It's OK to want the Cubs to win

Seems like yesterday that I worried most Cubs fans wouldn’t be able to comprehend a rebuild.

There are plenty who still don’t, and a recent newspaper online poll asking if you are losing faith in Theo Epstein speaks for itself. There is another trend that is starting to alarm me as well.

It seems some fans are almost overzealous on this rebuild thing at times. They are doubling down. Too many are worried about potential draft position or they are ready to deal anything resembling a useful piece going forward.

John did a recent series on which players are tradable or part of the core going forward. Some are ready to deal obvious core players like Starlin Castro or Jeff Samardzija. Easy people.

I am totally down with the plan, but from what I hear this front office isn’t as hell-bent on losing like you may think. They anticipated a horrible year or two but they are looking to rent last place not buy. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they try and be competitive next season. They didn’t pursue Anibal Sanchez to try and trade him you know.

This front office is trying to assemble some players that will be around here for a while. There are many who also want to compare us to the Rays or Nationals. The Cubs just cannot rebuild on that kind of level. They wouldn’t be able to survive multiple losing seasons the way those franchises suffered though. Too much is at stake. A potential new TV deal and the game's 3rd highest ticket prices are factors.

Yes this thing will still take some patience, and wins and losses aren’t paramount just yet. On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see some progress either. When I first started watching the Cubs they were in a similar situation. Dallas Green inherited a mess and was turning over the roster and system. However from year to year (1981-83) there was some form of linear progress until they broke through in 1984.

Losing is not exactly a badge of honor, and some of these young players actually want to win mind you. Personally, I haven’t rooted for the Cubs to win since early 2010. Once I knew a change was needed, I was on board with rooting against victories. It’s time now we can start to actually want to see some wins or at least some movement forward.

In the very near future the front office will sell off some of the vets they can get something for. Just don’t be too disappointed if Travis Wood isn’t following them out the door.

If the Cubs are going to compete anytime soon they actually might need more players like him.

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  • Dammit Loxas! This was my next Brunch article.......

    Anyway, totally agree. My problem with the whole "rebuild" is people take an extreme view one way or the other. There's those that want the Cubs to get as competitive and as good as possible, as quickly as possible, and damn this whole "Developing farm system" thing.... Naturally I disagree with that. Likewise, I disagree just as vehemently with the "play for best draft pick, the next two years are irrelevant" crowd. That's equally as silly.

    I've always said that the rebuild isn't about 2014 or 2015. It's about right and wrong. And when Theo and Jed make enough "right" decisions the Cubs will be competitive.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Sorry Felzzy! However your comments are right on!

  • In reply to felzz:

    I don't necessarily want to see us win, but I want to see improvement and progress and I guess that means winning more. But ultimately I'm satisfied to see progress in the development of guys we expect to be here for the glorious future. So good to see Rizzo out of his funk, worried to see Castro hitting less than .290, good to see T. Wood so solid since he should be a keeper, worried that Barney's offense has regressed, sucks that Garza (who I'd like to keep) didn't come out of the gate on time, very disappointed with EJax stinking it up. And further disappointed that we can't point to any stud prospects who we can really count on coming up next season -- is there one or more.

    Finally, absolutely agree we shouldn't be trading a guy like Wood for a prospect that we hope can one day be a guy like Wood! Go ahead and trade Soriano and DD sine they're too old to be here for our glorious future, but let's hang on to guys like Wood and Garza -- unless we're trading for a prospect who won't just hopefully be like then, but actually show the promise to be even better.

  • I agree as well. I'm a big prospect and draft guy, but sometimes I grow weary of having to flip anyone and everyone that does well.

    I can understand it for the short term guys, but for guys that are cost-controlled and still prime or pre-prime, those are the guys you want to keep.

    I want the Cubs to keep making moves but it should be about improving the team as well. I agree they should look to keep Wood along with Shark, Castro, Rizzo. It's starting to look like Welly can be a core player too. Even guys like Valbuena may have more value to this team than anything they could bring back in a trade. Also wondering if they should try and keep Schierholtz unless he either wants crazy money or a team is willing to offer something very good for him (probably in a package). These guys can play roles on a good team.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Good, well-reasoned points, as usual. The Cubs should imake decisions with an eye towards being a contender ideally in 2015. and beyond.
    One request, if you please. Please drop the "Welly". It reminds me of Quade.

