Lost in the fog

Lost in the fog

If life was fair to the actual 5000 people of the announced 25,000 paid crowd that actually showed up today, the fog that was around Chicago would have localized in Wrigley field and prevented the paying customers from having to watch today's game. But Life isn't fair, and what the poor brave souls were treated to was a game that was 30 percent Jeckyll and 70 percent Hyde as the Cubs lost to the defending world champs 7-6. The Cubs got off to a wonderful start.  After scoring their first run on a San Francisco error the Cubs would lengthen their lead in the third when Anthony Rizzo would line a shot into left center with Castro on 2nd base. 3-0 Cubs.Nate Schierholtz would then single, steal second base, go to third on a hot shot by Beef that Giants SS Brandon Crawford couldn't handle and stay there as Luis Valbuena walked. And Brent Lillibridge, BRENT LILLIBRIDGE, in what may be his first and final hit for the Cubs, singled to right and scored both Schierholtz and Castillo. 5-0 Cubs. That's when the Cubs Drew a big ol "X" on their scrotum, got out a Croquet Mallet and started swinging...hunter Pence and Nick "Nack" Noonan would get on base with singles. Ryan Voglesong hits the most ordinary grounder to Starlin Castro who let the ball go through his legs. Pence scores. 5-1 Cubs. Angel Pagan hits a ball to Brent Lillibridge, Brent Lillibridge then holds out for a contract extension or poses for a sketch artist or something because he refuses to throw home, refuses to throw to first, refuses to do anything other than stand there with the ball. 5-2 Cubs. A HBP loads the bases up and Kung Fu Panda Does what Kung Fu Panda does- a Double scores 2. 5-4 Cubs and the fans are praying for that fog to come rolling in. In the fifth, Brandon Belt would single off of Rizzo's glove, and Gregor Blanco would walk- Exit Feldman, in comes Hisanori Takahashi. No better, Nick Nack Noonan singles, the ever maddening WALK TO THE PITCHER WITH THE BASES LOADED would tie the game, a sacrifice fly Pagan, and another single would make it 7-5 Giants. The Cubs would make it 7-6 and have the tying run in scoring position but wonder kids Castro and Rizzo would each strike out in different but equally maddening frustration- Castro corkscrewing himslef into the ground seining, Rizzo attracting pigeons to land on him in statue like fashion looking. Let's sleep now in the fire.


Feldman was a victim of his teams poor defense, and may have deserved better. But it's not like he was cruising and done in by his defense. He was "Meh" all day and then done in by his defense. 7 hits and 3 walks in 4 1/3rd innings is not good. Neither were the 93 pitches. I'm usually the first person to give a pitcher till May, if not Memorial Day, to show what kind of pitcher he is. But Feldman needs to show he can pitch beyond 5 innings soon. Takahashi didn't have it in the 5th ( Did he warm up in time?) But settled down in the 6th. Bowden, Camp, and Russell were fine the rest of the way.


By far the worst defensive game in the Dale Sveum era. Castro has moments like that, doesn't excuse it any, but at least you understand it. I have no idea what Lillibridge was doing. Yes Feldman was late breaking to first, but he still had a step ahead of Pagan. And simply closing your eyes and wishing really hard that someone will be called out has never ever really worked. Plus, Randy Mckay had the outfield positioned really deep.Too deep if you ask me. Would Soriano have gotten a better throw if he didn't have to run an extra 15 -20 feet and get positioned? I don't know. But I saw a lot of outfield running that didn't need to be if they played a little more shallow. The Giants aren't Slugger's alley.


That had to be the most frustrating way for the Cubs to end the game, with both building blocks failing to deliver the game tying hit. Castro went up to the plate like he was double parked. Sergio Romo has a nasty slider but still. Hack, hack, hack. Video tape session tomorrow I'm guessing. And Rizzo  just froze. 3 K's today. H'es hitting the big fly but the strikeout rate is too high.

Maddening game. You hate to see the Cubs give one away. You especially hate when they give three games away in one game. That's what happened here. Full marks to the Giants for making the Cubs pay for their mistakes. But that's a 2 foot putt the way the Cubs played. It sure don't get any easier tomorrow as matt Cain takes the bump against Carlos Villanueva. Can we at least get better weather? Till tomorrow.




