Dodgers win bidding on Hyun-Jin Ru

Dodgers win bidding on Hyun-Jin Ru

Update 1:13 PM: The MLB has announced that the Los Angeles Dodgers have won the bid on Hyun-Jin Ru.  It was a very high bid for Ryu, who has the ceiling of a #3 or #4 pitcher, but as we saw with the Yasiel Puig signing, the Dodgers are willing to bid above and beyond what other teams believe to be fair market value in order to add international talent.  There were some rumblings early on in the Korean press that perhaps the Cubs had won the bid, so there were some hopes.  It also suggests the Cubs bid was very competitive.   (John Arguello)

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Cubs did not submit the winning bid on Korean import Hyun-Jin Ryu. The winning bid is supposedly for 25.7 million dollars. It's also been reported that the Texas Rangers and the free-wheelin L.A. Dodgers were bidders for Ryu's services. The team with the winning bid will now have a month to negotiate a contract with Scott Boras. ( What's second place? 6 weeks to negotiate with Boras...?)  This doesn't give Boras all the leverage, the winning team can simply let the month pass and let Ryu go back to Korea.



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  • This leaves more money for the Cubs to sign free agents.

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    What a joke. Heyman first reports CUbs win the bid, then he retracts it.

    25 yr old left handed pitchers w 4 pitches don't grow on tree's. Find it disappointing the Cubs didn't go above and beyond.

    Even w all the innings (almost 1300) in his career, he's the type of pitcher we need, young and will be entering his prime when they believe the Cubs are ready to make noise. With all the money the cubs have been saving the past year+ and ahead, they should have stretched a little and got him.

    It's not like the Blue chip pitchers are going to be coming here to sign anytime soon.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    You can't go above and beyond someone else's bid, if that's what you're saying. It's a one-time bid process, not an auction.
    I can't see spending all that money just to be able to negotiate with a guy who hasn't been widely scouted, and then repped by Boras on top of it. And his contract cost on top of it all.
    You can sign lots of top prospects with that dough instead.
    If it went that high, I am relieved we didn't get it. Let's use the money on better gambles.

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Of course not, its a sealed bid.

    I meant go above what you believe the market would be, like the Rangers did w Darvish. Looking like the best move of the 2011 offseason IMO.

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    Felzz. Great picture, great post, and EXCELLENT TITLE!

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    ha ha. Thanks Jim. yeah, Once you went Street Fighter, the headline kinda wrote itself. But again, thanks.

    I have no feelings one way or the other. There's just too much unknown. Who won the bid, how much did the Cubs actually want this guy ( I believe they wanted him and that they were aggressive.) and frankly, just how good is he? I have no idea how the Korean league translates. But if Epstoyer put in a good bid and were simply outspent by desperate Ned and his evergrowin Hollywood hill of money, then c'est la vie.....

  • In reply to felzz:

    The only question in my mind Felzz was how long it was going to take you to whip out the Street Fighter references as soon as John confirmed we were bidding on this guy :)

  • In reply to Ryno2Grace:

    Whatever answer you came up with, take the under....

  • The area code of Austin TX is 737, so I'm figuring the Rangers "won" the auction.

  • In reply to SFToby:

    Austin? Maybe it was the U. of Texas then.
    From MLBTR: "The numbers three and seven are considered lucky in Korea, hence the unusual bid amount."

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    In reply to SFToby:

    Having lived in the Austin area over 20 years, the area code is 512.

  • In reply to Hal McCarty:

    You might've moved out before they added 773.

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    Of course the Rangers would be all in. They saw first hand how good Yu Darvish was for them, and know that he will just get better and better as he gets used to the league, longer season, and shorter rest.

    25 yr old LH pitchers w strike out stuff don't grow on tree's.

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    If that dollar figure is accurate, I'm glad we didn't win the bidding.

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    In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    No doubt. Means much lower ticket prices, merchandise, and of course refreshments at the game!

    Sweet !!

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Agreed. Even if it's a 5 year contract for 5 mil per, that's 50 mil total investment. 10 mil per for the 37th out of 50th best free agent with durability questions(according to Keith Law)? Maybe. But I'll pass.

  • Glad we did get him or Haren. It is not time yet to pay big bucks
    to FA's or trade for expense players. I would hope they keep on
    acquiring young prospects/players that can grow with us.

  • This is Off topic but heard rumor that Seattle is willing to part with Walker and Paxton.

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    I'll wait till Kap says something before I believe any rumor, he's pretty accurate!!!!

  • Wikipedia says that the team that made the highest bid will be announced on the 12th.

  • I do not know if it is justified, but I do a lot less second guessing with this front office. I always have the feeling that they have done their homework even when deals do not happen.

  • MLB confirmed the Dodgers as high bidders.

  • The Cubs should have bid far above the market price for him. Look how well that turned out with Concepcion. And Fukudome. And Soriano. And Zambrano.

  • Once you get him signed to a contract, he's at least a $40 million investment, and that's assuming a modest 3-year, $15 million deal. Average that out, and he's a $13 million a year investment.

    I'm not sure he's a $13 million a year arm.

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    In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    I doubt that it would be that much as darvish got a 6yr 56 million plus the 50+ posting for a 6 yr 106-107 million

    I am thinking he gets a 5 yr less then 7-8 million + the posting

    But you never know as the Dodgers might go crazy

  • He's a Boras client, so there will be no reasonable contract. I'm guessing the Boras Binder has him as a LH #3 SP and he will be seeking $10M+ a year. The number of years will be interesting, especially with the way the Dodgers are throwing around contracts.

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    I agree, Boros isn't agreeing to sign a 26 yr old to a 1 or 2 mil per year contract. He's going to get at least 5 mil per year, perhaps closer to 10. When you throw in the negotiating fee, that's a huge cost on an unproven player.

    And how about the Dodgers? They're already over the cap and will be paying a luxury tax every season for the foreseeable future. They have the money, but look at the Yankees, they're trying desperately to get under the salary cap in 2014 to reset the luxury tax. I read that the luxury tax penalty increases by percentage of total salary for every consecutive year a team is over. I'm not sure what percent it is for the Yankees, but it's enough that even the richest team is changing their ways.

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    In reply to Just Win:

    Here's an article that says the Yankees will pay 50 percent luxury tax in 2013 for every dollar spent over the 189 mil cap.

  • Sorry guys, took a short break yesterday and today to meet with some old friends.

    Heard the news and it is LA. I believe the Cubs did put in a very competitive bid, though, but that LA price was really high.

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    Good times for Hyun-Jin Ru and his family.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    I'm sure they're coming, money right now goes to Ryu's team. Boras knows LA likes to spend money and I'm sure he'll try to extract as much as he can.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    That you can bank on.

  • For the near future big long term contracts is not good. Signing
    international top talent is a better long term investment. Theo
    has to follow his long term plan not try to do a quick (and bad)

  • Did not get Ru.......don't worry.....

    after TJ surgery, and losing his fast ball, he will sign with the Cubs in 2016.

    Hee-seop Choi .....Cubs should re-sign him to do Gangman dance between innings.

    That image above looks like "Speed Racer" on steroids.

    Too late to add who the Cubs will sign or trade?....if not , here are my picks....

    Jake Taylor - catcher
    Ricky Vaughn - pitcher
    Roger Dorn - third base
    Wille Mays Hayes - OF
    Pedro Cerrano - pinch hitter

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    Happiest guy in the country: Anibal Sanchez who is about to double his asking price to the Dodgers.

    The Cubs really need a new TV contract.

  • In case anybody want to see an AFL game, they're broadcasting one on the MLB channel...

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