Cubs sign Scott Baker

Cubs sign Scott Baker

Apologize for the delays as the site was down.  Everything working fine now...

The Cubs have signed Scott Baker, according to an announcement from the team.  We wrote about this possibility back in September.

Here is what I wrote back then...

Baker may be the bargain version of Sanchez in that he also has had a lower FIP than ERA the last 3 years, including 3.45 in 2011.  He also has a low 90s FB  and has put up good strikeout numbers (7.23/9 IP) on the strength of good command (2.10 walks per 9 IP) and solid secondary pitches.  In Baker's case, his best pitch has been his slider.  Like Maholm health concerns may leave him undervalued...the gut feeling here is that the Cubs may be looking more at guys like Scott Baker and Scott Feldman.

The deal is for one year and $5.5M with $1.5M in incentives.

Personally (and not surprisingly), I really like this signing.  Baker has the ability of a #3 starter and has arguably the best upside among the second tier FA starting pitchers.  The only question is health.

As far as that's concerned,

"If things go perfectly, he should be stretched out to five-six innings by that first week of the season," Epstein said. "But we're going to use good judgment every step of the way. It's not as important whether it's Opening Day or 10 days into the season as it is that he comes back healthy."

As far as getting flipped, Baker isn't worried about it,

"That's kind of a far stretch, in my opinion," Baker said, pointing to the fact he's coming off an injury.

As far as Theo Epstein is concerned, he didn't rule out keeping Baker and possibly even extending him.

"First of all, we hope our season goes better than that and we're not in that position," he said. "We're realistic. If we're out of it, we're trying to build a healthy organization (and) we are going to flip some players. But we don't necessarily flip them all. If you have somebody who's a good fit on and off the field, you can look to extend them."

Whatever the case, the Cubs have picked up a solid arm who could pick up some value, either as a starter for this team for a year, possibly more, or as someone they can trade at the deadline.  A lot will depend on how Baker and the Cubs perform this season.

What's next?

Expect the Cubs to acquire at least one more starting pitcher this offseason.  In fact, I'd like to see them get two more.

What I would like to see next is for the Cubs to hedge their bets a bit on a second value signing I've earmarked early, Scott Feldman.  He has the flexibility to either start or pitch out of the bullpen and could be quite valuable if Baker isn't ready to start the season.

As for that 2nd starter, another guy I've been liking more and more lately is Joe Blanton.  With Baker's health a question, Blanton may be a safer bet than other injury risks like Scott Marcum and Brandon McCarthy.  Blanton throws strikes (1.37 walks per 9 IP) and put up a very impressive 3.36 xFIP last season.  If the Cubs want to go with a healthy 2012 pitcher with more upside, than perhaps Francisco Liriano might make sense.  As a lefty, Liriano would also help balance the rotation, though he doesn't command the strike zone the way the Cubs like.

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    I'm starting to wonder if the hedge on Baker's health isn't Nick Struck.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I think he's in that 8 or 9 man rotation that Theo and Jed like to talk about.

  • 40 man will start to get interesting- good-bye Casey Coleman?

  • In reply to Cuyler:

    He would be one of the first on my list. If we want to speculate on 40 man rosters, I'd look at pitchers. The Cubs figure to be adding some so I don't expect them to drop position players to make room. Coleman has to be on the bubble.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    If it comes down to keeping Casey Coleman or keeping Trey McNutt, I don't see it as that difficult a choice.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Me neither. McNutt's been disappointing, but you have to go youth and upside with this team.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    He's essentially an above average 6th-7th inning guy at this point. But the Cardinals just showed putting together a bullpen full of cost controlled guys like that can be very effective.

    I think he could contribute more next year than Coleman, leaving aside arguments of future import

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Interesting take. The stuff definitely translates as MLB quality. The thing you like is that he's athletic and that command can click at any time, as we saw with Samardzija. Once it does, he'll be awfully tough with those two plus pitches.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    the Cubs brass will agree with you on keeping McNutt over Coleman

  • Nice pickup.

  • In reply to SFToby:


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    John. What should the Cubs start to do about the 40 man rotation with the upcoming Rule 5 draft? I think that would make a great article. I believe the Cubs are up around the 40 threshold after this signing, which means they barely have any wiggle room with a lot still to accomplish or save.

