Video of Soler's HR in intrasquad game

Soler hits a bomb on a 3-1 count in intrasquad game! Thanks again to @ericlpauly!

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  • SWEET!

  • Nice bat speed! He tattooed it!

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    Awesome! (I know, still too early to get excited, but dang!...)

  • Woohoo!

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    Awesome! I know, still too early to get excited, but, dang!

  • There was no music played on the PA system as Soler rounded the bases.......what is up with that?

  • SWEET!. I am picking my night and weekend series.

  • There was no music played as Soler rounded the bases....what is up with that?

  • who did he hit that off of?...

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    In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Nick Struck.

  • Baseball makes me giddy like a damn kid.

  • Did the LF even move on that one? Seems to me as soon as he hit it, everyone knew it was gone. Even on video it sounded like a cannon shot.

  • White team won 7-3

  • Ill have to take some time off and go see the Cubbies this weekend. maybe 10 minutes away from work.

  • That contact made a pretty solid *CRACK*.

  • Junior Lake with a triple at the base of the center field wall, DeJesus and Stewart going opposite field with doubles. Schierholtz and Bogocevich went long as well.

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