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  • John, pro and cons of trading Baez or Castro. Can he iimprove
    on his errors, both physical and mental. I hear Stanton might be
    on the block. Is this a fair deal for both teams. If not, what will?

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    I think we shouldn't over-react to a bad game. The whole team played poorly. Days like this are going to happen with a young, undermanned team.

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    Not really envying you Felzzy. Trying to write this stuff up day after day can't be fun. You're right -- the struggles of Rizzo and Castro to this point has been the most disappointing part of an incredibly disappointing year.

    Though Scott Feldman's performances to this point are in the running.

    Hopefully we get 'em tomorrow.

  • If Beef strikes out, or pops out, of flies out in the 7th, rather than hitting into the DP, it's a tie game going into the ninth. Frustrating.

  • As usual, love your journalistic flair Adam. Especially the Croquet Mallet reference. Personally, I think you're being too easy on Feldman. He has sucked all Spring. I'm all for giving him til May, Memorial day even to prove his worth... but no matter how much lipstick we put on that pig, it's still a pig until he proves he's not.

  • "Castro has moments like that, doesn't excuse it any, but at least you understand it"

    I tell you what, I am starting to not understand it with Castro. 3 errors already and should have two more were it not for a friendly scorekeeper. I have seen no improvement from him defensively. Sure you can blame the weather, but the way I understand it, World Series games are played in late October in sometimes crappy weather like today.

    So far this season in 40 AB's, Castro has walked a grand total of 0 (zero) times. That works out to a walk % of 0.0%. His second to last AB he gets to 3-0, takes a pitch for a strike and then swings at almost the identical pitch.....And pops out to first.

    I made the comment yesterday that instead of looking to trade Baez, I think we may need to look at trading Castro. I don't think he fits the mold of a Theo/Jed baseball player. Average on defense and doesn't know how to work the count.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    As opposed to Baez, who is average on defense and doesn't work the count? And who still hasn't hit FSL pitching? Please. That's just frustration talking.

    Cubs front office won't trade him because while they realize he has faults, they realize the good far, far, far outweighs the bad. In other words, they look at the big picture instead of fixating on what he does wrong and aren't going to make rash decisions because he makes a couple of mistakes.

    And I am thankful we have that kind of front office instead of one like the Diamondbacks, who trades a star young player because they couldn't look at the big picture. For 2 years they focused on what was wrong with Justin Upton. The Braves were more than happy to take him off their hands.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Doesnt have to be a rash decision, just a considered one based on a couple of years play. Baez is the prospect that has to improve his game, he should be allowed to grow into his potential. Castro is supposed to be the star but who seems to need a lot of benefit of the doubt and excuses for his less than average play. The thing that is troubling to me is he obviously has the talent, just doesn't seem focused or motivated to consistently use it. I think this would be apparent to the current FO and that Castro will be moved at the appropriate time, nothing rash but looking more and more likely with each passing grounder and no walks games. Maybe being mentored by fonsi isn't such a great idea.

  • In reply to eddie35:

    He's a 3+ WAR player. That is not below average. It's well above average. And what can you tell about his motivation by watching him play on TV? I can tell you that people who actually know him and are with him have no problems with his motivation. If anything, they rave about it.

    You're just giving me subjective stuff on limited info but it doesn't fit the numbers or objective criteria.

    At Baez's age, Castro was already hitting .300 in the big leagues. He has a much, much longer way to go. It's not even close. Baez is not even as good a prospect as Castro was in Class A.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I'm not saying Baez is a better prospect at this point than Castro, and you are right he has much farther to go and hopefully improve. How objective are you being saying Baez is not as good a prospect as Castro in Class A now that Baez has how many games there? If you base your evaluation of Castro on his week of this season what would your objective evaluation be? Three errors projects to how many over the course of the season? Zero walks works out to what ? Not a +3 WAR player is it? You may want to base your comparison of Castro and Baez on the same objective criteria, if that is what you are doing.

