Winter Meetings Rumor Thread: Day One (Cubs tell Marmol he is trade bait)

Winter Meetings Rumor Thread: Day One (Cubs tell Marmol he is trade bait)

Time to fire up the old rumor thread for the winter meetings.  We'll keep it going for all 4 days.  Tom and I will use our own sources and, of course, the national media sources as well.  If you hear something before we do, include the link and we'll add it to the tread... ** Moving up the thread again.  Click here for the Cubs hiring of Jim Deshaies to replace Bob Brenly..

  • 7:43 PM: Carrie Muskat tweets that Theo says number of free agents have expressed interest in #Cubs. "You don't hear that often after a 101-loss season."  That really bodes well when the Cubs actually start winning.
  • 6:59 PM: Rogers tweets more thoughts from the Cubs PBO,  "Theo says not a lot of calls coming their way since they mostly have prospects (sans sori) so not the time of year for those deals."   It's looking more and more like things will shake out the way we thought they would, with Cubs holding on to their long term resources and looking for value on the market.
  • 6:15 PM: Jesse Rogers, the new Cubs beat writer for ESPN, tweets the following, "Theo just talked. No surprise Big name free agents still off in the distance. He's not philosophically opposed to platoons at 3rd or OF.  Sounds like will make a move or two. Kind of closing in. Maybe lefty reliever and/or non tendered player from other team."  We suggested platoons are not only possible, but likely at 3B and OF.  As we expected, we should see more under the radar signings and no big names.
  • 6:15 PM: Similaraly, David Schuster tweets that David DeJesus will be the Cubs CF next year, meaning the Cubs will look for a corner OF'er, possibly one to platoon with Dave Sappelt.  Theo Epstein gives the impression that he could sign a free agent starting pitcher and right fielder while here at the Winter Meetings
  • Theo Epstein said he's still interested in bringing back the recently non-tendered 3B Ian Stewart, according to Paul Sullivan via Twitter.  "Interested" seems lukewarm to me.  Just a guess but Cubs probably want him on a minor league deal to save a roster spot.
  • The Cubs apparently have told Carlos Marmol he's trade candidate but they won't "give him away."
  • 4:35 PM: The Texas Rangers are close to signing Joakim Soria for 2 years and $8-9M.  Mention this only because Texas was mentioned as a possibly landing spot for Carlos Marmol.  Soria probably won't be ready until around midseason, however.
  • 3:57 PM: You can probably scratch Grady Sizemore off the list.  He isn't expected to be ready until mid-season, according to Anthony Castrovince.  The Cubs are hoping Brett Jackson will be ready to take over by then.  If anything, the Cubs need someone for the first half, not the second.
  • 3:15 PM: With the Giants locking up Angel Pagan the Phillies pursuit of Michael Bourn should increase and may soon end any Cubs talk.
  • Paul Sullivan tweets that Len Kasper pushed hard for his new partner to be Jim Deshaies.
  • 1:05 PM: Eno Sarris writes about swallowing Alfonso Soriano's contract and argues that, while it may not be an exciting pickup for some teams in need of a bat, he may provide good value.  He lists the Braves and Rays as possible suitors.
  • 12:12 PM: Bruce Levine tweets Cubs interested in bullpen help and Jason Grilli is on their list.  That works for me too.  Uehara's my favorite, but Grilli has been very productive out of the bullpen.  Has put up a 2.48 and 2.91 ERA last two years with Pirates with peripherals to match.
  • 11:40 AM: Source telling me the Cubs are indeed looking for pitching but to look at the bullpen rather than the rotation.  I don't expect the Cubs to go after big names, though I'd love for them to get Koji Uehara.  Realistically, I expect bargain bin types, non tender FAs -- perhaps guys on minor league deals.  In other words, more Shawn Camp types to stabilize the bullpen.  I also expect the Cubs to take a RP in the Rule 5 and if they want immediate help, I'd go with RHP Josh Fields.  If they want upside, I like LHP Braulio Lara.
  • 11:32 AM:  Doug Mittler of ESPN suggests, as many have, that the Kyuji Fujikawa signing could spell the end for Carlos Marmol.  He speculates that the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers could be potential suitors.  Earlier Jim Bowden speculated that the Angels could re-engage the Cubs after losing out on Fujikawa.  The Angels signed Ryan Madsen but are still looking for bullpen help.
  • 11:25 AM:  Jon Heyman tweets that  the Tigers offered Anibal Sanchez 4 years at $48M.  At that rate, every team should be interested, including the Cubs.  It's hard to believe that the number is true and the Tigers have already denied it.  Sanchez is reportedly looking for 6 years and $90M.
  • 11:00 AM:  According to a reader (h/t Bryan), Jim Bowden suggested the Cubs are in the lead for Michael Bourn over the Phillies and Reds.  Still not convinced this is legit.  Would get more serious to me if someone like Ken Rosenthal reports it.  If anyone has the link on this let me know.  Was unable to find it.

