Mowed down in Motown. Giants 2 Tigers 0

Mowed down in Motown. Giants 2 Tigers 0

The Tigers were coming home, were having their best pitchers take the bump, and were having their opponent play out of their element in the 40 degrees weather. But none of that matters if you don't hit. The Tigers didn't hit and none of it mattered. The Giants became the first team since 1966 to shut out an opponent back to back in the World Series, beating the Tigers again by the score of 2-0. Ryan Voglesong danced through runners on base in every inning and Tim Lincecum is back in his element coming out of the bullpen. The two of them tossed 8 shutout innings, allowing Sergio Romo to nail down a rather easy 9th inning for the save. The Giants got their only runs in the second. Underpants led off with a walk. He would score on Gregor Blanco ( I'll take Blanco this time...) triple. And he would score on a Brandon Crawford single. That seemed like a mountain for the suddenly timid Tigers, who only scratched out 5 hits all night.


THE STUD- Bruce Bochy. Every move this guy makes works. Barry Zito starting game 1? Sure. Tim Lincecum back to the pen? Awesome move. Throw in the fact that this team is so locked in while apparently having the time of their lives. They're all goofing around, joking, smiles as wide as can be. And not a mental misstep to be had. Just a great job by "Boche" as Ol' Quade would say. Wonder what Quade's doing these days? Probably getting a fish hook out of his head....


THE DUD- Miguel Cabrera. Hey, Mr. Triple Crown..... Big Dogs walk late you know. Prince is a candidate here too. But Cabrera came up empty in two of the more key at bats. In the fifth with the bases loaded, he weakly popped out to second base. In the eight, with the crowd at a desperate high pitch, Miggy grounded out to short. These balls aren't even being hit hard. This team follows his cue. Right now the supposed MVP is leading the Tigers right into the dumper.


THE IN BETWEEN- Bud Selig, hope you're enjoying this. The ratings for this World Series has been putrid. And I know that there's been no buzz on any boards abut this World series. Yes, it's a Cubs Blog, but you think the Fall Classic would merit some conversation. The more this Car Salesman messes with the formula, the further away it gets from the general public. (Where is the tenderness....?)


So all kudos go to the Giants. I still don't think they're that great a team. But they're getting great pitching and they hit the playoffs on a roll. Which only stresses Theo's want of being a team that is constantly in the playoffs. Because when you're constantly in it, you're more likely to get on a roll that the Giants are currently on. Max Scherzer and his big shnozz try and prevent the sweep against Matt Cain. Sherzer and Verlander should be a boost. But you shouldn't need boosts. It's the World Series. That should be the boost. I'll just root for a good game. Because I've yet to see one in awhile.


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  • Hey Felzz, beside having the Cubs in the series, what would make a good game for you?

  • In reply to SFToby:

    Having both teams play well. A couple of lead changes. Some actual activity where I can say " Both teams laid it on the line tonight and the ___________ were just better."

    I don't want to take anything away from the Giants. They seem like a blast and they're playing well. But I don't think they're dominating. I think the Tigers are running in place. They had several opportunities to tie that game tonight and they did nothing.

    All these games have been one sided. At least give me a game where the narrative changes....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Maybe I'm just old school, but I love to watch well pitched games, of which we've had two so far. The Tigers had plenty of chances, especially last night, but they couldn't get the clutch hit when they needed it.

    I'm sorry you thought the Tigers laid down instead of laying it on the line. I'm sure they felt otherwise. And it's too bad the Giants played so effectively they simply dominated the other guys and in doing so they diminished themselves in your eyes.

    I saw an exciting, well played game but I had some rooting interest, my wife being a life-long Giants fan.

  • Lets hope it ends Sunday, then players can become FA's

  • Before the season started, I picked a Rays v Giants in the World Series, with Rays winning least one team made it....but I did panic when Wilson was lost in April........and the Giants did get here without Melkey.......

    For those who are too young, back in the 70's and early 80's, the Royals, A's, Reds, Phillies and Dodgers had great playoff series......

    I hope when the new MLB 2013 game comes out, I hope they have an ad where Tigers Verlander is still kept out of the club and that hot looking blonde has Giants Lincecum with her.

    The action will pick up in December for the Cubs.

    Did the Cubs hire a new hitting coach yet?

    Whoever is the new Marlins manager, it is said the ownership wants full control over the manager, including front office writing out the lineup. I don't believe Ryne Sandberg or Larry Bowa would go for that.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Hitting coach is Rowland:

  • Hey everyone, spent the weekend looking for a car (and probably tomorrow too), but I'll have a new article up tomorrow morning on our relief prospects. Already written, but I'll publish tomorrow.

  • Immediately after tonight's game, Jim Leyland announced that Justin Verlander will start Game 1 of Spring Training games for the Tigers in 2013. Congratulations Giants!

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