Anarchist's Brunch- Predictably.

Going into the weekend. I had 6 of the final 8 teams correct in the NCAA tournament, including all final four teams. Then Marquette and Ohio State reminded me why I usually don't watch college sports. And Florida and Louisville could conceivably make it to the championship game and win me the pool. But the bracket did it's job in the sense that it gave me something to do through the tournament. So, with Baseball upon us, thank all that's good in the world, I thought why not take a shot at predicting the Baseball season...


New York Yankees- Everyone says this is the year the mighty Yanks fall. Perhaps. But the pitching is still strong. They only need one of their has been pile to get hot in April and May to bridge the gap till Tex and Granderson get back. And Joe knows how to win garbage games. In this division, there will be a lot of them.

Tampa Bay Rays- Love me some Price, love me some Matt More. But Hellickson is average. And I don't like the rest. Longoria will find a way to get hurt because that's what he does. And the team that should win the division will find itself in the coin flip game.

Toronto Bluejays- So all the players that were part of the Miami Marlins Bust up season are now Blue Jays and that makes them contenders? Prove it.

Baltimore Orioles- One season long market correction.

Boston Red Sox- Clearing a quarter billion dollars worth of salary was genius. Filling up  that space by over paying Shane Victorino, Ryan Dempster, and Mike Napoli, was genius getting hit in the head with a 2x4.


Al Central

Detroit Tigers- Best by a long margin.

Kansas City Royals- Really like the James Shields trade, despite being an overpay, and Hosmer and Moutstakous should bounce back from growing pains. Would be neat if they finally had some success too.

Cleveland Indians- Not a fan of their pitching. But they'll win a lot of 9-6 games.

White Sox- They had a lot of things break their way last year. Not sure I see it repeating.

Minnesota Twins- Probably last year in the basement as their farm system is loaded....

AL West

California Angels- Not sold on the back end of the rotation. But what a lineup.

Texas Rangers- Your other coin flip team. Although it will be a struggle to overcome the hangover of last year. And the loss of Drugstore Josh to the Angels.

Oakland A's- Wish it were higher as they are such a blast to watch. But another year long market correction team.

Seattle Mariners- One of my favorite Ballparks. The team however...not so much.

Houston Astros- 120 losses, and if that Rondon kid from North Carolina St gets hurt between now and June 2014, will it really be worth it?


Tigers over Angels


NL West

San Francisco Giants- Still don't think they're any good. Thought that after the first world series. Think that after their second. But they'll find a way.

San Diego Padres- really like what I see from this team. Pitching gets wonky, (Cashner probably just hurt himself as I wrote this). But fun exciting team.

LA Dodgers- I don't care too much for money, money can't buy my love.

Diamondbacks- Probably should be placed 1st with all that pitching. But trading Upton was a mistake. also over  valuing a no-hit SS. Dumb diggity dumb.

Colorado Rockies- It's not hard to suck air a mile high when you're this bad.

NL- Central

St. Louis Cardinals- Yeah, their DP combination sucks. But they have young good pitching for years. And they have the best farm system going. So if Troy Tulowitzki winds up being the latest deity of the creepy fans, I won't be shocked.

Cincinnati Reds- Probably should be 1st. Love their bats and arms. Coin flip game possibly.  But Dusty teams reach peaks. And we all know what happens next.

Cubs- Bit of a reach. But pitching and defense will allow the Cubs to win more games than they should. like against....

Pittsburgh Pirates- This team might have peaked. And I think they're manager, who has cost them plenty of games, might cost them even more.

Milwaukee Brewers- Braun might be suspended, Kyle Loshe is 57 years old. Ricky Weeks is still Ricky Weeks. Bad moon rising...



Washington Nationals- NL Cy young Stephen Strasburg leads incredibly talented team to World Series. And Rizzo has last laugh over doubters.

Atlanta Braves- Coin flip game again for the Braves. Although that outfield is going to be fascinating.

Philadelphia Phillies- Bad.

New York Mets- Really bad.

Miami Marlins- Really really bad.


Nationals over Reds

Nationals over Tigers.

Cano and Votto your MVP's. Strasburg and....Hmmm....lemme see.......Max Scherzer your Cy Youngs.


Odds and Sods

Been holding off on commenting on the whole Rosemont-Wrigley field renovation- Tom Tunney thing. Cause politics ain't my bag. here's what I will say...

It's Rickett's team, he should do what he wants. He wants to refurbish Wrigley. He should be allowed to, especially if he's willing to pay most of the freight. I've seen the plans for Wrigley, I like the plans for Wrigley. I haven't heard a reason why they shouldn't renovate Wrigley. And why Ricketts should move the team for other people's spite and frustration is beyond silly to me.

