Ruh Roh! Astros 4 Cubs 3

Ruh Roh! Astros 4 Cubs 3

The Cubs tried to double their fun against the lowly Astros Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field. But the Cubs refused to take advantage of certain situations and opened the door just enough to let the Astros in. And the result was a bite on the ol' bee-hind. The Cubs got out to a 3-0 lead thanks to a 2 RBI single by Luis Valbuena in the third and a Nate Schierholtz home run in the 6th. But Travis Wood would give it all back when he soft served a fastball to JD Martinez,, who put it in the LE ft field bleachers.  Travis' punishment for that was to sit in the dugout and watch his bullpen try and win it for him. didn't happen. In the 9th, Justin maxwell led off the ninth with a double and scored on a Ronny Cedeno squeeze. Shocking to the Cubs, who certainly weren't expecting a bunt. And shocking to the fans, who couldn't believe Ronny Cedeno is still in baseball. But he is and he did and the Cubs wind up on the Donkey end of the 4-3 game. Let's go Hawks.


Travis Wood's performance wasn't terrible. But you hate the way it ended.3 runs on 5 hits in 6 innings. Travis also walked one while striking out 5. That's a quality start. But still that 6th inning went pear shape. So much so that even though Wood only threw 89 pitches, Dale removed him after the first sign of trouble in the 7th. That pitch to Martinez really stung. Yes, it was in but not in enough and easy to track. And Houston tracked it right over the wall. Camp and parker held it down until the Savebot 6300 gave up the winning run.


If you missed any inning during this wonderful tilt, here's hoping it was the 8th. Both teams tried like hell to win it, and give it away, and were unsuccessful at both. Soriano led off with a double and Rizzo was intentionally walked. Soriano was then picked off second. I mean he wasn't, he was clearly safe, but the play was a lot closer than it should have been and the ump just called him out. Naturally Sweeny gets a hit and Rizzo falls rounding second before heading back. And even though the Astros over threw two players, nobody advanced. Wellington Castillo walked to load the bases. Then Darwin Barney clearly drew a walk only to have the home plate umpire establish his awfulness by calling it a strike. Barney then must have felt he had to enlarge his strike zone and weekly flew out to center. Yick.


While Castro made his 12th error and Castillo got an error for throwing the ball into Centerfield on an attempted stolen base, the Cubs defense look much improved today. Valbuena made several good plays, including one that lead to a picture-esque 5-4-3 double play. And Castro redeemed himself with an incredible play up the middle in the 4th. More of this.

Well, you sure don't like to see the Cubs handing away victories to teams they're better than. Because there aren't that many teams that they're better than. But if the "Big Sell Off" is coming, Schierholtz and Travis Wood both made nice cases to opposing GM's should they want to go that route. Theo has put his guitar down so things will hopefully pick up on that front. Shark takes the bump tomorrow as the Cubs go for the series win. I'll take that. Anyway, it's almost hockey onwards.





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    I'm surprised Dale didn't come out after the Barney call-just awful. Yea, I'm pretty sick of Soriano

  • Oh well,... the Save-Bot isn't perfect any more,.....

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    In reply to drkazmd65:

    Gregg didn't blow a was tied, so he lost it. He's still perfect, for whatever that's worth.

  • It's easy to blame this on the umps. I've seen too many Cubs picked off 2nd this year.

    What really gets me is the Cubs have this bunting school in Spring Training. Then during the season, it's our opponents that put on the bunting clinic. Did I miss something?

  • No Frank it's a really good point.

    Of course, when the video dude gets to the final of the bunting tournament, maybe that says more than you want it to....

  • In reply to felzz:

    When is the last time the cubs put on a squeeze bunt?? I actually don't think I have seen Svuem use it once since taking over.

  • In reply to 104YearsofGlory:

    Saving it for Game 7 World Series.

  • Some say the Cubs are improving.......

    losing to the Triple A Astros team at home is not a sign of improvement...

    getting picked off at second is not a sign of improvement.....

    Bitching about the umpires and not about the lack of your own power numbers is not a sign of improvement.

  • For those wondering, Baez was 2 for 4 with yet another HR....

  • John, I don't want to sound like a crybaby, b ut Phil Cuzzi was TERRIBLE behind the plate yesterday, he must have called 10-15 pitc hes off the plate strikes. Cuzzi probably costed the Cubs 2-3 runs yesterday by himself. When is baseball going to fire imcompetent umps?

  • this game is a perfect example where a competent manager can win a game for his team unfortunately cubs don't have a competent manager.. out executed by one of the worst teams in baseball.

  • Felzz,

    This game is an example of horrid managing on the part of Sveum. Let's set the scene:

    Top of the 9th, 1 out, man on thrid,

    Ronnie Cedeno, who has been know to drop a bunt or two,(he did in the 7th) at the plate. Valbuena somewhat in at third, Rizzo clearly playing back at first. Gregg, who throws right-handed, is pitching. If Gregg fields a bunt, he is most likely moving away from the plate and will have to turn himself completely around in order to throw to home. If Barney comes in to field it, he has the longest approach to the ball of the three possibilities. You want Rizzo to field it. He'll be closer to the ball than Barney, at least as close to the ball as Gregg, probably closer, and he doesn't have to turn to make the throw to the plate. Barney would cover first for a possbile DP. What does Sveum do? He as Rizzo staying back at the 1B bag and has Barney rushing in. Gregg doesn't get out of the way, as he should have been told to do but fields the ball and cannot throw home in time if you repeated the play 100 times.

    Our bone-headed manager, Mr. Infielder, blew this game, noone else did.

    Now to throw vomit on top of puke, who did he have warming up to pitch the 10th incase the Cubs tied it in the bottom of the inning?

    Yup, Mr. I can't pitch the last three outs, Carlos Marmol.

    Kick Sveum out of the dugout and send him back to youth baseball. He is atrocious!

    Just sayin'.......................

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