Almora breaks hamate bone. Return set for mid May

Albert Almora tweeted this late Thursday night...

Not a good day! Broke my Hamate bone!

For those unfamiliar, the hamate bone is in your wrist, on the palm side and below the pinky.  It juts out a bit so it's a common injury among baseball players.

The good news is that players tend to recover well from that injury.  It's not the same type of wrist injury that Derek Lee had.  It's also preferable to soft tissue damage, like Ian Stewart's, which can linger.

If it's a typical break, it should be a relatively quick and full recovery.  Once the bone heals, which should be in about 6 weeks, Almora should start a short rehab, maybe a week, then he'll be as good as new.

UPDATE: According to Carrie Muskat, the fracture isn't serious and we should see Almora back in mid-May.

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  • Well that's bad news when it seemed like all we have was good news this spring when it came to the Cubs prospects.

    Just swinging the bat and making contact can cause this injury as the hook of the hamate rests against the bat. Almora should make a full recovery as you said John but it also wouldn't be surprising for him not be quite the same player at the plate for the rest of the season. Good luck to Albert as all of Cubdom will be pulling for a quick recovery.

  • In reply to mcneilscot:

    True. Just read that some players have actually had that bone removed! He's young so I'm hoping he'll come back quickly and pick up where he left off.

  • Unfortunately not an uncommon injury. One recent player who has delt with this sort of injury is Pablo Sandoval. Post-recovery it hasn't slowed him down much.

    Rest up,... heal up,... and go back to the minors where he was likely to start out anyway this season.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Agreed. Only bummer for me is I was looking forward to seeing him opening day.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    sounds like he should be back just in time for their series in peoria, which I will be at!

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    In reply to drkazmd65:

    Not only did Sandoval have the injury, he had it to both wrists. So, as you say, it is certainly recoverable.

  • The Cubs are a walking MASH unit this spring, at least we're leading the league in the walking wounded this year.

  • Just what the Cubbies didn't need. The team is speculating a mid-May return, likely to Kane Co? They still will have Vogelbomb there, so theres really good reason to watch KC crush MWL pitching.

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