    Castro may have put up +3 war numbers but his play is still inconsistent and .at times below average. A replacement player, similar to Lillbridge say, wouldn't last long or keep getting the benefit of the doubt like Castro. And the talk you refer to of his motivation I'm sure occurs, like the talk of winning a golden glove goal that Sveum and Castro talked about. That does sound motivating and motivated doesn't it, also extremely unlikely if he continues to field like he has early this season, and most of last season. Do you think he is a gold glove fielder at this point?

    And regardless I don't think that makes him untouchable for a trade, any more than Baez should be. I agree that Castro had more value at this point so should bring back more, which is all I meant to say.

  • In reply to eddie35:

    Baez also had some time at high Class A last year but you're probably right there. I should give him more time. Castro had three times as many games at that level but he wound up an all-star in that league and was over a year younger than Baez is now, so Baez has a lot to catch up on.

    Whether someone is untouchable and whether it makes sense to trade someone, that is, whether you can hope to get equal value, are two completely different things. Nobody is untouchable, but guys like Castro fall into that second category.

    You have to look at Castro's overall body of work. He's been a very productive player for 3 years despite his flaws. I'm saying you can't judge him based on what he did this week and throw out everything else.

    Lillibridge doesn't get the benefit of the doubt because he has been a replacement level player and there is little chance of him ever being much more than that at this stage of his career. Meanwhile Castro has played at an all-star level. It would be absurd for the Cubs to give up on Castro because he had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month... or even a bad year. It's absurd not just because of what hes done in the past but because of what he's capable of doing in the present and the future. And even if he doesn't reach his potential, he's still one of the best at his position in the NL. The Cubs shouldn't be trading good young players who are already productive at the MLB level. And to give up on him for Javier Baez, whom I like a lot as a prospect, only adds to the absurdity. That's a gamble the Cubs are very likely to lose at this stage.

    We all want Castro to get better, but it doesn't mean he isn't a good player now and it doesn't mean you give up on him because you don't believe he has reached his potential, whatever that is. He's 23. Most players peak around 27 years old and sustain a high level for about 5 years or more after that. And like I said, even if he doesn't get better, he's still a well above average player at this position right now. The Cubs need those kind of players. It just doesn't make any sense to trade him for prospects, especially since it's extremely likely they won't be as good as Castro is and somewhat likely they make no significant impact at all. It's a bad gamble and the Cubs know it. This is a different era, one that respects value, value that it measures objectively and it doesn't make knee-jerk decisions based on emotion. It's one that sees the big picture, not one frustrating day.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    I agree and I suspect you are right about how the front office sees things too. Not saying Baez shouldn't be evaluated for possible trades too but Castro is supposed to be a proven player at the big league level, so when he doesn't play up to his potential or what people keep saying is his talent level then it becomes a question of his motor or makeup. Great players are self driven to play great, not apparently indifferent or always ready with an excuse. How many balls did Ryno nonchalant through his legs like a little leaguer? Didn't Castro set a goal to be a golden glover a week or so ago? It seems so long ago

  • In reply to eddie35:

    You seem determined to paint him as lazy, unmotivated even though you have no way of knowing other than your "gut feelings". But really, what are those gut feelings really based on? On what you see on TV? Because he doesn't play in a gritty, grindy way? Whatever it is, it isn't based on information from those who actually know him or have worked with him.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I didn't say lazy, but possibly indifferent and yes maybe unmotivated. And I do base it on what I see, sorry if you see things differently. When you go by what others say about him aren't you also possibly erring by believing every thing you hear? Do your really think the people who work with him and/or know him are going to tell you both sides of the story if their job and friendship depend on trying to build up the positive? If you don't see the potential for bias or even some agenda in what gets said then your own objectivity is at risk in reporting and repeating what your heard.. I still think he loses focus, and it has been pointed out by others too. You played ball, don't you think his team mates notice? Do you think he has leadership ability on a championship team?

  • In reply to eddie35:

    I believe people who work with him everyday. You simply can't get enough information from watching on TV to say that he's unmotivated. When I see a guy showing up early everyday, when I'm told that he worked hard on his defense in the DR, when his own teammate talks about all the hours they've put in together, I believe that more than what I watch on TV. I work hard to gather information from a lot of sources and the idea that I should dismiss that for what I or anyone else sees on TV is ridiculous.