  • Carlos Rodon sure would be nice to have next year though...all I know is I would hate to be in Jed and Theo's position. Rebuild a team from the bottom up without losing the fanbase...definitely not an easy thing to do. I argue with my dad daily over whether this team is better than last years, whether we'll lose 100 games again etc. and honestly I think this team would be a "surprise" team in the NL if the back end of the bullpen could hold some wins for us.

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    In reply to Milbzane:

    Realistically, we aren't going to be that bad. The Astros are historically bad and the Marlins aren't much better.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Nice try but don't the Marlins have 2 rings? A franchise who has been around a fraction of the time the Cubs have? The Astros made the W.S. in 2005 and the Cubs 1940 what?

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    In reply to ballistic434:

    And this has exactly what to do with their order of finish THIS YEAR?

  • In reply to Milbzane:

    Rodon looks like a potential beast but I don't know if he's worth setting the team back. He's lefty and his stuff is great but his command still lags behind guys like Appel and Gray. Of course, he's just a sophomore but I believe both of those guys threw more strikes. I think if all 3 were in the same draft, you wouldn't necessarily pick Rodon at this point.

    At any rate, you can't fully control where you'll pick, the Astros and Marlins have something to say about that. It's a more interesting draft next year all-around, though, so it'll be a good year to have a top 5-10 pick, but I don't think about that until late in the season

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    If expects are complaining about thus draft man next years doesn't look anywhere near as good right now.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Some interesting names at the top with Rodon, Beede, Turner, and the kid from SDSU that hit 100.

    I've heard some say they like next year's draft, but mostly I've heard it's going to be about the same as this year's. Everything I've heard is that this year is a relatively weak draft and that uncovering some hidden gems is going to be the key to success.

  • Thanks, Tom, John and Felzz. I have really been enjoying your blog here every day.

    I think the FO deserves a little more credit for the marginal moves they have made, which have altered the landscape almost imperceptibly. Did we all know that the Reds' #6 starter-on-the-bubble had potential glimpses of Glavine in that arm? Did we know what they saw in Maholm, Feldman and Villanueva? Valbuena and DeJesus and Scierholtz? Isn't it intriguing how the roster-jenga seems to keep pushing the team in the right direction? Sweeney, Borbon and Bogusevic are all very intriguing young players to look at while we wait for the next real prospect in Soler.

    The point I'm trying to make is that it looks like every addition and subtraction to the 40-man lately has made us a hair better, and suddenly, this team actually has a fair amount of depth. Let's forget last fall... That was ugly, but may have earned us Appel or Gray.

    What makes things most interesting now is that the moving of DeJesus, Garza and Soriano stand to have minimal impact on wins and losses while helping us amass more young talent.

    The offense is too middling right now to score enough runs every day, but I think this team is just two bats away from turning a lot of one-run losses into one-run victories. This could happen next summer.

    Success? Your names are Stanton and Choo.

  • It is foolish top suggest that the fan base is losable. The only way to manage that is to move out of Wrigley. I am down with a rebuilding program, and not so eager to play checkers with any of the core players . Deals for the sake of activity is not a plan or a strategic tactic I don;''\'t have any faith at all in the draft. That's not to say one should ignore it. Building blocks through trade are far more likely than picking a Mantle in the draft. My patience is limited, however. I'm 75 and have been patient since 1946 and am running out of time.

