The Chill of victory...

The Chill of victory...

The Cubs, who could do little right in the beginning of the game, found a way to do almost everything right in the latter stages, coming back to beat the Brewers 6-3 in front of thousands of hypothermia victims in Wrigley Field. The Cubs started out like they started out their home opener, slow. The Brewers stranded two in the first but struck hard in the second. The first run scored when Starlin Castro  threw wildly to home plate, allowing Jean Segura to score. Castro would then rabble the rousers when he couldn't get the ball out of his mitt, allowing the second run to score. ( To be fair to Castro, he did a hell of a job just getting to the ball and it's debatable whether they would have gotten the runner at 2nd had he got the ball out cleanly.) After a fateful walk to the hilariously bad Rickee Weeks, Syringe tested, Mother approved Ryan Braun came up to the plate and singled home Yunesky Betancourt. But Travis wood would settle down and the Cubs would find their bats. In the 7th. Pinch hitter Steve Clevenger led of with a single and went to third on Kim Dejesus' husband's double. Castro then fought off multiple pitches before driving in a run with a ground out. Ron Roenecke then brought in Mike Gonzalez to face Rizzo, who promptly drove a right field double to score Dejesus. Carlos Marmol ( Yes, you read that correctly...) threw a competent 8th inning. In the latter half,Nate Schierholtz doubled. We'll be kind and say Castillo sacrificed him to 3rd. And then BACK TO BACK WALKS!!!!! filled up the bases. (Granted, one was intentional, but BACK TO BACK WALKS!)  Scott Hairston hit a ball that 80% of center fielders would have prevented a run from scoring on. Carlos Gomez is running for president of the other 20%. David Dejesus would then Ice the game away with a two run single. Let's come in from the cold and come down from the wire....


Kudos to Travis Wood for working through a shaky start. We'll give him a pass for the wildness ( only 64 strikes in 102 pitches) as off speed pitchers have a harder time pitching in the arctic. And a short outing would have really hamstrung the Bullpen. But he buckled down and held the Brewers to just three hits, all harmless, the remaining three innings. Rondon pitched the 7th which leads us to...


( Yeah, yeah, lots replacements quotes recently. So what, they ruled.) So Sveum said that Marmol would only come in in non essential situations, IE mop up time, and yet here he was with the game tied in the 8th. Now when Marmol started warming up it was 3-1 Brewers, and sitting Marmol down just because the Cubs were coming back would have done more harm than good. And Marmol had a very frills free inning. Yes, he allowed a triple ( really a double turned into a triple. Welcome to the right field well Nate....) But otherwise, good command nice break on the slider. Good inning. And despite missing his spots, Fujikawa nailed down the save. I don't see any reason why Sveum wouldn't keep it this way. If Marmol's more effective in this role, leave him there. It's not like he couldn't build up trade value from that spot. In fact, you could argue he might build up more as an 8th inning guy. And if Fujikawa takes to closing, well then you have options to trade, keep, everything. Huzzah.


The lefties carried the Cubs today. Dejesus 3 for 5. Rizzo with a hit, 2 RBI and 2 walks. Schierholtz and Clevenger with timely hits.  The big one was watching Rizzo hit the lefty. That's twice. The numbers don't bear it out yet. But if that part of his game improves from April to May To June, to so on, then this season will take a giant step toward being a successful one.

So HEY HEY. A come from behind win. I was ready to write this game off if they wound up losing because it was so damn cold. So I don't get too excited over the win. It was a comeback win. And those are important. When you can win them, you should. Scott FELDMAN!!!!!! takes the bump trying to correct his first start. Kyle Loshe tries to make people forget he's 39 years old. Let's make the first home series a winning one.





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  • Good to see a win - especially pulling one out toward the end and showing a touch of offense.

    And - two straight appearances where Marmol didn't give up a run,.... again - gotta focus on the little things.

  • "Welcome to the right field wall" lmao!! Love your recaps, looking forward to a full season of them.

  • Thank you sir. Hopefully, it will be a great time for all of us.

  • Keep those Replacements quote coming! Meant to comment on that yesterday.

    Was wondering if anybody else noticed how Fujikawa's fastball looks like it's getting on hitters a lot quicker than 91-92. Movement is probably part of it, but he also sort of short arms it and the ball must look like it's coming right out of his sleeve. Whatever the case, hitter just didn't seem to be picking up on it tonight.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    My concern is as MLB hitters adjust, will he?....

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Fujikawa is a short term solution. He may not be with the Cubs by the time the league figures him out -- if they ever do. Hitting is timing and Fujikawa seems to do a good job of disrupting that.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    His fastball has a hop at the end when he doesn't overthrow.

  • Cubs and Hawks win, Sox lose... a red letter day.

  • In reply to cubs1969:

    Well said.

  • My concern is how much of Fujikawa's inning was move movement and how much of it was wildness in the zone. I saw at least twice where Castillo would set up outside only to catch the ball inside. Yes they were both strikes. But wild in the zone is what can lead to huge home runs....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Good observation, Felzz.

  • Thanks for the recap, Felzz.
    All in all, an encouraging win. We overcame some sloppy play and a lousy start with some solid situational hitting and good at-bats by Castro, Schierholtz, DDJ, and even Hairston.
    Castro's play to prevent the go-ahead run changed the game. And kudos to Wood for not packing it in after a bad inning. That's resiliency.

  • When the Cubs get all their players healthy and in their comfortable roles this team will be much more fun to watch. Sveum is doing good and seems to have a better feel for the team so far this year.

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    Great recap Felzz. Hilarious while offering great observation and an un-bias approach to giving us the gist if we didn't watch the game so we know how it truly went.

    "went to third on Kim Dejesus' husband's double" Floored me on that one. Can't wait for the Cardinals recaps......"This just in, an astonishing estimated 20% of Cardinal fans showered before the game today" PRICELESS! Keep it up man.

    P.S. Thanks for keeping up the box score.

  • Anything for you Marcel.

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