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So Carlos Marmol has set off another M-80 in the Psyche of every Cub fan, and the mood is quite rancid. Carlos performance has pretty much been awful and Cub fans are incredibly "Midwest" in that they obsess over a player's contract and add added vitriol or love based on whether a player is over or under paid. I have been a Marmol backer and even I have thrown up my hands on him this year. Personally, I couldn't believe he was still on the roster when the gates opened in Arizona for Spring Training. The Cubs tried to trade him in December, when the Dan Haren trade fell through due to Haren's medical bills being more expensive than Marmol's salary. How in the world could you keep him after that? Did the "almost trade" give Epstoyer the belief that Marmol had "value"? and thus could be traded again?

But the anger towards Marmol is puzzling. Marmol seems like a nice enough dude. He's never moody. He owns up to his mistakes and seems to work hard to erase them. Yet there's real vitriol aimed towards him. is it just residue form hating all things Hendry? Possible I suppose.

Last year, there was a lot of vitriol about Kerry wood in the three or four times he pitched badly. But a lot of that was from Cubbie haters and most of the vitriol was aimed at Ricketts, claiming that he ordered Wood on his team and that Wood was "his pet". Even though the year before Wood was fine and was actually considered a "trade piece" the year before. Besides, when Wood did hang 'em up all was forgiven and he was loved again. Doubt we'll see that with ol #49.

This disdain towards Carlos Marmol is on par or even bigger than LaTroy Hawkins or Jaque Jones. And both of those players actually stoked the fires and told the fans to kiss their ass. Marmol has done nothing of the sort.

It's most likely the position of being closer. losing games in the late innings are total kicks to the gut. Dave Smith drew the ire of Cub fans too. And I remember just wanting to throttle a 57 year old Goose Gossage after he gave up a grand slam to New York Met Fatass Kevin McReynolds. But Gossage was washed up when he got here and so was Smith. Both never did anything good for the Cubs to endear themselves to Cub fans. Marmol set records. 13.6 K's per 9. He was incredible as an 8th inning guy and held his own as closer for a while there too. And the Cubs won with Marmol. And he's only been over pitched and over used by three different managers.

Yet everyone hates him.

I don't get it. I think he needs to go too. At the very least i expect some "forearm tightness" or some other mystery illness and Marmol will be DL'ed where he can work on the side and kind of let this cloud of rancidness dissipate. I think he needs to go, but I find it a little sad watching Marmol fall down from what he was to where he is. And I think I'm alone in feeling that. And that's a shame.


Kudos to the Bulls for their gutsy game 7 win against the fake wannabees that are the Brooklyn Nets. What a perfect home for a team full of posers. I found Joakim Noah completely obnoxious ( so did his teammates) and overrated when he was drafted. But that kids motor simply doesn't stop and he has all the intangibles you want in a player. Much respect for #13.

Think the Cubs starting pitching depth is going to come into play. With Samardzija wasting pitches the way he has and with Garza coming back from an extended injury, a true "long man" out of the pen will be a necessity. Villanueva or Feldman might not like it when they're put in the pen, but they'll probably wind up being more important in that role.

Did Barney just leave more people on base?

The more I think about it, the more I favor Appel over Gray. And not just because he had a better outing this weekend. Appel has been through some adversity with last year's draft and has had eyes on him for awhile now. Yet he's excelled. That will be needed at Clark and Addison.

Couldn't agree more with this Obstructed View column about Tom Ricketts. Ricketts' supposed "threat" was nothing more than an answer to a question in a press conference ABOUT WRIGLEY FIELD. The entire press conference was about Wrigley Field. But forced narrative is a wonderful thing with the Chicago media. And that throw away comment was found gold.

With the Blackhawks playing the Wild in St. Paul this afternoon my music this morning is the Replacements' All Shook Down. I know I know, I just picked the Replacements worst album and maybe the worst album from the whole Minnesota-was-Seattle-before-Seattle-was-Seattle era. But I disagree. First off I sort of see it as a Paul Westerberg solo album. Drummer Chris Mars practically quit and Tommy checked out. But Slim Dunlap ( whose stroke inspired this year's Westerberg-Stinson reunion) really implements himself as lead guitarist and ASD's stripped, almost acoustic sound plays well with Sunday morning. And it's some of Westerberg's best writing, which was always the best part about the band. So All shook Down...