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    I was very much rooting for wins when the season started. Having said that, we're nearing the point where it looks like this is another lost season. With that in mind, I'm very close to hoping we flip the short term veterans -- Villaneuva, DDJ, and Gregg, for example -- and I will start hoping for losses again. Not because losing is good, but because if we aren't going to win, I want the best draft pick possible.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Yeah maybe later in year but I just don't think we need to worry about that so much in this market. I also want to compete next season.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Exactly! Personally, I'll never hope the Cubs lose unless it keeps the Cardinals out of the postseason.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Still, as ugly as this year is looking, I'd much rather be the Cubs than the Dodgers or Blue Jays right now. Rizzo looks like a beast. Shark quite good. Gray/Appel will hopefully provide a true ace soon. Castro I think will be fine. Valbuena might just be the long term answer at second. And the minors are starting to show signs. If the renovations can bring in money to supplement that through free agency, the future is very bright, indeed.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I like the idea of building on parallel fronts. Build both the team core and the farm system at once -- and, whenever possible, don't use one to pay for the other.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Agree here. And what's frustrating is that I thought -- coming into this season -- the team core would win more games than it has. Part of that is the bullpen which has consistently wasted great starts (that sounds familiar), but the offense just hasn't been there. The giant black hole that has been Alfonso Soriano is a big part of that and, as he isn't part of the core, that doesn't concern me as much. But, really, Rizzo, Valbuena, Castillo, and Schierholtz have been playing well and, yet, the offense remains stunningly less than the sum of its parts. In my copious spare time I've been thinking of writing a program uses simulation techniques to predict records -- maybe I'll do that and see if it can suggest where improvements would make the biggest difference for the Cubs.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    That program sounds like it'd be very interesting. Let us know if you do that.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    This describes my entire feeling towards this rebuild in a nutshell, with the addition of not overpaying for FA's past age 28. Reaks of desperation. Looking at you, Angels.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Now you are talking!

  • Sometimes it seems like these trades--or any trades--are consolation prizes. It's almost like you can put a win number on them such that for every trade you make, it's like you won X more games. By making the trades, it feels more like the rebuilding is happening.

    To me, it's kind of like trying to grow your lawn after construction work. Do you sit and wait for the grass to grow. Should you water some more? What about putting down some more seed? Why does that straw keep blowing away? What about placing sod? In the end, it's probably best not to overwater or overseed because you might ruin what you already have growing. Straw can blow away, and there is nothing you can do about it. Placing expensive sod sure makes it look nicer in the short run, but is it really necessary long term? And how much sod do you need to place to complement what you are already growing?

    I guess the lawn analogy kind of ran away from me there...

  • In reply to CGunz:

    Makes sense. There are some useful pieces FO have acquired. Wood and possibly Scheirholtz to name some.

  • In reply to CGunz:

    Haha! It works though ;)

  • Time to forget about drafting high in the draft and start winning games

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Agree. High draft picks are nice but I really can't wait until the Cubs pick toward the end of the first round again.

  • People forget baseball is not basketball, football, or hockey. Having the #1 or #2 pick doesn't guarantee you a star. Great players come from all over in the MLB draft, not just at the very top.

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    In reply to Ike03:

    That was under the old CBA. I think the new CBA will change that accepted logic -- but we'll have to wait a few years to see if that's the case.

  • In reply to Ike03:


  • In reply to Ike03:

    That is true but it's also true that statistically you are more likely to get a good player at the very top of the draft. Unfortunately the new CBA probably makes that even more important to have high picks.

    That said, I'm not a fan of losing on purpose. It's unfortunate that the CBA makes that practice profitable.

  • Great article, Tom. I respect the opinions on this site but the desire to flip every good player for prospects gets tiring and I don't have the fibers to wish for losing. The Nationals built their farm system and walked into being able to select two difference makers in Strasburg and Harper. Give them credit, and perhaps, they walked into some luck with being bad the right years.

    Then there's STL who've been in the playoffs seemingly every year for the past 10 or so. They have one of the top farm systems. If they're drafting so low, how are they producing better players than those ahead of them. It seems as though it's a system of development, better scouting and likely a combination of other factors. The Cubs need to win and adopt that model. Otherwise, they're going to win a few years and be bad like now.

    I believe this FO can get it done. I think they're savvy enough to find diamonds in the rough like DDJ, Feldman, Schierholtz, Valbuena, Wood, Villanueva, etc., add in high cost free-agents where needed and build the farm system. This is not an exact science, by any means, but this FO can build this thing whether they select first or 30th in the draft.

  • In reply to Cubswin:

    Thanks and agree!

