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Yesterday I got into a twitter beef. Probably shouldn't have. Know I shouldn't have. I typed in that first response tweet and before I hit send thought "there's no way this ends well." but sent it anyway. 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Live and learn. I'm usually quite friendly on twitter ( @felzzy27 for those that care to join the fun...) and will get back to the Jason Whitlock policy of "read my articles, enjoy my tweets." as soon as Chris Rusin takes the bump for the Cubs today against the Tribe.

I won't rehash what was said other than it was Cubs related. And the only reason I bring this up at all is this: We're going to have some fun this year right? Baseball is fun. The Cubs have always been fun. Even when they were bad, some would say especially when they were bad, you had a good time.That's why you're a fan. Doesn't mean you bought into this "lovable loser" myth. You were just a positive person about things. Theo Epstein talked about it in that terrific Joe Posnanski piece the other day.

“In Chicago there seems to be a little more optimism. You see it at Wrigley Field. Even in a losing season, a player makes a nice catch and everyone is up, cheering and lifting their beers as if there’s no better place in the world at that moment. I just think there’s more optimism, more belief, less dread than in Boston.”

I've been pretty consistent in this belief: If you're buying into "the long view"  and preaching patience and allowing the rebuild to rebuild, then you should get your short term happiness guilt free. So when Scott Hariston, who I think is kind of a silly patch player and will be championing his replacement's arrival sooner rather than later, hit a home run to give the Cubs an 8th inning lead, I reveled in my awfulness for analyzing players and just enjoyed the moment. Hopefully, I'll take back everything I've said ( and am going to say.) about Hariston and fellow Band aid Nate Schierholz. ( I read about the Schierholz signing between songs at a Tributosaurus plays the Band gig. right after I read the news, Spiegel and company launched into "Don't do it". Now that's funny.)

I interviewed Len Kasper last week. and he talked about baseball being about narrative more than anything else. And I kind of pressed him on it. Aren't the kids the narrative.Don't you go into the season with a narrative. He said he just tried to watch each and every game and let the narrative develop from  that. Bang on the ear I say.

So in 9 days when the Cubs take the field in Pittsburgh, all my trade thoughts go out the window. Not that there's much to trade from this team to turn into long term assets anyway.  And as much as Caldwell will try, I won't engage in any draft talk. To me, the development of Rizzo and Castro, and Samardzija are 1, 1a, 1b on the priority list. Stuff that happens on the field at Clark and Addison.

And dammit, I'm going to have a good time doing it too.




Know I'm late to the party on this. But I finally saw Zero Dark Thirty. Anyone else put it in the "Good but not great" category. Because that's where I'm putting it.

By the way, while I won't be commenting on the draft, the weekly updates on Manea, Appel, Gray and Stanek have been beyond entertaining. Arguello and Sahadev might be on the same page now, but I'm predicting ( or just amusingly hoping for...) a royal rumble between the two. With Arguello winning because he'll drink a lot of scotch and fight dirty.

So before my moratorium on trades starts let me throw it out there one last time... If Javier Baez is no longer in the Cubs organization and Jameson Tallion (and maybe one more minor leaguer), is the Cubs minor league system better or worse....?  And by how much?

Chris Rusin had a really good spring. I'm setting the over and under on Chicago Cub starts this year at 10.

I like Jim Deshais a lot. I don't even feel the need to compare him to Bob. I liked Bob. I like this guy.

Only two more days till the latest installment of one of my all time favorite video games.

By the way, if you have an hour to 90 minutes to kill. Or you're an insomniac like myself. Rany Jazayerli and Joe Sheehan have a wonderfully good podcast. I usually break it down into half hour segments. But they know their baseball and the conversations and arguments are scintillating. It's called the baseball show, look for it.

By the way, the new "Hit and Run" debuts on the Score today. Good luck Connor keeping Barry sober and on point...

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  • Nice cornucopia of stuff as usual!

  • Thank you Toby. Happy Sunday.

  • Zero Dark Thirty...."good but....good". I love the potpourri Felzz. One question...any shot the Cubs take a look at Tyler Greene? Maybe a change of scenery type scenario? Stat geeks say he's a below average infielder, but the baseball hope in me says maybe a great athlete who is a former #1 draft pick getting a fresh start....?

  • Reminds me again why it is I neither Tweet,... or get Tweeted at,.....


    Awww,... who cares,.... only about a week to go until opening day & then we'll see how rebuilding season #2 goes. My only real prediction for the season is that the roster at season's end will be quite a bit different than we see now,... and the youth movement will be even more apparent.

  • Tyler Greene kind of strikes me as a Brent Lillibridge clone. I'm not sure what he'd bring. He might be a good change of scenery guy but I don't know if the scenery is here. Plus, he didn't play well enough to stick with the ASTROS..... that's saying something.

