Video of new Cubs RP Chang-yong Lim

Forgot to post this video to the orginal article, so here it is...

Here's the link to the original article.

Also an update. The deal is for $5M, a relatively low investment for a potential closer/late inning reliever.

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    From what I have seen in this video. I really like his delivery......very short and compact and seems like ball explodes(no radar) in the strikezone.

    Too bad he's not a little younger, but oh well. We can't be greedy

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I think it's going to be tough for MLB hitters to pick up right away. He doesn't throw as hard as he did in his prime, but still has some good velo -- and coming from the side must make it pretty tough on RH hitters.

  • More than just it being a $5M deal, it's a split contract from what I'm hearing, so he won't make the $5M until he's in the majors. In all likelihood, he's making sub $1M until 2014, when he / if he joins the MLB club.

  • Love the action he gets on that mid 90's FB. I think he's going to be very tough to square up, at least initially. Seems like a very team friendly signing too. Kudos Theo/Jed!

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    Yeah, worst case this looks like someone who will have early success first time around the league. Then we'll see how he'll adjust, but even that gives us a half season of an effective reliever at minimum. Assuming he comes back from TJ with the same velocity, movement and command.

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