Texas Toast. Cubs 9 Rangers 2

Setting a bar of competence and skill they probably won't match for the rest of the week, possibly even month, the Cubs found themselves inexplicably opening a can of Whoop ass on the Texas Rangers Monday Night at Wrigley Field.  This was a make up game from the Rangers April visit that was rained out. Fortunately Ron Washington came back and showed everyone how and why he'll gloriously screw up another Texas Ranger title run this fall. The Cubs got a true effort run in the first when Kim Dejesus' husband got on base with a leadoff single, stole second and went to third when Geovanny Soto airmailed the ball into centerfield. Gotta say, kinda nice being on the beneficial end of a Geo Soto gaffe. Now I see why all those opposing fans were having such a good time. Anyway, Dejesus came home when Alfonso Soriano beat out a double play attempt. That was all the runs Scott FELDMAN!!!!!!!!! would need as he was awesome for the second game in a row. But Ron Washington, Godd bless him, had to over think a situation that didn't much thinking. With two outs and Luis Valbuena  on 2nd. Ol' Warsh thought it be good to intentionally walk the .154 hitting Darwin Barney in favor to pitch to the pitcher. Nobody told Warsh that getting Barney out and leading the next inning off was a superior plan and naturally Washington's plan didn't work. FELDMAN!!!!! singled, Dejesus walked, Castro got a hit, Rizzo got a hit, here a hit, there a hit, every where a hit hit and this sucker was over.  Let's get, let's get, let's get rocked.


Once again Scott FELDMAN!!!!!! was DUH MAN!!!!!!!! Seven innings, two hits. That's it. Two hits and a walk while striking out 3. No matzah for the Rangers. Had them off beat all night. The cutter was especially effective and the breaking stuff had the Rangers killing worms all night. And his confidence grew as the game went along. A goofy pratfall coming out to bat in the 7th and Carlos Zambrano-ing an at bat might have lead to a minor injury ( early report was a blister.) but nothing to be concerned about. James Russell and Rafael Dolis closed up shop.


After getting swept by the Reds, it was kind of neat to see the two veterans set the tone early. David Dejesus has had the best approach all year. (Although special hat tip to Luis Valbuena who leads the Cubs in Walks and OBP....). And his getting on base and taking the extra base. And Soriano beating out that double play....well, I'll just say that's probably a double play under Pinella or Quade, and this game starts with a much different tone. While the results and numbers don't say it, these two  bust it every night and it's good example for a young team coming off a weekend where they were just swept.


Just seems to be a sweeter win when you check the Box score and see all the crooked numbers by the names Castro and Rizzo. Starlin was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and 3 runs scored and Rizzo was 3 for 4 with four RBI. It's even fun to type... Rizzo was extra special as twice he went the other way and when the pitchers adjusted and started coming inside he turned on the power and launched one into the right field seats. Remember when he was struggling and a lot of us ( myself included) were worried about his progression. yeah, well the Crow tastes great.

So that was cool. That's the game that says "That's how it's done Boys".... If only they could just repeat it. Granted that Ranger team looked like they wanted nothing more than to get back on the plane, but FELDMAN!!!! made sure they didn't miss their flight. Travis Wood and his really nice beard take the bump tomorrow as the misery known as the St. Louis Cardinals come to town. We've seen the Cubs have good games like this but never really build any momentum off of it. If this is a season of "progress", and I see no reason why it still can't be, then they eventually will. And what better time than on the Cardinals and their Skoal-for-Breakfast fans. Onwards


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  • Great write-up of what sounds like a great game that I missed.:(

    Off topic: Did anyone see Mark Prior appear on National Geographic's Brain Game show? It was an episode about motion and they were discussing peripheral vision and used a pitcher batter demonstration and I'm 99% sure it was Prior.

  • Especial kudos to John, who actually wrote an article saying he thought was going to be alright and that his swing was just a little long but he was still hammering mistakes, he noticed that Rizzo would be fine once he got back to the swing he showed last year and he made those adjustments in Miami, vs the Marlins.