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  • What about Brian Wilson for bullpen and Mark Reynolds for 3b? Also would like for the cubs to pick Lara in the rule 5 draft and if so would he start or bullpen?

  • In reply to Chicago Cubs Fan 24:

    No interest on Wilson/Cubs from either end. Haven't heard anything on Reynolds. If Cubs were to pick Lara, he'd be a bullpen guy, maybe stretch him out in 2014.

  • In reply to Chicago Cubs Fan 24:

    Reynolds doesn't really fit the mold of a guy who can take a few pitches for the team,... one of the things that Theo et al. are supposed to be strving for. That - and he isn't a solid defender. Nice power though if the price were right.

    IF Brian Wilson has recovered from his #2 TJ surgury and the price were right, he might be an interesting BP addition as well, but with two power closers already on the roster - might not be a great fit.

  • @ESPNBruceLevine
    Cubs talking to many agents about bullpen help .Former White Sox pitcher Jason Grilli on the list of relievers they like.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Thanks Hoosier. Got that one probably around the same time you did :) Keep 'em coming though.

  • What are the odds, they still try to sign Haren? They were willing to trade Marmol for just a year of his services. Any chance they try to sign him to a 1yr + option type of deal?

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    I think low because they must have seen something they don't like in the meds to back out last minute. They rely heavily on their medical personnel. Lot of trust there. It'd have to be an incentive laden deal and my guess is Haren may get more than that somewhere else.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    This is why I asked...

    Remember that almost-trade of Haren for Marmol? Here's what happened:

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    I think Kaplan originally got the scoop on that. But answer still the same, only on short term, incentive laden deal. But Cubs may have already moved on. Must have felt Baker was safer bet in terms of health.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Have to believe that with a lot of teams concerned about Haren's health, his next contract will contain incentive clauses.

  • fb_avatar

    Any chance the Cubs "trade" cash to another team -- the Marlins come right to mind -- for their Rule 5 pick and get both Lara and Fields for the 'pen?

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Don't think so if only because tough to hold 25 man roster spot for one guy, much less 2.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    How about the converse? If this Rule V is as deep as they say, could the Cubs trade down so to speak, sell their pick and get another from someone else? Make a few bucks or just try to get a prospect that does not need to be protected from a team looking for bullpen arm?

  • In reply to DoubleM:

    I don't see a lot of profit in trading down. They're better off keeping the top pick and getting the guy they really want. Thinking they must have at least 2 guys they like if they're confident enough to open up a roster spot for Rule 5.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    nevermind...I just saw on the other post that Paul Sullivan is saying the same thing I suggested and I usually don't agree with him on anything. Now I feel a little queasy.

  • If they sign two or three players - say 2 relief anda position player or starter wouldn't two of the players have to be obtained through trade? That would mean Marmol would be gone and perhaps DeJesus IMO. Or am I wrong there?

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    They'll have to make a trade or release someone if they add an OF'er and 2 bullpen arms. Marmol would be a candidate.

  • Rumor they are interested in Sizemore. 1 year?

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Is there a link? Would have to be one year, make good deal. At most a second year, club option.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to emartinezjr:

    I just read Sizemore won't be ready until mid-season at the earliest after having microfracture surgery in September.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Yep. Scratch him off the list.

  • fb_avatar

    I just read that article by Sarris on Fangraphs. He postulates the Cubs could save $10 to $20 mil in a Soriano deal.

    I think he probably ends up staying though. We don't really need salary relief, and he isn't blocking anyone at the moment. While we are clearly not contending this year, I think Cubs management is sensitive to NOT losing another 100 games, and showing the fans some progress. Toward that end, trading the only power bat in the lineup isn't a great idea.