  • In reply to Cubswin:

    Could not agree more with that last sentence!

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    In reply to Cubswin:

    At some point, it really depends what you're looking for out of the draft. The only guy they got out of the draft in this wave of players that looks like a real impact guy is Shelby Miller -- and that was a truly great pick. No question about it. (Pujols and Molina were also exceptional picks.) Kolten Wong was also a late pick, but he doesn't strike me as an impact guy as much as a well above average second baseman. We're not talking anywhere close to a Javier Baez ceiling here. Michael Wacha got a lot of press last year and has been aggressively promoted to the PCL. But while his numbers look good, the peripherals are alarming in that he has only 19 strikeouts and 13 in 34.2 innings. Their two best guys in the minors right now are probably Oscar Taveras and Carlos Martinez -- both of whom were international free agents and not drafted. So, if you go the Cardinals route, you absolutely can add good major league players, and get the once a decade impact guy. But, the Cubs are looking to jump start their minor league system and add multiple impact guys. That has a much better chance of happening at the top of the draft.

  • I know it might sound crazy, but I have really enjoyed this years team, they really are fighting, and competing. I can't recall them getting beat up by any team, it seems against every team we have faced we have fought tooth and nail with them(usually always losing by 1 run). I really enjoy seeing all the lefties agains a righty, and sometimes what they can do against a lefty, but from 1-9 the Cubs have some good at bats... I enjoy watching everyong except Barney right now bat... and really I know he is much better than what he is showing, he used to be a tough out, Our starting pitching like last year is great(before we traded Dempster, Malholm, Garza injury) and I reall think our bullpen will come along strong once Garza comes back w Fukijawa(sry, I know I mispelled that). I'm enjoying this year so far, I can really see this team competing in 2015 like planned, and I want to be there for the ride.

  • In reply to Nik0522:

    I like that about them too. A couple of years ago, when this team was down, they were done. This year I'm starting to get a feeling that the Cubs will fight back no matter what the score.

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    In reply to Nik0522:

    Thank you. Someone who can see diamonds in the rough. There is progress from last year and it's obvious. The W/L record just doesn't reflect that yet. Hell we'd be .500 if we just hit with RISP. Probably in 1st place with a better Bullpen. Were playing good ball, this young team just doesn't know how to put their foot on the other teams neck yet.

    I'll take that over just being flat-out overpowered like last every day of the week.

  • In reply to Nik0522:

    I like them too! First time since in years I've enjoyed a Cubs team. Reminds me of 83 when team started to show signs.

  • I think the overall plan of the Cubs is genious. Warren Buffett made his billions by buying undervalued companies. That is essentially what the Cubs are doing with players except we then flip them to get the value of higher ceiling players. At the same time will be generating extra revenue through renovations and an upcoming TV deal which will allow us to get whoever we need to fill holes through free agency. This plan will work but it will take some serious patience. 2 or 3 more losing seasons will be worth it for a WS. This plan will also put Theo Epstein in the Hall of Fame.

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    No way 2 or 3 more, no way.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Tom Loxas:

    I would have agreed with this until, ironically, your reports on the state of finances and frustration from the front office. If things are really that bleak financially, it may, necessarily, be 2 or 3 more. (Though we may have a new front office by the end of that run.)

  • I believe that if the bullpen could just put together a good 6 weeks, we would see this team start to move closer to the .500 mark. I know that may be too much to ask, but really if we could just have 4 of those tough losses back, and there are more than that, but this team would be .500 and we would talk differently. We would be wondering who is out there that we could add to the roster at the trade deadline. After the National series, we actually have some teams we can beat. Except for the occasional series against the Reds and Cards, we play the AL West, which is not great, and we could really be looking at a close to .500 team at all star break if we could just get a bull pen working together and putting stops on the board. Our youngsters will hit eventually, and we will come through more often in the clutch.

  • fb_avatar

    People like to criticize the moves, or lack there of, that this FO has made over the last few years but when you look deeper they have hit on just about every move they made.

    It's the media and suspect fans who continuously bring up the Stewart-Colvin deal 10x a day that blinds the public eye to the many good ones.

