Cubs Minors Recap: Mixed results for Raley, Cabrera, Peralta

Cubs Minors Recap: Mixed results for Raley, Cabrera, Peralta
Taiwan Eastering and Zeke DeVoss are playing well at Daytona.

In the aftermath of the Jorge Soler incident, it's back to baseball and today it was three pitchers with whom Cubs fans are very familiar.  Two of them, Brooks Raley and Alberto Cabrera, spent time with the Cubs.  The third, Starlin Peralta made news when the Diamondbacks picked him in the Rule 5 Draft.  All three pitchers lost but there were some silver linings.

By the way, if any of you are interested in seeing Kane County, they will be on this weekend because they will be on the road to face the Wisconsin Rattlers, who are a participating team.

Round Rock 2- Iowa 0

  • Brooks Raley bounced back with a strong outing, going 7 innings and allowing just 2 runs.  Most encouragingly, he did not walk a batter and struck out 7.  This is Raley at his best, commanding all his pitches and keeping hitters off balance with that plus change.  Unfortunately, the Iowa Cubs didn't support him with runs.  Jensen Lewis finished up with a scoreless inning.
  • Not much to report on offense.  Iowa managed just 3 hits -- singles by Brett Jackson (who also walked and stole a base), veteran Ty Wright, and former Red Sox and A's OF'er Ryan Sweeney.

Chattanooga 6 - Tennessee 3

  • Alberto Cabrera didn't have his best stuff today.  His slider appeared to lack it's usual bite.  He battled his way through, however.   He had some good battles with red hot prospect Yasiel Puig.  On the first AB Puig got him with a fluke bunt single.  On the next at-bat, Cabrera quickly got ahead of him with fastballs and then tried to put him a way with the slider.  Puig took the first one but Cabrera went right back to it and got him to ground out weakly. On the 3rd AB, Puig was ready for the slider, which got a bit too much of the plate and smacked it for a double in the gap.  It was indicative of how Cabrera's day went.  At times he was able to fight his way through but at others, his lack of pinpoint command or his best slider and change got the best of him.  In all he pitched 6 innings and gave up 4 runs walking 2 and striking out 5.
  • Marcus Hatley has good stuff (mid 90s fastball, hammer curve) but continues to get hit more than he should.  My assumption here is simply that hitters pick up the ball really well when he's on the mound.  Hatley went 2 innings and gave up 2 runs, walking one and striking out 3.
  • Not much offense for the Smokies today. 2B Arismendy Alcantara showed off his wide skill set today.  He has shown more patience this year, he worked the count on his first AB and also had a walk.  He also showed off his speed with an infield single and a stolen base.  On defense, Alcantara showed pretty good hops when he snared a line drive and then doubled off the runner for a double play.
  • Justin Bour had his daily dose of RBI with a sac fly that reached the warning track.
  • Christian Villanueva had an RBI double and scored a run.

Clearwater 12 - Daytona 2

  • I listened to this game to see if there was any residual issues from the fracas yesterday.  Curiously the 2B in the middle of the melee, Carlos Alonso, did not play.  Perhaps because he didn't want to get drilled by a 97 mph Starlin Peralta fastball.  Or it could be that he's hitting .200. Or maybe it was because he's 25 years old, still in Class A, and starts bench clearing incidents.  All seem good reasons not to play him.  As for Peralta, he was about as hit or miss as you can get as a pitcher.  The good news is he threw strikes (no walks) and he missed a lot of bats, getting 7 strikeouts.  Unfortunately, he hit a lot of bats too, right on the sweet spot, as he gave up a whopping 4 HRs,  2 doubles, and 8 hits overall.  It all added up to 6 runs before he was taken out after 6 innings.
  • Yeiper Castillo had even bigger problems, giving up 6 runs in 3 innings.
  • Coming off a HR and 4 RBI day yesterday, LF Taiwan Easterling followed that up with a 2 hit day, including a double.  He also threw out a runner for the second straight day, this time nailing Jonathan Roof at 3B.
  • 2B Stephen Bruno had a two hit day, including a double, and scored a run.  Bruno is picking up right where he left off last season when he hit a league leading .361 at Boise.  So far this year, despite skipping Kane County, Bruno is hitting .370 in 30 PAs. He's also walked 3 times, which is a much better rate than last season.
  • Slugging 3B Dustin Geiger is starting to heat up after a slow start.  He had a double, single, and an RBI.  Geiger is a bit of a streaky hitter and hopefully that's what's happening here.  The Cubs could use his bat while Soler serves his 5 game suspension.

Kane County game was postponed...

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  • fb_avatar

    I wonder if Alonso will play in the series next week. Soler is due back game 2 of that series. Could be interesting. And by interesting I mean nightmarish.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Nightmarish for Alonso. Actually, I could see both sides blowing it off, though I'll bet there will be some tension.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Mike Moody:

    I will let you guys know, I'll be there for he game on Wednesday.

  • In reply to Matt McNear:

    Very cool. Thanks.

  • If he wasn't, Alonso should have been removed from last night's game following the incident. Like the 10 minute misconduct in hockey. You're clearly hot-headed and starting things, go calm down and clear your head. Especially with Alonso being 25, he should honestly know better and carry himself at a higher level than spiking Soler and then insulting his family.