    It is certainly possible Soriano regresses alot this year, and in 2014 we end up with him blocking a young player or taking a 40-man spot we need. At that point, at least we only eat one year of that contract, which is a whole lot less than I thought we would have to eat. Kudos to Soriano for the improvement.

    So many "worst contract" lists had Soriano right at the top, and now I don't think he's even top-10. (the A-Rod article there correctly points out that his, and Ryan Howard's contract, probably move into the top slots for that dubious distinction)

  • In reply to Zonk:

    I wouldn't do it for salary relief either. Cubs have low payroll already. Has to be significant talent coming back or no deal.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    You are correct, sir! Baltimore looks like a fit to me and the Yankees now that A-Rod is going to miss much of 2013.

  • In reply to Zonk:

    Good point.

  • fb_avatar

    John, do you think there is concern amongst potential suitors that Soriano's 2012 season is a fluke or maybe on last flash in the pan? If I were a GM contemplating acquiring Soriano, I might be tempted to wait and see what he's doing through June of 2013 before getting to serious about giving up anything of real value. He'll be 37 on opening day, and it's no secret his knees are shot. I'm not sure I want to trade for him unless the cost to me is low enough that I feel like I can afford to release him should he not work out, and I'm not sure I want to meet the Cubs demands on return talent before I have a clearer picture of what kind of team I have and if Soriano is going to make a difference.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I'd certainly be concerned about that if it were me. It all depends on teams' desperation for a big bat. Seems like a trade with a team that's more money conscious is more likely at this point. The Yankees or Baltimore probably don't see as much value in the Cubs picking up the remainder of the contract as a team like Oakland might.

  • In reply to Kevin Heckman:

    Soriano's not a fit for Oakland, money or no.

  • fb_avatar

    I meant more as an example of a type of organization than a specific destination.

  • In reply to Kevin Heckman:


  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I think there is some of that. The knees are a part of it too. I think some are having trouble moving past the old (and incorrect) perception of Soriano. Lots of things in play, probably.

  • Jim Bowden talked about this twice yesterday on He said the Cubs should sign Bourn to a five year deal. I guess they should trade Jackson, Szczur, and Almora since paying a bunch of money for Bourn, according to Bowden would set the Cubs up for competing 3 years from now. That is what he said. I am glad he isn't our GM.

  • In reply to Quasimodo:

    Also glad he's been inaccurate. 5 years???

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Quasimodo:

    wonder what Bowden's been smoking on that one.

  • I do not understand what the big deal is with Bourn. Granted he plays key def position, howver his lifetime OPS is .704 (or 90 on a scale of 100), and he is on the wrong side on 30.

    Any offer (if the Cubs are serious) should be short in length, as I do not see him getting better as he ages.

  • In reply to JK1969:

    Agreed JK. 1, maybe 2 years and you flip him at the deadline. Otherwise it makes little sense to me.

  • Did not realize that he has already been thru 3 orgns - Philly, Houston and Atlanta.

  • Wow...Pagan just sgined for 4 yrs and $40M. One year older than Bourn and less time as a starter as well. He has a better career OPS of .757, however I think Bourn has a big edge with the glove.

    Hmm, hope the Cubs don't pull a Jim Hendry move on this one.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to JK1969:

    Me either. I'll be glad if we stay away from Bourn. Pagan is not a 10mil a yr player imo

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to JK1969:

    Agreed........a 1-year deal for Andres Torres, though, might be a good fit

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Zonk:

    Yea Torres would be nice then midseason becomes your fourth/fifth outfielder when Bjax is ready

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Agreed. Torres on a short-term contract would be a good fit.

  • Marlins looking to sign Mark DeRosa.

  • fb_avatar

    MLB Network guys today have said several times the Yankees are absolutely refusing to offer multi-year deals to anyone, period. We've heard over and over they have to get under the cap in 2014, but they are far more committed to it than anyone really thought. They're unwilling to take on any money, nor do they want to sign free agents for any significant salaries, the younger Steinbrenner has them committed to finally get under the salary cap in 2014 to reset the luxury tax penalty, and Yankees people have said if they can't win with a $189 mil payroll they don't deserve to win.