    These are the mid-level signings and Trades Cubs have made in the last 2yrs(not counting waiver pickups).

    1. David Dejesus 2-10. Win
    2.Cashner-Rizzo deal Win
    3.Zambrano-Volstad deal Win by default
    4.Wood-Sappelt-Torreyes for Marshall Huge Win
    5. Maholm signing/Trade for Vizcaino Win
    6. Marlon Byrd-Bowden Win by default
    7. Dempster-Villanueva Calling it a semi-win
    8. Shark to rotation Win
    9. Soler and Almora Win
    10. Stewart-Colvin lose
    11. Baker-Feldman-Villanueva overall win so far
    12. Nate Shierholtz Win so far
    13. Edwin Jackson In progress
    14 Campana-2 pitching prospects huge win

    That's most, if not all moves made by this FO and they have done well in almost all of them. People are just caught up in the stupid fact that we have not signed the next albatross contract or made this ridiculous 3-team trade yet.

    Those people need to wake up. There's progress being made.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Agree with you completely. This also does not even mention expansion of the player development and scouting staffs that will help us win years into the future. Didn't we have the least amount of scouts in baseball before Theo/Jed arrived?

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    I'm probably the biggest Stewart supporter on here and even I see that deal as a loss right now. I like the guy on a personal level ( he's married to an Asheville girl and spent a fair amount of time here). I still have hopes that something will click and i mean click hard and we will all be saying "good lord where did this come from". But those hopes are drying up quickly.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    I agree with you 100%. And we are upgrading our training facilities: new Dominican facility this year, new AZ facility this year, and upgrades to Wrigley field soon. Add to that new pitching coach D. Johnson from Vandy.

    I think we have a bird-eye view of the Cardinals and we should incorporate anything they do well into our player development/scouting process. I would like to drive them batty with our success in the near future.

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    In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    I'd say at this point Dempster was a loss. Both because Villanueva and Hendricks look like marginal prospects at this point and because the guy they really wanted -- Randall Delgado -- has been awful. But even throwing that in there, you would need some massive, massive losses to overcome the level of win just from acquiring Rizzo (who has been terrifying since a slow start) and the Marshall deal.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Nicely said! Exactly

  • Fangraphs seems to like the Cubs to do some winning. They are projecting the club will finish the season with 76 wins, which seems at least 5 too heavy to me. I think it depends heavily on whether the club decides it needs to strip mine the major league roster again, or, as Tom suggests, begin to sit on some longer term assets.

  • When jed/theo took over I distinctly recall them saying that "every season is precious."

    If that's true, then the bullpen should have been completely rebuilt over the winter. The bullpen is historically the easiest part of a team to build quickly. Imagine the quality of baseball on the north side right now if 10 to 15 million had been thrown at the pen.

  • In reply to Illini88:

    They also said they spent every penny they were alotted to baseball operation Would you rather have $15 mil in the bullpen or have signed Feldman and Villanueva?

  • In reply to Ike03:

    Good point, but it seems a large market team like the Cubs should have been able to manage both Feldmann/Villanueva and a restructured bullpen. I know, I know ... not my money .... but still this bullpen doomed us from the start and now Jed and Theo have the more difficult task of trying to rebuild the boat while it's in motion.

  • The Cubs have lost over 60% of their games by 2 or less runs. With even a serviceable bullpen, this team could be close to .500

  • fb_avatar

    I lean towards playing for the draft pick, and I make no apologies for it. I'm for adding from the outside via trades and free agency, but only if it fits into the long term plan.

  • fb_avatar

    The plan is working, TWood looks like a key piece. He also has value in a potential trade for a David Price or a Giancarlo.
    Looking at yesterday's game, they have really turned over the bottom 20% of the roster, (Since Spring Training). Sweeney, Ransom, Gregg, Borbon were not with the organization in camp and could all fill different roles.
    The lineup against Lefties wasn't working; maybe DDJ and Valbuena will help by doing what they do: being selective and working counts.
    Bullpen could actually turn into a strength with return of Garza and Fujikawa. Villanueva, Russell, Camp, Marmol and Fujikawa would make for a nice set up crew to Gregg. Then Rondon is only in games where score is +/-3 runs.

