Kiss off into the air. Brewers 4 Cubs 2

Sorry about no Brunch today. But with a late Saturday night game a brunch, followed by a Sunday afternoon game, I just didn't have enough time or thoughts for all three columns. If I do skip the Brunch column again, look for snippets of brunch thoughts to be laced throughout the Sunday a wrap.

And what a wrap we have. The Cubs come in losing two games in a row to the red hot Brew Crew, who are riding a 6 game win streak. Now before the game, Dale Sveum made some pretty strong comments aimed at Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, even threatening to send the two possible core pieces of the Cubs future back to Iowa. I found these comments outrageous. And so did our friends over at Obstructed view....(Warning: Very, very, very explicit language.) I've cooled down since, but will ask: If you can't handle the task of working with Cubs young players, the job you were brought here specifically to do, then why are you here? Anyway, onto the game...





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  • Sveum needs to shut his mouth before he starts drawing serious Mike Quade comparisons. Castro and Rizzo are the future of this ballclub. Dale is an eminently replaceable manager who is probably speaking out of turn here.

  • Well to be fair, Sveum didn't single out Castro and Rizzo specifically. He just talked about "Accountability" and since the previous question had been about Rizzo and Castro, sully put two and two together and got five then ran with it. But accountability should start with Sveum. And he's looking upwards at Quade's win percentage. Unfair? perhaps. But all the things I liked about Sveum last year, the defense, the preparation, the hard work, all seems to have gone out the window.... And that has to stop. And it's on Dale to stop it.

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    Well said.

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    I think accountability also starts with Sullivan and the Tribs should can his butt. What happened to the old way of rotating beat writers between the two teams? Sully has been covering the Cubs for what seems like 10 straight years (or more). They used to do a couple of years on the Cubs and then switch to the Sox and vice versa.

  • I always find it amazing that people feel the need to drop in f-bombs and foul language to try and prove a point. Fact is, if you need to use that kind of language, you don't quite have the ability to write and prove your point.

    Regardless, this team is playing some really bad baseball. Someone, somewhere needs to step up and take the lead of this sinking ship.

    Really bothered that Feldman lost his composure out there when walking 3 guys and then giving up the bomb to Braun. Looked like a guy who was scared to pitch or worse yet, didn't feel confident in his defense behind him.
    He needs to get better or he will be in the pen what Garza comes back.

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    Hate to invoke the name but...
    That inning was Volstadish.

  • Agreed Irwin.

    I remember Feldman pitching well in the Ranger pen and being not so hot as a starter. And he has that classic reliever breakdown of going from fairly good to god awful second to third time through the order. To me it's a matter of when he heads to the pen and not if.

    As for the swearing, I usually drop some "colorful metaphors" myself. (Although Arguello made me promise not to on this blog and I think it has, in fact, made me a better writer...). To me it's a matter of style. And if you're on point, it can be a more effective way to cut through all the clutter and be fresh. Drew Magary is good at it. My brother is good at it. I think OV was pretty poignant with that piece. Could it have been written without it? yeah maybe. but you could tell that DJ had some passion and was ticked off...

  • In reply to felzz:

    I agree to your point about style when it comes to writers/bloggers. No one is innocent when it comes to salty language, myself included. It is one thing when yelling at the TV set, it is another when a writer does it.

    I think one can have passion without dropping F-bombs and making jabs at people. It is harder to do for sure, and maybe that is why we don't see it all that often.

    No big deal, maybe I am just trying to defend Dale in my own way...

  • Why is everyone so shocked at the poor performance so far. Epstein has until 2015, remember?

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    I expected them to lose but like this.

    Good thing Dale didn't preach consistency because he's definitely getting it. They beat themselves every game!

  • Normally, I like the idea of listening to some Godsmack. Although, I find that gets me all fired up. I think Dale needs a little Enya or something else to lower his blood pressure.

  • I been busy here we go......

    with all these new Cubs being added in the last week, Topps Traded Cubs set will be around 30 cards at the end of the year......

    can we begin the Dale Sveum firing countdown?......

    I won't judge this team until end of far, the grade is an "F"......

    I am laying bets with Vegas that Vogelbach will replace Rizzo by 2015.....

    there is a strong chance that the Cubs might have the #1 pick in 2014.....2015....2016

  • The Obstructed View piece was the biggest heap of horse manure writing I've had the misfortune of reading. I would say that piece belongs in the Tribune comments section but it wouldn't pass the censors (and for good reason). Plus it is the most egregious overreaction to a nothing comment. Sveum was pissed off and felt all of his preachings of defense ended up in same aforementioned pile of horse manure. Was it a bad public comment by Sveum? Sure was, but it didn't need that kind of blog post and even worse this fine blog did not need to link to it.

  • No doubt the Cubs are playing bad but its been only 17 games and the BP has cost us games. The defense has failed lately but I think it'll get better. Castro and Rizzo are good defensive players and I expect will get the job done. Can't remember how many games the BP has lost but were 5 games out what would it be if we won them? Sveum probably said those things to get the players thinking and to concentrate more. I don't believe its a problem. This is a better team than last year no doubt.

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