Closer to free. Cubs 5 Brewers 4.

The Cubs finally found a way to end their 9 game losing streak to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs jumped on a frustrated and unfocused Yovanni Gallardo, hitting him early and often. In the second, Darwin Barney doubled home Wellington Castillo to give the Cubs a 1-0 lead. Barney would take advantage of Gallardo, who was clearly perturbed by Umpire Paul Schrieber's strike zone, by stealing 3rd base. He would come home on Luis Valbuena's single a batter later. Old Friend Aramis Ramirez would hit a home run for the Brewers and Ryan Sweeney would say "Sounds like a good idea" and hit a home run of his own in the third. Norachika Aoki, who has to be hitting .680 against the Cubs, would bring the Brewers to within a run. But Anthony Rizzo would seal it with a crucial 2 out bases loaded single. The Brewers pecked away and had the tying run on third with one out but Save-bot managed  to hold on for the save and the win for the Cubs. Hey Dare, Ho-Dare, Ya hey hey.


Scott FELDMAN was fairly ordinary in his start tonight. 6 innings of work while surrendering 6 hits. FELDMAN didn't walk anyone while striking out 3. He didn't hurt himself but at no point did you get the feeling that "Feldman got this yo.....". One has to wonder if Feldman's will fetch a prospect back that would make it worth trading him ( Cubs are stocked with Barret Loux type arms...). Perhaps at the deadline when a contending team has injuries and "simply needs pitching" to contend. Russell and Villanueva were great in the 7th and 8th. And Save Bot 6300 looked alot like the 2009 Kevin Gregg- which is to say he inspired no confidence but he got the save.


Nice to see Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo at the center of a Cubs win. It's how it should be. And hopefully (Knock on Kerry Wood) how it will be going forward. Castro had two hits and would have had a third if it wasn't for the once a month nice play by Aramis Ramirez. Castro looked more relaxed and used the whole field. Hopefully the start of something good. Castro showed good range in the field too. Although he was bailed out by Rizzo, who was excellent in the field and 2 for 4 at the plate, including that fabulous at-bat in the 4th. Bases loaded, two outs. An out there might have deflated the team as they spoiled scoring opportunities ealier in the game ( one by Rizzo, who was thrown out by yards trying to score on a short fly ball). But Rizzo laced it into center. More please...


The scouts saw some potential bullpen arms do some good work. James Russel could certainly be used by a team needing bullpen help.  And while a team may not want Carlos Villanueva, or at least give up something worthwhile for a Carlos Villanueva, he may make the departure of a FELDMAN that much easier to swallow.

So finally, a win against the Brewers. It really shouldn't be that hard as they're not especially a good club. Of course, neither are the Cubs. Whatever, it's a win and I for one will certainly take it. Matt Garza makes an important, and if you read certain tea leaves, possibly his last start for the Cubs as he takes onWily Peralta ( SUUUUUP-per Genius!). A series win over the Brewers would be nice. So hopefully they get it. Onwards.





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  • How about that game for Bogusevic? Along with Sweeney and Schierholtz that's a decent OF.

  • I thought Bogusevic was kind of "meh". His range is about Sori's. He's left handed and he's younger. He did have a couple of hits. But I'm certainly not excited about him the way I might be is Sweeney pans out.

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    Notice Rizzo taking far less pitches. This should be his role in the offense.

  • Thought Gallardo made it easy by throwing wildly (and, yes, complaining about the strike zone way too much), but I really appreciated how much the offense made him work. Was Oakland Athletics-esque, I dare say. And I thought Bogusevic was much more useful than Soriano in that regard.

  • A good game against a bad team,.... but we'll take the win.

    Bogusevic's premier with the team wasn't inspiring - but a couple of hits in 4 plate appearances is never a bad thing.

    It was good to see Castro looking like he has it together for at least a game. The day off may have done him some good - sometimes you just gotta sit back and hit that big 'reset' button to clear your head.

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