  • I'm up and down in my belief of "the plan". It seems to be a path that many MLB teams are following.

    Everyone raves about cost controlled players and young talent, and that's great and all, but does anyone here think the Dodgers are going to go out of business due to their recent spending?

    If anything, they have a ton of pieces to unload at the deadline if they have a bad year, thus (potentially) speeding up the process of filling up the minor leagues with talent.

    Thus, meaning what the Cubs are trying to achieve in a few seasons, could be achieved in with a few trades with the money freed up to splurge again if needed in the next off-season.

    So people can rave all they want about tanking a season for one draft pick, but it doesn't seem to make sense. Then, you become a team like the Royals and Pirates, continually having to rely on unproven talent to bring them to the next level.

    You need a mix.

    There are not a lot of big fish in the sea to be had, but at the same time, the Cubs are going to have to spend on some guys that can either provide us value immediately or provide us value through trade.

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    In reply to givejonadollar:

    You kind of contradict yourself. You site the Dodgers for an example, but they're in last place. Toronto spent big too, and they're failing pretty hard.

    And you say they have a ton of pieces to offload, but not really. The reason the Dodgers got all those players is because they are they only team that was willing to absorb the bloated and ridiculous contracts.

    And if you think being cost-conscious and isn't wise, just look at who has the best record in baseball. The Red Sox unloaded a ton of talent to get rid of many of those bloated contracts, and even without that talent, they're winning.

    They're winning with home-grown talent and now they're even bringing up some of the prospects they acquired while dumping said overblown contracts.

    And really, you're still advocating tanking, just not THIS season. Because the strategy you're describing is PRECISELY what the Marlins did last year, and now THEY have the worst record in all of baseball.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    I'm not contradicting myself at all. I'm just saying the Dodger's strategy might not prove to be as bad as everyone is claiming.

    It's very young into the season. They have good talent, much more than we have currently by a stretch at the MLB level.

    Not all big contracts are unmovable ala Soriano. The only way it gets tough for the Dodgers is if they play .500 ball and keep pieces they could have moved for higher (potential) future values.

    If they lose, they could move Eithier, Kemp, Hanley, Crawford, Gonzo. Despite what you may think, if those players play well, along with the Dodgers deep pitching, they could easily replenish the farm system if they chose to do a fire sale.

    If the Dodgers win, they get to rake in the revenues.

    What do we have? Castro, Rizzo, maybe Barney, maybe Shark and a handful of pitchers who might bring back value at the MLB level?

    We have a long way to go. A lot can change, but I don't think for a second our MLB pieces are more valuable than the Dodgers MLB pieces at the present time.

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    So the rebuild is done? Almora/Soler/Baez plus this year's draft is enough and we're set to go?

    A year from now, maybe a little bit more, and I think I'd be totally on board with this article but this rebuild is till very, VERY young. Theo and Jed have drafted exactly ONE class and even that was handicapped by a new CBA, meaning adding talent will take longer than it would have 5 years ago.

    I don't want to trade our core 3, and I'm ok with holding onto Travis Wood, but outside of those guys and maybe a couple others, this team could still very much use a fire sale.

    We're pretty bad. Our AAA team is worse, and our AA team has 2 or 3 bright spots with a whole lot of nothing behind that. Our pitching prospects start, and END with Pierce Johnson, who probably projects to a #4 starter on a playoff team.

    I'm not a fan of the "lovable losers" tag. Its not cute. It isn't quaint, or funny.
    And Sorry, but this article highlights why we're losers. This team acquires a couple of slightly above average players, who have an ok half a season, and they become Chicago folk icons.
    We've lost for so long because season after season, Cubs fans have been sold on "good enough." Wrigley sold out countless seasons of mediocre teams. It's just embarrassing now.

    I disagree that this team can't survive a couple terrible seasons like the Nationals or Rays. It doesn't make sense. Those teams don't have half the fanbase the Cubs do, and they have great teams now.
    The Cubs are much better built to survive a few dark years than the Nationals or Rays.

    The idea that we're ready to win, when essentially all of our new draft wunderkind's picks are still in single-A ball is both sad and hysterical.

