Back to that same old place. Cubs 7 White Sox 0

Back to that same old place. Cubs 7 White Sox 0

The Cubs marched into US Cellular field and in front of a semi sorta filled house laid the hammer down on the hometown White Sox. Jeff Samardzija pitched the best game of his life, going the distance for a complete game shutout. On offense, it was all the top half of the lineup as leadoff man Julio bourbon, Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and Alfonso Soriano combined for all nine of the Cubs hits and 6 of their 7 RBI. The Cubs got on the board in the first when Starlin Castro got on base with a walk then tried to steal second base. Now most teams employ a "shortstop or second baseman cover the bag as the catcher throws the ball to second" philosophy. But the White Sox prefer a "Catcher double and triple pumps while the SS eventually gets to second base" strategy. The strategy worked for the Cubs as Castro was safe at second and the Cubs got an extra out. Soriano would make them pay with a long single to score Castro. Julio Borbon would make it a 3-0 lead with a homer off Jose Quintana. The Cubs would pour on runs with RBI by Rizzo, Soriano and even Scot Hairston. And the Sox just didn't have a chance the way Shark was pitching. Let's go digging for clams.


Shark was awesome tonight. Awesome times 10. Complete game 2 hit shutout. Only Shark's second complete game and his first shutout. Shark was 94-95 in the first inning, and 97-98 in the ninth. And his overpowering fastball set up his cutter and a slider that just made the White Sox look foolish. By far the best we've seen from Samardzija this year. Marmol, Russel, Dolis, Newcomer Burnett all looked great sitting on their asses in the bullpen.


Anthony Rizzo was a deep shade of impressive as well. 2 hits including his first triple of the year. That triple plated two runs to boot. So much for that 0-for-23 since signing his extension. It's really cool watching him mature. Just as you're about to raise the slightest worry, he doubles down and gets back in a groove. Good to see.


Soriano might be going on one of his patented hot streaks. 3 for 4 including 2 RBI. The one fallback of Sori getting into a groove is his knack for sometimes admiring his hits. In the first inning Sori crushed one and seemed to look at it before hustling to 1st. Viciedo ade a great play to get the ball in and Sori probably would have been out had he tried for second. And the run scored which is what counts the most. But it obviously drives Cubs fans bats. As twitter was all complaining despite a 1-0 lead. Here's to more Sori hits to debate about is my feeling.

Well that was cool. And the Hawks just tied the Red Wings. Before you know it this series is coming to an end. Tomorrow night is the tail of this series and not only is a lefty taking the bump, it's a darn good one- Chris Sale. But the Cubs are doing some good things. Wellington Castillo walked for the 4th straight game. Castro took a walk. Hopefully Edwin Jackson feels like joining the party. Should be a good one. Onwards.


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  • What great movement on Jeff's pitches tonight....
    MLB Rumors have 5 Cubs on the Most Wanted list by other teams...
    Which Burnett did we get today?...Sean? AJ? Alex? or Sonny?
    I am thinking that if the Cubs could trade their #2 pick away, who would you want in return?
    Interesting point to make, Soriano has 6 steals, Castro has 3.

  • Wasn't much to not like tonight.... Let's hope this continues because that was actually fun to watch

  • Samardzija did look like the ace we all would like him to be tonight.

    And the offense actually showed up. Very Cool - even better that I get to gloat to my brother the White Sox fan.

    There was a Yahoo! rumor that one of the pitchers that Atlanta might be looking at to bolster their depleted bullpen was Gregg,.... wonder what sort of value they might have for him,.... or better yet a 5 month rental of Marmol?

    Just sayin'

    Hope you all had a good Memorial Day Holiday.

  • Counts in Castro's 5 AB's:

    3-1 Walk
    2-1 Weak tap to SS
    3-1 Went to 3-2 and a weak tap to SS
    2-1 Single
    3-1 Went to 3-2 then ripped a double

    Seems like he doesn't have trouble getting into hitters counts. Seems he doesn't know what to do at that point.

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    In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    I really think the criticizing of Castro is out of hand. Does he have a few holes in his game? Sure. But in the ABs you bring up, his OBP is .600, and he did so while seeing a lot of pitches! Are we really going to jump on him for grounding out twice in hitter's counts?

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    Thta's his problem, in a nutshell. How many 'cookies' has he missed in hitters counts? Maybe he's still learning.

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    In reply to djriz:

    Not every 2-1 or 3-1 pitch is a cookie. Major league pitchers typically have the ability to throw any of their pitches for strikes so you don't always get a fastball right down the middle.

    I have to agree with Matt, everybody needs to stop criticizing Castro so much.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    He managed a .600 OBP today. Geez, I can't wait to see what it looks like when he knows what to do with it.

  • Well, I'd say he gets over aggressive in hitters counts. I don't know if I'd say he doesn't know what to do. Still, he's getting in them and if it continues good things will come. We're still only in may....

  • Correct me if Im wrong but the best hitters in the game see 4.5 pitches per AB.

    Looks to me like Starlin is seeing those pitches all the while doing it 2-3 years ahead of most ML regulars

    Relax peeps, he is the least of our problems

  • Amen Brother....

  • Where else can you get a joyous cub win over the sox, wrapped around a wu tang reference. Great work.

  • I did notice Sori admired his HR during the finale of the Reds series. And the thing was, it's not like he powered an upper deck shot or something. It landed in about the 2nd row of the seats. I'm thankful his bat seems to be heating up (we need it badly), but I hope the gazing/jogging thing doesn't become a trend.

  • In reply to Denizen Kane:

    That's been his trend for at least as long as he's been a cub. This regime put an end to the "Hop", maybe they can work on this?.... Still, if we're complaining about it, that means he's hitting....

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    Interesting comments from Hoyer to Patrick Mooney:

    “You want that fieriness and that fight,” Hoyer said. “We lost Game 7 of the ALCS in part because of that mentality. He came out and just dominated. He wants the ball in big spots. He’s a great teammate. He’s always on the top step cheering his teammates on and that toughness and that fire is something you always want. We need a lot of guys like that.”

    Hoyer then pivoted to his perception of how the team’s personality is sometimes viewed.

    “I do take offense – I know that there’s been some people like commenting that our team is laid-back,” Hoyer said. “That’s certainly not the type of team you want to be. You want to have some guys with some fire, with some fight in them. And Matt certainly does bring that to the table.”

    Is this just pumping Garza up for the trade market, or is he saying Garza is a guy they'd like to keep around? Could it be a little of both?

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I guess it's both, but also just an honest assessment from Hoyer.

    I think they have been saying that Garza is the type of SP you can build around since day one.... But, it will take significant value to move him... that's just smart business. If not, he'll be a Cub. Worst case scenario, we get a draft pick because he signs somewhere else.

  • I doubt it goes that way. I don't think Garza wants to do the Kyle Loshe twist in the wind to see if someone gives up a draft pick to sign him AND gives him the money he seeks. My guess is he gets dealt or he signs a friendly extension.

    But I like his fire. He can get a little too obnoxious. But his compete level is large and it can get infectious. Which is a good thing. And considering the hot pile of garbage we gave up to get him ( 4 bust outs and a future middle reliever) I'm glad we got him too.

  • BTW, John, it was chief Brody who said poor Quint was going to need a bigger boat. Spellchecks teeth arent quite sharp yet.

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