My what to look for is Edwin Jackson. I know there's a "This is why people keep trading for me" performance in there and it's coming out to play soon. Hopefully today.


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  • So what to do with Marmol? No team will trade for him. Do the Cubs keep letting him pitch? Put him on the DL with a fake injury? Eat the rest of his contract and release him?

  • Well, that's kind of it. Any answer is possible, and who knows what the right one is. Although the releasing him makes the most sense. The contract is a non-issue, once he made the club in Spring he was getting his money. He's not gonna garner any trade value between now and July and he's not gonna be part of the team next year. So the best thing to do would be release him.

  • Statistics say Carlos Marmol has now appeared in 453 games.

    And yet after 453 appearances, the Cubs bullpen and Carlos himself still can't tell whether he's got anything when he is warming up? Can't tell whether he's going to strike out the side or whether he's not going to be able to throw a single strike?

    I'll admit that my next bullpen session will be my first. And I understand that adrenaline flows differently once you get to the real mound; I get that, really I do. But I find it incredulous that Carlos could pass bullpen scrutiny yet not be able to throw a single strike once he gets into the game (Dale was quoted as saying that NONE of Carlos's pitches were strikes yesterday).

    Regardless, GO CUBS!!

  • Actually, fans were patient with Marmol at first, this has been going on for quite some time. He just does not throw strikes. A fan can put with only so much. I echo your question. Why is he still here? Good guy or not it is killer to continue to lose games late.

  • Why hate him? Just get rid of him.

  • Great post, felzz. I share your attitude towards Marmol. I'm still rooting for him to figure it out.

  • If anything Cub fans have been too patient with this whole Marmol fiasco. Never would have been allowed to get to this point of destroying the karma of a ballclub in most cities. Midwest, West Coast or East Coast.
    He is a poster boy for the futility of the franchise the last 3 years. It is a huge negative influence to have around a young rebuilding team. The one big mistake that Theo and Jed have made. Bite the bullet boys, it is way past time.

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  • I waa SO thrilled with the Haren-Marmol fake news. That deal would have made Feldman unnecessary, given us a relatively equal performance as Feldman's so far, and if Haren holds up... He's worth more in trade than Feldman. The money would have been about even. And I would rather see Haren on our DL than see Marmol ever pitch in a meaningful game again.

    I'm really looking forward to the clean slate. When Marmol, Stewart, Garza, DeJesus, Soriano and Sveum have all moved on, leaving us with a handful of fresh, young players who may or may not be worth something. It's just that feeling you get when the board is erased, and you dust off your hands. And you go get a damp sponge, and really clean it good. And that first piece of chalk hits the blank slate, which is still a little bit wet, and you know the next name you write will be hard to erase because the chalk mixes with the water a little bit, and it will harden and solidify right there, in the upper right. That name being Giancarlo Stanton!

    Please let this era end.

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    Looking for a solution? I've found one!


  • I remem,ber when marmolwaxs unhittable and everyone was scared to death of him. He has always been a drama queennd has always had control problems. His total meltdown this year was to me unexpected, but not asurprise. Lee Smith was our last really great closer, until he wanted out and became Serve' em up Smith. It is a unique roll and requires the constitution of aa rhino and the skin to go with it. I think we should look for someone with Alzheimer's. Is there an Eckersley on this roster? I doubt it. Carlos should be packing. He is done here, and probably everywhere. What a slider! Sad. Really if I had to guess, Smardjia is the best prospect on the roster to close.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    Please excush typhos. My left hand is trash from a stroke.

  • I don't hate Edwin Jackson but I HATE his signing and deal more and more with his every start, WOW I can't stand watching this guy anymore, it literally makes me angry, always has that 1 bad inning, already gave up 4 hits and 3 runs in the 4th, no outs! Never liked this deal, and it's starting to how more and more I'm right, yeah he has good stuff, but who cares he's been on 8 teams now, he's only 28! Good stuff but he can't ever put it all together for a whole game...

    Serious question here... What do you guys think about making Edwin Jackson the Closer???