  • We will be cheering and lifting our beers to the nice plays all season. And we will be getting plenty of enjoyment by analyzing player stats and looking to the future. We know this season is not about winning, it is about building and developing. So we get our enjoyment where we can. And now we can rightfully brim with optimism about the future because there is a sound plan for improvement in place. If that continues to makes us lovable losers (especially when viewed as such by fans of other teams who don't even show up to support their team when they are making a legitimate run at the playoffs), then so be it.

  • Not sure PIT would do that Baez/Taillon deal straight up... but the thought of having to see Baez raking for a division rival gives me gas.

  • Okay. Substitute (me for him...) Dylan Bundy. That Calliber of pitcher...

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    In reply to felzz:


  • Happy Sunday, Felzz and Den-izens. It IS about fun...and think of the fun we'll have watching our guys show continued improvement this year and the years to come. And fun in watching the standings as we climb and surpass the rest of the NL.

    One Beatles-related listening suggestion for future Sundays: John Lennon's "Rock n Roll". The guy had the pipes, all right.

  • Here's my week's laff: Red Sox owner John Henry is quoted as saying that his buddy Larry Lucchino will be in the Hall of Fame someday.
    (Wonder what Theo would say about that....)
    Hatchet-man Lucchino might enter the HOF, but only if he buys a visitor's ticket.

  • You have corporate guys running these teams nowadays. That is why you won't see trades like a Baez for a Taillon. To much risk of looking bad for many years on deals like these. Corporate guys are all about no risk and covering their asses. Bold moves to be avoided at all costs. And don't get me wrong, I love Theo and the boys, but these are not the wheeler dealers that ran baseball teams 40 years ago.

  • John Lennon definitely had the pipes. He also probably had the most talent and the most flaws. I did miss my Beatles/music mention. Probably because I wrote this thing at 4:30 in the morning after watching Zero Dark Thirty.... I guess that means my song is "I'm so tired" and the Album 1 of the White Album is my choice. For whatever that's worth....

    You beat me to that ticket line Hubbs-y. Luchino will be remembered. But probably not in the way he thinks. I can see the Red Sox and even Steinbrenner selling their teams/networks/stadiums.... especially in light of what the Dodgers got. And frankly, as long as John Henry were to use that money to bring a premiership title to Merseyside, I'd be all for it.

  • In reply to felzz:

    No coincidence that Larry Lucchino has the same initials as Lex Luthor.
    Thanks for writing your column in the wee hours Felzz ... we appreciate the dedication.

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    I don't see the FO trading prospects for prospects.

    I don't think the trade makes sense anyways. The pirates have a SS prospect already and pitching is what they really need. I'm predicting a MVP year for McCutchen. Their pitchers are closer to the Show than Baez. If they can be brought up by mid-season, they may win enough games to make the Reds and Cards nervous. Why would they trade an arm that could be ready by mid-season for a bat that won't be ready until next season?

  • Well, this is the FO that traded Cashner for Rizzo....prospect for prospect.

    I Should have said "someone like Tallion" instead of listing him specifically. What I mean is, if you took Baez off the roster but put a pitcher with Baez' upside level on it, would the organization be looked upon better? Weaker? the same? granted it's just one player. But the Cubs seems to have an abundance of high ceiling, low level Bats, and you do trade from strength....

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    In reply to felzz:

    Fair point, but Rizzo was also "their guy". Epstein and Hoyer drafted him in Boston. Hoyer picked him up when he moved to SD. Then Hoystein reunited in Wrigley and he was pretty much priority #1. You could also argue that Cashner was far enough along that he could be considered a major league player. But I digress.

    I think at THIS point in the rebuild, they'd prefer to trade MLB short term assets for prospects while holding onto their own.

    I don't think they would trade Baez for pretty much any prospect right now. Unless its an offer that is Really ridiculously in the Cubs favor.

    I'm not too worried about the pitching. This draft will help, and while the next FA group is lacking the two years after that are very very strong (theoretically).

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    In reply to felzz:

    I think you're better with Baez than a pitcher. I am the first to admit that the Cubs pitching lacks minor league depth, I mean, there is nobody that leaves me drooling anywhere in the system. I'd love to have a Javier Baez comp [as a pitcher] but why trade him when you can draft one instead?

    If you look at successful pitchers at the major league level - most aren't Top 5 draft picks. It's different for hitters because the projections are generally more accurate, apologies to everybody who jumped on the Bubba Starling bandwagon. And jeez, the Cubs passed on Matt Cain to take Bobby Brownlie.

    In fact, I am hoping the Cubs select Clint Frazier or Austin Meadows over Sean Manea (Astros), Mark Appel (Boras) or any other pitcher. Five tool guys to me have higher floors and less risk than a guy who eventually has to be one of your five best pitchers to make an impact.

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