  • In reply to Demarrer:

    I'll write something up on that this week. I don't think the 40 man roster is all that fluid. Barring trades, I think there are only 2-3 guys that are on the bubble.

  • Cubs definitely need two more veteran SPs. Garza and Baker will both be coming back from arm injuries, Samardzija is coming off a career high in innings, and Travis Wood hasn’t shown enough to be a rotation lock heading into the season. If anyone is injured or not ready for the start of the season, the Cubs are back to giving starts to the Raley/Rusin/Coleman types.

    Sign two of the Blanton/McCarthy/Marcum/Liriano/Villanueva tier and the Cubs will have enough depth. That allows them to flip one or two of them at the deadline and give their starts to Vizcaino or Struck in the second half.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    I'd like to see at least one of those guys come here. Really leaning Blanton because he can eat innings and Liriano because of upside.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Of course, McCarthy would be great too.

  • I like the signing, but I am not so sure he can flipped for anything like Malhom. 1) It does not appear Baker's contact has a 2nd year option at below market value, which I would think drove a lot of Malhom's trade value. 2) Baker may not be fully healthy till shortly before the deadline.

  • In reply to CubsML:

    Those are legit questions.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I noticed the lack of option year as well....and that cheap option is what made Maholm much more valuable.

    If I am Scott Baker's agent, though, I would recommend he do exactly what he did: Take a 1-year only contract with a team where he's guaranteed to start, re-establish his health, and hit FA again with more leverage.

    I'm sure the Cubs offered an option year, and it's very possible if they did that Baker said "no thanks" to that

    Maholm's cotract was good for the Cubs, but not really for Maholm; he got bad advice. Minus the option, he would be looking at a $30 mil+ payday right now in FA

  • In reply to Zonk:

    Agreed. I'm pretty sure the Cubs wanted a deal exactly like Maholm's -- but you're right, Maholm probably lost some money on that one. He would be highly sought after as a FA right now.

    Baker has more upside than Maholm. If he proves he's healthy and his stuff is back, he could be in line for what could be his last shot at a nice extension.

  • Always liked the name Baker on the Cubs, ever since Gene Baker played 2b with Ernie at short.
    It looks like a good deal for both parties. With $5.5 million plus incentives, we can say "Any way you slice it, Baker's dough has risen".

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    The Cubs are going to hope it (his value) rises a bit more!

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Baker is a fine name as long as it doesn't have "Jeff" in front of it.

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    In reply to eaton53:

    or Dusty

  • Interesting options here... The Cubs could go after injury risk solid pitchers like Marcum and/or McCarthy and add other insurances that can be inserted in the rotation or pen like Villanueva or Feldman, but they can also go after healthier arms with less risks like Dempster, Blanton or Edwin Jackson (if possible)... There's also the possibility of trading for a young arm, last year they traded for Travis Wood, if there is a chance to strike another deal like that, I think they won't miss the chance.

  • In reply to Caps:

    Agreed. We can't rule out trades. Will have to look into see who might be available out there.

  • One down two to go.

  • pretty happy with the baker signing, wish he wouldve gotten an extra year, but oh well...

    i agree with the notion that we should sign 2 more starting pitchers, but i think we need to be careful about how we do this. i dont think brandon mccarthy will end up in chicago, so im ruling him out on this scenario, but if we sign him ill be thrilled. because we just got baker we need one more pitcher (assuming wood has a spot) to complete our rotation. i hope that pitcher is marcum and if not him then liriano. that would make our rotation full, but with the health concerns of garza, baker, marcum and liriano (if we sign either) i think it would be smart to have another option on the 25 man roster. i think that option should be villanueva. we can give him a 2 year deal for 12 mil with maybe an option at 8 mil for the third year. we sell him on the fact we will be stretching him out in the bullpen for the first half and then plugging him into the rotation during the second half/when injuries occur. if there are injuries to start the season then he will be inserted into the rotation to start the year and possibly stay there depending upon results.

    last years trade deadline was a little disappointing for most of us. the demspter/atlanta mishap plus garza getting injured almost ruined the whole thing for me. this year im hoping to trade garza during spring training, but its more likely that hes traded at the deadline. by adding 3 possible starting pitchers that creates more trade opportunities for us, so if one of them gets hurt we can still be marketing 3 other starting pitchers.