    Shocking to hear the Yankees preaching common sense financial advice. (Side note: with each team getting something like $78 mil next year just from the national TV deals, the salary cap is likely going to go up significantly soon)

  • In reply to Just Win:

    It's especially interesting considering they're coming off a first round playoff loss. Would think fans are clamoring for them to sign the next big FA.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Just Win:

    Who would have thought that would ever happen. The landscape in baseball seems to be changing. Still, doesnt matter how much they trim payroll as long as the team is built around aging players combined with a bad farm system the Yankees and teams like them are bound to implode at some point.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Never thought I would hear the Yankees say they need to cut down their payroll. Looks like LAD is the new evil empire.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Just Win:

    Wonder if this actually puts Sori on the table if the Cubs eat the entire contract -- especially with Jeter and ARod out to start the season. We could actually ask for a decent return in that case. Maybe Slade Heathcott and a buy low on Dante Bichette?

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I've been thinking the same thing. I wonder what the Cubs could get if they ate a massive portion of Soriano's contract in a trade with the Yankees. With Manny Banuelos out the entire year recovering from TJS, it's possible they could get him. Fits the mold of the Vizcaino acquisition.

  • fb_avatar

    "Cubs tell Marmol he is trade bait"

    And Marmol replies: "I already knew that, Theo. I've been reading Cubs Den all month."

  • In reply to Mike Moody:


    We even mentioned during last year after the deadline. Source said then he was most likely to be dealt, more so than Soriano.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    You could get a poll going, John. If the Cubs do trade Soriano, how much cash would they send along? You could also ask how much cash they should send along.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Mike Moody:

    HA! Wouldn't surprise me if the entire FO lurked around here.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:


  • fb_avatar

    I agree with you about Bourn. It just seems to me like a classic situation of Boras turning the Cubs "inquiries" into "concrete talks" for the sake of reporting it to the media and increasing his bargaining power with other teams.

  • In reply to Jason Pellettiere:

    That's definitely part of his playbook, which is why I'm so skeptical.

  • fb_avatar

    I'm thinking that this year is going to be a season in which we don't lose 100 games. Maybe we'll see a few minor moves but it might not be what we hope for. I'm trusting the FO as best I can. I still am not looking for something that's going to make me to stand and cheer.

  • In reply to RClax3:

    I think that's a good way to put it. We have to trust them here and they aren't going to make moves just to please fans. They want to build a team the right way, and it's hard not to respect that. Now let's hope it works!

  • Theo is following the Theo plan. Nonetheless, as we all know, he is not above making mistakes and choosing the wrong horse. Not sure what to make of where this franchise is headed until some of his moves payoff (if they payoff) in the win loss column. Until then, coming to Cubs den makes the waiting a little more tolerable.

    Still, I am not a young man and as I know you all aware, the Cubs track record is worse than any other franhise around.

  • In reply to JK1969:

    Thanks JK!

    You're absolutely right that Theo will make mistakes. Already made ones with Stewart and Volstad last year. The one thing I'll say is that the bright side is that if he does make a mistake, they won't be mult-year, big money mistakes that will hurt the team in the future. I think once he has a foundation in place, you can absorb those kind of mistakes, but right now the Cubs have to think long term before short term. Painful as it is to long time Cubs fans. I guess in some ways, if we've waited this long, what's another couple of years to get it done right?

  • I wouldn't say Stewart or Volstad were mistakes. Cubs took a chance on Stewart and if he re-signs he might contribute. Also, I consider subtracting Zambrano a win.

  • Well, they're mistakes as far as guys they thought could bounce back. But they were very inexpensive mistakes -- even profitable as you point out with the Zambrano trade.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Note that Zambrano is a free agent. Rumors? Zero.

  • fb_avatar

    More and more I am thinking Soriano is going to be traded. The Phillies just seem to fit perfectly. They are very left handed in their lineup and it never hurts to put a solid power/RBI producer in the lineup. They also need to acquire two outfielders. The fit just seems to be perfect.

  • In reply to Demarrer:

    Hope so. They don't really have anyone to trade from their farm, but would love to get one of their young OF'ers.

  • fb_avatar

    We have to have faith b/c by 2015 they will dominate teams. I believe that so Theo and Co will have all my faith.

