The Felzzian Brunch.

The Felzzian Brunch.

Sunday mornings have always been about three things. 1) listening to a Beatles album ( Thank you very much Terri Hemmert.) 2) having a fabulous brunch. 3) Long bullet pointed sports articles in the Sunday papers. While he spends most of his time now being the largest boil on the ass of society, Mike Lupica always has, and still does, written a wonderful Sunday column called "Shooting from the Lip". His column not only my love of sports, but helped me become a better writer and exposed me to other writers as well. I remember my first time at Saratoga with my father. I read Lupica's column and he said "If you buy one book, any book, written by Dennis Lehane, you will soon by them all. Months later I visited my father, and sure enough there were a stack of Dennis Lehane books. Peter Gammons revolutionized sports journalism with his "Diamond Notes" column which was also a Sunday feature. Even old Off-his-meds Phil Rodgers, whose in rare form lately as his Starlin Castro trade rumors get more desperate and far-fetched, manages to put out an interesting Sunday tidbit column.

So that's what this space will do. We'll have a feature mini-column, some random "other thoughts" concerning the Cubs and baseball in general. ( I like to talk about the league a little more. Gives perspective to what's happening at Clark and Addison.) And a couple entertainment or fun thoughts.

And now is a good time to do it too. Because with the Cub convention in full swing, I got my first Cub baseball Jones.Which I think is the point of the thing. I don't even go. I usually hate those things. But consider all the good that's coming out of there this weekend:

* The renovation plans look super. Plus they're altering the way they're paying for it. You have to appreciate that the Ricketts are so committed that they'll move off their original plan in order to get it done. As opposed to just holding your breath and turning blue and threatening to leave. Cough*Reinsdorf*Cough.

* Television money is coming tra-la, tra-la. But it won't be for a few years. Yet, there's no panic. There's a confidence that they'll have plenty of money to compete ( as they should...) until these new deals fall into place. While I'd like nothing more than to have CUBtv on the air, ( I'm currently dwelling in Columbus, Ohio and my cable package offers YES and NESN. CUB TV could slide right in with those two perfectly.) The idea that the Cubs will have a refurbished stadium, just as windfalls of money are coming in and the team should be a smartly structured successful baseball team.... aw Hell yeah.

* Jed and Theo continue to speak. I love that these two don't talk as often but when they do, it's just brimming with information. Both in what they say and what's implied. Jed's honest assessment of Javier Baez was warm air on a cool day. And Theo's talk of draft structure was exceptional too.

* Dale Svuem seems to be more assertive. He seems like a man with a little more confidence and I don't mind him setting the bar high this year. Hopefully his actions back that up.

* David Dejesus is going to be the everyday CF...... and.......Ummm..... Hey did I mention how much I like the renovation plans?

When this management team took over, you filled your head with "possibilities". But now you're actually seeing it.  And you can see how this all plays out. And while there's still lots of work to do, and many, many things can derail the Cubs success. But right now it feels great to be a Cub fan.

I've gathered a pretty neat group of Cub fans and Bloggers on Twitter. And they're not the usual "Rah Rah' white flag, sing with Harry kind of crowd. Smart, analytical, passionate fans. And the river of optimism flowing from them is really cool to see. 140 characters of Impressed here. 140 characters of didn't-think-they'd do-that-but-I-like-it there. It's all building to something amazing.

I'm probably not going to the convention next year either. But I hope to feel the same way I do now.


-John Arguello is in the final stages of his bout with NERDFLU. John had a temperature as high as 102. Which puts his TPBP (Temperature plus blood pressure) at 257/180. Which gives him a Slash line of 102/257/ 357....Boy is that sick. Plus he has a WISL (Writing independent Stress level) of 6.43 Haven't seen a number that high since Al Yellon first banned me from Bleed Cubbie Blue...

- What's flatter? The all you can eat pancakes at I-hop or Paul Sullivan's jokes?

- Cardinals don't do much for me but Stan Musial was an institution. I saw a stat that Musial was a career .305/.387/.506 hitter.....after age 35. RIP to "The Man"

- While we're at it, another candle in the wind for Earl Weaver- One of the greatest managers ever. Someone said it would be fitting if several managers kicked dirt on his grave at his funeral. Earl was certainly one of a kind. Plus it brought back this. ( Warning: This video is incredibly profane. INCREDIBLY PROFANE. and definitely not suited for minors, or other easily offended people.). And this might be one of the funniest things I've ever heard anywhere. There clearly was only one Earl Weaver.