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    I'm all for trying to get 3 guys. That said, it's never easy. Best bet for me is one more aquisition via trade or FA and then maybe an under the radar guy.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    i agree, this is a perfect case scenario, if villanueva wants to start as badly as it sounds then im sure this wouldnt be his most appealing offer.
    id also be okay with signing a guy to a minor league deal like jurjens, if he gets no major league offers or a trade for somelike like masterson, all im saying is that our rotation needs depth, and more than what we currently have.

  • In reply to jshmoran:

    Jurrjens is another guy in that bargain bin mold. I do think the Cubs will add a guy like that -- and someone like Jurrjens or Braden or Garland may settle for a minor league deal, which would make it easier on the roster.

  • Love this signing, but I seem to agree with everybody else. The Cubs need to sign 2 more SPs to cover the injury issues. My votes are Dallas Braden and Carlos Villanueva. If a scenario like that plays out, is Travis Wood still a lock for the starting rotation?

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    I always figured he would be fighting for the 5th spot. He was to up and down last to be a lock.

  • In reply to elusivekarp:

    I'd say Braden would be the guy fighting for a job in that situation. He has much more to prove.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to elusivekarp:

    If Wood is our #5, then we have a very good rotation. Wood's no ace, but he had some good stretches last season where he was consistently solid. I think he's a decent #4, but an excellent #5.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kevin Heckman:

    Despite Travis Wood's struggles last year, he finished with an excellent 1.19 WHIP for the season, the lowest for any Cubs SP not named Garza or Dempster. (and better than Samardzija or Maholm) He's the exact kind of young SP we need to be building around, not signing retread vets to bump out of the rotation.

  • I'm so surprised and happy at the same time. I thought for sure Baker was going to back to MN. He has great control, size, and experience. Kudos to Theo and company for making a move so early.

    John, besides Loriano is there another hard throwing FA left-hander available?

  • In reply to WillieG1:

    I was starting to get that sinking feeling too and I wound up playing it safe on the predictions article. Very happy because I thought he was one of the best values out there.

    Hard throwing lefty SPs are hard to find. Liriano is about it as far as FAs.

  • Theo: "Scott Baker is a pitch maker. He can go out & execute game plan against the best lineups."

    I love it. Volstad and Randy Wells couldn't stick to the game plan, so they're gone. This team wants guys who can take direction and buy in to what the organization wants them to do. It's nice to lose some of the softness the previous regime had for their players.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    I like that quote!

  • John... I'm wondering about Baker's health... Do you think he's a lock in the rotation? Will he have to compete for a spot out of ST?? Will he even be ready by ST? Do you think the Cubs will go after 2 more established arms or just 1 to round up the rotation?

    I know you don't have all answers, but have you heard any rumor regarding any of these concerns?

  • In reply to Caps:

    I think I'd like to get one more SP quality arm for the rotation and perhaps a depth guy/swingman type with some flexibility. All of the 2nd tier guys we've mentioned in the past are in play. For that second guy, I like Feldman. A few have mentioned Braden. I've also heard Jon Garland from a reader or two.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    It would be tough to sign 2 more established ML starters; that's alot of commitment to several pitchers. My bet is that they will sign 1 more established ML starter, and go with an initial rotation of Shark,Garza,Baker,Wood, and (insert name here).

    For depth, Cubs will want to fill AAA rotation with potential starters. At this point, I think that includes Vizcaino, Struck, Raley, Rusin, and maybe one more pickup from somewhere who will sign a minor-league FA contract with invite to ST. Hopefully that is not Casey Coleman.

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    In reply to Zonk:

    Forgot Cabrera.......that's probably the last guy for Iowa. I think our AAA rotation is set. That's important, because I guarantee we will see at least one of those, if not more, start games.....