  • my dream scenario would be to sign bourn to a 1 year 20 mil deal with a club option for 20 mil the next year. we'd lost a draft pick, but easily get it back the following year or possibly get more in terms of prospects at the deadline from a team in need of a center fielder. i think all the bourn rumors are bogus, but its fun to dream. absolutely nothing more than 2 years tho.

    adding to that id trade soriano to philly for salary relief and dominic brown. no one knows if a change of scenery will fix brown, but it sure as hell cant hurt and the potential is out of this world. hes also a lefty which is nice.

    an outfield of brown bourn and dejesus with sappelt coming off the bench sounds pretty good to me. brown, if he figures things out, could be a future core piece and trading bourn at the deadline could bring back some pretty significant assets especially if the cubs have to eat money. brett jackson should be up by midseason filling in for bourn after hes traded and things would really start to take shape for the 2014 season at that point.

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    I'm certain those rumors were Boras plants. Thinking more and more that we should prepare ourselves for minor signings.

  • Here's my dream scenario...

    1. The Cubs sign Bourn to a heavily front-loaded contract for as short as they can get (4 years possibly with an option for a 5th with a buyout).

    2. They eat most of Soriano's contract in a trade to the Yankees in return for Manny Banuelos who is out for 2013 following TJS.

    3. They work a blockbuster deal with the Padres who have Headley at 3B and tried Gyorko at 2B in 47 games last year in the minors. The Padres get Barney to play 2B, Garza and Marmol (both of their flyball tendencies play well in Petco), Brett Jackson and whoever else. The Cubs get Jedd Gyorko and Casey Kelly and whoever else.

    I really think this is possible, but without inside information, I have no idea how likely. A man can dream after all...

  • In reply to Quedub:

    With Jackson traded, Bourn and his GG defense mans CF until Almora is ready with no need to rush him. When the time is right, Bourn's front-loaded contract is tradeable. Gyorko mans 3B while the Cubs see where Baez fits best, allowing the Cubs to not rush Javier. Villanueva moves over to 2B keeping it warm for Watkins or anyone else who steps up. Kelly starts the year in AAA with eyes on a 2nd half call-up with Vizcaino.

    C - Castillo
    1B - Rizzo
    2B - Villanueva, etc.
    SS - Castro
    3B - Gyorko
    LF - Sappelt, etc.
    CF - Bourn
    RF - DeJesus

    The rotation is weak, but will be bolstered in the 2nd half. Shark, Baker, Wood, Feldman, FA, etc. The pen is what it is. Fujikawa, Russell, Camp, Fields?, FA?.

    But they add two strong pieces long term in Gyorko and Kelly and a possible 3rd long term piece in Banuelos. They give up a possible long term piece in Jackson but replace him with a very solid CFer who should be tradeable in a couple years if/when Almora is ready.

    Am I crazy like a Fox or just crazy..?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Quedub:

    As much as I would love Gyorko, don't see it. Last year they got real value -- Andrew Cashner -- for Rizzo, who had also taken a hit in value. The package you've put together isn't quite Andrew Cashner in value, and Gyorko doesn't have an awful season to decrease his value.

    The price of Gyorko is probably Baez. To be honest, I would consider that if the Padres would.

  • In reply to Quedub:

    Hey man, it is fun to dream! I really like how you put all that together. That's what I like about Cubs Den; passionate fans with foresight. I'm not saying your dream scenario is wrong, Quedub. For me though, most of that is a bad dream. Most of which is predicated on the desire of players....Bourn's desire to be a Cub and Soriano's desire to leave. All it takes is a little leakage/back scratching from the master (Boras) and Michael Bourn's our new favorite Cub! Whenever top tier FA's go to bad teams its usually an overpay situation which is something the FO hasn't shown any inclination to do. Personally, I'm not convinced he wants to sign here. Even if he does sign here, I'm not crazy about it. With regards to Sori, I'm actually of the opinion that we should hang onto him. I'm not sure there's value out there from a team he would actually accept a trade to. I've also heard that he and his family (he has 3 boys and 3 girls!) love where they live so much that they're not going anywhere. I think they're only "shopping" him half-heartedly anyway, but I don't think it'll matter. I'd be nowhere near Banuelos anyway. That's just me though. I think the Padres part of the Dream makes good sense. Although I wonder if you meant Valbuena would play 2nd rather than Villanueva. Villanueva's never played above A ball. I've seen Gyorko play a good little bit, he's good. Kelly's pretty solid. I'd rather keep Garza and then extend him. We should get a better pitching prospect than him with the 2nd pick in the draft. A guy that I also like from SD is Wil Venable. He'd be a nice bridge guy.