- And since these things come in threes, a fond farewell to Prop Joe from the Wire. (Actor Robert Chew.) What a wonderful and dimensional fellow he was.

-Hockey's back!!!!!! So let me sell my brother's work one more time. He runs a website called He sells a program called the Committed Indian outside the UC every hawks home game. This lockout was incredibly hard on him and if you can throw some support his way that would be awesome. Kid knows his hockey forward and back. And he's a hell of a writer. When he ran Second City Hockey, it was voted "Best Chicago sports blog" two years in a row. He's just outside gate 3 on game days.

- OK, show of hands. How many people were just a tad embarrassed by all the Cub fans love for Tony Campana during the Q&A with Sveum? Yeah, me too.

- But who was happy to see Soriano finally get cheered? Right on. Soriano skipping the WBC to take care of his knees and get ready for the Cubs season is a testament to the kind of player and teammate he is. And always been for that matter. It's also the reason why there isn't a market for him.

This Sunday's Beatles album is Abbey Road.

First of many. This should be fun when there's actual fastballs, double plays and homers to talk about.

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  • Felzz;
    You were banned from BCB? What ever for? You seem far more rational, than the usual intellectually challenged comment writers at BCB. The only reason I read that site anymore is to get a laugh. Then again, there maybe a kernal of wisdom in every nut (case).

  • In reply to cavemancubbie:

    It was a temporary ban. For all I know I might be reinstated. If I recall, I got tired of Al's flip flopping on Carlos Zambrano and I called him out on it. Maybe a bit to zealously.

    I actually think Al is an OK dude. At least the two times I met him. But that website has been infested with too many people who never leave, never shut up, and don't know what they're talking about. That's a bad combo.

  • Should have gone with Rubber Soul on a Sunday a.m.

  • In reply to historyrat:

    At the risk of getting drummed off this website,... just never had any personal 'love' for the Beatles,.... Do like a lot of Lennon's and Harrison's solo stuff though if that mitigates some who might otherwise 'boo' me.

    My usual music of choice in the morning is either c1990s Grunge or classic Bluegrass,... Color me weird.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    If its from the Beatles heyday, I was more into the Doors and CCR. Liked the early beatles(when McCarthy was writing there music) compared to the late(after 67) Beatles, where Lennon and his "revolution" BS creeped into there music.

  • In reply to mutant beast:

    McCarthy? Joe or Charlie?

  • Both.

  • Rubber Soul might be my favorite Beatles album. Even if i don't think it's their best. But usually I decide which song is it that i want to hear, and then let the rest of the album play. And being a George Harrison man myself, really wanted to hear "Here comes the Sun"....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to felzz:

    Felzz you can't go wrong with either Rubber Soul or Revolver as the Beatles best album..I'm a Macca fan and Abbey Road ranks up there too...but it's like arguing whose your fav Cub between Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Billy Williams

  • fb_avatar

    I hate to say it, but there are some real Nowhere Men on BCB.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I know I hated that you said it.....haha.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to felzz:

    I love the fact that you were banned from BCB and are on the front page for Cubs Den -- a frequent link on BCB these days.

    That's vaguely awesome.

    Sorry to hear John is still sick. He seemed like himself for the first time in weeks yesterday.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Thanks Mike. It comes and goes. Taking a break today to see if I can knock it out.

  • A very fun Sunday article! Glad to here your a Beatles fan!
    I stream Breakfast with the Beatles every Sunday here in AZ.
    Great to here Ricketts say we'll do it ourselves. The city or Wrigley ville community should cut those restrictions! It's nuts
    I'll listen to any Beatles album togeter or solo. Nice work Felzz

  • Great read Felz! Greatly appreciated. I watched that youtube of Weaver and had to share it.

    I used to enjoy reading the Sunday papers with their expanded sports sections over brunch with bloody marys and friends over at a Lincoln Ave. joint and I hope you can hopefully replicate that experience.

  • Thanks guys. This should be fun.

  • My sister and a friend saw the Beatles in Chicago in '64.

