Anarchist's Brunch- Beware the hype of April

Anarchist's Brunch- Beware the hype of April

I keep forgetting to say "We're not even at 'tear the ship apart until you find those plans....' yet.".

That's been my battle cry for the last few years every time someone over reacts to the Cubs (usually poor) play during the first few weeks of April. It's a very simple premise. Imagine the baseball season as "Star Wars" If this season were the movie, we'd probably still be seeing the yellow wall of words scrolling up the screen catching us up on the plot. Or maybe we're at the entry of the huge Empire battle cruiser chasing after Leia's small antiquated get away ship; The point is, you wouldn't make assumptions about the entire movie based on how much of it we've actually seen.  Look at how much of the movie we still have to see. We haven't even met Luke yet, or Han Solo, or Obi-wan. We haven't seen the Death Star level Alderron in to mud pies.... And you're ready to draw conclusions about the film?

It happens every April. Heck the 2007 Cubs had the same record that the2013 Cubs have, and with a lot more hype going in.  People lost their mud. Soriano was hitting .234. So was Derosa. So was Jaque Jones. Ted Lilly was only 1-1. And everyone was ready to write the season off. They won the Central that year. Now these Cubs aren't going to win the Central. But the point is just the same. Relax. there's a hell of a lot more movie

We're not even at "tear the ship apart until you find those plans. (and bring me the girl, I want her alive.)" yet.

I'm not really sure why I chose that particular scene as my first checkpoint of the season. Probably because Vader's entrance was SO cool and that's how the scene ended.  And I don't carry the metaphor out throughout the season either. I never remind people, " we haven't gotten to " If you strike me down now I shall become more powerful than you'll ever imagine." ( Although the trade deadline might be a nice equivalent...) or "the Death Star has Cleared the Bridge" ( September 1.....?). But I always use this reference when people go nuts in April.

And people are going nuts in April. Carlos Marmol is absolutely ruining the Cubs hopes and is single handed responsible for their poor record..... My brother Sam has officially decried Brent Lillibridge as the worst player to ver play for the Cubs EVER. Draft pick fever is now the front and foremost of everyone's attention. And so it goes.

Eventually things will even out. We'll get that second batch of 16 games to compare to the first batch of 16 games and see where there's been improvement, and where there's been disappointment. Until then, we have to remind ourselves to breathe, it's April 14th. I'm as guilty as anyone. Yesterday I found myself splitting the silliest of hairs about Samardzija's performance was and where he is as a pitcher, even though he's been one of the best pitchers in the NL to this point. We all get caught up in it. Even though it's an every day discussion on Cubs Den, it's still 5 months of off season being pent up and released into the first few weeks of the season. It's easy to do. Even easier than hitting Womprats in my T-16 back home.

So yeah, the Cubs might have some bullpen issues, Rizzo might be turning into Eric Hosmer before our very eyes, and the right handed lineup may not be able to hit it's way out of a paper bag.  Just remember, it's April 14th. We haven't even gotten to "Tear the Ship apart until you found those plans" yet....



Speaking of which, Harrison Ford was disappointing in "42" - the Jackie Robinson movie. It looked like he researched the heck out of Branch Rickey, then played to that research. Should have brought some you know...acting to the table. The whole film had that "Jackie Robinson was Amazing....I know.....No you don't understand....Jackie was AMAZING!!!' kind of vibe. Too bad. There's a great film about the most important athlete of all times in there somewhere.

Same for Muhammed Ali.

How easy has the transition from Bob Brenly to Jim Deshais been? Nobody even bothers to compare. Great hire.

Vin Scully describing what Matt Kemp said as "That's Fertilizer" is something you can only get away with and saluted for if you're as awesome as Vin Scully.

How does Soriano play every day in the 4 hole and not have an RBI?