  • In reply to Ben20:

    Yes, I totally meant Valbuena instead of Villanueva. Brain fart. Good catch.

    And, yes, just dreaming. By no means do I think this is likely to happen. Fun to dream, though...

    And Venable is interesting as a bridge/4th OFer.

  • Bourn will sign for an average annual salary of around 16 million. Maybe a little more to offset the lack of a NTC.

  • Okay. The Cubs will have plenty of money to spend the next couple of seasons.

    20 mil, 18 mil, 14 mil, 12 mil?

  • Josh Hamilton, one of the best production hitters in MLB, and no one wants to give this guy a $100 Million long term contract......

    Seeing that offer from the Tigers to Sanchez, tells me that low / short term contract offers will be given out this year.....maybe players asking price will go down when February comes around.

    Ex-Cub Nolasco wants out from Miami......

    Why isn't Greinke signed yet? is either the Dodgers or the Angels.....or will the Rangers snatch him in the last second?

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Greinke's signing seems linked to Hamilton's unless the Dodgers come in and just knock the door down. Greinke's agent would be smart to wait to see if Hamilton returns to Texas. If he doesn't, Greinke's agent can then play Texas off of the Angels and Dodgers.

  • Wow just saw this on mlbtraderumors..
    The Dodgers have a deadline of 5pm eastern to reach an agreement with South Korean lefty Ryu Hyun-jin, and keep in mind that he would have to take a physical as well.  The Dodgers won the right to negotiate with the Scott Boras client for $25.7MM, which would be returned if an agreement cannot be reached.  Colletti told Yahoo's Tim Brown and other reporters the two parties are not necessarily on a pace to get a deal done, while Boras said he's yet to receive an offer. Is he asking for the moon?

  • In reply to irish0625:

    I read somewhere that the deadline is 12/10 which is a week away. They still have time.

  • fb_avatar

    Too bad on the latest updates. I was hoping for a Rizzo-eque shocker. Guess we'll have to wait a bit for another one of those.

  • I never really thought the Cubs were major players for Bourne, more agent spin as always. As for Bowden, whatever he says, think the opposite will happen. Bowden is a perfect reverse barometer, what he says the complete opposite happens

  • In reply to Steve Flores:


  • Hey John, first time on the site. Best Cubs site there is!!! I really think the Cubs should sign Nyjer Morgan and give him a chance. How about trading Marmol to the Tigers for Porcello? Sign Grilli or Parra. 3B is a question mark!!!! I have not got a clue!!!

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    We have been saying we like N Morgan but with the Cubs likely moving DeJesus to CF I think it's not likely.

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    Love Porcello but it would take more than Marmol I would think.

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    Thanks Jer Bear. I like all those ideas but it seems none are going to be easy. The Cubs are preparing to get creative to fill those last needs -- which is code for picking up some lesser known talent, perhaps a flyer.

  • fb_avatar

    At this point, I can't see the Cubs trading Soriano. Given that they don't have a rightfielder or a 3b-they're severely lacking power. Soriano is the only protection they have for Rizzo. Yes, if they receive a valuable long term piece-they'll trade him and even pay his salary. Unless someone is really willing to do that, I think he'll stay.

    Like the rest of you, I don't see any legs to the Bourn rumor. Just doesn't line up with the FO priorities. Shane Victorino-maybe-only because he'd probably take a 2 yr deal and after all the teams have made their moves.

    As for Marmol, I still like Detroit as a fit and I still like the idea of moving Peralta to 3b. Brennan Bosch is also interesting in terms of buying low.

    Last but not least, I'd still consider moving Barney.

  • Off topic thought: it occurred to me that Theo left Boston at the perfect time. His stock couldn't have been higher. I wonder if the Cubs got him @ the end of his contract if he would still be held in such high regard. That being said, I still believe that he's the Messiah.

    I also think the offseason moves this year could pay off huge. What if we kept Marmol as the set up guy and grabbed a nice reliever in the Rule 5 draft? I am always optimistic in the offseason and have hopes for the Cubs to really put it together. It's all about that SP though, and we need a few guys to log career highs in innings to have any shot. It's a long shot, but you never know.

  • fb_avatar

    would the Braves be interested in an Alfonso Soriano (+ all his money) for Randall Delgado?? Just thinking outloud!!!

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