    I did play ball. I've also taught and trained people of all ages and levels and I know that people are different and you can't judge them or their character without knowing them and/or doing the proper research.


    This made me laugh out loud. Nobody makes you laugh at a Cubs loss like Felzz.

  • Love the Sundays reference Felzz. Harriet Wheeler was always a huge crush o' mine back in the day.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Yeah. She got it done. Liked their version of Wild horses too....

  • Glad you liked it.....

    It's definitely a frustrating loss. But it's too early to draw conclusions on anyone- FELDMAN!!!!!, Castro, whoever. Back in the first year of Lou's Cub tenure, when he actually gave a darn and managed, he said he liked to see the season as 10 16 game mini-seasons, and as long as you saw improvement from one mini season to the next things were generally good. There's some worrying things and this first 16 game mini season is going to be disappointing. But let's see how the second one goes before we start thinking of trading anyone....

  • There is no quick fix. The team needs to play better. My hope was that regardless of our record this would be a club that made the opponent beat them. Wishful thinking?

  • I guess I am always to optimistic, but there are some good things going on with the Cubs. Schierholtz can rake righties, wish we had signed him for 2 or 3 years. Castillo is going to be a core piece for years, might be the best pure hitter on the club. Really like what I am seeing with Travis Wood, Villanueva is a winner, love his attitude. Samardzija will give us something to watch every five days, exciting young stud pitcher. And the bullpen is twice as good as last spring. Bowden showing great improvement, Rondon will only get better, and Fujikawa should only improve with more American experience. Camp and Russell solid.
    And now word is coming out that the Cubs and the city may have a deal to knock out the back walls of the bleachers, signs won't block the rooftops, and it expands the stadium concourses.

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    That's a lot of kool-aid.

  • I hope when they are making plans for the back wall of the bleachers they include the space and functionality for concessions and shops facing out onto sheffield street. If they do get the agreement to close sheffield during games then having team controlled and operated concessions along the outside bleacher wall facing the street, is another moneymaker and revenue stream for the team ownership. If the team doesnt plan for this and do it, freelancers will just set up along the wall and take the opportunity from the team, a mirror image of the rooftops. To see how this has been done at other newer stadiums, the Camden yard right field walkway between the bleachers and the old warehouse was done this way. I think they have a boog powells grill on the right field line that serves both the pation seating inside the stadium and also outside seating on the "street" behind the stadium wall. If you're going to redo the wall, may as well add some team controlled concessions and shops.

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    If Theo feels the season is lost, does the team feel like the season is a loss? Does that effect their play at all? Winning is contagious and improves focus and play. I would imagine losing has the opposite effect.

  • Counting the days until we can trade Feldman off to a team that is desperate for a starter......

    Why do baseball players like Soriano, run bases like a 65 year old man?

    Will we ever see Dale pull Starlin from the field for not having his head in the game?.....

    Rickett's did not see the Goat's head that was sent to him.....but some day, he will want someone's head.....

    it is still early.....but by the end of May, we should tell the make up of this Cubs team........lets also see if Rickett's gets the rest of the goat sent to him......

    Mayor of Chicago will make this "Goat" case his top priority for the police to solve.....So the Mayor of NYC has the "Large Soda" issues.....Mayor of L.A. has "Condom Porn" issues....and Chicago's Mayor has to find "Goat" killer ........politicians never want to tackle the important issues for their voters....

    Did you ever think the Cubs would have more victories than the Angels now?.......

    Cubs have a very good bullpen.......but is time for a starting pitcher to give us 8 strong innings whose name is not Samardzija......

    Saw Dempster got hit hard again......Sean Marshall is on the DL......Paul Maholm has 2 wins and 0,00 ERA.......

    hopefully the Bulls can beat the Knicks tonight.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    ...and Dan Haren with an ERA of 9.00, a WHIP of 2.11 and 4 HRs allowed in 9 innings.

  • "And simply closing your eyes and wishing really hard that someone will be called out has never ever really worked."

    Wow! Who knew?

  • Was at the game today. So many Giants fans. Most cool, some a-holes. There chant for the Dodgers to lose in a game that had yet to start was telling, but ignorant to the few cub fans braving the weather. Had a great conversation with an old timer giants fan who remembers sitting in my chair. "Be patient," he told me. We are trying brother.