  • In reply to Zonk:

    Someone like Panigua or a 2011/12 college arm may rocket thru the system too to AAA.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubFan Paul:

    Maybe, but we may have a 40-man crunch for a guy like that. We'll see

  • In reply to Zonk:

    AAA is set and there's some pretty nice depth there. What I would do is get one extra bargain bin type and put them in the competition along with Rusin and Raley for a spot on the big league rotation or bullpen. I don't want the Cubs to have to depend on all rookies if they get into trouble. Not so much that I wouldn't want to go young, but I wouldn't want to rush a guy like Vizcaino or Cabrera -- and you never know if the Cubs unexpectedly compete. It happens sometimes (see Oakland) and if it does, you don't want to get caught with your pants down and going with guys that are either fringy or not ready for prime time.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    That's a good point, I think if a need develops early, we probably would go to Raley or Rusin, since development isn't as much of a concern there. We should have more options as the season develops, with Cabrera/Vizcaino, plus Struck should have more seasoning.

    The other consideration is that entire AAA rotation is on the 40-man already; we don't have alot of slots for another guy, so callups are probably going to come from guys who are already on the 40-man.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Good point... That's what I'd like to see too, a healthy arm with little risks and an insurance/swing man type of pitcher that can either start or come from the pen... I like those names you mention and Villanueva would probably be an option too.

  • In reply to Caps:

    Villanueva would definitely work in that role. The only worry I'd have is that both he (and my guy Feldman), would want to go to a place where they'll start.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    ....and they'd both take a spot on the 40 man roster.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    We'll see how things work out, I think some trades are on the way, there are always some arms that can start or come from the pen looking for jobs, but I hope we get someone more like Feldman and less like Berken.

  • This music to my ears, I have always been a scott baker fan. I think baker can come back and if healthy can do good. Remember, cubs can wait and sign him again and not trade him. Teams might not give much for him this year because he has one year deal and want a longer look at him first.I think the cubs my go after two more pitchers.They also have cabrera going in as a starter so that might turn out good.

  • In reply to seankl:

    I think they're starting to stagger this quite nicely between guys who may be traded by the deadline and hopefully guys like Vizcaino, Cabrera, and/or Struck could be ready by midseason.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I have a question john, what happened to edwin jackson. Is he in high demand or is he a guy you could wait on and give a two year offer to.

  • In reply to seankl:

    I think he's a guy you wait on and see if he slips through the cracks again.

  • Definitely lessens the loss of Ryu imo. Love the signing, #3 upside if healthy, right amount of salary. The only thing that scares me here is his health. and I definitely agree that the FO needs to go after 2 more guys. Either swingman types that can slot into the bullpen if need be like Feldman/Villanueva or an innings eater like Saunders/Blanton or if Bosio's up to it Liriano.

    I'm not sure they're gonna get Sanchez or Jackson and they sure as heck aren't going to get Greinke.

  • In reply to Furiousjeff:

    It does lessen the blow but I would be thrilled if we could have had both right now.

    Saunders is another guy who may be an option. Only reason I haven't mentioned it is that word is he's looking for a 3 year deal. Cubs aren't going to do that with someone like Saunders.

  • no legs to the rumor that the Cubs have an offer out to Liriano? you didnt mention it above John.

    with Liriano's youth/upside his deal could be 2-4yrs (2 or 3 Club options). if he's coachable, he'd be a great buy low candidate for the short to mid term.

  • In reply to CubFan Paul:

    I mentioned it in my summary article yesterday. In that piece I said that I'm not convinced it's real and it's for a number of reasons. One is the source (Bowden) and the fact that it wasn't corroborated by anyone else. The other is that enough time has elapsed where I think that even if there was an offer, Liriano must still be looking.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Not even MLBTR noted it.. And they usually put just about everything on that site..

  • In reply to Furiousjeff:

    Good point. I hadn't even noticed that.

  • Cardinals released RHP Kyle McClellan. Why don't the Cubs pick him up he's young and can prove himself coming of shoulder injury

  • In reply to Chicago Cubs Fan 24:

    He could be another bargain bin guy who is a swingman type that they could start at Iowa. The one thing about McClellan is that, even in his "best" year, the 12 win season, his peripherals weren't very good. Not sure he can duplicate that kind of success or really be anything more than a replacement level pitcher for that matter.