    Then again, during the WBC, I believe it was China v. Cuba in which the Cuban infielders tricked the Chinese players into screwing up on the basepaths. Yes, the Chinese team should have listened to the coaches instead of the opposition, but for the Cubans, you know you're going to crush China, have some mutual respect.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    He wasn't removed. The team moved him from 2B to LF that night, maybe they feared another confrontation. Last night he didn't play at all. I was surprised he was 25. Reading what Daytona announcers said, it sounded like he was slow getting off of Soler on the play, then reacted as if Soler wanted to fight when he pushed him off of him. Don't know if he was the same guy who said something about Soler's family, though.

  • I agree John, while there will be obvious tension, I don't think there will anything more than that.That is unless someone does something stupid

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    The only thing about that is when there's tension, things can erupt again easily. All it takes is an HBP or a hard slide and maybe it re-ignites, but for now I think the teams are going to let it blow over.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    The hit batter thing was my fear. As much as I believe Soler is remorseful and wants to move on, I'd rather not test that quite so quickly.

  • One of the players most of us were excited about during the spring was Chavez. I haven't heard much about him since the season started. Anyone heard or seen anything on him?

  • In reply to Nick Nesler:

    He played really well and has some talent so there's hope something may have clicked for him.

    Chavez is at AA Tennessee and he is starting. He got off to a really slow start but looks like he's starting to break out a little. We'll definitely mention him if he does something that stands out in anyway, but so far he's been relatively quiet.

  • John, any idea on what in the world is wrong with Baez? That sample size is getting bigger at Daytona. Does it have anything to do with that hitch he has in his swing and better pitching getting scouting reports? He's been a wreck..

  • In reply to Justin:

    Daytona announcers say he's swinging from his heels. He could be pressing. Some think he got a taste of MLB life and is eager to get back there. I think he needs to tone it down a bit.

    There's info on Baez now and the FSL pitchers are A) aware tha he is very aggressive and B) more talented and able to exploit that aggressiveness. Baez is a smart guy, he'll adjust. I don't think it's his swing so much as his approach that is the problem so far.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    While the terrible approach and batting average for Baez so far makes me nervous, the thing that really bothers me is his defense. Everyone likes to throw Castro under the bus and say move him and let Baez play shortstop. So far this year it seems Baez thinks it is Halloween and errors are candy. He is just throwing them around, literally. I know it is early in the season, but he seems to have 2 strikeouts and an error each time I look at the games box score.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    I say the earlier his over-aggressiveness gets exposed, the better. That's just more time he has to tone down his approach before the bigs.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey John,

    Because this is in the news yesterday with the Grienke/Quentin episode. I was curious where I might be able to get a detailed statistic and even if it is something that can be tracked... Does anyone currently track what count batters are hit by a pitch in? Also, my thought extends to when hitters hit home runs or more generally extra base hits v. singles... This data would be interesting to study for a hitting and pitching coach, so I am sure someone tracks it, I am just not sure where one would find it...

  • In reply to Jordan Dutcher:

    I'm not sure Jordan. I'm pretty sure the Cubs track that with their Bloomberg systems because they showed some of us a quick peek at it and that thing seems to track everything! As far as a public site, I don't really know. Anyone out there?

  • In reply to Jordan Dutcher:

    Let's all be thankful the Soler incident didn't turn out like Greinke/Quinton. Granted, Soler likely would have been the one dispensing the pain, still...

  • Clevenger starting at 3B. Valbuena at 2B.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    If I were Brent Lillibridge I'd rent, not buy.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:


  • fb_avatar

    Non-thread related:

    To bad about Jordan Sheffield. I thought he was one to keep an eye on. I wonder if this makes him more likely to follow through on his Vanderbilt commitment.

  • fb_avatar

    Excellent story on the Dodgers/Padres fight:,0,7314725.story

    I like the quotes from the Dodgers that Quentin is an idiot.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Thanks for the link.
    A couple of quotations from the story that made me think about the Soler / Alonso situation in Class A ball:
    "Catcher A.J. Ellis said Padres players were apologizing for what Quentin did. Ellis said the last time he witnessed a player do what Quentin did was in Class A.
    This is 'The Show,' man, you don’t do that stuff here," utilityman Jerry Hairston Jr. said. "
    This incident makes Soler's look meek by comparison. Still not right, but not as despairing.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Greinke's hit Quentin before and this time he supposedly said something to him before Quentin charged him.

  • I can't see how that would make any difference. Greinke hit him on a 3-2 pitch in a one-run game. No way anyone is throwing at him in that situation.
    And everyone in both leagues has hit Quentin. He has set the record in HBPs per AB.
    If Quentin wants to take exception to being hit, he shouldn't dive into inside pitches so much.
    Greinke's career might be seriously affected--cf. Mark Pryor's shoulder injury.
    Mattingly's right when he says that Quentin shouldn't play until Greinke can pitch again.

  • fb_avatar

    Says Quentin. Grienke did admit he said something but as that article points out, he was the leadoff batter with a 3-2 count in a 1 run game. No pitcher intentionally drills someone in that situation. Quentin should get a second suspension for being an idiot.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    I agree. I'm just saying that if Greinke had said nothing maybe Quentin wouldn't have gone after him. I'm sure we'll hear differing versions of the incident.

  • with Camera phones and believing Theo made sure all Cub facilities had many cameras installed, how do we not have any footage of this incident?

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