    I like the progress that's been made. A lot, actually. But there's still a lot of work to be done.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    I think what Tom is saying that at this point you can work on both ends and you don't have to sacrifice one to do the other. Obtaining amateur talent is going to be a priority for as long as Theo and crew are here but the Cubs need to also start building a core of MLB players too.

  • Let's ease off the Kool Aid, shall we?

    1. David Dejesus 2-10. - SMALL WIN.
    2.Cashner-Rizzo deal - OK, WIN
    3.Zambrano-Volstad deal - FALLING INTO A PIG TROUGH
    4.Wood-Sappelt-Torreyes for Marshall - PUSH. Marshall was good last year; may still be.
    5. Maholm signing/Trade for Vizcaino - Good sign, but until Vizcaino actually picks up a ball, let's hold up on the kudos.
    6. Marlon Byrd-Bowden - WIN
    7. Dempster-Villanueva - LOSS
    8. Shark to rotation - not really a trade or signing.
    9. Soler and Almora - Almora is hurt and Soler has issues
    10. Stewart-Colvin - Colvin and LeMahieu are in Co Springs right now
    11. Baker-Feldman-Villanueva - Villanueva will regress. Baker is a BIG LOSS right now
    12. Nate Shierholtz - So far so good
    13. Scott Hairston - EPIC FAIL
    14. Brent Lillibridge - ok, it was a minor league deal but, wow
    15. A Whole Year of Lendy Castillo - HUGE LOSS
    16. Dioner Navarro - I like him, but he's not good. SMALL LOSS
    17. Edwin Jackson - So far, BAD
    18 Campana- 2 prospects? really?

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    In reply to Rob Letterly:

    Where you really start to lose me (and then continue to do so) is in your evaluation of the Marshall trade. That is a flat out win for the Cubs given where they were. Marshall is an excellent left handed reliever, but at the end of the day he's a left handed reliever. The Reds have an excellent starting staff and were going for it now, so the deal makes sense for them.

    But the Cubs had no pitching prospects anywhere near the big leagues. They acquired a cost-controlled lefty who looks like he can be an excellent back of the rotation starter for years. On a fair scale, that is infinitely more valuable than a lefty reliever.

    On top of that, they have Torreyes, who is showing a plus plus hit tool as a twenty year old in AA ball. Again, given where the Reds were, it was worth moving that for Marshall. But, really, if he continues to develop he could be traded for a Marshall quality reliever by himself -- making Travis Wood "free." (And I'm still not completely ready to give up on Sappelt as a fourth outfielder.)

    This was a big win for the Cubs.

  • I lost count after 100 years on the last Cub championship? I do know my father was born and died and never saw one. I also know NONE of us on this board will ever live to see their record broken. LOL. I also predict for as long as there is humanity, nobody ever will break their record.

    The only decent manager they ever had was Leo Durocher and GM Dallas Green. The lovable losers they will always be. I doubt I will ever live to see them do anything either and I tell my long time die hard Cubs fans friends the same. Not good news for them either as they are same age as me. One friend and Harry Carry switched me to South Side in the 70's. I got my wish. Good luck Cubs fans.

  • In reply to ballistic434:

    Hey look, a Sox fan trolling a Cubs site!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    ohn Arguello said 13 hours, 5 minutes ago
    In reply to ballistic434:

    Hey look, a Sox fan trolling a Cubs site!

    Hey Bartman Loser Goat smelling LIARS - Right? Bartman

    We all see you have all cub blogs above and now you are frustrated LOSER BARTMAN goat smelling LOL

    This is what is pathetic about these LOSER cub fans..

    One BARTMAN lies

    and then all other Bartman goes on attendance..


