Photos of Cubs in Arizona: Instructs and Fall League

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while I was in AZ, but here are a few.  They were all taken with my cell phone so the  quality is a bit inconsistent...well, that and I'm not a photographer.  I was often too busy watching the game or practice and would suddenly remember that maybe I should take a photo or two..



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  • I will miss Fitch and HoHoKam as for years my sons, daughter, and I walked to Fitch early in the morning and to HoHo to watch the major leaguers later. It made for a wonderful day of family, baseball, exercise, sun, and fun. The Cubs did not have to build a new Spring training facility to get us away from the Illinois winter.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Totally agree. If you love baseball at all levels and warm weather (as I do), Arizona is a great place to be. I didn't want to come home!

  • John, welcome back!

    Seeing how the ball is supposed to break better in the humid air of Florida compared to Arizona, shouldn't there be some training in that part of the country as well as AZ or maybe at the DR facility? Who would benefit more, hitters or pitchers? Could that be why Baez struggled at Daytona?

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    Thanks Toby. That's the theory. I think it helps both pitchers and hitters to be exposed to different environments. The Cubs weather is more humid, so maybe closer to FL than AZ.

    With Baez, I think it was adjusting to a tougher pitchers league and the fact he had some kind of virus once he arrived -- the sporadic play because of the weather probably didn't help either.

    Looks like he's not having a ton of problems with advanced pitching so far in the fall league.

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