Cast your ballot: Who do you like for Cubs announcer?

Cast your ballot: Who do you like for Cubs announcer?

Patrick Mooney wrote yesterday that there are 5 candidates for the Cubs announcing gig.  We all know the candidates by now.  Who's got your vote?

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    Write in candidate: Doug Glanville

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    I like that idea :)

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    I would vote early and often for Doug Glanville.

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    I voted for Hollandsworth. This past summer he got thrown out of his kid's little league game. Can you imagine how animated he might be in the booth on bad plays or blown calls? It could be very entertaining.

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    That's funny! He seems so laid back.

  • I am not that familiar with the 'Sarge's' work so I could not really vote for him, but of the other four I choose Plesac. All would be acceptable. I like plesac's baseball knowledge and analysis ability.

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    I've heard him a couple of times but agreed not nearly as familiar with him as the other guys.

  • I voted for Sutcliffe. And to keep him from getting bored, have him work with the pitchers to get them to attack the strike zone.

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    Haha! Now that's getting good value.

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    He needs to stay off the sauce though...that incident in San Diego is very interesting audio, to say the least.....

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    I voted Holly but would really like to see Glanville. Plesac isn't animated enough for me, I'm not looking for the Joker or anything but some emotion is nice. And I've seen some out of Holly.

  • My write-in vote is for Glanville.

  • I want Glanville as well. Hopefully they'll also interview him.

  • Getting the feeling that Glanville would make a good run on this poll as a write-in candidate!

    Probably a lot more who haven't mentioned it.

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    Bring back Mike Bielecki and make sure he drinks before every game. :)

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    Will have to adjust my color for some of those suits he used to wear.

  • I voted for Karros but am so underwhelmed by the list. How disappointing. They basically took the 5 safest, most logical, most predictable names out there. In the end, it won't mean a damn thing. I'll warm up to whoever I'm sure.

    But why isn't Glanville on the list?

    Mudcat Grant wasn't even considered?

    Hell George Frazier is an ex-Cub and is better than at least 3/5ths of that list.

    No ingenuity. No "out of the box thinking" No nothing. Just the Usual box of retreads.


  • In reply to felzz:

    Glanville seems to have gotten some brief consideration. No word on Grant. Maybe too comfortable in his current gig?

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    Buck up, felzz. Remember, that list came from "sources". There's nothing official yet.

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    I think you can cross Sarge and Karros off the list, neither makes much sense to leave their cushy jobs for Chicago.

    That leaves 2 awful choices and one not that inspiring. Sutcliffe and Plesac are horrendous. Hollandsworth wasn't that bad when he filled in during Brenly's 700 in-season vacations this year. He's not my first choice, but he's the best pick of this group. What an awful job by the Cubs to narrow down a list of finalists.

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    By all means, vote for Sutcliffe if you enjoy stories about him and not covering the actual game. Everything he says starts with, "When I played..."

  • I'm voting for Richard Pryor.

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    The guy is a Stiff.....really, I mean he is Dead!

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    I voted for Holly. Dan Plesac is Mr Cliche

  • I voted for Plesac because he would be good, but I agree that Glanville should be in the mix.

  • How about "None of the Above"....keep on looking.

  • Bill Murray. Pay him $20 million a year. It'll make the next 2-3 years bearable.

  • What about Dan Schulman? I know he's at ESPN but he was great in Saint Louis.

  • John
    Since you (1) have in-depth knowledge of the Cubs' organization from top to bottom, (2) have excellent fact-finding and analytical capabilities, and (3) are a die-hard Cub fan, why don't YOU apply for this job?

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    Ha! Thanks! I think I like writing better than talking...though mywife would beg to differ :)

  • Anyone who played on a team that beat the cubs in the playoffs should be disqualified right off the top. Also if you played on another team competing directly against the cubs for a longer time than you were ever a player on the cubs team, you should also be eliminated. There all done.

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    I think that leaves Sutcliffe?

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