  • Nice move, like the timing and even though cubs don't get option year with this one year signing, they have stated they will consider extending if things go well. That is where you want to position things, still can trade this year or add years with extension. Timing before winter meetings means cubs just need one SP and are in a position to choose who they like instead of having to take what's left. Can always take two if they want and have room on the 40. An outfielder or two and a couple of trades for prospects and the off season will be going very well. Keep it going FO!

  • In reply to eddie35:

    Good point on signing one early. It takes a lot of pressure off as far as getting that 2nd guy.

  • Nice, this was my first pick over in that "Who will the Cubs get thread." Gotta like his low walk rate. And *two* more pitchers, huh? Would one of them go to Iowa, or would that necessitate moving Garza or sending Wood to the pen?

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Well, we're probably being optimistic on the two pitchers thing :) If there is a second guy, it would probably be a flyer on a minor league deal.

  • Brett Myers has said he wants to return to being a starter. John, any thoughts?

  • In reply to SFToby:

    I think that's an intriguing option based on his on-the-field talent. Good stuff, good command. Myers has had some off the field questions so not sure if that would turn off the Cubs FO.

  • Hey John,

    As much as I'd like to see Dallas Braden join the Cubs, he had a second surgery (rotator cuff) in August, ad he's not expected to be ready until at least the second half of the season. He was DFA and chose free agency, but since he's a California guy, if he's got a chance to re-sign with Oakland, he'll probably do that.

    On the topic of outfielders, the A's currently have seven, not counting Jonny Gomes, so I'd still like to see Coco Crisp patrolling center field for the Cubs. Good defender, switch hitter, solves the leadoff problem, and can still steal some bases. What's seven mil for one year?

  • In reply to AZBOB:

    Thanks for the update AZ Bob! Not a guy to take a chance on this year and I'd have to think his career is in question.

    Would love Coco in CF for the Cubs. I think he's the perfect fit. I'd rather take on that salary than give up good prospects.

  • This is where I would like Theo to throw a 2 year 8 mill contract at Feldman and then be really bold and sign Anibal Sanchez to a 4 year deal. That has the prospects of a good rotation and You could still flip Baker , Feldman and add a guy young enough and good enough to help in 2014-15 when ready for a real push. Plus with that rotation stranger things have happened than contention . Shark , Garza , Sanchez , Wood , Baker in no particulat order , Solid stuff.
    PS , love the Baker signing.

  • In reply to Bryan Craven:

    That would be a pretty good darn rotation. Can see the Cubs being pretty competitive if they're willing to do that and improve the defense, baserunning.

  • john what do you think about davis from tampa bay? I was thinking he could be had but now that I think about it tampa may ask for to much and the cubs are in no position to give good prospects away now. And do you think coco crisp could be had if the cubs pickup salary ?

  • In reply to seankl:

    I think Tampa is running out of time as far as being able to ask for a lot for Davis. I think it's an intriguing option if they think they can stretch him back out as a starter.

  • Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi
    Source: #BlueJays on verge of acquiring Josh Johnson from #Marlins. Deal could be even larger than that.

    One less possible trade target and one less possible trade partner. Lots of speculation (or maybe hope is the better word) about the Jays and Garza.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Wow!! I don't think they'd want to wait on Garza. I don't blame them there, but waiting to see if they gave up some of those pitching prospects we like.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    They're getting Buehrle too. So far Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechevarria going the other way. So far I love this for the Jays, but what else is new with AA? He always finds a sucker somewhere.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    And now possibly Jose Reyes too!?!? Holy crap this could be huge...

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Wow...Reyes may be going to the Jays too.

    Marlins Fire Sale!!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    So basically everyone the Marlins signed last season will be gone 9 months later...craziness.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Looks like names are in:

    To Marlins: Henderson Alvarez, Justin Nicolino, Adeiny Hechevarria, Yunel Escobar

    To Jays: Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Beuhrle, Emilio Bonafacio, and John Buck

    Jays don't have to give up Synegaard, Sanchez, Marsinick, or Gose. Huge win for them

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Marsinick in. Sub in not having to give up D'Arnaud.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Now Buster says that Jake Marisnick is going to the Marlins.
    Krazy deal for Marlins, but bold and brassy for AA.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Huge deal for AA. Jays legit contenders now. Marlins are a joke.

