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I like to think that I cover the light hearted and fun aspects of the Cubs here at Cubs Den so John and Tom can spend whatever time they have doing the reporting, number crunching, scouting and opinion making that makes this Blog the best Cubs blog going. So when something as asinine as last night's events happen, I feel it's my job, neigh, duty, to take the initiative and write about it.

If you live under a rock, or were properly detained or what have you, some luke warm IQ bearing nimrod mailed a goat's head to Wrigley Field. It set Twitter ablaze and jokes were had at Tom Ricketts expense, Theo's expense, and frankly all our expenses too.

I'm absolutely livid about this. Perhaps I shouldn't be. I know a lot of people will brush it off as "Some nut job who really isn't a Cub fan." But here's the thing....He'll be called a Cub fan. He'll be treated as a Cub fan. The news won't cover it as "some nut". The spin on this will be "This is how Cub fans act." Is sending the head of an animal depicting a stupid myth that happened over 70 years ago a good representation of who you are?

I recently got into a little Twitter spat with my good friend Matt Spiegel. He's continuing a Marmol joke that I, myself, don't find particularly funny. And I've accused his place of employment of being "Cub hate 670". I can't stand how they play to the lowest common denominator of Cub Fan for amusement and popularity. Drives me crazy. But I'm dead where I stand in my cause if "fellow Cub fans" not only embrace acting like beer chugging, fraternity raised simpletons who's vocabulary consists of "WHOOOOOO!!!", "CUBBIES!!!!!!!" and "F.U." but actually promote it to the masses by sending a fricking goat head to the owner.

I hope all the people here at this Blog are saddened and a little put off by last night's happenings. I hope whatever water cooler conversations aren't aided by any of us. There's jokes I could make, that I kinda want to make. Because I like to have a good time. And the Cubs are usually a great outlet for having a good time.  But I can't. Not with this act of childish stupidity. This sucks.

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    Agree with everything you said.

    For all we know it could have been a Cards fan that sent it because he knows that it will set the social communities ablaze with Cubs fan jokes and hatred. I would hope not but I do know a couple Cards fans I wouldn't put it past. I also hope it isn't a true Cubs fan, but even if it is he can't truly be called a Cubs fan... just an idiot.

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    In reply to Zachary Myers:

    It's funny you should say that. Years ago, there was a troll who hung out on the Cubs boards in Yahoo Groups. He claimed to be a Cards fan, and that he lived a few blocks from Wrigley Field. He once swore he was going to cut off a goats head and send it to Wrigley Field.

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    Damn Felzzy, you almost make me want to change my Twitter handle. I agree. I don't see anything funny about this. I haven't actually read anything on this yet, other than hear, but I can't imagine Ricketts opens his own mail. Imagine the poor person who did open it.

  • Felzz, can you please do me a favor and not use the Lords name in vain. I really respect this blog and enjoy reading your posts. But as a professional writer, I'd hope you could find a better way to get your point across. Thanks.

  • In reply to Ibleedcubbieblue:

    Point taken. Will definitely refrain in the future.

  • Do you really think it was a Cubs fan?

    I was more worried about mob connections to the rooftop owners...

  • Heard about this on the news this morning and then decided that it wasn't worth my time to get even part way worked up about it. Some bonehead got drunk and thought he was doing something funny. I'm thinking that when he sobered up he realized he was just being an a$$.

  • Being the butt of ill-mannerred jokes is all part of the torment of being a die-hard. I've been endiring this effrontery since 1945, when at 8 I had the misfortune of being a budding athletic supporter and the Cubs were almost winners that year. Little was I aware of the taint of that pennant until it was too late. Luckily, I had the Bears to fall back upon.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    I was going to say something about being a budding athletic supporter but that would be ill-mannered of me.

  • It's definitely not just "Some nut job who really isn't a Cub fan"

    Think back to any time on Twitter or other social media, in a bar, or at an actual game...who inevitably, invariably brings up the Goat, and Bartman and anything else? It's Cardinals and White Sox fans. They are the ones who constantly talk about it. Outside of the media, who likes to drum that stuff up because they're lazy, those two fan bases constantly talk about it. So it has to be one of them.

  • Even if was a Sox fan or a Cards fan, it wouldn't excuse anything. It's still a story. And it's still being treated in the "How about those Cub fans" genre of BS. And that the reaction has been one of amusement and hilarity, is just sad.

  • We don't know if it was a Cubs fan but Felzzy is right perception is reality.

  • This to me is an omen. It's time to move out of Wrigley. We're celebrating 100 years at the Confines next year?! Why? What's there to celebrate. I'm so tired of all the BS that has been going on with City Hall and the Lake View residents for years now. Move out of there please! It's time. Mr Ricketts please take that as a message to move on and build a newer better version of Wrigley. If not Rosemont than somewhere else out of Chicago. The Giants and Jets are in a different state and they still make it work. We don't need Wrigley any more. It's always going to be a hassle. Move on. The Cubs and us fans (not the frat boys who go there to drink and be seen) will be better off for it.

  • Ricketts needs to build a giant "Green Monster" wall behind the bleachers and totally block out the roof top owners. Use the wall for electronic ads inside and outside of the park. And on every half of hour, show a image of a goat towards the roof top bars laughing.

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    BTW, goat's head is an Italian delicacy. Many meat shops carry it. So it's possible the head was purchased.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    It had a Department of Agriculture tag, so that might be.

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    In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    Jim, sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. I assume you mean the tag that comes from the slaughter house. If that's the case, whoever it is must be a moron. That tag is traceable.

  • Will be interesting when the police get the fingerprints off the package and find the nut that did this.

  • It's about damn time someone got a hold of that goat. The curse is over! The curse is over! The head is the proof. :)

  • Felzz, I couldn't agree more with you. A classless act, by a classless person, that unfortunately will be used as fuel by Cubs bashers. I'm sick to death of what amounts to as institutionalized bullying of Cubs fans by the haters. I understand rivalry, in particular with divisional opponents, but I've just never understood the unrelenting rancor towards the Cubs by many fans of the White Sox. And this will be viewed as more fuel for their fire. Too bad, really.

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