  • We are nine games into a season for which expectations were not all that high in the first place. I think I'll give it a few more games before giving up all hope.

  • In reply to Richard Beckman:

    My hope remains - but it was never for much beyond avoiding 100 lisses anyway.

    What I want to see over the course of the season is not lots of wins (although that would be nice).

    What I want to see - what I was hoping to see - but what I haven't seen a lot of is,... A team that plays solid defense, that learns and grows as the season progresses (give - we are only 9 games in now), and that plays as a team.

    If some of the prospects/youngsters can make a contribution before season's end,.. so much the better for next season.

  • Frustrating part is you can tell Castro is trying and concentrating more but still makes mistakes both defensively and offensively. Have to remember that's a 23 year old.

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    In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Castro's mistakes this year seem, to me, to be coming from trying too hard. Hopefully he finds that happy medium soon.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Lou Brock gets brought up when people mention the possibility of trading Castro, the difference to me is no one ever said Brock made mistakes from trying too hard, he made plays and affected the game from the on deck circle. I don't see this with Castro but maybe I'm missing something. He's young but great players make plays not excuses.

  • In reply to eddie35:

    Lou Brock made plays and affected the game from the on deck circle? That makes no sense. Statistically, Brock was nowhere near the player as a Cub that Castro is. That's not opinion. That's just fact.

    Did you hear Castro make an excuse? Please find me the quote where he did becaue I can tell you exactly what he said. He took responsibility and said he should have played that better.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Sorry my typeing may be a little off, and your understanding of what I said is too. First, I meant Lou brock made plays not excuses which is what made him great. Second, I meant he could effect the game from the on deck circle, in that the pitcher was always aware of when he came up and even changed how the previous hitter was pitched too, maybe you didn't see him play on tv even? This is fact not made up. I said nothing about the time Brock played for the cubs vs cards, you are searching for a reason to argue, and misconstruing what I'm attempting to express, maybe i'm not being clear enough or maybe you are trying to make yoiurself sound like more of an authority, which is it?

  • In reply to eddie35:

    I prefer objective information and analysis. I prefer information that can be quantified. When you say games are affected by a guy when he is on the on-deck circle, that is not quantifiable. When you declare a guy is unmotivated by watching him from your couch, that's just not the best information available to make that kind of judgment. It's not about being an authority, it's about a preference for objective, quantifiable, quality information. It's about respecting the work people do to provide that information. Nothing more.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I didn't say Castro made excuses, just that I hear alot of them for his play, including a lot of them from you.

    I don't dislike Castro, I just think he should be considered for a possible trade. I base that on his play, including his stats, and that is objective information as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if your scouting reports are always based on just stats either are they? Does that make them less objective for you? I think opinions from scouts and experts like Wilkens are still valuable, don't you? I think your opinion is valuable, maybe with some obvious blind spots.

    You shouldn't try so hard to put words in peoples mouths or read things in to what they are trying to say, it makes you look defensive. Sorry is I wasn't clear about what I was trying to express, but I don't think I even came close to saying I didn't like Castro or also that I was making things up. You should try and be more objective in your comprehension.

  • In reply to eddie35:

    You said this about Castro, "He’s young but great players make plays not excuses." Those are your words not mine.

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    The play that broke my back yesterday was lillibridge not throwing to 1st with the pitcher covering. You've got to look to make a play to get out of the inning. As an infielder that is a mortal sin. I should have turned off the game right there.
    Castro making that 1st error that inning I'm OK with. The ball played him he didn't play the ball. The Lillibridge play, that mental mistake tells me he's soft, not willing to make the right play mentally. Sorry, that would be the last time he plays infield for me! Maybe that would be the last straw.
    As for Feldman, I have no complaints. You can't blame a guy for the opposition scoring 4 unearned runs. He wasn't Koufax, but this is a low bar here. I'll take that performance. Lillibridge? have some huevos dude!

