Summer's Kiss. Reds 5 Cubs 2.

Maybe I should just template these wraps. I swear it feels like I'm writing the same thing. Anyway, The Cubs got off to a good start (Again!) and looked to be heading toward a solid win (Again!) when a big inning suddenly turned a lead into a deficit (again). Cubs score both their runs in the 3rd. An Anthony Rizzo double scored David Dejesus. Rizzo would then come home on an Alfonso Soriano single. Huzzah! Huzzah the 4 hole produced an RBI with a runner in scoring position. Keep it up and Sori may be promoted to 9th where all the heavy hitters are these days. Anyway, that would be it for the Cubs. And it looked good until the 6th when Votto would walk and immediately go to 3rd on a Brandon Phillips single.

Todd Frazier would single in Votto and Phillips would go to third. Then Dusty would pull off a move that made you remember the few times when it was so cool that Dusty was once the Cubs manager. He called for a squeeze. And it was executed to perfection. Phillips scored 3-2 Reds. And it only got worse. A Ryan Hannigan double and an RBI by Ceasar Itzturis, yes he's still in baseball.... and it was 5-2 and all that was left to decide was whether all the goobers living in the Cincinnati area would get free pizza, which they would when Alroidis Chapman struck out Scott Hairston that was anything but a strike. Yay Pizza.


Well, there goes Travis Wood's streak of 9 straight quality starts. Travis was great through the first 5. But Wood doesn't have the great stuff that is going to get you by a lineup like the Reds a third time.  So 7 hits and 5 ER in 5.2 innings is a bit below par for Wood. Sveum might have left him a batter or two too long but, he's earned the right to pitch his way out of the inning. Dolis and Gregg pitched well in mop up duty.


Wellington Castillo had himself one of those "Progress" at-bats in the 6th inning. Down 0-2, Castillo fought off and laid off the next 8 pitches before drawing a walk on the 11th pitch. More of that please. The Cubs are dead last in walks, which explains why their offense is in the rear while boasting better than average power numbers. Here's hoping they circle that at bat and Sveum, Rowson AND Castillo all build off that type of approach.


Anthony Rizzo was clearly pressing after signing his big extension, going 0 for 23. Well that ended today, going 3 for 3 with a run scored, an RBI, and a walk. I wasn't even that mad when he challenged Choo in center by trying to stretch a single into a double. Rizzo seems to drive the Cubs offense, and while it wasn't driven very far this game, hopefully this is the start of a 3 week run in the right direction.

So this Cubs team has totally eviscerated any momentum it had from it's good spell a couple of weeks ago and is now headed for 100 losses. What's worse is that the starting pitching, Which had been very "Boxer" like ( Animal Farm anyone?) is starting to show some cracks with some big innings. This is supposedly where veterans step into the void (something I'll talk about in tomorrow's brunch.....). Matt garza is such a veteran. He goes tomorrow against Johnny Cueto. Hopefully he stems the tide. Until then, Let's go Hawks! and Onwards.


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  • Good point about Wood. I thought they left him in too long as he was losing it but like you said he earned the right to try to work out of a big inning. What a mess this team is right now

  • Home plate ump must have had dinner plans.

  • In reply to Gerald:

    Did you not hear the man? FREE PIZZA!!!

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  • Time of the year to start kissing off our Cubbies.......18-30........brutal for a team I believed improved so much this past off season.......I thought Dale would had made better decisions on his players and game plays.......I know Theo will give Dale another season, but if the Cubs are at the same mark next year at this time, Dale will be on the hot seat......

    Bulls season over....

    Blackhawks ready to get their ass kicked....

    and the Bears season is over before the first game......

    what left for us is trade doubt we have players that can help other teams.......Marmol, DeJesus, Garza, Feldman, Villanuenva, Barney, Navaro, Scherholtz, Russell, Soriano all can bring back something for the this point, NO ONE is untouchable if their name comes up in trade talks........we better hang on to Vogelbach if Rizzo chokes more.....

    it is sad that we are in a major sports market, and our teams cannot perform well....

    What was the reason why we let Dusty Baker go?

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Why are you even a fan?

    The Cubs are REBUILDING. We're bad. this isn't news to anyone.

    The Blackhawks had the best record in hockey this year and you think they will get their ass kicked at home.

    The Bulls made it deep into the playoffs WITHOUT their franchise player.

    The Bears lost a few games they shouldn't have last year due to poor coaching choices (way worse than crap you're blaming Dale for). We have a new coach and most experts applauded the Bears for their creativity in choosing a coach.

    Forget the regular season, or even preseason, the Bears aren't even in training camp yet! And you've given up?

    What a lousy whiner.
    Do yourself and everyone else a favor. Quit being a Cubs fan now because you don't deserve to root for them when they're contenders in a few years.

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    In reply to Giffmo:

    Amen brother!!!! Guys like him , dont deserve the honor of being any Chicago teams fan.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Just ignore his comments him folks. He only shows up when others on another Cubs site get tired of his negativity and tell him to go away. CubsTalk, take your comments back to CCO and leave this informative and intellectual site of Cubs fans to discuss topics intelligently. Look for a fight somewhere else please.

