We're going to live in Century City! Astros 3 Cubs 0

We're going to live in Century City!  Astros 3 Cubs 0

So, despite all the talk of making a stand, and calling this the "Cubs mini-playoffs" The Cubs played as if they were double parked in losing to Lucas Harrell and the Astros 3-0. The Cubs didn't hit and Fernanndo Martinez' homer would prove to be all the offense Kevin Goldstien's Astros would need. I only saw this in brief flashes between Bear plays. So why be verbose about it? Let's break like the wind.



So this is the last of the band-aid core, at least until next year's trade deadline. Jason Berken was every bit as invisible as he's been since he arrived to take Shark's place in the rotation. 4 and 2/3 innings, 4 hits, 2 eared runs, 1 walk ad 2 strikeouts. Absolutely nothing stood out about this guy. Like plugging a hole with chewing gum. Thanks, here's a paycheck and good luck. Chapman, Russell, Camp and Marmol finished it up. ( Tip of the cap to Sinister urge for being a great supporter. Hope you like the title....)




I gotta say, this whole fascination with "100 losses" has really gotten on my nerves. And shame on the Cubs for feeding the Bear. The players made it a goal, Sveum talked about it, and the media picked it up and ran with it. So much unnecessary garbage. Hoyer was right to say that it's just a round number and that 102 losses is just as unacceptable as 99 losses. He should have gone one step further and gone downstairs and told the team that while that's a nice goal for you to have, shut up when a microphone is in front of your face and the cameras and recorders are rolling.




Luis Valbuena played again. And did nothing. Again. I understand I'm off on the beaten path here. It's not like Vitters has earned playing time. But Valbuena's earned a benching. And Cardenas can play a game or two. If these indeed were your "playoffs" then Valbuena doesn't earn a start.


So this is officially awful. And we now have to listen to a lot of stupid people go crazy because there's a big round number for people to exaggerate about. I, for one, hope that all this belly aching, and complaining, and laughing, ad highlighting that tickets are being sold for sofa change on StubHub makes the Cubs as nauseous as it makes me. And while next year might be another rebuilding year, that there is a winnable goal somewhere around 75 wins. Because this sucks. We say syonara to Chris Volstad tomorrow. That's good enough for me. Tomorrow's wrap will feature all "Godfather" references. And I will give you 1-5 odds that Volstad warrants a Fredo line. Until then.

How about them Bears?








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  • Looks like everything is decided now. The Cubs have lost 100, they have the 2nd pick, Barney's streak is over...

    In a way, I'm glad. Now I can just enjoy baseball without worrying about all that stuff. Too bad it's a couple of bad teams.

    Two more games and it's time to get to work this offseason. Lots to do..

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    ok John who in your opinion should the cubs draft. If Mark Appel drops to number 2 do you take him easily or someone else.

  • In reply to Larry:

    If Appel is there and he continues to progress over last season, I think you have to take him. He could be in the rotation by 2014 and he has front end stuff.

    Stanek is interesting if the Astros don't take him. A hard throwing lefty named Sean Manaea is also a possibility. There's some toolsy OF'ers out there, Austin Meadows, Clint Frazier, and Austin Wilson. We'll see how it all shakes out, but all things being equal, I think the Cubs would take one of the college arms.

    If the draft were held today, Appel and Stanek would be the first two picks and the Cubs should pick whichever guy the Astros don't. But, of course, things can and will change from now until then.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I really like Manaea (maybe because I'm originally from Indiana). The guy dominated the Cape League this year and has exploded over the last few years after not getting recruited by anyone (no offense, ISU) out of high school. Is there a concern about the level of competition he faces in college?

  • After you have some time to rest I hope you start with your
    prospect list again. Can you please do one on the international
    prospects signed during the last 2 year that have shown some

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Most definitely. I'm going to AZ to check out some guys in person in a couple of weeks, so I'll wait until after that. Want a chance to see them in person and hopefully talk to some scouts down there.

  • I'm with you John. I'm glad the draft pick, 100 losses, and everything else is over. granted, we're left with the Astros and Cubs, But it will get me to Sons of Anarchy.

    Trying to find a rooting interest in the NL playoffs. Chipper going out a winner is neat, but Atlanta and those empty seats and all that apathy....Cincinnati is a good team, but the Brennemans, the inevitable Johnny B goofiness.... SF is just SO Borring..... And Washington....I don't know. Play it by ear I guess....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Thanks for all the great work on the's been a tough finish to the season.

    I've always liked the Braves and I always root for the NL in the WS, so those are my guys this offseason. It also helps that they have 3 ex Cubs in Maholm, Reed, and Baker.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I notice you didn't even mention the freaking Cardinals. Here's hoping they lose early.

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    In reply to felzz:

    For a rooting interest in the playoffs,I'd go with the Braves (Paul Maholm,Reed Johnson) or Rangers (Ryan Dumpster,Geovany Soto) that way if one of them wins they get a ring,which they weren't going to get with the Cubs.(Just like I was happy when Mark Grace got his with the D'Backs in 2001)

  • I too am glad it's winding down....but I will visit this site twice a day the entire off season. And damn I'm going to miss Felzz' recaps. I mean, possibly the most boring game of the year, and he busts out Ben Folds....genius!!

  • Thanks for so many entertaining recaps under very trying conditions and excellent Petty reference today. You always make it entertaining to read, even if the game was anything but.

  • Thanks guys for the kind words.

    Ben Folds was just in town, ( plus he was requested) And anytime you can put some Tom Petty in your life, you gotta do it.

    I'm really glad people are enjoying these recaps. Sure makes this season more bearable.

    And yes I did forget the Cardinals. Here's hoping baseball does too. People complain about the new playoff format and how it's not fair that a team succeed for 162 games just to lose it all in one. But if that one team is the Cardinals, than I think it's OK. Just like I have no problem with the replacement refs in football. Were they unqualified and emberassing to the league? Most definetly. But who got screwed? The Packers? well then they can stay....

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    In reply to felzz:

    Great recaps all year Felzz.

    I do have a point about people that complain about this new wild card structure. How about you just win your division and you are guaranteed a playoff spot? The division titles mean something now, seems fair to me.

  • I'm with you on that one Demarrer. if these are the rules, then these are the rules. And in the end, nobody is really going to complain about it. In fact, the first team that wins the play-in game, over comes all the rotation hoopla and goes on to win the WS is going to be totally praised and given extra credit for it.

    People complain about home field being decided by the all star game too. ( Granted, totally ridiculous rule. Like most of Selig's...) but has anyone complained about it afterward. Ron Washington being stupid in both parks was the reason Texas lost last year, not the Cardinals getting home field because of the all-star game. It won't replace the drama of last year, that was total magic. But I think these play-in games are going to be really interesting.

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    I like the one game wild card play in. Each season is pretty much guaranteed a crazy finish. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some additional one game playoffs for positions. So you get the classic one-and-done structure followed by a more traditional playoff. I like it much better than the old wild card system.

  • Well this season is finally over and I am assuming that knowledgeble fans should have expected this to happen.

    We gave up our best pitchers for bums from other places. Sure we got rid of big money Z and got a guy who could get a high school team out. Than they bring up all these minor league pitchers who should be pitching in the beer leagues.

    We have some great positional players coming up Almora, Beaz, Lake and Solis, the Cubs need pitching I suspect that they will load up in the draft again with pitchers again. Hope with the high draft choice they will get one of the two best college pitchers coming out this year.

    One big issue do they keep and hope Soro has another year like this one? If he falters will any team be willing to take him for a decent prospect? Will Jackson and Vitters ever become the player we needed them to become?

  • Go Braves.

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    I concur.

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