed, kept the game alive, brought Rizzo to the plate, and then the job got done as the super fast Lake scored all the way from first as he was running on the 3-2 (2out) pitch with a guy already at 3rd.

    Thus, they go up 3-2 and win. Speed like that could have helped a LOT of ballgames this year.

  • Lake was soooo quick around the bases, there was not even a play at the plate! Just great hustle in that 9th inning.

  • Lake's wheels won us that game! Fastest guy on the team? Borbon's pretty fast too though

  • In reply to fsufrenzy911:

    It's between those two for sure and I don't think there's a close third. Third may be Travis Wood or Jeff Samardzija --- seriously.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Earlier in the season believe Len Kasper said in an interview that Travis Wood had the 2nd best wheels on the team behind Campana.

  • No doubt about that hustle/speed--he didn't give up on that possible double-play groundball.

    Not to be missed was Eric Gregg's 20th Save....he continues to be a good storyline for the FO:)

  • BTW, Eric Gregg calmly notched his 20th Save.....continues to be a good storyline for the FO.:)

  • In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    So impressive that Theo can find a fat, old umpire and turn him into an effective closer.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:


  • Fat DECEASED umpire at that.......

    (Psst.....It's KEVIN Gregg. Not Eric.)

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    In reply to felzz:

    I actually think watching Eric Gregg pitch would be more entertaining. And he'd have that whole, "how did he come back from the dead?" thing going on. :)

  • I went to bed before the end of the game - and was pleasantly surprised to see the final this morning. Lake broke his hitting streak, but still contributed,.... nice to see.

    Soriano went 0-5, but did get an RBI for the Yanks in a loss to TB last night,....

  • Felzz called it again on WTWF with his pick of Barney. No, he didn't get a big hit (almost) but made an incredible play on a screamer up the middle off Posey's bat. 99 times out of 100 that's a sure hit, but a) he was positioned right, and b) he dove and threw and beat Posey by three steps anyways.
    Watch it on the MLB replays and tell me when that ball went off the bat, you didn't think "sure hit".
    As others have said about Lake's game, there are many ways to contribute to a team victory.

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