    Nicolino not a front line guy. Alvarez too inconsistent. Marsinick expendable with Gose. Escobar is a head case. Hechevarria is a nice glove but bat is just so-so.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi
    Source: #Marlins will get Jacob Marisnick or Anthony Gose, as well as a catcher -- Arencibia, Wilson or Mathis.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    the more i think about the scarier the marlins outfield looks in a year or two. Marisnick, Yelich and Stanton is pretty darn good. To bad Loria will sell them off as soon as they start to contend

  • Giancarlo Stanton ‏@Giancarlo818
    Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Can you blame him?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Bring Giancarlo here !!! Prontissimo !!!

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Trade offer: Cubs get Stanton and pay the entire Marlins payroll...about $17M for next season. Loria gets to play the entire season as profit.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Keep Dreaming.

  • (Mike Redmond: Can I change my mind?)

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:


  • This trade reminds me of the old days. Is this "for the best interest
    of baseball" Guest we know who will have the 1st pick in 2014.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    #1 - Marlins
    #2 - Astros
    #3 - Cubs

  • I wrote several weeks ago how much the Florida Marlins are a joke.....and one person out there said I was "wrong" I need to say anything more!

    The Blue Jays have just made themselves very much contenders in the A.L. East in 2013........without giving up their prospects........hopefully, they are saving them for the Cubs in a Garza deal......

    Reyes & Buehrle will produce.....Johnson is an 'ace" or a member of the "DL" club.......

    in the "old days", Bowie Kuhn would have rejected this trade for "The Good of Baseball" he did when Charley Finley try to give away Blue, Rudi, Fingers to the Yankees & Red Sox.

    "For the Good of Basball", MLB owners need to get new ownership for the Marlins and get them out of Miami and send them to Brooklyn under a new name.

    Anyone thinking of Stanton being a Cub, don't bother......he is on the same scale as Starlin Castro......he will flee to California when his F/A time comes.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Stanton is arbitration eligible in 2014, he'll be traded before then.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Stanton has no power on which team he can get traded to, but the Marlins have now made the top three worst trades in baseball the one today.

    Stanton is the last major player with the Marlins......he might quit baseball and go join the Heat at this point.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Stanton won't be traded because of any power he has to force a trade, he'll be traded because he's going to be making a decent amount of money in 2014 and the Marlins won't want to pay that.

    MLB Network guys a few minutes ago said the same thing, "you can guarantee Stanton is traded within the next year" is I believe what Al Leiter said.

  • Marlins payroll will be very low....around $18 A-Rod coming home?

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Absurd as that would be for the Marlins, you might be right on target with that one.

  • Jeff Loria screwed the Expos fans and now he just screwed the Miami fans who are footing the bill for that eyesore of a new stadium. He shouuld be forced to sell the team.

  • fb_avatar

    Am I the only one here that thinks the Blue Jays are going to regret this deal a year or two from now? I know they have a deep system and this deal barely put a dent in it but Reyes and Buerhlue(sp) are highly overpaid, Reyes and Johnson are pieces of glass and are certain to see the DL at some point. Johnson is sure to walk when he hits free agency....They finally got impatient.....

    They're just lucky the Marlins are a joke and didn't even get the prospects they should have.....How do you not get Arencibia or D'naurd?


  • Regret?....No.....Blue Jays are in a division where the Orioles leap frog over them this year.....A.L. East is a division where you can have 5 teams that have 85 plus wins.......Blue Jays might need Garza in July, and will be giving up those A+ prospects tot eh Cubs....better us than the Marlins I would say.........Buehrle and Johnson can each win 15 plus games for Toronto in is "game on" in the A.L. East.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Other than the contracts involved, it's a smart move on the Blue Jay's part because both Boston and the Yankees can be had right now. The window for those two teams are in the process of closing/already closed. And by Toronto being aggressive, they kept Boston from making a deal like this to get a chunk of these players and rebuild on the fly.