  • We're happy for them.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Thank you.

  • nice column Felzzy, helped a ragin hangover . Flames central was crazy last night in Calgary. Wow the high heels and legs were out in force . Not to mention what the ladies were wearing . lol. Cheers to a weekly Sunday column worth reading.

  • Anyone has a list of players on the 40 man roster who did not show up to the Cubs convention? of them could be gone soon....

    Michel's is recommended for those who like to have a Sunday brunch at Waikiki Beach.....but I rather spend time watching the babes on the beach......

    Here is a nice quiz to think about....Can anyone name the John Wayne movie that had dialogue referring to Stan Musial?

    Saw an article the biggest surprise of the free agents signed could be Fujikawa.......

    All eyes which team will get the most out the money spent between Jackson and Sanchez......most believe the Tigers overspent....and Dombrowski is mad at Theo .......

    Best teams that can fill the needs of the Marlins for a Stanton trade is between the Rangers and the Rays.....

    Wrigley renovations look great.......City Hall (Mayor) will play hard ball on the Rickett's family due to old man Rickett's support for the GOP......time for local Wrigleyville businesses to support the Rickett's on this project.

    Cubs need to draft pitchers, not position players.....unless there is a outstanding catcher in view......

    Lets hope none of our young players are doing wheelies and being chased by Cops.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    It's a pretty safe bet we can look forward to CubsTalk's weekly responses to your new Sunday column.... in the same "bullet" style.....

  • In reply to TheFiveYearPlan:

    The more I see those non-sequiturial bullet points, the more I think CubsTalk is Phil R's non de plume.

  • I own a company called The Female Wrestling Channel. I stream each episode for $5.99 per month or $50 per year. Every once in a while I honor requests where people want to pay for individual downloads.

    My fan base is, of course, nothing like the Cubs fan base. Why wouldn't they go to a direct model like I'm doing rather than still relying on the networks?

    Is it still more profitable for them to go the other way or does anyone know the answer to this question?

  • I usually either love or hate your articles, but I think I'll enjoy the Sunday Brunch. Good format and fills a void at The Den. Looking forward to them...

  • Awesome. Hope to impress and...err...infuriate. Hopefully more impress.

  • fb_avatar

    I liked a lot about the renovations but am flabbergasted that there are no plans to add more luxury suites (cubs have the fewest in the league and its a big reason for inflated ticket prices.)

    I'm also surprised there's no attempt to solve the problem of the bullpen warming up essentially ON the field.

  • Reading the work of a sibling of "Young Sam" has been a pleasure this week!

  • In reply to bsmith:

    Thanks my manz

  • fb_avatar

    That Earl Weaver clip is priceless, thanks Felzz!

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Earl getting into it with his favorite ump, Ron Lucciano. Somehow, Lucciano ought to give the eulogy at Earls funeral, since Earl spent virtually even occasaion he ran into Lucciano getting ejected.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to mutant beast:

    Unfortunately Lucciano killed himself in 1995. He was a character too.

  • Yeah. That's good stuff....

  • I thought today was saturday..

  • ooopps, I meant sunday..

  • Volstad signed withe Rockies....his ERA will be over 10.00 at Coors.....

    I am wondering if John went into relapse after viewing the food photo above?

  • Btw, John, I personally cannot stand Mike Lupica. Typical snide, smartarse New Yorker type, if you ask me. Gammons at least knows baseball, even though hes very biased towards the Stankees and Red Sox.

  • Just so Cubs fan's know the 2014 draft class is going to be deep and the 2015 is going to be amazing. Just spend the weekend at a Tournament in AZ lots of good and great players. The funny thing is some of the top players from each of those classes weren't there. The draft is going to get really fun really soon

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Thanks for the heads up. Will you be doing a small write up on your favs?

  • In reply to Break The Curse:

    I will be but it won't be on Cubs den and I won't promote on here until I talk to John.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Hey Kevin, I'll shoot you an email tomorrow. In the hospital today getting fluids after some big-time dehydration from the flu.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    No problem. I understand got back from AZ and now my whole family is down for the count. We are hoping it just a head cold.

  • I think I bought a program from your brother after the last lockout, when the Hawks were so desperate there were free ticket contests left and right just to get the UC up to 40% filled. Kind of upset that I never made the last name connection.

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