    It's great that I was at the game where he hit the 475 ft blast and the first 3 games of the Miami series, including that game where he hit the 2 hr's.

  • In reply to Caps:

    Thanks Caps. We've seen Rizzo make adjustments twice now and recover from deep slumps. I'm pretty confident he's going to be okay. I don't think he's going to be a .300 guy. But I'll take .275 and 30 HRs with lots of walks and good defense.

  • I've been meaning to watch that brain game show....Although I thought it was Discovery Channel.

    I thought Rizzo would bounce back too but I did have a concern about lefties. He's gonna be fine.

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    So I have Rizzo and Castro (Samardzija on one of those teams) on all 3 I my fantasy teams. Great start to the week. Rizzo is All-Star game bound partly due to the numbers but mostly because the 1B options suck this year so he stands out. Great game!

  • Are there any top prospects in the White Sox farm system that the Cubs should/could be interested in? They are not doing too hot, but with a 37 year old first baseman who is the heart of their franchise, a franchise that seems to do decent every year despite how they look on paper, and Floyd being done for the year, I could see Theo conning a first year GM into giving up a bit too much for one of our arms.

  • In reply to noscbs27:

    The White Sox have no prospects.

  • True -- and I think Rick Hahn is less likely to give up whatever prospects they do have than Kenny Williams was.

  • In reply to noscbs27:

    Their first year GM is good. Theo would have had an easier time getting prospects out of Kenny the old GM.

  • In reply to John57:

    Ha! I was just thinking the same thing.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Anyone think that Gavin Floyd could be a Cub in 2014? Seems to fit the profile of the injured pitcher who was good before the injury and would probably come cheap.

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    I could see the Phillies discussing a deal with us involving Feldman and DeJesus. They have too much invested not to make an attempt at this season. Phillipe Aumont intrigues me-major league relief pitcher, 24 yrs old...

  • In reply to Dale Miller:

    Rumor has it that the Phillies are looking for pitching.

  • It was just an unlikely rumor, but the Soriano-Dominic Brown trade would have been nice. Brown's been hitting some long homeruns.

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    I didn't even know Scott Feldman was Jewish, Best Jewish Cub since Sam Fuld!

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    Non-thread related post:

    "When Ryu came up for bid, the Cubs bid about $15m on posting fee, Rangers $18m; Dodgers crushed others with $25.7m -- plus $36m contract." ~ Buster Olney

    Did anyone see this? Interesting!

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Tells me that the Cubs aren't as money tight as everyone is going crazy over. This is now 3 times we've heard that the Cubs were top 3 bidders for the top international FA. Just because other teams took a humongous gamble doesn't mean were broke.

    Ryu may be good now but his peripherals suggest he's a back of the rotation starter when the league figures him out. 60mil for a #4-5 is insane.

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    Non-thread related:

    I heard last night on the radio that the Marlins are scouting the Reds system. Giancarlo Stanton anyone?

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Best team in baseball anyone???

    I just wish someone would trade for Stanton and Price(not us) so we can stop hearing about it every other day.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Why would you not want to trade for Stanton? Rizzo/Stanton/Castro for the next 10 years is a dream scenario.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Could just be Ricky Nolasco. Not sure Reds have what it takes to get Stanton.

  • Still not sold on Dolis. Hopehe can figure it out.

    And can we now stop screaming for Svum to be fired for changing Rizzo's swing?

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    It's not even certain that Sveum changed Rizzo's swing. That was Keith Law's speculation.

  • I wondered if Svuem had told Rizzo not to shorten up so much when he gets behind or to be more aggressive in general. Last year that shorter, 2-strike approach seemed to be what kept his average around .300 for so long.

  • Valbuena is definitely earning his keep at 3B. Good to see.

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    Was wondering who might give Luis Valbuena a little love. We gotta admit it. This guy has been doing the job with a workman like attitude. He's hitting over .270 and has 13 walks and I personally love the 5 home runs so far.

    He does have 4 errors but this platoon at 3B is really working out for us so far, imo.....

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