Leave the Cubs, take the cannoli. Astros 3 Cubs 0

Leave the Cubs, take the cannoli. Astros 3 Cubs 0

With supposed pressure of not losing 100 games a thing of the past, one would hope that the Cubs could just relax and get some runs and an easy victory or two in their final two games against the Astros. Well, the Cubs did look relaxed. The Cub bats appeared to have been locked up for the winter as they failed to score any runs against season long punching bag Bud Norris. The Astros got a second inning home run from Jason Castro in the 2nd inning, an insurance run later thanks to a Castro error and would cruise to beat the Cubs 3-0 in the last night game at Wrigley Field, wasting the best effort of the year (how fitting.) from Chris Volstad. Let’s draw chips from everyone so we can play on the house.




So in the biggest “so what” game of the year, Chris Volstad comes up big. It’s almost as frustrating as some of his losses. Volstad went 7 innings, and only allowed 2 runs

(1 earned) while scattering 5 hits, walking nobody and striking out 6. It was the first “quality start” since September 10th and matched his longest outing of the year. If ever there was a “too little too late” moment this was it. Volstad had all year to change people’s opinion of him. Instead he verified them. Heavily. Maybe he’s brought back. But he’s at the bottom of the ladder and will need to beat out at least two people to make next year’s rotation.  Cabrera ran around in circles and gave up a run in relief.




For the life of me, the mystery of this 2012 Cubs team was how the offense was severely crippled after the losses of Geo Soto and Reed Johnson. Castillo actually replaced Soto and was twice the hitter he was? And Reed Johnson wasn’t missed at all. Yet, here we sit having just watched back to back shut outs by the worst team and worst pitching staff in baseball.




Brett Jackson was fine today, although he did get picked off base and got caught stealing. But he was on base. Even though he has played sparingly, he seems better than when he came up in August. Wish we got to see more of him. Vitters didn’t earn his time, but I wish we saw more of him too. Although I did get to see Luis Valbuena strike out with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Good times. I was beginning to forget what it looked like. What with it being two or three days since he stranded multiple runners.


So our misery gets laid to rest tomorrow. Hail Mary full of grace—Bammo. Travis Wood gets the honor against Edgar Martinez, who the Astros picked up from the Mexican league. So either the season ends with what would be the most hollow of hollow victories, or they lose because they can’t hit a pitcher that was picked up from the Mexican league. Not exactly a storybook ending. But I’ll be there to watch it fade into the sunset. I love this stupid team and I love baseball. I’ve loved baseball since Arnold Rothstien fixed the World Series in 1919.


Let’s close this out on the best note possible.





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  • I know it's a Serpico line, but I can't separate it from Rushmore. "The old man likes his cannolis."

    I tend to be a fan to the end, but this team is stick-a-fork-in-them done, and has been since Shark was shut down. Two shutouts against the effing Astros? Sigh, I'll be watching tomorrow, too...

  • In reply to TheSinisterUrge:

    Oh, and thanks belatedly for the Ben Folds Five reference yesterday. It was a nice surprise.

  • In reply to TheSinisterUrge:

    No worries my friend. Thanks for contributing and commenting all year. A lot of my friends saw Ben Folds in town recently. i'm not a huge fan so it wasn't a very deep cut. But I thought it was a cool reference.

  • "Travis Wood gets the honor against Edgar Martinez, who the Astros picked up from the Mexican league."

    Did he play for the Charros?
    I doubt the Cubs could get a run off Kenny Powers at this point...

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    Luis Valbuena another 3 guys LOB...Lovely, I wonder how many runners this guy has stranded on base this year...he stranded like 9 or 10 during the 1st game of the AZ series..I'm starting to even question having him as a backup next year consiering how crappy he hits while playing..Imagine him coming in cold off the bench!!!

  • Felzz - why don't you tell the Cubs you love them with all your heart....and if they don't win are going to die.

    In Chicago, Female Cubs fans are more dangeous.

    Hey Listen, I want somebody good to play third base....and I mean very good.....we don't want the Cubs fans to come out and watching some guy holding his **** in his hands at third base.

    I don't like losing Felzz. I am a businessman, and losing is terrible.

    Oh Ian Stewart........won't see no more.

  • Haha,

    A couple of those lines were considered. Well played sir.

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