Oh my Golly! Cubs 3 Marlins 2

Oh my Golly! Cubs 3 Marlins 2

David Dejesus hit the game winning RBI and preserved the game with some great defense as the Cubs won their 3rd straight game defeating the Marlins 3-2 at Ponzi Scheme Park.  The Cubs once again got on the board in the first. Kim Dejesus' husband, obviously inspired by a Kim Dejesus tan attained at Miami Beach, led off with a double that GianCarlo Stanton would turn into a triple with an error. Dejesus would jog home when pitcher threw a wild pitch that caused Marlins catcher to do the "Scooby Doo" where he just stands up and looks haplessly for the ball while it lays comfortably three feet behind him. Giancarlo Stanton would make up for his error by hitting a home run further than any man has a right to hit a home run. It easily went 500 feet. The oly reason it didn't is people in Miami can't count that high. It went over the scoreboard in left field. The Cubs would jump out again in the 2nd when Nate Schierholtz would double and score on a Luis Valbuena ground ball. And once again a solo home run would tie it up as Olivo hit one into the Clevelander in left field, where fans were way too busy trying to get laid to notice the incoming baseball. Gotta love Miami. Stayed that way until the 7th when Lim Dejesus' husband would drive in a hustling Wellington Castillo. Easy peezy, Japaneesy.


Travis (Bickle) Wood made it six straight quality starts for the Cubs. Six innings pitched, two runs allowed on 3 hits while walking one and striking out 5 before being lifted for a pinch hitter. He got burned on both home runs when that "backdoor" slider got too much of the plate. That's gonna happen and thankfully both home runs were solo shots. It shows how important command is for Wood. But 91 pitches was just fine for 6 innings and it continues a strong run for both Travis and the Cubs staff. Goofy Kameron Loe was fine in the 7th. James Russell, who needs a haircut, and an unexpected Carlos Marmol appearance got through the 8th before the Save Bot 9000- Kevin Gregg worked a very effective 9th. From the streets to closer...why not?


The Cubs defense won this game. Nope, haven't had a thing to drink and haven't hit my head on anything recently. Alfonso Soriano made a running grab in left field and Nate Schierholtz left half the skin of his arm on the warning track dirt making an excellent catch in right field.  But the centerpiece of the excellent defense was turned in by Starlin Castro. With two on and two out in the 8th and Marmol trying to register in double digits on the "sphincter scale" ( nah.....), Austin Kearns ( Austin Kearns??!!?!!? Really??!!!??) laced one up the middle. Castro ranged to his left. Dove, stopped the ball and flipped it to Barney who may or may not have beaten Stanton to the bag. Whatever, he was called out. You can almost feel the confidence building on this team ( Just as you could really feel it dissapate when they were all left feet and thumbs earlier.). Anyway, good pitching and good defense will keep the Cubs in every game, even against major league teams let alone the Marlins.


I guess I see what Dale likes about Luis Valbuena. He's not particularly.....talented. But he keeps coming and if I can use a term that I don't really care for, he "finds a way to contribute"... Maybe Sveum is just hyping up Valbuena to light a fire under Ian Stewart ( Yeah sure, that'll work.). But Luis might just be the hard working, do whatever is asked of you and then some player that Dale was when he was a player. And maybe him and Ransom form a glue patch platoon until Villanueva, Vitters Or Mike Olt when he's acquired for Travis Wood in July, are ready. ( Hehehehe.....)

Hey ho, three in a row. Mr. Mustache takes the bump against former Cub prospect Ricky Nolasco for the sweep. Why not, right?  Hey the Cubs season was going nowhere quickly and they just put their heads down and went to work. They're by no means in the clear but they're playing like a real team. Me likey. Till tomorrow.





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  • One correction: I think DeJesus was more inspired by Kim's cans rather than her tan. Once again another awesome recap Felzz.

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    In reply to thunderpup12:

    She probably tan's topless, and either way, there's a lot to be inspired by.

  • Valbuena has TWTW. Give us 25 Valbuena's or other TWTW guys and the Cubs would never lose, just ask Hawk.

  • Oh my golly is right! Their growing confidence (and consistently stellar starting pitching) corresponds with my growing optimism for the season.

  • Well, I'm happy to see this after the trainwreck of the first couple of weeks.

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    I think we have to give Jim Hendry some credit. Kevin Gregg is working out just as planned. Albeit, 4 years late. But that's nitpicking.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Gregg has never been an ideal closer,... but being a closer is almost as much about mental outlook & confidence as it is about being unhittalble.