  • In reply to John from Denmark:

    Agreed. Castro's play was a physical error. That's going to happen. Lillibridge not throwing to first and Feldman getting there too late is a mental lapse. Hitting a player on an 0-2 count or walking a pitcher with the bases loaded...that to me is harder to swallow. All of this stuff seems to be ignored because of the obsession with Castro's error. It just makes no sense to me.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I'm not Feldmans attorney John, but he was there, it would be a bang bang play, but good players make that play. To me, its all Lillibridge on that play, if you look at the replay he turned to home and gave up on the play to 1st. There were 2 outs! Thats your out, inning over if you make that tight throw accurately.
    But the way John, great effort and content for what you do for us Cub fans. Thanks!

  • In reply to John from Denmark:

    Thanks John.

    I agree with you that Lillibrige should have made an attempt. It also looked to me like Feldman was a step or two behind where he should have been, and that can make all the difference sometimes. That doesn't excuse Lillibridge, because he has to at least try and make that throw. There was little to lose there other than being afraid to throw the ball away -- but you can't play that way. I think it could have been executed better on both ends.

  • In reply to John from Denmark:

    Looking at it again, you're probably right. Feldman got a decent jump on the play. He's just slow, I guess. Lillibridge should have taken a shot there. It looked like he had a chance.

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    oh and truth be told on Castro's error in the 4th?, the obvious is that that wasn't just an error, that was a Huge error. Dale through the star a life preserver saying the pitcher hit the ball? He still a runner. How fast is he? You should always know that.
    Starlin either should have step back and caught it on an easier hop, or he should have stepped up and played the ball on his hop of choice. Instead he waited on the ball and he got worked. No mans land.
    This team isn't good enough to give unearned runs and win. This team has to do better with a 5-0 lead defensively. Shame shame to lose a game like this. It will be good to get Barney back. I guess you just don't know what you have 'til its gone( said in a western twang)

  • Is there any concern over Rizzo's aggressiveness (or lack thereof)? All of his homers this year came when he attacked the first pitch, but all too often he seems passive and takes good strikes. I know many critics preach running the count and being patient, but I don't want a number three hitter watching cookies going by. When I see him take good strikes and swing at balls I think of Geovany Soto.

  • In reply to Bucky:

    I think that's a good point. There are times when you need to be aggressive in that strike zone. That was one of those times for Rizzo. I'm sure they talked to him about it.

  • I believe Rizzo's struggles are much more concerning than Castro's. He appears lost in many at bats. All I can think of is how Hosmer tanked last year after a solid 2011.

  • I never thought that I would hear myself say the following.

    Wow - can't wait to see Darwin Barney back on the field so we get improved offense AND defense out of the 2B position.

    Lillibridge has been fairly pathetic,.... I've never was much of a hitter in my now long-ago hardball experience,... but I suspect I would have to work hard to have achieved less than an 0.050 batting average. Add to that the fact that he regularly looks lost out there defensively & Uggg!

    Give Soriano a chance to play 2B again,... he couldn't be worse.

  • Castro is and will be an all-star. Baseball is a long,long season and cream rises as will Castro. June 1st we will be all raving about Baez, Soler,B. Jackson,Castro and Rizzo. I don't like excuses but the weather is just horrible. Playing in weather like this is brutal. The team isn't playing well but it soooo early and many teams are struggling. Can't wait for the draft.

  • I blame it on the fact that Rizzo played for Italy this spring. ST is a process to get ready for the regular season. When disrupted sometimes a player and especially a young one is unable to pick up where the process was interupted because it is show time. I am not a fan of young unestablished major leaguers participating. However, Rizzo is smart and motivated so he will probable catch his groove soon.

  • There seems to be a lot of valid criticisms of the Cubs play yesterday. One thing I havent seen is any discussion Takahashi's pitch selection in that awful walk to the pitcher with the bases loaded. I didn't watch the game, but had it on, which said Takahashi threw a changeup with a 2-2 count, which as we know, turned into ball 3 of an eventual walk. If this is correct, why in the world would he do that? Why not lay one in there for the pitcher to swing at and take your chances? Takahashi may be a "rookie" but surely he knows that you have to let the pitcher beat you with a hit. Is this a Takahashi problem? Sveum? Castillo? Bosio? Am I over-reacting, or is this symptomatic of a cluelessness that shouldn't be happening at the major league level? I wasnt and still dont expect much from this team, but this kind of stuff makes me concerned about how much improvement we can expect.

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