Glanville, Plesac out of running for Cubs announcer; Jim Deshaies in

In something of a surprise, Dan Plesac, considered to be one of the favorites for the analyst role vacated by Bob Brenly, is offically out of the running.  He informed WGN that he is withdrawing his name and is staying with MLB Network.  Doug Glanville is also no longer in the mix and is re-signing with ESPN according to Patrick Mooney of CSN.  Apparently the Cubs did contact him, but it never got close enough for an official interview.

Earlier Mooney had reported that Plesac, Rick Sutcliffe, Eric Karros, Gary Matthews, and Todd Hollandsworth as the five finalists but you can now replace Plesac with another name: longtime Houston Astros announcer Jim Deshaies.

Deshaies is very popular with Houston fans and gets great reviews.  The Houston Press named him the city's best announcer in 2008, saying,

"Jim Deshaies had some tough shoes to fill when he took over the Astros analyst spot from Larry Dierker. But let’s just say, as J.D. settles into his second decade as the Astros TV analyst, that he has not only surpassed Dierker, he has perhaps surpassed every other analyst in baseball. The former starting pitcher knows the ins and outs of the game, from pitching to hitting to fielding to strategy.

“Best of all, he’s not a homer, and if the good guys goof up, he’ll let you know how and why. And then there’s his quick wit and his ability to throw out a Seinfeld reference or obscure pop culture trivia at a moment’s notice. Nothing gets past Deshaies, and, if you pay attention, you’ll learn more from him than just about any baseball geek in the country.”

Sounds like he might be a nice fit.






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  • Other names might be being considered, as well.

  • Here's my suggestion:

  • Can't say I've ever heard Jim Deshaies broadcast but, from what the Houston Press had to say, he does sound more than promising.

  • In reply to ifandorbut:

    If I remember correctly he did sit in the booth with Len and Bob sometime last year and he was pretty entertaining.

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    I love not trying to force the issue with someone with ties to the Cubs. Pick the best man (or woman) for the job. I don't care what team they played for or even if they never played. Just find a good play by play person. Fame is worthless in my book.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Agreed. For me I don't really care if they have a strong connection to the Cubs. Brenly, Kasper, Hughes...none of them did and they are all some of the best we've had here.

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    Color commentator. Obviously Len is the play by play man.

    Although has anyone noticed how odd it is that on WGN Radio they have Moreland do the play by play in the inning Pat takes off? They don't let Jed Sirott do the play by play anymore. I can tolerate Moreland as the color guy but he does play by play like he's on TV and assumes everyone is watching.

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    In reply to Just Win:

    Just a note, I'm correcting myself in the previous post when I said play by play guy when I meant color commentator. I didn't want John to think I was nitpicking a mistake in the post which doesn't exist.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    haha! Thanks. I do make my share since I tend to write quickly and in one big stream of thought. This was an exception though, it's basically just reporting on Mooney's article ;)

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    Presumably he would rather watch grass grow than the product the Astros are going to field next year.

    That team could actually make a run at 120 losses.

  • Draft the best color commentator available.

  • I have to say that I'm really intrigued by this news. I'm not really enamored of any of the commonly known names out there and Deshaies sounds like a very promising alternative.

    I remember his as a pitcher for the Astros. Does anyone know why he would be motivated to leave his team for the Cubs?

  • In reply to Boogens:

    Higher profile team and market. It'd be more than a lateral move for him. They are also changing stations from Fox to CSN, I believe, so there may be some job security issues. Astros said he was safe, but I don't think anyone ever feels safe when new bosses take over.

  • I like Deshaies, I have heard a couple of times and he is pretty funny. I always thought the Cubs preferred someone who has dome color work before, which sort of left out Glanville and even Plesac. I get the feeling that Plesac dropped out once he got the vibe that the Cubs were looking somewhere else. IMO it's going to come down to Hollandsworth , Karros and Deshaies. I would have included Sutcliffe but he seems only lukewarm about the Cubs job.

  • WHO?

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    Oh, never mind. If gposner has never heard of him, the Cubs shouldn't bother.

  • I like that Deshaies doesn't sound like a homer, but I'd like someone who views himself as a Cub. Otherwise his heart (and eventually his ass) will always be in, say, Arizona.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    I'm not as big on the Chicago connection. I've been very happy with Kasper and Hughes and they didn't have any ties here.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I can't stand Kasper, but I'd agree that the team connection is less important for the play by play guy. The color guy though it couldn't be more important. Think of all those little anecdotes Brenly told. How much greater would they have been were they centered around the team and players we know and love so well?

  • sounds like they have no one, Karros and Hollandsworth were cubs for a year or so. At least they could find their way to the ballpark. Deshaies would be moving up from the worst team in the league to the cubs, I guess that is something. He at least has done the job before. Could be a long season on the tube, can always listen to the game on the radio I guess. Moreland is doing a good job, I think he is what Santo would call a gamer.

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    If Deshaies speaks his mind, it may not bode well for him. I remember what happened when Steve Stone spoke his mind about Dusty Baker's handling of the Cub pitching staff. It cost him his job. Personally, they should have kept Stone and fired Baker.

  • In reply to Tom Mack:

    Brenly wasn't a homer and wasn't shy about speaking his mind and it worked out fine for him. There's no reason to think that there'd be any issues as long as the new color person is fair.

  • In reply to Boogens:

    Was thinking the same thing.

  • In reply to Tom Mack:

    steve stone has his dream job now, he is almost up there with hawk as far as being a homer. I think a lot of cub fans blame dusty for a lot of thing that are not his fault. He had the team five outs from the world series. Mark prior, alex gonzalez ,and the cub hero kerry wood are to blame. I will never forget the look on kerry wood face in the dugout at the end of game six, I knew we were beat before the game. Sure dusty made mistakes but he got us closer than any recent cub manager.

  • In reply to seankl:

    I'm not sure working with Hawk can really be considered a dream job ;)

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Good point.

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    Him and his broadast partner, Bill Brown< ranked #4 in the Fangraphs TV annoucer ranings ths year.

    Reader Comments
    • “FanGraphs and other analytical blogs have been mentioned on the broadcast before. While the team may suck the Houston fan base is lucky to have such a good broadcasting crew to get through the season.”
    • “We, as Astros fans, are lucky to have these guys. They can be quite funny and informative at times. Maybe not the sharpest at play by play, but very entertaining.”
    • “They are the only reason I will watch the Astros lose over 100 games again this coming season.”

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    In reply to Ken Roucka:

    I apologize or my multiple spelling errors, geesh!

  • In reply to Ken Roucka:

    Nice research Ken. Thanks!

  • Leaving the Astros and coming to Cubs is an upgrade to anyone.....

    I sometimes glance over the right side of the screen to look at the stories from Chicagonow.....that "North Shore" story from HIgh Gloss & Sauce got my attention.....second story I will might read was the "Changing leaves at Starved Rock".....only when I want to waste a few minutes of my life.

  • A Homer is good as long as they are knowledgeable and fair. Stone seemed as though he had an ax to grind against the Cubs toward the end. That season wasn't much fun. I want someone who likes the Cubs storied history and to have fun(not too much). Some seasons can be long and it is hard to fake it if a color commentator would rather be somewhere else. One needs to be like the fan who attends games at the end of the season after his team is an also ran.

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