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    I'm in the Tony Zych camp. Let's face it. We are just trying to play the year out with the clowns we have. Guys like Tony Zych or Trey McNutt are probably back of the rotation guys for us. Dolis might be another guy. But all of these guys are at least 1 year away.

    It's just gonna be a patchwork quilt until the 2015 season starts, imo.

    I don't think there is any way Jackson moves into the closer role. This guy was sign specifically to just eat innings, period. But it's pretty hard to win games when the Cubs hitting is doing exactly what the #29 hitting ball club does. We still have a goose egg on the scoreboard......

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    I know Edwin Jackson gets paid a lot, 52m over 4 years, but that's how much a good closer gets paid, example Johnathong papelbon's deal was 4 yeas 50m... i'm not sure what other recent good closers have gotten but i'm sure it's pretty close to what Edwin Jackson got, maybe he could solidify the bullpen when Garza gets back, because right now, Jackson doesn't deserve to stay in the rotation over anyone else...

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    Vitters hr today

  • Josh Vitters is terrible, I don't think we will ever see Vitters or B Jackson on the Cubs Major League team ever again...

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    In reply to Nik0522:

    I'm rooting for him and Jackson despite the odds

  • In reply to Dale Miller:

    Me too Dale, they were both my favorite prospects for awhile, Vitters being the 3rd overall pick with a supposedly pefect swing, and Jackson being the 5 tool player ManChild... but after last season wow, Vitters had some of the worst at bats I have ever seen, and made me fall in love w Luis Valbuena, Luis V is just so much better defensively and offensively, then Jackson, he just strikes out way too much, I still have a little hope for Jackson, but I think i've lost all hope for Vitters.

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    the only cause for animosity against mamrol is the fact (?) that, according to reports, he has been advised/urged to throw fastballs, which he has a chance of spotting, yet he continues to throw sliders which he has no idea where they're going to end up. If he is in fact not following direct instructions or a pre-determined game plan based on scouting, then, yeah, go ahead and be angry.

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    camp, you suck.

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    I quit watching the Bulls, and the NBA for that matter, about the time the Bulls acquired Dennis Rodman, but speaking from the perspective of a die hard Kentucky Wildcat fanatic, the only person more disliked by BIG BLUE NATION than Joakim Noah, is Christian Laetnner , and Noah has a long way to go to catch Laetnner.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Bulls vs. Heat could be ugly, sure would be nice if Rose could play.

  • Say what you want about the whole "THE CUBS ARE MOVING THE SKY IS OFFICIALLY FALLING" mentality, it has caused Beth Murphy to go into what appears to be a permanent deer in the headlights look. If this this goes to court and the rooftops win, they lose because the Cubs threaten to move. And if they lose, they lose.

    I don't see the Cubs winning, but it was nice to see Ricketts throw down his ultimate trump card with the rooftop owners.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:


    man 2008 was so long ago I can't even get my thoughts straight

  • Fezz noted above, Barney 14 LOB over the 3 game Reds series!! The Cubs must get better production out of that spot in the line-up. Any ideas?

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    In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    Logan Watkins

  • Will he be gone by the All-Star Break? Let's hope so.

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    My favorite Replacements albums are Let It Be and Tim. Let It Be was released Oct. 2, 1984, the day the Cubs beat the San Diego Padres 13-0 in the first game of the NL playoffs. That may be the greatest day of my life. Also, I had a full head of hair with some serious hockey flow going on.

  • Those two are clearly the best of the Replacements catalog. "Let It Be is considered in some circles to be the ground zero of alternative music. I am personally a Tim fan. The Mats were at a higher peak in their game, Bob was spinning out of control, the most chaos, the best music out of that chaos....

    But All shook down fit the moment, so it got the mention....

    My biology teacher let us watch that game in class. When Sutcliffe hit that homer....man....Oh well.

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    Though I do agree with you on Tim, I am not a fan of the rest of the Sire records. Sire was so great at marketing new and unheard of talent,and Seymour Stein is an indie legend, the last of a breed, in fact, but I don't like the direction that they insisted upon for the 'Mats. As you said, the songwriting is brilliant. But they lost their edge on Sire.

    When Sut hit the HR I thought we were destiny's team and World Series bound. Still crushed by Steve Friggin' Garvey and Leon Durham. :(

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