I've heard about the lives of small swift birds. Cards 10 Cubs 6.

The Cubs looked to head out into the All-Star break with 3 out of 4 against their heated rival. But the Cardinals had their ace on the mound and thousands of Cardinal fans that had spent the day inhaling WD-40 and cleaning every Duane Reed and Walgreens of their cough syrup to please. They did not disappoint. Let's go sliding away, shall we?





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  • Great recap felzz !!! I laughed so hard at the pictures of the cardinal fans. What bothered me the most was the bullpen kept giving up runs. Someone needs to tell hershiser that castro was given a day off and not benched. I will tip my cap to the cardinal players but NOT cardinal fans.

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    Felzz, CLASSIC recap!!!!! Cardinal fans make me wanna throw up, love the pics as well..We played them tough this series....It won't be long till we own the bastards...

  • Yeah, the only good one was Strop and he was lifted for a pinch hitter after one stinking pitch.... I think Gregg will rebound. Well, rebound enough to get traded. I think Parker is what he is...... Maybe Arrieta closes when Gregg gets dealt and gets stretched out over the winter?

  • When I show my wife this recap tomorrow she's going to soil herself.

  • In reply to Paulson: her from a distance.

    Or film it.

    Or film it from a ....distance? I don't know.

    Good luck.

  • Haha!... awesome job Felzzy!

    A series split with this (clearly superior) team is a mental victory for me! Baby steps, right?

    I know John will be along with his recap shortly, but Loosen just threw back to back complete game shutouts.... not a bad way to follow-up your no-no! The new guy we got for Hairston (Pineyro) threw 5 shutout innings himself before a 2+ hour rain delay sent him to the showers early....

  • After watching the game, I feel I have been beat up and that we were swept even though we split. It was an emotionally brutal game!

  • That game did feel like a war, and not a real even won at that. The Cubs had a Monty Python "Excuse me, I'm not dead" quality to them. I mean if that game was 9-2 would anyone have blinked? I don't think they would have. But the Cubs somehow found a way to hang in there. And they were never out of any game in anyone of these 4 games. I'd like to say build off of that, but naturally, there's the All-Star break.

  • Still trying to flush out of my mind the Sappelt effort to play a potential loud single into a stand-up triple in the 9th. Thankfully for him, Gregg was tossing BP to the Cards in the 9th and his lackluster effort wasn't the difference in the game. The last 2 nights, our right fielders have left a lot to be desired in terms of defense. You could probably throw in Friday's 3:05 start which makes it a sun field because their was some shaky defense that day as well. Saturday's & Sunday's plays out there were clearly because the people just didn't have the experience with the park. Valbuena's play in the 4th and Sappelt's play in the 9th were sharp reminders of while the team has been playing well as of late, there is still a long way to go before the Cubs are where they need to be. The game also showed how far they have come. The 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 teams would probably have done nothing to make a game of this. So while the younger players do make some mistakes, they are infinitely better to watch than the veteran teams of the recent past who would have just given up.

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    what games like this show is we lack impact players. Hopefully, thats exactly what TheoJed have been trying to remedy, and the early signs are encouraging.

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