Such a beautiful disease. Cubs 6 Mets 3.

Such a beautiful disease. Cubs 6 Mets 3.

With the Cubs record against teams over .500 sitting at a robust 9-32, and the NL leading Cardinals just sitting over the horizon, the Cubs could use a really bad team to right their ship. And wouldn't you know, there's an awful one right here in Flushing, New York.  The Cubs took advantage of a shaky and unfocused Shawn Marcum and a much needed quality start from Edwin jackson and defeated the Metropolitans 6-3 at the Citi morgue. Nate Schierholtz, batting in the 3 hole for the first time, because, well.....everyone else isn't qualified, got the Cubs on the board first with a home run to the "Pepsi Porch" in Right field. And the Cubs would run away and hide in the next inning when after loading the bases against Marcum, David Dejesus emptied them with a triple to right center. All was not sunshine and unicorns for Dejesus. In the very next inning, Dejesus was tracking a Juan Lagares flyable when the darn right center field wall didn't get out of his way. Doesn't that wall know how sexy David Dejesus's wife is? I mean really..... Anyway, Dejesus hurt himself pretty bad. Late word was Kim Dejesus' husband was being taken to the hospital for X-rays to see if it was a dislocated shoulder or merely a strained shoulder. He was replaced by Ryan Sweeney. And the excitement of the game was soon replaced by dullness and an odor of peppers and tires....otherwise known as Queens in the summer.  Luis Valbuena would double home Anthony Rizzo and the Mets would make a half hearted comeback attempt against James Russell. But like most new york dreams, it died quickly. Let's see if we can find a cab.


Very good start for Edwin Jackson. 6 IP, allowing 1 run on 5 hits while walking 3 and striking out 7. Yee and ha. With the Cubs bullpen being taxed for 8 innings it was essential that jackson go deep. Would have loved another inning, but with Jackson it's baby steps to the elevator. Lots of loud outs. Dejesus, Sweeney, Soriano, and Schierholtz were all in gazelle mode to catch some hard hit balls. But when you're staked with a big lead against an awful team in a gluttonous park like Citi Field, you pitch to contact. And Jackson did. Russell wasn't very good in his inning of work, giving up two runs. But Marmol and Save Bot 6300 were fine finishing out the game.


Every time I say something about Rizzo slumping or being concerned about his play, he usually sticks it right back up my giggy. Tonight, Rizzo went 3-for-4 and scored two runs. He worked the count. He went the other way. He looked like a new hitter. Was it Dale Sveum's move of putting Rizzo in the 5 slot. Was it the crappy Mets pitching? Was it just one game and I should probably stop overanalyzing everything? Probably all of the above. But you like to see the slumps get busted. And maybe this is the start of just that.


Kudos to all the outfielders tonight for their great play. It's a shame about Dejesus injury, and no I'm not talking about his trade value. He's been a good soldier and a hard working veteran and anyone believing in this big plan should know that the Cubs are going to need players LIKE Dejesus for the Almoras and Baezes and Solers to follow when they eventually get up here. Soriano also made a wonderful play throwing out David Wright when he tried to advance to third even though his team was down 3 runs. I know Superman came out today David,,,, but really?

So hey hey! A win. Two in a row in fact. And with FELDMAN and Garza going against two pitchers not named Harvey, the Cubs have an excellent chance to leave Flushing with a series win and possibly a sweep. But first things first. Three in a row has a nice sound and Captain Picard and I would like to make it so. Onwards.





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  • One of the strengths behind the Jackson signing was said to be his ability to "eat innings". To date, excluding Garza as a comp, it seems to me that Jackson has the lowest innings/start. If my sense is substantially correct, what, if any, question should we be asking (i.e., arm health, etc.)?

    I realize that we have the better part of a season ahead of us, but I can't help but wonder a bit. By the way, I'll take his last two starts even if he hasn't made it through the 7th.

  • In reply to Good Captain:

    He just hasn't been very efficient. He's going to deep into counts and he's allowed too many baserunners.

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    Tribune says it's a shoulder strain for DeJesus and he's going on the DL.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Bummer. Wonder if that means Sappelt gets another shot - or maybe they bring up Bogusevic as he has been hitting well.

  • If only there were reason to expect that what remains will be the better part.

  • I'm glad DeJesus is okay -- and not because of trade value, just because he's a good guy and a good player. He looked like he was in serious pain for awhile. It could have been worse.

  • Darnell McDonald was removed from the game, anyone knows if he's on his way to NY? I'm kind of surprised... I would think it'd be someone like Clevenger up instead.

  • In reply to Caps:

    Might as well pick up Eric Young Jr. Then we can DFA and keep him too. Seems like it's what Hoyer does.

    If Bogusevic is not called up, I am sad for him. But McD is a 25th man who can be let go in 15 days anyway.

  • In reply to Caps:

    He was injured. Probably going on the DL.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    hip flexor, btw.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Ah thanks!

  • DeJesus should be ready by the All Star break to be on display for trade bait.......most likely, DeJesus will be with us in 2014.....

    Time for Borbon to show off his skills in the next few weeks........or do some of you rather have Bjax back?........Joe "Tarzan" Wallis was more exciting in center than Bjax......

    So scratch off DeJesus from the trade list.......Theo cannot make the same mistake as he did last year by waiting.....all kinds of injuries will be popping up with these Cubs.......always happen around trade deadline...........hard for these Cubs players to cut their ties with the local night life here.

  • John, to respond to post from earlier today:

    -Heesch's velo looked fine, probably just under 90. The radar gun was showing 50s all night, so it was completely unreliable. However, his command was nonexistent after the 4th inning. He would walk guys, and then others would hit the ball into the gaps to drive them home when he left them high in the zone.

    -Camp got 2 innings in. He pegged Brewers prospect Victor Roache, then proceeded to strikeout 4 in one inning thanks to a drop 3rd that was mishandled by Contreras. He looks like he is ready to get back, but the Cubs may want him to prove he can regain his 2012 form before returning, which I no longer think he is capable of.

    -Speaking of Contreras, I was impressed. He is probably one of the fastest catchers I've seen, as evidenced by his triple. He definitely seems to be a competitor.

    -While the Cougars were pretty dead on offense, Candelario and Almora impressed in the field. Candelario had several tough plays, and made the most of them, and Almora had a good jump on some deep fly balls.

    -Almora tried to steal a base, and his jump was nowhere near as good. He was easily caught. He didn't have a great game offensively either, but he clearly had the best poise of anybody on the team.

    -Other observations include Oliver Zapata with some missed opportunities at the plate, Vogelbach hit 3 to the warning track, Jimmy Buffett night is a bad idea for promotion, and Hernandez seems to have a stance that restricts power that I believe he has.

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    Great stuff. Thanks Karp. Are you going tomorrow?

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    Your subscription of Hernandez stance restricting his power fits Szczur's as well.

  • Im an 18 year old who lives in the Northern suburbs...probably not making the trek out again for a while. I actually happened to be attending with a high school friend of David Bote's who is in from Colorado for the week. Too bad Bote was demoted the other day.

  • If that was Jackson pitching to contact no wonder I cannot stand to watch him!

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