    According to FORBES white sox made $23 million vs $32 million for FLUBS

    what is difference $9 million ... You can see WRIGLEY is dump and Rickett is spending more money down to URINE LOL

    These are your Goat smelling BARTMAN

    Just LIE like this Bartman and another fan of this bartman

    DRAW on attendance

    Has Rickett given you free ticket?
    Whatever happen to Tribune having more money - Bankrupt newspaper

    Mental midget bankrupt Bartman LOL

  • In reply to ballistic434:

    Chicago White Sox sit at 14-18, bottom of the AL Central. I guess that means it's time to pick on the Cubs and their fans, especially since Wrigley is about to get updated over the next couple years without a sweetheart deal and will continue to draw more fans in their losing seasons than the Sox. Is it that Cubs fans must be stupid if they go to those games, since Sox fans don't even go when they are winning?

  • In reply to ballistic434:

    The lovable losers they will always be

    A brainwashed word that worked when Tribune had this pathetic franchise

    So they can suckered in yes suckered in FLUBS and sell at high price

    So what happened? - more misery and headaches..


  • In reply to cubfanspathetic:

    Take it somewhere else.

  • In reply to cubfanspathetic:

    People like you are a dime-a-dozen. Certain 7th graders take pleasure in denigrating others. That doesn't speak well of those morons.

  • In reply to cubs1969:

    LOL.. Cub fans are worthless not even a Penny

    Get lost Bartman goat smelling LOSERS

    this is what these flubs do

    Just LIE
    Nothing but LIE - say oh i am white sox fan

    Infact this D*&& Bartman is a cub fan..


  • I still think we're on the right route to where this franchise should be. I think we can all agree that our starting rotation is going to be pretty exciting, and we all know that without that, we don't win. After that it becomes defensive + up the middle and I think that will be there also. We're missing the key, however, in center field. Will that be Almora? Time will tell, but I think the FO has to key into that. What I want to see there is a + defender first, and an OBP guy second, not the other way around.

    We have a long list of what could be major league infielders in the system, so one or more of them should either be at 2nd or 3rd with this many prospects, if the odds have anything to do with it. I also believe we'll have enough bats up and down the lineup in years to come.

    So what I'm saying is that there is definite light at the end of this tunnel, and I don't want to see us do anything that changes this course. Sure, get value where you can, but not at the expense of the big picture.

  • In reply to cubs1969:

    We're missing the key, however, in center field.

    LOL.. Flubs are suckered in again by Scam artist THEO..

    what happened to ANDY the clown McFAIL

    Remember that FLUBS this is pathetic franchise

    Even worst are Cub fans..

    No wonder Marty Brennaman hates cub fans..
    So do all of major league teams


  • In reply to cubfanspathetic:

    It looks as if Cubs Den has contracted a social disease. Trolls are the STDs of the internet. It always makes me wonder what kind of life someone has to aspire to the status of itching, burning, etc.

  • In reply to bruno14:

    Cub fans are delusional and TROLLS.. Just taking frustration by LIES

    Oh i am white sox fan.

    hey look ma i am white sox fan trolling here

    And turns out to be Bartman Goat smelling FLUBS.. We can smell you out flubs - LIE

    It worked for you brainwashed cub fans - From tribune

    oh this is cub town
    oh tribune has lots of money
    oh attendance - but dont want to mention white sox are 10th making $23 millin - Guess what Cub fans $32 - A small difference
    what you got - No free ticket from Rickett or Tribune right all of these years

    Andy the clow MCfail
    Theo the scam artist


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    In reply to bruno14:

    I think it's inevitable as the site grows more popular that eventually you're going to attract that most pathetic of internet denizens, the flaming troll. The best you can do is not feed them. Fortunately, it's easy to identify and skip their comments thanks to the abuse of all caps.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kevin Heckman:

    Agreed. The best thing to do is ignore them. They get bored soon eventually and move on with their pathetic lives.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Or John blocks them.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    ahhh bigo.. there you go FLUBS



    Dont bring white sox - and LIE -

    Just cover your failures and discuss that BS LOL

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I could do that. Haven't blocked anyone yet though. Usually works to ignore them. Trolling is often a ploy for attention, even if it's negative attention.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I thought you were white sox fan..

    There go FLUBS bingo

    LIE - a Bartman and see his blog

    - Hey i am white sox fan trolling

    Right? LOSER

    Guess what? Usually works to igonore them

    FLUBS lie - then we can smell you out

    Just go on your futility.. Dont LIE - Bartman..

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