    Only the Reyes/Buerhle contracts are bad from the standpoint of term/money/injury risk. Toronto is a big market, they can afford the risk. That they didn't really give up any top prospects makes it even better for Toronto. They can deal some of them at the deadline next year if they find they need more help.

    If I'm a Baltimore fan, I'm very depressed right now.

    I still say though that this type of deal should not be allowed by MLB. Teams shouldn't be allowed to deal over $200 million in contracts and receive less than $10 million back, like in this trade. It's bad for baseball, it likely put the final nail in the coffin for the Miami market, and MLB is going to regret allowing this type of nonsense to go on. The next CBA needs language to prevent these type of "entire roster of high paid veterans" for "minor league mediocre prospect" $200+ million salary dumps.

  • I just hate it when another team has to upstage the Cubs on the same day when the Cubs get "superstar" Scott Baker.

  • I see some cub fans are mad that the cubs did not do this deal. I seen someone post it on another site. When I see a comment like that I just get off the site because cubs have no use for reyes. Maybe johnson,and burl but the cubs would only take that for nothing.

  • John,
    Does this mean the Marlins may be shopping Giancarlo Stanton? I am a huge fan of his and would love to see hime sharing an outfield with Almora and Soler in a few years. Any realisti possibility of this?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cara Zergenti:

    Cara, are you willing to give up Baez for him? Because that would be what it takes.

  • In reply to Cara Zergenti:

    Could be, but my guess is they'd want Soler as part of any package.

  • Giving up Baez?? No way even for Stanton. If there was ever a owner that needed to have his team taken away from him , it's Loria . I feel bad for the Marlin fans , being stuck with an owner who has zero interest in having a winning team.

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    What about Soler? They just traded their best players for two mediocre Cuban players. Maybe a good one like Soler might be enough for Stanton.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    For Soler, yes but not Baez. If they will take Soler and couple of others , they should do it, but leave Baez and Almora.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Steve Flores:

    I think we're overvaluing Baez here. If we are lucky, Baez will be as good as Stanton. If we're very lucky, he will be better. We known Stanton's floor -- and it's ohmigod good. Baez's floor -- even though I think he'll be better -- is minor league washout. And, Lord knows, I'm as big on prospects as anyone here.

    Stanton would be a perfect pickup for this team. He's 23 next year, Arb eligible after 2013, so in perfect position to have his arb years bought out, and would be a critical part of the young core Theo wants. Really, a starting lineup of:Rizzo-Stanton-Sori-Castro hitting 3-6 could contend.

    Honestly, I see the problem more as: would the Marlins accept Baez for Stanton? They may ask for Soler or Vizcaino as part of the package -- and then it gets to be a difficult choice.

  • worst owner in all of sports right now and thats saying something. That said, i do like the Marlins potential outfield of Stanton, Yelich and Marisnick.

  • In reply to Cara Zergenti:

    Completely agree on the worst owner -- and you're right about that OF. Didn't think about it.

  • I think It is to early to talk about stanton, It would be hard to give up soler.The kid soler has all the tools and it would take more than soler. It probably take baez and soler and I think it is to early in the rebuilding phase to give up those prospects. I think the FO would not do that dill.

  • I'd gladly give up soler for Stanton! John any chance the cubs try foe d'arnaud from Toronto since they got buck?

  • In reply to Joshnk24:

    I don't see the Jays trading D'Arnaud. He's been off the table in the past and I don't think Travis Buck changes that. Cubs okay with Castillo, won't be a star, but a cost-controlled guy with some power and the ability to control the running game isn't bad at all.

  • I just think Giancarlo Stanton has contract coming up and I don't think he takes a contract like a castro or close to that. And also you have to consider defense to. Again, I would think about the trade I would not just blow it off. I just say there are a lot of things to think about before you give up soler and baez.

  • Interesting Theo quote about potential additional signings:

    "We're pursuing pitchers across the spectrum," Epstein said. "[We're looking at] some guys who might be classified as buy low, there might even be buy-high guys, some multi-year deals, some trades. We're looking for pitchers who can step in and improve our rotation. If there are sound investments out there, whether they're big or small, we'll pursue them and try to sign them."

    Any idea, John, who those "buy-high guys" might be?

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