I'm listening to the new "Let it Be...Naked" that was just released on I tunes for today's Beatles album. I don't think I was ripped off. It reminds me a lot of Dylan's new york sessions of "Blood On The Tracks" a little more stripped down, a little more raw. if I was in my pretentious music mode I'd ramble about how "this is how it should be heard" but I'm past that. It's pretty good. And it has some fun videos. But I don't know if it's worth buying the album for a second time.

I almost went with the White Album for Robert Koening's Ob-la-Di- O-ba-lique injury crack for Steve Clevenger. Well played sir.



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  • One of the old school managers, it might have been Chuck Tanner, said something that I've never forgotten. He said any player or team can play well in the first or last third of the season. There's no pressure early and might not be any late if a team's out of contention. The teams that play the best in the middle third of the season usually end up with the best records no matter how they start. I've been keeping track the past few years and it's very accurate.

  • I can't wait until we meet Luke, Han Solo, or Obi-wan. Man, then the movie is going to get good!

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    Felzz, great analogy between the Star Wars film and the Cubs, your spot on it's way too early to get riled up, rememeber when Ryno starte out 0-20 something in 1982, lets wait it out a little more...By the way Let It Be...Naked is awesome, McCartney was spot on demanding that his vision for that album be released instead of the bullshit Phil Spector crap, the album would have been a lot more highly regarded now if it originally came out that way..

  • Been getting a lot of positive comments on Let it Be....naked on twitter as well. I do like it. the Long and Winding road is much better just stripped down to a piano. I just wonder, in a day where I seldom buy albums, if re-buying an album I already own is worth it. I suppose it is. I'll need a few more listens before I decide which version I like better....

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    One of my favorite baseball quotes was from Connie Mack, I believe, and it went something like this, after a particularly bad road game, Mack told the players in the team hotel, "Tomorrow on our off day there will be two buses arrive in the morning. The first bus will take those of you who choose to go to the optional team workout on our off day at the ballpark. The other bus will take the rest of you to the minor leagues."

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    The good thing is with Barney and Stewart coming back in the very near future, Lillibridge is bound to get DFA'd, correct? Please? Where do we send donations to the "PLEASE DFA Lillibridge foundation"?

  • Clevenger out at least 6 weeks.

  • What was last year's Clevenger injury again? Are the two related?

  • In reply to Good Captain:

    Strained oblique, probably not related since he returned last year and was healthy until yesterday.

  • The bottom line is that the teams start is usally a fair indicator of its likely performance over the season. I said usually.

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    How a team performs during the middle of the season is a better indicator.

  • Who are the guys in the photo, and what is that they are eating?
    One thing the Cubs and their fans have learned so far this season, is what a really good player Darwin Barney is, and how important defense can be, especially on the infield.
    You can make a case that the Cubs would be at least 6-5, and maybe 7-4 with Barney at second. He turns those double plays yesterday, and he makes the plays at second in the Atlanta loss where 3 hard hit balls went by the 2b.

  • In response to Brent Lillibrideg being the worst Cub ever, It's easy to be a critic.Did your brother Sam ever play baseball at the major league level. Has he ever stood in against Matt Cain or Ryan Vogelsong. Most of the biggest critics on these web site's never played ball after little league.

  • In reply to cubfollower:

    Lillibridge is not the worst Cub ever. But I absolutely can't wait until he is no longer needed on this roster.

  • Kevin Gregg returns. Closer of the future?

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    Brent Lillibridge is the worst player ever.

  • "Let It Be -- Naked" has the best sound that has yet been heard on a Beatles album -- at least for the songs that were in the rooftop concert. The presence of the guitar, bass and drums is just wonderful. I could listen to "One After 909" on a loop just to marvel at the tight bass punch that comes through the speakers. Far superior to the Spector versions. Don't know if the system you're listening to it on is an issue, but I find the sound of the instrument incredible (though not so much Paul's piano songs -- "Long and Winding Road" and the title song -- the instruments must not have been miked nearly as well on those numbers).

  • *instruments

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