I also think a nice back room conversation where it's suggested that Joe Rickets, who was willing to spend billions and nearly got the president removed, wouldn't have to work nearly as hard to have an alderman replaced, things might move a little quicker. Hey, that's how things get done right...?

Why were we playing all those regulars in the last exhibition of the season again?

Since I referenced it before, I guess A Hard Days Night is today's Beatles album. Roger Ebert's favorite movie of all time too.

I'm setting the over and under on Chris Rusin starting a game in Chicago at May 15th.

I'm gonna watch the Blackhawks today. Then I'm gonna write my first column for The Ivy Drip- My brother's Chicago cub online weekly. Several bloggers will be contributing. Even John Arguello ( Although, he hasn't handed in this week's column.....ahem.). You can find out about it at

By the way, I don't know how many follow hockey, but Jerome Iginla, a 15 year all star forward for the Calgary Flames, did exactly what Ryan Dempster did last year to the Cubs, demand that he be traded to one team, thus killing a great deal for a team he supposedly loves. Only this was even more last minute and with a team he was even more associated with. And nobody said anything. Other than Flames fans giving Iginla a standing ovation EVEN THOUGH HE WASN"T IN THE BUILDING. Instead they roasted the GM. No one thought twice to criticize Theo.

Of course, had the Dempster debacle gone down on Jim Hendry's watch.....

Perspective is a funny thing.

Opening day tomorrow!!!! How awesome is that?





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  • Because its all about rebuilding, Brett Jackson has to be biggest question for the Cubs this year. Can he earn his way back, and when he does, can show that he is in a fact another core piece?

    Because its all about rebuilding, second biggest questions are development and progress of Baez and Soler. How quickly can they earn their way to AA?

    Because its all about rebuilding, we need one of our top pitching prospect and hopefully 2 or 3 to really show we have at least one front end starter on he way

    Because its all about rebuilding, we need Castillo to show that maybe he too is a core piece

    Finally, because its NOT ALL about rebuilding, we need the team to do what I expect them to do: play good, solid, exciting, fundamental baseball and surprise everyone when they actually trade Dejesus, not for prospects, but for a small needed piece or two to add to the BJax call-up and they stay in contention well into September, and maybe, just maybe . . . .Yes, sir!

    Lets Go Cubs!

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    Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love 'ya, tomorrow...

    Savor this Astros team, they could be historically bad.


    76 wins for the Cubs is my guess.

  • This was often the weekend that finished my pool hopes.

  • This was usually the weekend I would be in a bar for 7 hours having my mixed league auction draft.....Sigh........

  • In reply to felzz:

    Last Sunday I had my only in-person draft of the season. 8 teams, 23 players per team. This year the innings minimum was raised to 30. I was the only one who took SPs early. I took Verlander in the 3rd round, Kershaw in the 4th, Price in the 5th, Hernandez in the 6th and Lee in the 8th. I took Kemp in the 1st, CarGo in the 2nd and Adam Jones in the 7th.

  • Rays & Braves in the World Series is what I have.....

    at least we will have big name players traded at the trading deadline this year.

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    Happy Easter to all Denizens.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Thank you. To you, as well.

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    Love'n the brunch. Ever thought of previewing away-game attractions? I live near hot-Atlanta and wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on what to do when the Cubs role into town.

  • Having only driven through Atlanta and never really been there. I really couldn't tell you. I am planning a trip to either Cincinnati or Pitt this year and may do some kind of running blog/journal thing....

  • I'm a Kansas guy, so the tournament is dead to me now. The last day of a sporting season for my favorite teams is always the worst day of the year.

    A Hard Days Night is the Beatles album I go to if I want a fun, sing along type album. It may not be as good as Abbey Road or Rubber Soul, but it is easily my favorite of the early albums. If I Fell (Harrison has grown on me so much as I've grown older), Can't Buy Me Love, and I Love Her, etc. a very solid album.

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    Florida in the title game? WTF are you smoking, and please tell me how I can get some? The SEC was way down this year because Kentucky sucked, but Rupp's children will be back, back with a vengeance. Louisville is deep, and they will survive Kevin Ware's injury. They're the team to beat.

    Baseball is here. I think third place is optimistic, but I agree the Pirates and Brewers could be in for a fall. As for the Rondon sweepstakes, I can't imagine a world where the Cubs lose more games than the Astros.

  • A Hard Days' Night is definitely the peak of the their early albums -- entirely self-written (no cover songs as filler) and the songs are consistently strong all the way through. Next two albums were more spotty -- some great songs on them but a few clunkers too -- until Rubber Soul came along. Hard Day's Night came out right at the peak of their US chart dominance -- they held down the top five spots on the Billboard singles chart simultaneously in April of '64 and 60% (3 out of 5) of all the record sales in 1964 were Beatles records. Their mastery of their craft and their market was mind-blowing. I wish the Cubs could have a break out year like that.

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