  • Keith Law mentioned the Nats might put Pitching prospect Lucas Giolito on the trading block for a top pitcher during the trade deadline. Garza of course by himself couldn’t net Giolito but what if we paired Garza with another player or two? Garza/Barney/ and someone else (DeJesus or a legit prospect) for Giolito? Is there any way this could be a legit possibility or just a pipe dream?

    Law’s Heavy Draft Chat on Thursday:

    Question: “Do you think the Nationals will make Lucas Giolito available to get a top arm at the trading deadline?”

    Klaw Answer: “Yes, 18-year-olds with 2 professional innings and a Tommy John behind them tend to have enormous trade value.”

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    In reply to CubbiesFan92:

    I'd love to land Giolito.but your package is actually too much for him considering he is coming off TJS and has hardly pitched the last year, That being said i'd maybe trade Garza for him straight up. Add A.J. Cole and we have a deal.

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    In reply to CubbiesFan92:

    The answer sounds highly sarcastic to me. Don't think he's going anywhere -- as Marcel points out, it will be difficult to get value for him.

    Anthony Rendon, on the other hand...

  • In reply to CubbiesFan92:

    I'd love to land Giolito too... but when I read the chat transcript, K-Law's sarcasm is a bit overwhelming. IDK if it's sarcasm about them making this available already, or about the "enormous" value....

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    In reply to CubbiesFan92:

    Yeah, that's definitely sarcasm.

    Law is saying that offering Gioloto will get them exactly nothing in return.

    Marcel is much more accurate.

    A trade for AJ Cole and a couple middling prospects AND Gioloto for Garza works.

    Garza is a proven commodity. You don't trade proven pitchers AND a "legit prospect" for ANY one prospect. Especially a guy that hasn't even thrown 1 game in the minors who has pretty extensive injury history.

  • Clearly Wood didn't do what he needed to to get the win. I don't mean the pitching, though that could have been better. Where were his RBIs? HRs? Extra base hits?

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    In reply to bruno14:

    He hit one to the warning track in the 4th inning I think. Was about 2 FT away from a homerun. Cubs actually had a few almost homeruns today.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Thanks Marcel - And I thought I was joking!

  • Good point about that Castillo BB. I was thinking the same thing as I was watching it unfold. He's now had 2 of his 3 walks for the year in his last two games..... I mean C'mon, Sori has more walks.... still, it's something to build from. baby steps, right? Though .279 avg and .324 OBP isn't too bad from our catcher.

    I can't second guess Sveum on Wood. Good point about that squeeze.. there's never really been any point where I thought "I miss Dusty", but there have been a few occasions where we could have and IMO, should have squeezed in a run. That's a demoralizer for the other team and usually sparks a shift in momentum.

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    One Bourbon, one Scotch, one Killian's please!!!

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Just about describes the last week of Cubs baseball.

  • Giolito was such an intriguing prospect last year. Definitely the wildcard in the draft last year. But the TJS, the fact that Washington would offer him would scare the heck out of me. I'd lay off.

    By the way....when does Vizcaino start pitching again?

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    In reply to felzz:

    I've heard he's been throwing daily at the Smokies facility since spring training and is on schedule. If he stays on it we should see him pitching with games in late July.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Didn't someone like Az Phil recently say that the word was V would be assigned in mid- to late June?

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    In reply to Eldrad:

    Probably. I might just be getting the months mixed up. Very possible,

  • watched Giolito pitch in High School. I don't know what you people look at!! Try pitching in college first !

  • In reply to golfpro:

    a 6'6", 225lb RHP, with 3 potential plus pitches, one of which is a 100mph fastball?..... Yeah, those scouts are crazy....

  • Boxer (in Animal Farm) -- "I will work harder". Didn't turn out so good for him.

    Saw Albert Almora today in a doubleheader sweep for the Kane County Cougars in Geneva. 4-7 on the day, plus throwing out a runner at the plate tagging from 3rd on a fly out to right center. He showed an uncanny ability to put the bat on the ball, adjust to off-speed pitches and generate line drives. Only swung and missed at one pitch total in his 7 at bats today. Looked like a man playing with the boys today.

  • P.S. Almora reached base 6 times today in 8 plate appearances -- also reached two more times on a HBP and a throwing error on a ball hit to 3rd that I thought should have been scored a hit and an error (allowing him to reach 2nd base). The play at first looked like it would have been very close if the throw hadn't been launched over the 1st baseman's head. No problems with his hustle at all.

  • In reply to JoePepitone:

    Thanks Joe!

  • Read recently that Sori is getting frustrated with the losses. Now there's an article quoting him as saying he would waive his no trade clause.... things that make you go hmmm........

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Just read that too. Now let's see if he can't raise that stock a bit...

  • In reply to Denim Dan:

    I think we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitability that "IF" we move him, he may play better elsewhere... It sounds like he's as frustrated as we are with the losing. That has to affect his play....

  • My favorite part:

    "The Cubs are dead last in walks, which explains why their offense is in the rear while boasting better than average power numbers. Here's hoping they circle that at bat and Sveum, Rowson AND Castillo all build off that type of approach."


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