    The guy has 4-5 seasons of 20+ saves under his belt. He knows how to walk the walk.

  • "Kim Dejesus's husband" makes me laugh, without fail, every single time. In light of all the "Castro can't hack it at shortstop" smack-talking it is time to give him his propers. That was a great play and he's been more than solid lately. The Marlins are WOEFUL, but we are doing what we should. Great recap Felzz. Onward!

  • Say what you want about Kevin Gregg - but the man has been a closer before - and a very effective one despite never having been a real 'shutdown' closer with 'shutdown' stuff.

    He's got a couple of decent pitches,... and a bit of chuztpah,.... and as long has he doesn't regularly get too much of the plate he's always been somewhat effective. I actually thought he was a very workmanlike closer for the Cubs before they initially handed the job off to Marmol a few years back.

    What I like about the team of late - not trying to discount the FACT that they are playing the worst team in the league at the moment in Miami - is that they have solidified the defense some since Barney returned, they have been making all the routine defensive plays and some almost stellar ones as well, and that the relief pitching has generally NOT broken down with the addition of Loe and Gregg.

    They have not really been completely out of many games this season - and with a solid defense, continuned solid starting pitching, and with an adequate bullpen (for a change) they have a chance to beat just about anybody any given day again.

  • Funny recap lol, thanks for the article... Although, I will say, I'm in Miami and I can definitely count to 500 lol.

  • Lets get out the brooms! May not have too many chances rest of year.

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    Hold y'all's horses. I'm as glad as anyone that we've won three in a row, and that we have a chance to win four in a row, but please keep in mind that this is the Marlins we're talking about here. They are the equivalent of the Bad News Bears, with Stanton being their Kelly Leak.

    Someone was right to point out in yesterday's game thread that the Cubs' schedule, up to this series, has been brutal, but we're still talking about a team that's not good enough to make the playoffs. So other than making us briefly feel good until our next ass whoop'n, all we've really done is probably ensure that they win any tiebreaker we might have with them for draft position in 2014. Just say'n.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Understood, Michael, but when the team plays solid baseball, we can take stock in that, regardless of whom we face. I'll be ok with a losing record as long as that record comes with fundamental play. That's the light at the end of this tunnel we are currently in. Imagine what we would look like with just a couple of hot hitters.

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    In reply to cubs1969:

    Understood my friend, progress is what I am looking for. Are the guys who are the most likely to be with this team 3 years from now making progress?

    I wouldn't necessarily define progress, at least not at this point, as a better won-loss record. I would define progress as them not beating themselves, which they seemed to do a lot in April. When this team clearly has better talent across the board than other teams, that's when I'll start worrying about wins and losses.

  • Ha! Thanks Felzz.

    And good stuff on the game. I was catching bits and pieces of the game last night and this fills in the gaps.

    As for beating the Marlins, I think the thing it proves most is that these losses aren't on Sveum, it's just that the Cubs were outmanned by some pretty good teams early on. Hopefully the winning breeds some confidence late in ball games going forward.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Was at the game again today... I went to Chicago for the Texas-Cubs series... So this year I'm 4-1 when I go to the games... Maybe I should send a letter to the team for them to bring me as a lucky charm lol.

  • In reply to Caps:

    And by today I mean yesterday lol

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    BTW, Valbuena had some really nice AB's last night. That brings his slash line to .254/.347/.492 on the year. I realize that's after 19 games and 72 PA, which is a small sample size, but if that BA continues to stay around .250 and that OBP around .350, he might make Ian Stewart irrelevant to the third base equation, especially if Stewart continues to struggle at Iowa.

    Valbuena is never going to be a super-star, but he is still someone I could see being around in a few years, when the Cubs are ready to contend. He hits left-handed. He plays multiple positions (2b, 3b, Ss, Rf and Lf), and he seems to be the kind of stand up guy you would want around a bunch of young studs to show them the ropes.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Michael, i've got to admit that i may have been wrong about Valbuena (i'll drop the NoBuena for now) but he will be a good guy to have around while the reinforecements are developing in the minors and beyond

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    I agree on Valbuena but I think they'll be tempted to trade him at the deadline...

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    In reply to Dale Miller:

    Everyone is for sale if the price is right.

  • Ha! Ponzi Scheme Park.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    I second the kudos for Ponzi Scheme Park. And for Kim DeJesus' husband. Keep using those two and I'll keep laughing.

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